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      anger, suppOrt, cOnfusiOn

      nAndA ROAd
      RUn OvER bY mETRO
           MLA VijAykuMAr And BMrCL Md SiVASAiLAM tALking to CitizenS on nAndA roAd.
“no VendorS, no ShopS, no pArking in Any of the StAtionS here” - SiVASAiLAM, Metro Chief on jAyAnAgAr StAtion.
              retailers cOmplain Of micrO-                                   yOur bangalOre One
              extOrtiOn by hijras                                            centre

              “We end up giving around 200 to 300 rupees a                   From telephone bills to electricity bills ,

              month, “ says C K Chengappa, a store manager on                passport applications to

              24th Main JP Nagar.                                            flight tickets....

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   Pushpa achanta
                                             Cover: MLA B N Vijaykumar
   nAmmA OORU 11                             talking to residents in Jayanagar,
   amrith Jogi                               Metro chief N Sivasailam is on his
                                             left (pic: Meera Iyer)

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ananTh Kumar, chandre Gowda                                                       an early morninG walK aT
and P c mohan are our mPs                         on meTro, bull-                 lalbaGh
                   The votes are in. The           doZinG iTs way                 The milk delivery was
                   leaders have been              ThrouGh souTh                   more than an hour
                   chosen.                          banGalore                     away. no second cup of
                                                                                  tea till then. how do i
                                               Public workshop or-                kill time?
              Go To arTicle     1100           ganised by hasiru                                         Go To arTicle                  1091
                                               usiru dissects social,
                                               economic, and envi-
                   a film TranslaTes           ronmental issues re-               leT’s maKe The ciTy
                   inTo oTher                  lated to metro work in             beauTiful...
                   mediums                     the southern reaches.
                                                                                  The sad plight of
                   Paintings inspired
                                              Go To arTicle          1103         vacant sites.
                   ‘slum dog millionaire’

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     FrOnT DeSK
  EdITOR’S Dear Reader,                                            municipal officials, most of whom have never been held

  nOTE               Very often, complicated social problems
                     are left to activists and NGOs to battle
                                                                   accountable. Members of ABIDe, and equally, the Chief
                                                                   Minister must listen to his detailed response, laid out with
                                                                   clarity and depth. He also pointed out which legislation
                     governments for resolution. But our           needed to be amended. Look out for the detailed interview
                     politics being where it is, these issues      in Citizen Matters soon.
                     never get settled with the clarity and
                                                                   In the meantime, things are settling down after brouhaha
                     force that they merit, and in turn they
                                                                   over the Congress-led UPA’s sharp victory at the national
                     come back to bite us at the local level.
                                                                   elections. In Karnataka the state-level cross-wind prevailed
                     This week’s lead story on the Hijra           in the elections, and Bangalore’s three urban constituencies
                     problem at JP Nagar is a clear case           voted BJP MPs to Parliament. Ananth Kumar (Bengaluru
                     of such a felt-and-seen local ‘irritant’.     South), Chandre Gowda (North) and P C Mohan (Central) are
                     Shopkeepers are tired of shelling             all seasoned politicians. Chandre Gowda has even switched
                     out money to groups of Bengaluru’s            from the Congress to the BJP. Mohan is also a businessman
                     Hijras day after day. Commuters at            with a retail background.
 intersections have their own encounters to report. However,
                                                                   These MPs will no doubt be aware of the series of attacks
 the Hijras are themselves ostracised in our society (read:
                                                                   on women earlier this year, including several in Bangalore.
 no jobs), and what’s worse, have met with police brutality.
                                                                   In response, a large number of Bangaloreans got together
 Read Vaishnavi Vittal’s story on page 6 to learn about the
                                                                   and signalled that enough was enough. As our MPs get into
 many sides to this reality.
                                                                   office this time, they have a choice between indifference
 Moving on, we recently reported on a new ABIDe-proposed           and leadership. When the next rowdy group shows up
 legislation to bring governance reform to Bengaluru, one          on our streets to assault women, they must step forward
 that promises more transparency and accountability                and be seen and heard to be speaking out against narrow-
 according to its drafters. Citizen Matters met Karnataka          mindedness and divisiveness in Bengaluru.
 LokAyukta’s Justice Santosh Hegde and asked him whether
 this law was really going to help him prosecute corrupt

  fEEdbACK                                           sms 97409-18300 wiTh your feedbacK                            Citizen Matters
                                                                                                                   Subramaniam Vincent
 On “Whitefield hi-voltage bridge in steely                                                                        Meera K

 suspension “                                                                                                      sTaFF JournalIsTs

                                                        i’ve gOt
                                                                                                                   Supriya Khandekar
 This is an excellent report. Is there an                                                                          Vaishnavi Vittal
 update to the situation now that we are                                                                           recenT conTrIbuTors
 pas March/April 2009 and obviously the                                                                            Deepa Mohan
 bridge is not done yet. Appreciate it.                                                                            Divya Kumar

 On “Can a new law save Bengaluru?”
                                   ashish mathur
                                                        sOmething                                                  Lakshmi Menon
                                                                                                                   Poornima Dasharathi

                                                        tO say!
                                                                                                                   Reshmi C
 It is unfortunate that a senior member like A                                                                     Sharath Bhat
                                                                                                                   Siri Srinivas
 Ravindra thinks public hearings are not needed
 as ‘people come up with personal objections’.                                                                     DIsTrIbuTIon
 While this is probably true, it does sound like a                                  Raghavendra
 statement from a hierarchical culture.                                                                            TeMPlaTe DesIgn
 In the absence of a public hearing, it is much                                                                    The Other Design Studio
 easier for people with personal agendas to            On “Who let the dogs out?”                                  Issue DesIgn
 manipulate the system. With a public hearing,         Supriya, I guess we need to mend the humans                 Anand Kumar
 at the least, a. everybody has a forum to express     first before targeting the dogs!! I use the service         aDVT sales
 their views and b. personal agendas come out          road beside Anand Rao circle flyover which                  Ramachandran P
 into the open so that others can be warned and        connects Malleswaram to the bridge.. And I call
 c. the ward committees get inputs as to what the      this ‘Pyramid Street’.
 people want and why. As this democratic and                                                    Prasanna           Vol 1 Issue 9
 participatory process matures, I am sure more                                                                     23 May- 05 June 2009
                                                       Many dog owners take their dogs out purely
 and more people will be able to participate in                                                                    (C) Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd. No
                                                       because they want as little mess in their                   part of this publication can
 a relevant way. To deny this is to not allow the                                                                  be reproduced without the
                                                       compound as possible. That kind won’t worry                 permission of the publisher.
 process to mature.
                                      usha srinath
                                                       about this.                                       
                                                                                                  aswin s          Ph: 41737584

