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Important: Be sure to make multiple copies of these forms for continued use.

DVD General Orientation & Registration Form
Application for Sports Re-Certification/Continuing Education
Application for Sports Training Certification
Training Site Safety Checklist
In-Kind Contribution Receipt
Manual Receipt Form
Invoice Approval Form
Petty Cash Form
Quarterly Financial Report
Reconciliation Report Form
Expense Reimbursement Form
IRS Reporting Form
Certificate of Exemption
First Report of Accident/Incident
Request for Certificate of Insurance
Contract Review Checklist
Special Needs Form
Athlete Medical Information
Motor Activities Training Program
Sports Competition Event Grant Form
Filing Protests at Events
SOWI Rule Change Form
International Rule Change Form
Medical Refund Request
Fund Raising Project Application
Special Event Summary
                                                 SPECIAL OLYMPICS WISCONSIN
                                             DVD ORIENTATION & REGISTRATION FORM
                                                     GENERAL ORIENTATION
 DATE:                             AREA:
 SITE:                                                      CITY:                          STATE:
 SOWI REPRESENTATIVE:                                       SIGNATURE:
 TITLE: SOWI General Orientation                            DATE:

               NAME                        ADDRESS                       CITY      STATE   ZIP      AGENCY




                                                                                   Agency Number:

                 Application For Sports Re-Certification/ Continuing Education

INSTRUCTIONS:          Please print clearly or type information below and return to the Program
office. List permanent mailing address and telephone number (not college address).

 Name                                                                                            Male         Female
 City                                       State                          Zip
 Day Phone (             )                       Evening (             )
 Email Address
 Class A Volunteer ID#                           Occupation
      Are you a SOWI athlete? If yes, please check the box.
   If your address above is different from the address shown on your last certification application, please
 check the box.
 1) The Training Seminar/Course was held in                                on            /          /

                                                         City                                    Month/Day/Year
 2)     The Course/School Title was

        If the course you attended was not offered by SOWI, please provide a description of the course and
        attach proof of attendance and any supporting materials to this application.

 3)     I am applying for re-certification in the following sport(s)

 Having satisfactorily completed all requirements, I hereby request Special
 Olympics re-certification in the area identified above.

              Signature of Applicant                                                                      Date

              Signature of Agency Manager                                                                 Date

 Please mail to the address below or to your Area office.
               Special Olympics Wisconsin
               Attn: Director of Training                                        For Office Use Only
               2310 Crossroads Dr. Ste. 1000                                                       Initials        Date
               Madison, WI 53718                                                 Area Staff

                                                                                 Program Staff
                                                                                    Pending            Approved

                                                                                Agency Number:

                                 Application for Sports Training Certification
                                         (One form per certification)
Instructions: Please print clearly or type information below and return to your Area office.
List permanent mailing address and telephone number:
Name:                                                   Email:
Address:                                                Daytime Phone:
City:                                                   Evening Phone:
State:                 Zip:                             Male     Female
Class A Volunteer ID #:                                 Occupation: Teacher
If you are a SOWI athlete becoming a coach, please check this box.
If your address has changed since your last certification, please check this box.

1) I am a Class A registered volunteer with SOWI.             Yes    No

2) The TRAINING SCHOOL was held in                                              on                                                .
                                            City                                      Date

3) I am applying for CERTIFICATION in one of the following areas:
      Motor Activities Training Program
      Games Management
      Principles of Coaching

4) Coaching/Officiating experience at the high school/college levels:   Yes                       No (circle Coach or Official)
   Playing experience at the high school or college levels:   Yes     No
   a) Sport(s):

5) PRACTICUM – a minimum of 10 hours working with Special Olympics athletes following a coach
     training school is required in the sport you are becoming certified in. Up to three hours may be used
     from each practice and each tournament. All applications must have practicum dates and
     hours listed.
                                # of                                  # of                                         # of
        Date     # of Hours   Athletes     Date       # of Hours    Athletes         Date        # of Hours      Athletes

6) Other Information:
   How many SO sports do you coach?                     In how many sports are you certified?
   Highest level of education achieved:
   Do you have any relatives with a cognitive disability?   Yes   No If yes, relationship

7) Having satisfactorily completed all requirements, I hereby request Special Olympics certification in the
   area identified above.

