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					                                              Microsoft Visual Studio
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Technology Services Provider Increases
                                              Productivity by Unified Development

Overview                                      “It‟s ideally suited for applications built for the Web
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Media
                                              using Microsoft platform or other languages. It can
                                              also be leveraged to performance test various
Customer Profile
Wipro Technologies is a global services
                                              applications such as J2EE and Web interfaces of
provider delivering technology-driven         packaged applications such as SAP, Siebel etc.”
business solutions that meet the strategic
                                              UnniKrishnan Govindan, General Manager , Wipro Technologies
objectives of our clients. Wipro has 40+
„Centers of Excellence‟ and over 92000
employees in over 53 countries worldwide      Wipro Technologies is the leading provider of integrated business,
that deliver customer and industry-specific
                                              technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform. It
                                              has over 8000 professional testers working on a variety of
Business Situation
Software collaboration on projects was
                                              development frameworks, operating systems, and configuration
limited as multiple tools were in use at      management tools. It was looking for a way to improve
Wipro Technologies. The company wanted
a holistic application lifecycle management
                                              transparency and collaboration amongst its teams and for a holistic
tool.                                         application life cycle management solution that would be the hub
                                              for all collaboration and communication amongst team members
The Wipro Performance Engineering Lab         and customers. Wipro Technologies implemented Microsoft® Visual
decided to implement Microsoft® Visual
Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition.
                                              Studio® Team System 2008. With this, the team had better control
                                              over the code, testing and related processes regardless of the
 Integrated test tools
                                              development framework or operating system. This has enabled
 Improved quality                            accurate and timely communication amongst the team members
 Transparent and controlled processes
 Improved reporting
                                              and their customers.
Situation                                          status of their calls until closure through the
Wipro Technologies is a global services            web interface. This application is developed
provider delivering technology-driven              using ASP.NET, .Net Framework 1.1
business solutions that meet the strategic         (Runtime) running on Windows Server 2003,
objectives of its clients. Wipro has over 40       Internet Information Server and SQL Server
Centres of Excellence that create solutions        2005.
around specific needs of industries. It
delivers unmatched business value to               To execute the proof of concept the team
customers through a combination of process         created an overall test plan and strategy. This
excellence, quality frameworks and service         outlined the performance requirements, the
delivery innovation. Wipro is the World's first    team developed Web scripts as per the
CMMi Level 5 certified software services           workload mix. These Web scripts were further
company and the first outside USA to receive       correlated; parameterized and extraction
the IEEE Software Process Award.                   rules were added to the scripts. In addition,
                                                   Load Tests was created. The properties and
Wipro Technologies employs over 8000               configuration of the load test were modified
professional testers involved in independent       as per the requirements.
product and application verification and
validation. The performance engineering            Tool Features Tested
teams has been using multiple 3rd party tools.      Recording and Executing the Web Test: A
                                                     Web test consists of a series of HTTP
                                                     requests. Web tests are used to test the
Solution                                             functionality of Web applications and can
With goals to increase visibility into projects,     be used in Load Tests to test Web
and increase efficiency of the software life         applications performance under load.
cycle, Wipro Technologies Performance               Extraction Rule: Extractions rules help
Engineering Lab (PEL) is constantly                  verify that a Web application is working as
evaluating new technologies for use within           desired, by extracting data from the
the organization. PEL decided to evaluate            responses to Web requests. Extraction
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition          rules can extract form fields, text,
(VSTT), a comprehensive suite of testing tools       attributes, headers, regular expressions,
for Web applications and services that are           and hidden fields.
integrated into the Visual Studio                   Validation Rule: Validation rules are very
environment.                                         similar to Extraction rules, the difference is
                                                     that the validation rule helps verifying data
A proof of concept was set up by the PEL             it extracts and store it in the Web test
team to test the solution in as close to a real      context.
scenario as possible. The performance               Correlation: In VSTT 2008 correlation
testing was carried out on a Web-based               helper detects dynamic parameters and
helpdesk management system developed                 then automatically Fixes Up the Web test.
internally by Wipro on Microsoft platform            Fix Up means to add the extraction rules to
called Wipro Unified Help Desk. It uses a            the appropriate requests and replace the
single console to support and manage multi-          hard coded parameters where needed.
channel communication. End users can log            Load Test: The primary goal of a load test is
their calls to Unified Help Desk through             to simulate concurrent user access to the
phone, e-mail or a URL. Once a call is               System under Test (SUT). To add Web tests
recorded, agents and users can track the             to a load test, helps simulate multiple
  users opening simultaneous connections            reports, compare different kinds of data, and
  to a server and making multiple HTTP              see how many and which bugs were found
  requests.                                         because of testing. By providing superior
 Generating Reports: Team Edition for              integration, Team Foundation Server helps
  Testers provides feature for creating a set       the team improve predictability and software
  of reports, by retrieving data from the load      quality.
  test result store within Visual Studio 2008
  Team Edition.                                     Transparent and Controlled Processes
                                                    Integrated process workflows, version control,
                                                    work-item tracking, and other features in
Benefits                                            Team Foundation Server provide the
Wipro Technologies evaluation team believes         transparency necessary to improve control of
that Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System           code, project artifacts, and processes.
2008 Test Edition is ideally suited for
Microsoft based applications as well as all         Improved Reporting
Web based applications. “It‟s our opinion that      Reporting and business intelligence tools in
Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008           Team Foundation Server automate and
Test Edition is an effective performance            simplify tracking and reporting of project
validation tool with varied useful features,”       status, performance, and quality metrics.
comments UnniKrishnan Govindan, General             Having this information fosters better
Manager, Wipro Technologies. He further             communication, and helps everyone
adds, “It‟s ideally suited for applications built   contribute to the team‟s goals.
for the Web using Microsoft platform or other
languages. It can also be leveraged to
performance test various applications such
as J2EE and packaged applications such as
SAP, Siebel etc.”

Integrated Test Tools
Visual Studio Team Edition for Testers
includes a suite of test tools that are
integrated closely with Microsoft Visual
Studio 2005; they work not only in their own
testing framework, but also within a larger
framework of software life cycle tools.
Developers and quality engineers can create,
manage, edit, and run tests, and also obtain
and store test results. Several test types,
including unit, Web, load, and manual tests,
in addition to the measurement of code
coverage, are integrated into Visual Studio.

Improved Quality
Because the testing tools are integrated with
the other parts of the Visual Studio Team
System, you can publish results to a
database, generate trend and historical
For More Information                                            Microsoft Visual Studio
For more information about Microsoft                            Microsoft Visual Studio is the world‟s most
products and services, call the Microsoft                       popular development environment for
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          designing, developing, and testing next-
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             generation Windows-based solutions and
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         Web applications and services. By improving
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        the development experience for Windows, the
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      Web, mobile devices, and Microsoft Office,
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         Visual Studio helps organizations deliver a
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          variety of solutions more productively than
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        ever before. Visual Studio Team System
Canada, please contact your local                               expands the product line with new software
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                     tools that enable greater communication and
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                collaboration throughout the development life                                               cycle. With Visual Studio, businesses can
                                                                deliver modern service-oriented solutions
For more information about Wipro                                more efficiently.
Technologies products and services, visit
the Web site at:                                  For more information about Visual Studio, go

                                                                 Software and Services                          Hardware
                                                                    Microsoft Visual Studio Team System           3 gigahertz server, 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM,
                                                                     − Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team            120 GB hard disk drive
                                                                       Foundation Server
                                                                     − Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test

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