4 CITIZEN MATTERS 23 May - 05 June 2009
                                                                                                             www.citizenmatters .in
lOCal MaTTerS                          uncOnference

A group of green enthusiAsts gAthered to discuss their ideAs And experiences on
environmentAl conservAtion, eco sustAinAbility And green development.

At the lush green campus of Indian Institute of Science (IISc)    eco friendly products, adopting pubic transport whenever
                                                                  possible, buying local goods, tapping into alternate energy
in Bengaluru on 9th May, around 170 people from over 60
different organisations got together for an ‘Unconference on      sources, recycling products, unplugging chargers, taking
Green and Sustainability’. People from start up companies,        short showers, washing clothes with cold water, ditching
large firms, educational institutions, governmental bodies        plastic, developing a self check list and choosing alternate
and freelancers, collectively brainstormed at a full day          careers.
session organized by IISc, jointly with Wipro Technologies.         There was also a brain storming session with the audience
WiCamp (pronounced we-camp) is Wipro’s innovation camp,             on the topic ‘Awareness of Green’ where 108 ideas got
an event for thinkers and doers in the areas of innovation          generated in just 25 minutes! Some of the interesting
and creativity, where they can share their perspectives and                                        ones were green penalties
practices.                                                                                         for citizens; places for
This conference on green                                                                           recycling paper and other
innovations was the first-                                                                         waste     products;      green
of-its-kind in the country.                                                                        forums     for     conducting
The only thing common                                                                              competitions and reality
among the participants was                                                                         shows; tax exemptions/
an unwavering passion for                                                                          benefits       for       green
environmental conservation,                                                                        behaviour; instruments that
eco sustainability and green                                                                       show energy consumption
development.       The     focus                                                                   and money spent on
was on practice rather than                                                                        individual usage; personal/
theory, with the thrust being                                                                      community benchmarking
on practices that could be                                                                         (Mr./Ms. Green or Green
adopted by common people,                                                                          Community);        celebrating
communities or organizations,                                                                      green week using radio
towards creating and honing a                    Participants at WiCamp (pic: author)              channels; a green resource
more sustainable ecosystem.                                                                        directory listing all solution
                                                                                                   providers in a locality; green
So what did these people talk about? There were many wish foundation (wish a tree); green gifts; green buddy
interesting sessions like: Green at the workplace, Roles of and green mentors at the workplace; green agenda for
the research community and so on. A close look at two of politicians; green fashion (recycled clothes); tree adoption;
the sessions.                                                       green games (showing cause-effect of our carbon intensive
                                                                    activities); green credit cards that give points for every
green at the grassroots level: Dr. Chanakya from the
                                                                    purchase of eco friendly products; green VC networks; and
Centre for Sustainable Technologies (formerly ASTRA) at
                                                                    popularizing green sports.
IISc shared his experiments and experiences from over
30 years in the space of sustainable rural development. The event itself was green. To start with, at the Chouksi Hall
His aim was to create a low carbon, green society for the at IISc, no artificial lights were used and there was no air
future. He talked of the design and deployment of modern conditioning. There were no disposable glasses at the water
biogas plants across 980 villages. These biomass plants dispenser, no plastic water bottles were given out, and
also produce rooting medium, inoculants carriers, vermi everybody who came for the event adopted car pooling.
compost waste, seed treatment, pest repellent, mushroom Events such as WiCamp are vital in bringing together like
and other sources of livelihood.                                    minded people who will think and act. Such events have
                                                                    been conducted throughout the country over the last
green for you and me: Rajiv from ThoughtWorks talked
                                                                    one year and the intention now is to take this forward,
about how individuals and communities are making a
                                                                    with the theme of Green Innovations being hosted jointly
difference and gave the instance of Vipul Kasera who started
                                                                    with premier educational institutions. To learn more about (that facilitates car pooling). Apart from
                                                                    upcoming events, visit
using modern, energy saving gadgets and being part of eco
communities, other practical suggestions included using

 PAVAN SONI is an innovation evangelist at Wipro                                                  read the complete article online
 Technologies and the conceptualizer and moderator of                                              Go To arTicle       1102
 WiCamps. His blog can be viewed at
                                                                         23 May - 05 June 2009 CITIZEN MATTERS 5
 In FOCuS                  neighbOurhOOd

 shopkeepers in Jp nAgAr complAin About cAsh they Are forced to shell out to eunuchs.
 but members of the hiJrA community sAy there Are both good And bAd people Among
 them And Ask the public not treAt them As outcAsts.
 Umesh V and his colleagues at The Mobile Store on 24th           on Nanda Road. You can speak to the Jayanagar police
 Main Road, JP Nagar 2nd phase shell out around Rs. 1200          station. Hijras are said to go there in the night time near
                                                                  the parks. We have not received any complaint. This is a
                                                                  general society problem. They shouldn’t trouble anyone.
                                                                  What can the police do? If we get a complaint, we’ll take
                                                                  action,” Deepak says.
                                                                  On questioning the shopkeepers as to why they had not
                                                                  filed any complaint, there were mixed responses. “Cops
                                                                  don’t take these cases because they can’t make any money
                                                                  out of this,” says Chengappa.
                                                                  What do the hijras have to say? Even as some hijras admit
                                                                  that others from their group harass people, use profane
                                                                  language, make obscene gestures and even make sexual
                                                                  advances, they say they do not endorse the same. In turn,
                                                                  they complain about victimisation by society and the
                                                                  police, and the lack of government recognition for their