                                                                                                For Office Use Only
                                                                                             Initials         Date
Applicant                                          Date                 Area Staff

                                                                        Program Staff

Agency Manager                                     Date                    Pending             Approved

            Process to Become a Special Olympics Certified Coach

1. Person filling out an Application for Sports Training Certification must have attended an
   entire coaches certified training school (CTS).

2. After attending a CTS, coaches must complete ten (10) hours of practicum with Special
   Olympics athletes in the specific sport the coach was trained to be certified in.

3. Coaches applying for certification must be registered Class A volunteers with SOWI.

4. All lines of the Application for Sports Training Certification must be filled in.
       a. Agency number in top right hand corner
       b. Personal contact information in boxes
       c. Number 1, check the box yes or no depending on your volunteer status with
       d. Number 2, list the city and date the CTS was held
       e. Number 3, check the certification category applying for. If checking the Sport
           box, write in the specific sport you are applying for.
       f. Number 4, answer questions
       g. Number 5, practicum hours. Accurately fill in training dates, number of hours per
           date and number of athletes trained per date. Up to three hours may be used from
           each practice and each tournament. Only use practice and tournament hours for
           the sport you are applying to be certified in.
       h. Number 6, fill in the background information

5. The form must be signed (number 7) by the applying coach.

6. It is encouraged applicants make a copy of the form for your records before it is mailed to
   your Regional Director of Sports at your Area office.

7. Once the completed form is received and approved, it is entered into the SOWI volunteer
   database. Coaches will receive a confirmation letter informing them of their new
   certification and date of expiration. Certifications are good for three (3) years.
   Approximately four (4) months before a certification expires, a letter is mailed to the
   coach informing them of the upcoming expiration.

8. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director of Training and Competition at
   (800) 552-1324.

                                    Special Olympics Wisconsin
                                   Training Site Safety Checklist
The new Accreditation standards require that all training facilities and equipment are safe with a first aid kit,
athlete emergency contacts and a phone and/or transportation available in case of an emergency.

The checklist below is not intended to cover every possible situation, but acts as a guideline for areas which
could constitute injury hazards.

 Yes      No     Playing Surfaces – Indoor
                 Irregular floor surfaces (wood separations, splinters, etc.)?
                 Surfaces clean and free of dust, gum, wet or greasy areas, loose pieces of paper, etc.
                 Electrical floor plate and outlet coverings fixed properly in position?
                 Electrical cords away from participant area and taped securely?
                 All extra equipment removed?
                 Sufficient buffer zone between spectators?
                 Playing Surfaces – Outdoor
                 Condition of turf (pot-holes, mud, etc.)?
                 Puddles drained off?
                 Trash, glass, sharp objects, sharp-edged rocks, etc. removed off the the field?
                 Obvious and hidden grates well-secured?
                 Sufficient buffer zone between spectators?
                 Goal posts, goalie cages, baseball bases, etc. installed properly?
                 Hanging ropes or electrical lines?
                 Moveable equipment flush or appropriately fastened to wall?
                 Protruding handles or cranks?
                 All areas adequately lighted?
                 Personal equipment (i.e., clothing, footwear, protective equipment) appropriate to the sport?
                 Activity equipment (i.e., sticks, balls, goals, nets, bats, poles, whistles, cones, padding and
                 mats) can meet the demands of the sport?
                 Athletes have removed jewelry?
                 A first aid kit is available on site?
                 A copy of athletes’ Application for Participation in Special Olympics Forms with emergency
                 contacts, insurance and medical information is on site?
                 Telephones within easy access?
                 Vehicle within easy access?