          Shops in JP Nagar (pic: Ramachandran P)                 Bangalore is home to more than one thousand hijras.
                                                                  Around 600-700 of them work with Sangama, a sexual
                                                                  minorities human rights organisation for individuals
                                                                  oppressed due to their sexual preference. Sangama’s
 to Rs. 1500 a month, from their own pockets. The reason?
                                                                  head office is located in JC Nagar. Sangama, holds weekly
 Hijras come to their shop every day, demanding money,
                                                                  meetings for their members, at all their nine offices in the
 forcing them to pay anywhere between Rs. 10 and Rs. 50
                                                                  city, during which they advise their members not to indulge
 per day. “In a day, they come around four to five times. In a
                                                                  in such behaviour.
 group there are around three or four of them. If you do not
 give them money, they use bad words or attack us and pull        Twenty-eight year old Kokila, a hijra who works with
 our clothes,” says Umesh who has been facing this problem
 for the past year and a half.
 Umesh’s complaint is echoed by several other shopkeepers
 in JP Nagar who are facing ‘extortion’ by hijras. The store
 manager of JP Nagar-based The Home Store, C K Chengappa
 says, “We end up giving around 200 to 300 rupees a month.
 We write it in our accounts.” Karthik V who manages the
 Genesis Fitness Forum, a gymnasium on 24th Main Road, JP
 Nagar 2nd Phase says he never says no to the hijras. “They
 take advantage of this and inform their friends. So more
 people come.”
 Known as the third gender, a hijra or eunuch is a transgender
 person, biologically male, who takes on the role of a female.
 Hijras usually dress as women and do not necessarily have
 genital modifications.
                                                                              Hijras explaining their side of the story (pic: Vaishnavi Vittal)
 shopkeers vs hijras: harassment vs a denied dignity
 K P Deepak, Inspector, JP Nagar police station, says they        Sangama, says the only options for hijras are begging and
 haven’t received any complaint from shopkeepers with             sex work. “We are poor, part of the lower class of society. We
 regard to the hijras. “I have heard that this problem is there   do not have jobs. This is the way we can feed our stomach,”
6 CITIZEN MATTERS              23 May - 05 June 2009
she says.                                                                way.” The ALF wants Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code
                                                                         repealed because it denies constitutional rights to sexual
Selvi, 33, who lives on Bannerghatta Road, says even they
                                                                         minorities. Chairman of the Karnataka State Commission
are harassed when they go begging.”If we go into a bar, they
                                                                         for Backward Classes (KSCBC), Dr C S Dwarakanath says
ask us if our breasts are original or duplicate. They touch our
                                                                         the main problem is that hijras and kothis do not have an
breasts. They threaten us,” she says.
                                                                         identity in society. The KSCBC is thinking of an Act for the
underneath the layers                                                    Scheduled Castes like Prevention of Atrocities, he adds. “We
                                                                         want to bring out an Act for them. I have spoken to National
That victimisation of the hijras, and in particular, police
                                                                         Law School,” he says.
brutality against them, has been documented in several
reports. Arvind Narrain of Alternative Law Forum (ALF),                  Coming back to the troubles causes by hijras, the
a Bangalore-based lawyers’ collective, is a co-author a                  shopkeepers at JP Nagar are a glum lot. Chengappa agrees
study of kothi and hijra sex workers in Bangalore. Narrain               that jobs for hijras are the issue. Umesh says they have
says, “This is a human rights issue that can no longer be                spoken to some shops and are thinking of giving a formal
ignored. The law conditions the way the police perceive                  complaint. Karthik, on the other hand plans to take matters
transgenders. They look at it as ‘animal-like’ and ‘dirty’ in            into his own hands, by deputing a security guard for his
terms of behaviour. Therefore, they deal with them that                  gym.
                                                                                                              read the complete article online

VaishnaVi ViTTal is a staff journalist with Citizen Matters.                                                   Go To arTicle        1099

the bAngAlore metro is turning out to be A clAssic cAse of A confusing proJect plAn,
unAnswered questions on routing (Alignment) And A divided house of citizens.
On Saturday, 9th May, N Sivasailam, Bangalore Metro’s chief,             Second, the DPR did consider an alternative to routing the Metro
explained his position on the Metro using the Lalbagh and RV Road        via Nanda Road, viz., from Southend Circle to Jayanagar via 11th
to a group of waiting citizens, even as those against the tree felling   Main and thence to JP Nagar. It says: “Ridership on the corridors is
and Metro’s way of functioning protested. However, the Metro’s           more or less similar. However, the alignment in JP Nagar comes to
own Detailed Project Report (the document on the basis of which          an (sic) dead end with no possibility for its extension in the future”.
the Karnataka government gave its approval) and Sivasailam’s             This does not seem logical since the alignment could go either left
explanations do not sit well together.                                   or right at the end of 11th Main, just as it can go either way at the
                                                                         end of 40th Cross on RV Road.
That morning, hundreds assembled along RV Road (popularly
called Nanda Road) in Jayanagar. Two events were being held              But crucially, the DPR goes on to make the case for RV Road
simultaneously. Jayanagar MLA Vijaykumar at the behest of                because a terminal station was planned there, initially. “The RV
Citizen’s Action Forum and some Jayanagar Resident Welfare               Road alignment is straight with
Associations (RWAs) had invited N Sivasailam, Managing Director,         sufficient land on both sides of
Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL), to talk to residents      the road for stations, integration       “If BMRCL doesn’t follow the
about the impact of Namma Metro on trees along Nanda Road. At            areas, receiving substations and         DPR, which plan are they
the same time, a protest meeting had been called by the coalition        stabling of rakes.” But given that       following? How are people
Hasiru Usiru (HU), media collective Maraa, women’s organisation          the Metro will now extend to             supposed to know their plans
Sanmathi and the Lakshman Rao Park Walkers Association.                  Puttenahalli (JP Nagar), RV Road         if they won’t consult the public
                                                                         station is no longer a terminal          in making these plans? And if
alternatives not possible                                                and will not require land for
                                                                                                                  they make unilateral plans,
On the feasibility of the KR Road alignment, Sivasailam told Citizen     stabling rakes, it is not clear if it is
                                                                                                                  how do we know if they
Matters said it was not possible to take the Metro along KR Road         still necessary for the Metro to go
                                                                                                                  will follow them?” – Vinay
since ridership was lower there than in the current alignment. He        through RV Road.
                                                                                                                  Sreenivasa, a volunteer with
added that the present alignment had been chosen as being most           steaming ahead                           Hasiru Usiru.
cost-effective based on ridership, constructions costs and land
acquisition.                                                             Meanwhile, the Metro steams
                                                                         ahead, despite protests. Soil
but what does the DPr say?                                               testing work on a Phase 2 connecting Puttenahalli with NICE Road
The Detailed Project Report (DPR) - prepared by consultant Delhi         and RV Road with Electronic City has already begun in earnest.
Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in 2003, lays out the blueprint            According to Sivasailam, DMRC is preparing the DPR for these
for Namma Metro. Surveys of traffic density were carried out do          stretches. “Public consultations will be held after the DPR is ready,”
not exactly corroborate Sivasailam’s statement of lower ridership        he said.
on KR Road. According to the DPR, the average daily traffic at KR
Road was 52,621 vehicles, and at RV Road, it was 52,870 vehicles, a
negligible difference. First, in contrast to what Sivasailam claimed,                                        read the complete article online
the DPR has not considered the KR Road alternative at all.
                                                                                                              Go To arTicle        1101
meera iyer is a freelance writer who lives in JP Nagar.
                                                                                   23 May - 05 June 2009 CITIZEN MATTERS 7
          guIDe           citiZen service

 whAt’s AvAilAble And whAt’s not in your locAl bAngAlore one service centre.
 Bangalore One (B1), a Karnataka government’s e-governance        fined for violating parking norms, you can now pay the fine
 initiative, has been serving citizens since 2005. This ‘One-     amount at any B1 centre. Traffic Violation Payment Service
 stop-shop’ facility that is open 24x7 (Mini centres are open     allows you to pay your fine for traffic violations such as
 8 AM to 8 PM) aims redefine public service, under one roof.      riding without a helmet.
 Here’s a round up of available services at the B1 centres.
                                                                  Regional Passport Office Service allows you to buy a
 These centres allow you to pay your BSNL telephone bills,        passport application form and apply for both new passport
 Spice, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Cell One and Reliance phone         and renewal. Payment is only through cash or credit card.
                               bills. Bills can be paid through   These services are available only between 9 AM and 7 PM.
                               cash, cheque, or DD. You can       You can also check the status of your application at the
                               also pay your water bills to       centres. However, at the mini centres, you can only buy the
                               BWSSB and electricity bills to     forms but not submit them.
                               BESCOM at these centres. But
                                                                  Domestic flight ticket booking is also available at Bangalore
                               even as their official website
                                                                  One centres. You can book both one way and round trip
                                                                  tickets for all airlines
                      mentions that you
                                                                  except Indian airlines.
                               can apply for a new water                                         JP nagar bangalore one
                                                                  You      can     check
                               connection and retrieve the                                       Ground Floor, BESCOM Building,
                                                                  booking status and
                               statement of accounts at                                           14th Cross, 1st phase, JP Nagar
                                                                  cancel bookings (up
                               these centres, these services                                 Phone: 2295 5456/2295 5455
                                                                  to 24 hours before
                               are not available. Similarly
                                                                  boarding).                   J.P nagar - Mini b1 centre
                               you cannot file any grievance
                                                                                                Dental College Premises, 2nd
                               related to BESCOM or get a         Western Union Money
                                                                                                    Phase, 1st Main, JP Nagar
                               statement of your account,         Transfer       services
                               all which are mentioned on         help you collect                              Ph: 2295 5458
                               the website.                       transferred money by       bTM layout bangalore one
                                                                  producing an ID card.       (mini centre under JP Nagar B1
 Another service introduced about a year and a half back is
                                                                  This service, however, Centre) Bank Officer Colony, BTM
 the ING Life Insurance Service. You can pay your insurance
                                                                  is available only at                2nd Stage, Aicobanagar
 premium or cancel any premium payments within a day of
                                                                  select       Bangalore                        Ph: 2295 5496
                                                                  One centres such
  Facilities presently available     All these bills can be       as        Shantinagar
  •	 Pay Phone bills                 paid 24/7 at the main        and Banashankari. You can even buy movie tickets from
  •	 Pay ING Life insurance          centres. According to        Bangalore One centres for select theatres such as Innovative
                                     the website, between         Multiplex and Vision Cinemas. All the above mentioned
  •	 Buy BMTC bus passes
  •	 Pay Traffic violation fines     8 PM and 8 AM, you           services are available without any extra payment.
  •	 Book domestic flight ticket     can pay only through
                                                                  What’s not available?
  •	 Passport renewal and            cheque, DD, credit card
     application forms               or debit card. Cash will     Even as the Bangalore One website states that they provide
  •	 Buy movie tickets (for select   not be accepted during       BBMP related services, none of them are available at the
     theatres)                       this time.                   centres. “Birth and death certificates used to be issued at
  •	 Western Union Money transfer
                                                                  Bangalore One centres but are no longer available because
     service (at select centres)    If you are looking to
                                                                  the BBMP has not allotted any doctor for attesting the
                                    buy a bus pass, either a
                                                                  certificate,” says Anand S G, Centre Manager, Koramangala
                                    monthly or a student’s
                                                                  Bangalore One centre. The website also mentions payment
 pass, you can go to your nearest B1 centre. Under the BMTC
                                                                  of property tax, Road Transport Office services and Stamp
 services, you can buy Pushpak Pass, Red Board Pass or Black
                                                                  and Registration Office services, none of which are available
 Board Pass. You can also book KSRTC bus tickets using the
                                                                  at the centres.
 Red Bus service.
                                                                  Bangalore One has also temporarily suspended railway
 The Bangalore Police Service has integrated its Parking
                                                                  ticket booking services.
 Fine Payment Service with Bangalore One. If you have been
                                                                                                             VAISHNAVI VITTAL