                                 In-Kind Contribution Receipt
In-kind contributions are services and materials donated in place of cash contributions. In-kind contributions are recorded at
fair market value. Fair market value should be established on an objective and clearly measurable basis, i.e., normal rent
charge for a facility, advertised costs for equipment and the posted price for food or beverage.
Date of Contribution:                /         /
                                                                                                      The information below is required for
                                                                                                      internal recordkeeping. Per IRS
Contributor                                                                                           guidelines, Special Olympics
                                                                                                      Wisconsin is prohibited from
Name:                                                                                                 establishing monetary values for
Business/Organization:                                                                                gifts of real or personal property or
                                                                                                      stating a value on donor receipts for
Address:                                                                                              gifts in-kind. Should you have
                                                                                                      questions, refer to
City, State, Zip:                                                                                     publications 526 & 561, and consult
                                                                                                      your tax advisor. Please retain a
Phone:                                                                                                copy of this form for your records.


                    Item/Service                        Qty                Unit Price          Total Estimated Value
                                                                                                 (Provided by Contributor)

                                                                            $                          $
                                                                            $                          $
                                                                            $                          $
                                                                            $                          $
                                                                           GRAND TOTAL: $

Signature of Contributor: ___________________________________________________________________(required)

To be completed by Special Olympics Wisconsin Representative
Purpose of Contribution:

SOWI Staff or Agency Manager:
                                            Signature                           Print Name                           Date
In-Kind to be used by (check one):

             Program Office              Area #                                    Agency #
             Fund #: 4009-                                                        Account #:
             Appeal:                                                              Reference:
             Soft Cr:
             Event Cr: n/a

Return to:          Special Olympics Wisconsin (Specific return address)

                           Special Olympics Wisconsin
                             Manual Receipt Form

Name of Payee:                                    Agency Number:

Amount:                                           Agency Manager Approval:

Purpose (be specific):                            Expense Code:

                                                  Date Paid:

Why is original receipt missing?                  Check Number:

                                                  Date of Purchase:

Name of Payee:                                    Agency Number:

Amount:                                           Agency Manager Approval:

Purpose (be specific):                            Expense Code:

                                                  Date Paid:

Why is original receipt missing?                  Check Number:

                                                  Date of Purchase:

      **Please note: This form is invalid if Agency Manager has not signed for approval.

                                           Invoice Approval Form

Name of Payee:                                                     Agency Number:

                                                                   Agency Manager Approval:
                                                                   *Witness Approval:

                                                                   *MUST be signed by an additional person from your Agency

Purpose (be specific – tell who, what, where, when and why):

                                                                   Expense Code:

                                                                   Date to be Paid by:

                                                                   Date of Purchase:


Name of Payee:                                                     Agency Number:

                                                                   Agency Manager Approval:
                                                                   *Witness Approval:

                                                                   *MUST be signed by an additional person from your Agency

Purpose (be specific – tell who, what, where, when and why):

                                                                   Expense Code:

                                                                   Date to be Paid by:

                                                                   Date of Purchase:

        *Please Note: This form is invalid if Agency Manager has not signed for approval.

                      Petty Cash Ledger

Date   Who   Amount   Where          Purpose   Expense Code

                                        Special Olympics Wisconsin Quarterly Financial Report
       Agency Number:                                                  Agency Name:
       Quarter Ending (indicate one):                    March 31             June 30             September 30        December 31
       Report Preparer Name:
       Report Preparer Phone Number(s):        day   (      )                           evening    (        )
       Report Preparer E-mail Address:
       Report Preparer Complete Address:

                            Donor/Fund Raiser Name           Deposit     Withdrawal
Date     Check #                or Payee Name                Amount       Amount                  Purpose        Deposit or Withdrawal Code Cash Balance
          XXX       Beginning Balance                           XXX           XXX            XXXXXXXXXX                    XXX