8 CITIZEN MATTERS            23 May - 29 May 2009
lOCal vOCal                     citiZen pOsts

there is lAck of A proper network of bmtc buses in Jp nAgAr.                                               Be a citizen journalist.
                                                                                                           Send us neighbourhood
New routes are regularly introduced by the BMTC. However,       hassles of the middle-class citizens.      updates, event reports,
we the citizens of JP Nagar V Phase are at the non-receiving    We do not expect them to travel in         your ideas and opinions
end of the new buses. Let alone new ones, even the old          buses, but, I think that something         Submit online at:
routes seem to have disappeared. BMTC seems to have             can be done about the travails we
wiped out JP Nagar V Phase from their route-maps. There         are facing since we live in a power-
are bus shelters, beautiful ones, but no single bus passes      abiding society.
this route. Number of representations to officials have
                                                                It was believed that the buses were rerouted because drivers
proved futile.
                                                                were finding it difficult to manoeuvre the buses at 3rd
Travelling from JP Nagar, you have a few buses but              Phase. Please do not take the middle-class and the working
coming back to JP Nagar is a nightmare. Alighting at the        class people for granted. We pay our taxes on time, we are
Bannerghatta Road stop, one needs to walk quite a stretch to    law-abiding citizens and, we have a right to demand good
reach V Phase. We were adjusting without grumbling about        public transportation.
the routes at 15th cross. The underpass work has been going
                                                              Elections are over, now we are left alone to fend for
on endlessly. Auto drivers refuse to come to this area unless
                                                              ourselves, with bare bus-shelters, long walks home from far
you promise them to pay extra. Children going to school in
                                                              off bus-stands and greedy autorickshaw drivers. Who will
BMTC buses are the most affected. Students carrying their
                                                              take care of our children walking on lonely roads back from
extra baggage of lunch boxes, braving the sun and rain is a
                                                              college or school. Living in JP Nagar V Phase is like living in
regular sight at the V Phase.
                                                              the 1950s!
A number of celebrities and politicians reside just across                                         VASUDHA MURTHY
the road. Politicians of this area are not bothered about the

RESIdEnTS CAmPAIgn AgAInST                                                         UnAUThORISEd
IllEgAl gARbAgE dUmPIng                                                            TEmPlE In ST bEd
                                                                                   We, the members of Apartments
HSR Layout Sector 2 is                   The campaigners visited residential
                                         areas and shops in the area. We
                                                                                   Owners Association of Aradhana
                                                                                   Apartments in ST Bed Layout,
witness to numerous unauthorised
                                         highlighted the importance of proper      Koramangala        are     concerned
and filthy garbage dumps with pigs
                                         garbage management to ensure a            regarding developments leading
and stray dogs adding to the menace.
                                         clean and hygienic environment.           to an unauthorized construction
The HSR Layout Sector-2 Residents
                                                                                   of a planned new road side temple
Welfare Association conducted a We have recommended the BBMP
                                                                                   structure alongside our apartment.
garbage awareness campaign in should take immediate action on the
April 2009. Officials and staff of BBMP following.                                 The road is connecting the 80 feet
also participated.                                                                 road and the Ring Road through ST
                                           •	Designate	and	notify	to	residents,	
                                                                                   Bed Layout. A temple would result
                                            through various media, on the
                                                                                   in traffic congestion through these
                                            authorised garbage disposal places
                                                                                   narrow roads. There are already many
                                            in our sector.
                                                                                   temples in this area and another
                                            •	Regular	aggressive	door	to	door	     temple is being built in the corner near
                                            garbage collection system.             the Ganesha temple.
                                            •	Remove	encroachment	on	
                                            pavements by shopkeepers and           We have requested MG Nagaraj, Asst.
                                            issue strict warning/notice and        Engineer, and Murugesh Mudaliar,
                                            levying of hefty fines.                Work Inspector from Ward No. 68 to
                                            •	Eviction	of	labour	camps.            take appropriate action to ensure that
                                                                                   this construction to be stopped in the
                                            •	A	proactive	action	on	elimination	
                                                                                   very beginning so that we do not face
                                            of pigs and stray dogs before it is
                                                                                   any major issues in the future.
Garbage in HSR Layout (pic courtesy: Brig.
                                            too late.
Murthy)                                     Some action has been taken by          SV KRISHNAN is the President, Aradhana
                                            the ground level staff. It needs       Apartments Owners Association (AAOA)
  BRIG (RETD.) R S MURTHY is the            to be addressed by the senior          in ST Bed Layout, Koramangala.
  President of HSR Layout Sector-2         management of BBMP in totality.

                                                                       23 May - 05 June 2009 CITIZEN MATTERS 9
       FeaTure                     exhibitiOns

  An exhibition of photogrAphs of the city At f&b restAurAnt And A show of
  AbstrAct pAintings At kykyny.

  There are many instances when you find                                      Abstract art in different styles
  yourself staring at something and wondering, ‘have I seen                   VIVID – an art show by three masters, is on at Kykyny on
  this somewhere?’ M S Gopal’s photo exhibition which                         Infantry Road till 25th May. The artists are from different
  opened on 11th May and will go on for a month at F&B                        parts of India, with all three portraying extremely different
  restaurant off St. Marks Road, makes you ask that question.                 styles of abstract art.
  Gopal, a young professional has found his metier in shooting                HR Das, from Bengal who completed his Bachelors in Fine
  Bangalore with his pocket sized Canon A350. Many may feel                   Arts from Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh,
  that this is too small a tool for taking photographs, but Gopal
  looks at it as an opportunity.
  He can carry it anywhere and
  pull it out of his pocket at the
  right moment. He blogs about
  his adventures at http://
  Gopal’s       collection   of
  photographs brings together
  the modern and old halves
  of Bangalore. The busy
  and crowded streets of
  Avenue Road, Kalasipalaya
  and Cottonpet have been
  captured in their most
  colourful moments. The entire
  collection, through two years
  of effort, shows the changes
  in the city, such as UB city           From the ‘Lure of Bangalore Series’ by M S Gopal. Jeevan, Security Guard from Guwahati, Assam, says “Bangalore
  towering over us and the               achcha hain!”
  disappearing coffee houses.
  There are a few pictures that are very personal to Bangalore.               has on display a series called ‘Bulls and Cows’. The paintings
  The photograph with the Indian Coffee House waiter at the                   also have some intricate yet subtle backgrounds based on
  window is a beautiful moment captured on film. Then there                   the bulls and cows theme, which make the work complex
                                  are the jataka gaadis. Gopal                and fascinating. Sachin Jaltre has taken his art through the
                                  has got a few frames of the                 country, including Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore. His
                                  jataka gaadis at Kalasipalaya               work at this showing has a soothing feel, with the characters
                                  Malleswaram circle before                   in all the paintings being in a relaxed and calm mood.
                                  those too lose the battle for
                                  survival.                                   Sujata Achrekar, a student of Raheja School of Art and JJ
                                                                              School of Art, who has had more than 20 shows to her credit,
                                      There is a photograph                   has a very prominent and strong style. The protagonist in
                                      of earthen water pots                   the series on display here is a Brahmin boy. Every painting
                                      kept outside a durgah at                has the Brahmin boy but with a different story to tell. The
                                      Shivajinagar, which invites             expression on the boy’s face is identical in each painting,
                                      people from all religions to            showing the spiritual and detached life of a yogi.
                                      quench their thirst.
                                                                              Collections that are different in all aspects are very rare to
                                      Gopal has captured sights               find; this is one show that fits the bill.
                                      that are common and part
                                      of our daily lives; it’s just that
                                      we do not stop for a moment              laKshmi menon is a hardcore bengalurean; techie by
  A painting by HR Das (pic: LM)
                                    and notice them.                           day and passionate art, theater and music lover by night.

10 CITIZEN MATTERS                 23 May - 05 June 2009
Volunteer Diary » Adventures of an eco-nut » Off beat » Campus Diem » Deepa’s Jottings » More blogs »

       PRIvATE SChOOlS
       FOR SOnS OnlY
       By Pushpa Achanta
       You may have come across a maid or driver striving hard to      such workers prefer to invest more in their sons’ education.
       ensure that her/his children study? Probe a little and most     Worse still, a girl’s education is often sacrificed if the parents
       probably the daughter will be in a government school            are unable to afford it.
       and the son in a private or a government funded English
                                                                       Janaki, my aunt’s unlettered housemaid did not hesitate
       medium school. The latter have a better student-teacher
                                                                       to invest extra money on her lazy English medium school-
       ratio and the teachers are motivated or at least compelled
                                                                       going son Navin. She bought him expensive shoes, satchel,
       to teach properly and regularly. Unlike the vernacular
                                                                       bicycle, et cetera. But her daughter Manju had to manage
       medium government schools!
                                                                       with ‘hand-me-down’s or cheap stuff and studied in
       Talking to Joseph, a fruit vendor in Benson Town whose          vernacular medium until high school. This was despite the
       regular customer I was, revealed that he had a daughter and     fact that the girl was a keen student who supplemented her
       two sons. The girl Lila was in the Pottery Town Government      family’s income by doing domestic work before and after
       Kannada School while the boys were in a private school          school. “Why do you do this Janaki?”, my aunt asked, only
       nearby. She happened to be one of the promising students I      to hear her “Oh, I am saving for her wedding!” justification.
       had noticed in class V while volunteering at the school. “Why   It was heartening to learn that Manju too questioned her
       don’t you move her to the same school as her brothers?”, I      mother’s rampant favouritism often and managed to get
       asked him. “I would if I could afford it”, he replied.          her fair share. Actually, she even started saving some of
                                                                       her monthly wages for herself instead of handing over
       Even if their daughters are much better students, many
                                                                       everything to her mother!

           QuICK lOOK                      headlines
                                                                       in suicide by Sivarasan and other Tamil Tigers. However

                                                                       Muniyamma is now leading a distressed life. Though the
                                                                       government had announced Rs. 15 lakhs as reward for

                                                                       informers, she was given just Rs. 60,000. She brought some
                                                                       cattle with that money. Sometime back, seven of her herd
                                                                       were stolen. She now lives in a hut in Konanakunte. (Vijaya
                                                                       Karnataka          Tuesday, may 19)

       recent scAn of bAngAlore’s kAnnAdA dAilies                           bbmp rejects lOkayukta repOrt
                                                                            Lokayukta report on alleged encroachment by UB
       snAkes creep from drAinAge pipes                                     City on Vittal Malya road is rejected by BBMP. The
                                                                       technical committee set up by the BBMP has rejected
       Snakes in Bangalore seem to find a new place to stay. They      Lokayukta’s report on encroachment. Though Lokayukta
       have started visiting houses through drain pipes. About         had complained against this, BBMP commissioner preferred
       50 such incidents have been reported so far this summer.        to stay quiet. Lokayutka N Santhosh Hegde says his sleuths
       Scorching heat is said to be the primary reason. Snakes         have all records to prove the encroachment. He also said
       look for cooler places and ultimately end up inside houses.     that he will submit the report to the government soon.
       Environmentalists guess that about 65 per cent of snakes        (Prajavani Thursday, may 14)
       in Bangalore house in drainage pipes. (Vijaya Karnataka         pOlice lOOk fOr the rOyal dOg
       wednesday, may 13)                                              Apart from keeping vigil on city crimes, the police have
       the untOld stOry Of halu muniyamma                              got one more responsibility. They have been asked to find
       Very few people know about this old lady. Meet Halu             the Wodeyar family’s missing dog. The dog named ‘Bottom’
       Muniyamma, who sells milk for her livelihood. She is the        belongs to Srikantadutta Narasimharaja Wodeyar and
       person who gave a clue to the police about LTTE militants       has been missing since a month. Srutikeerti Devi filed the
       hiding in a house in Konanakunte. The rest is history. During   complaint with High Grounds police station on April 10.
       the investigation of former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination     Police are searching for the dog in every nook and corner
       case, the police got a tip off from Muniyamma. They then        of the city. The royal family has 14 dogs and Bottom is their
       arrested house owner Ranganath and operation ended              favourite (Kannada Prabha friday, may 15)
                                                                                                              COMPILED BY: AMRITH JOGI

                                                                             23 May - 05 June 2009 CITIZEN MATTERS 11
         herITage                                 children

       InTROdUCE YOUR ChIld TO
       gREEn IdEAS
       this book with the Attention-grAbbing title
                                                                                                           Daily Dump
                                                                                                 2992, 12th A Main HAL II Stage
                                                                                                         Bangalore 560038
                                                                                                  dailydumpcompost@gmail. com
       spreAds ecologicAl AwAreness Among children in
       A unique wAy.
       Disgustingly Cool Books for Kids                                 •	Where	do	you	think	the	cleanest	water	comes	from?
                                                                        •	What	is	yucky?
       is a sleek set of five booklets, published by Daily Dump,
                                                                        •	Why	do	pizzas	seem	cooler	than	rotis?
                          introduces concepts of environment-
                                                                        •	What	if	I	don’t	say	enough?
                          friendliness,    waste,     sustainability,
                                                                        •	What	are	the	not-so-cool	stories	behind	every	product	we	
                          consumerism et cetera to children in
                          an interesting and engaging manner.
                                                                        The interactive format of the books enables children to
                          Poonam Bir Kasturi (founder of Daily
                                                                        see it as an activity book and the striking visuals make it
                          Dump, which offers home composting
                                                                        exciting, fun and provocative. The ideal expectation from
                          solutions in Bengaluru through a range
                                                                        these books would be that children are triggered to think
                          of services and products) is the person
                                                                        about such issues.
                          responsible for these publications.
                                                                        The books are currently being sold by word-of-mouth to
                           This set of five books (together priced
                                                                        schools and individuals.
                           at Rs.100) encourages young children
Disgustingly Cool books for kids (Pic: Vinitha)
                           to question some of the choices in their
       daily lives, discover the connections between these choices       ViniTa, a resident of frazer Town is trying to adopt
       and issues of ecology and sustainability. For instance,           environmentally-sensitive alternatives in her day-to-day
                                                                         activities and realises it doesn’t need to be complex.
  See anD DO
     SATURdAY                                     SUndAY                                       FRIdAY
          ExhIbITIOn                                  ThEATRE                                  wORKShOP
      mAngO PARTY                               ‘ChAlO lET’S gO’                                hARdwARE
 The annual mango party is back! A         An interactive session with ANJAN             Indian Institute of Hardware Technol-
 one of its kind event in the country      DUTT about his songs, films and the-          ogy (IIHT) conducts free workshop for
 dedicated to the Mango, one of            atre productions followed by a special        hardware networking.
 India’s special gifts, Mango Party        screening of CHOURASTA : Crossroads
 is all about celebrating the mango        of Love and CHALO LET’S GO                    3 days free workshop for hardware
 every year in so much abundance           24 May, 3.30 PM                               and network training conducted by
 and variety.                                                                            professionals.
                                           Chowdiah Memorial Hall
 23 May, 2 PM - 6 PM                       Gayathri Devi Park Extension,
                                                                                         Fri 29th-31st May 2009
 Ranga Shankara                            16th Cross, Vyalikaval
                                                                                         IIHT, 24th main, JP Nagar
 36/2, 8th Cross                           Ph: 2344 5810, 2344 3956
                                                                                         Contact Rajesh at 98805 47041
 J P Nagar, II Phase                       For booking, call 988646956
 Ph: 080-26493982 / 26592777               Mail:

bechara Maara gaya                         with a myriad twists and turns.              gorkha Mela- 2009
23 May, 3 PM and 6 PM                      Upto 31st May, 7:30PM                        A pot-pourri of “Fun, Frolic and Games,
Play at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore    Ranga Shankara                               Sikit and Cultural Performances” and
No. 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthna-        P: 080-26493982 / 26592777                   the crowd favorite, “Gorkhali Khana”.
gar, Bangalore - 560052                    specialised course In radio astrono-         31 May, 11 AM - 8 PM
080-41231340/43/44                         my - sunday classes                          Nandan Football Ground, Austin Town
Kannada Plays at rangashankara             24 May - 19 July, 2.30PM - 5.30              Mail:
Ratnan Parpancha                           PM                                           bengaluru speaks: ‘’Dare to be an
24 May, 3.30 PM and 7.30 PM                M.P.Birla Institute of Fundamental           agent for change?”
Babhrabaahu                                Research                                     Come engage in honest and construc-
26 May, 7.30 PM                            Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Campus, 43/1,         tive conversations about issues that
Heegadre Hege                              Race Course Road                             matter to you and your city.
27 May, 7.30 PM                            Ph: 22385956 / 65959780                      23 May, 4.30 PM - 7 PM
                                           a workshop on building Personal              Ashirvad, 30 St. Mark’s Cross Road,,
english Plays at rangashankara                                                          Across from the State Bank of India
                                           and organizational greatness
Singaravva and the Palace                  28 - 30 May, 9.30 AM - 6 PM                  Ph: 4152-4785
28 May, 7:30 PM                            Royal Orchid                                 Talk - live your calling organised by
Sonata                                     47/1 Manipal Centre, Dickenson Road,         Talk Instead
29 May, 7.30 PM                            Tel : +91 80 2558 4242,                      It’s not surprising to see people around
Ranga Shankara                             mail:raghavendra@franklincoveysouth-         us suffering from Monday blues. If only
P: 080-26493982 / 26592777                                            they loved their job, things would have
Moitree 2009- bangla Theatre Fes-          Photography Expedition to Agumbe             been different. So what does it take
tival                                      30 - 31 May                                  to find your calling? And what does it
Jibon Muchki Haashe: Inspired by P.G.      Agumbe Rainforest Research Station           take to actually live it?
Wodehouse, “Jibon Muchki Haashe”           To register, please call Ajay: 98441 61733   30 May, 10 AM
(Life smiles wryly...) is a comedy, but    / 98861 01005                                Kyra Theatre, 2nd Floor, 2001 Katti-Ma
with Chaplinesque grey shades ap-          exhibition- “View between The                Center,Indiranagar
pearing now and then.                      Trees”                                       Ph: 4341 9999
Kaachher Maanush: Kachher Manush  The online Art gallery          Theatre course for children 8-14
is an adaptation of the Marathi play       presents a contemporary paintings            years
“Mitra”.                                   group show by artists from different         Organised by Active Canvas
Surjyo Poraa Chhai: Two adolescents        parts of India                               23 May - 9 Aug, 12 PM - 2 PM
strive to form their individual lives      21 - 24 May, 12 PM                           Active Canvas, 343, 10th A Main, 3rd
under the shadow of their disturbed,       Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Gallery       Cross, Jayanagar, I Block, Near Ashoka
impoverished, single mother.               No.IV, Kumarakrupa Road, Bangalore,          Pillar
Shaap Shniri: Shaap Shniri (Snakes and     560001                                       Ph: 41609122
Ladders) is a court-room thriller filled   Ph: 2226 3424

                                                                       23 May - 05 June 2009 CITIZEN MATTERS 13
 laST wOrD                               food

 PAInTEd PlATTER!                                                                                 Painted Platters
                                                                                                  2nd Main, 7th Block, Jayanagar.
                                                                                                  For home delivery of cakes, call
 A finger licking experience At A JAyAnAgAr dessert bAr.
 Authenticity is a tough art to master. There                     begun to make comparisons to Corner House when he
                                                                  corrected me: “Corner House makes Ice Cream. We make
 was one time when I went to a restaurant abroad that
 claimed to be Chinese, had interiors that was roughly            Dessert.” Touché! Customers walking into Painted Platters
 Korean, displayed Japanese art and was called, hold your         and seeing, to their surprise, that they can’t find Ice Cream is
 breath, Dalchini (Cinnamon in many Indian languages). The        a situation he encounters all too often. “People hadn’t gone
 Confused Orient would have been a better name. A food            beyond regular Chocolate, Black Forest and Mocca flavors,
 critic once wrote about how any self respecting European         back in 2002.
 chef would take the next flight out; livid with shock, on        Now, the more esoteric Tiramisu and Mudpie feature among
 seeing what was passed off as Italian cuisine in the city.       Chocolate favorites” he points. Gulping down a Chocolate
 You must sympathise with the purists for the raw deal they       Concorde (with favorable amounts of gooey chocolate
 get. Or perhaps, you could take them to Painted Platters.        sauce), is a good lesson on how a cake and biscotti dessert
                                                                  can give ice cream a good run for its money.
                                                                  When you order any dessert at Painted Platter, you’ll see
                                                                  why presentation is the priority. Manavalan’s ideas on food
                                                                  are nearly pedantic. Except for a handful of creations, he
                                                                  keeps off ‘fusion’ in dessert. Having worked with the Oberoi
                                                                  group for a number of years, his outlook is austere. Food
                                                                  after all is serious business. He particularly remembers his
                                                                  experiences with European chefs. Each of them were driven
                                                                  hopping mad by “short cut” wielding Indian chefs versed in
                                                                  that charmingly indigenous ‘Chalta Hai’ philosophy.
                                                                  Comical pictures of frenzied chefs apart, it is difficult not
                                                                  to agree when he says “Food is about Culture”. I listened,
                                                                  fascinated, as he related how he sees the world in a slice
                                                                  of pastry. Specialising in Viennese, having learnt of various
                                                                  sauces from the French and the plate painting method
                                                                  taken from the Swiss, Manavalan serves the world on a
 Desserts at Painted Platter (pic: SS)
 Painted Platters is a dessert bar that was started in 2002       Manavalan believes that innovation in style and presentation
 with outlets in Jayanagar 7th Block and Indiranagar. The         is nearly dead. “When I go to a restaurant and I’m served a
 name comes from the store’s unique dessert platters that         tomato rose, it drives me mad” he says not for a moment
 are painted with a generous spray of chocolate paint. So         joking. He finds that the tricks most cuisiniers adopt are
 when you indulgently polish of their sinful desserts, you        decades old and the desserts at the Painted Platter were
 do so literally. Painted Platters offers popular European        created trying to ward off culinary ennui.
 desserts and original creations presented so artistically,
 that the same sensibilities fittingly pay obeisance to Picasso   Staying on the topic of presentation, special mention must
 with an eponymous dessert.                                       be made of the interiors of the Jayanagar café. If you are
                                                                  the nostalgic type, you will love reading a menu card that
 Even a couple of years back, when Häagen-Dazs hadn’t             looks out from the inside of a hardcover novel. Also, ask for
 made it to the Bangalore retail scene and Baskin and             a dekko of the menu printed on CDs inside a Rolling Stones
 Robbins was the cutting edge in ice cream, it brought joy to     Forty Licks album. Creativity is such joy!
 the sweet tooth to see a menu card that bore classics such
 as Mississippi Mudpie and Crème Brulee, seen until then          Painted Platters is not exactly your local sugar-high
 only in books and movies (Remember that scene in Amelie          providing, chocolate sickness inducing ice-cream shop. Hell,
 where she cracks a Crème Brulee?).                               it isn’t even all about ice cream. But where else would you
                                                                  get to feast on an absolutely sinful (and dare I add, beautiful)
 But then, the brain behind Painted Platters, Joe Manavalan,      Malakov Torte on a plate painted with chocolate?
 wouldn’t be pleased with that observation. I had only

  siri sriniVas is a student of engineering with an alter-ego who                                read the complete article online

  thinks she is a journalist                                                                      Go To arTicle       1104

14 CITIZEN MATTERS 23 May - 05 June 2009
                                                                                                                  reach Out tO
                                                                                                                 bangalOre’s Own
                                                                                                                  news magaZine
                                                                                                                (Circulation in JP Nagar & BTM Layout: 11,000 copies)

                                                                                                                     www.citizenmatters .in

                                                                                                                  tO advertise
                                                                                                                       97409 18300

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