                    TOTALS                                                                   XXXXXXXXXX

The Quarterly Financial Report form is designed to be a working tool to record any financial activity as it occurs. At the end of each quarter, submit this report, along with
receipts and reconciled bank statements, to SOWI in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided. Use a separate report form for each bank account. Make copies of all
reports and receipts before submitting.
Quarterly Report step-by-step instructions
Due dates: April 30, July 31, October 31, January 15 (the final quarter report is due on the 15th to allow for IRS reporting information to be complete.
Agency Information
    Fill in all information accurately, completely and legibly.
     Fill in all information on each page you submit.
Date column
     Insert the date the money was deposited or the check was written.
Check # column
     Insert the check number.
     If cash was utilized, write “cash”.
Donor/Fund Raiser Name or Payee Name column
     Insert the source of the money for deposits. Donations need to be broken down and listed by donor name and amount.
     Insert the name of the person/place to whom the check was made payable or the cash was given and submit a receipt to back-up this entry.
Deposit Amount column
     Insert the amount of money being deposited.
Withdrawal Amount column
     Insert the amount of money that was spent.
Purpose column
     Insert the explanation of the deposit or the withdrawal (be specific, i.e. Perfect Split Bowlathon, games fees, new uniforms, donation). DO NOT SKIP THIS COLUMN!
Deposit or Withdrawal Codes column
     Insert the appropriate Deposit or Withdrawal code, using only ONE deposit or withdrawal code per line. If necessary, use more than one line for the same deposit or
Totals column
     Calculate and record the totals from each row. If more than one page is needed, calculate and record the total for each sheet. Designate a final page with the grand
      total noted.
Deposit Codes
DON = Donations/Contributions Code
     Funds that are given to the Agency, such as sponsorships and grants.
FR = Fund Raising
     Events managed by the Agency to raise funds. Examples include the Perfect Split Bowlathon, bake sales and raffles. Make sure to record the name of the Fund
      Raising Event in the purpose column.
SAL = Sale of Merchandise
     The sale of items which you purchased for re-sale. Example: T-shirts.
REG = Registration Fees
     Fees collected from athletes or their families. No athlete will be denied participation based on economic circumstances.
INT = Interest
     Any interest received on checking, savings or investment accounts.
OTH = Other
     Items that you are unsure how to record. SOWI will attempt to categorize.
Withdrawal Codes
COM = Competition
     Expenses incurred to compete at the Area, District, Regional or State level. Example: games fees and transportation.
TRN = Training
     Expenses incurred to train athletes. Example: facility rental, uniforms and equipment.
OUT = Outreach
     Expenses incurred to increase athlete participation in your Agency.
PR = Public Relations
     Expenses incurred to promote Special Olympics in your community.
FR = Fund Raising
     Expenses incurred to conduct a fund raiser.
ADM = Administration
     Expenses which are not program related, that constitute overall management. Examples include phone, postage and office supplies.
OTH = Other
     Items that you are unsure how to record. SOWI will attempt to categorize.
A receipt (original or copy) for EVERY expense must be enclosed for auditing purposes.

    Write the corresponding check number on each receipt.
    If a receipt is not obtainable, use a Manual Receipt Form with supporting documentation. If the transaction is over $100 a manual receipt is not acceptable.
    Copies of checks are not considered valid receipts.
Bank statements
Enclose a copy of all bank statements (checking, savings, money market, etc.) for each month in the quarter. THREE bank statements must be enclosed each quarter.
Each quarter, reconcile account balances.
    If your bank statements do not match your report balances for each quarter, explain why.

                       Reconciliation Report Form

                                         Quarter ending date            March 31
                                         (Check one)                    June 30
      Checks outstanding -                                              September 30
    written, but not appearing                                          December 31
     on your bank statement
                                         Bank account
 Check Number          Amount
                                         ending balance             $
                                         ADD deposits to
                                         your account that
                   $                     are not shown on
                                         your bank statement
                   $                                                $
                   $                                                $
                   $                                                $
                   $                                                $
                   $                                                $
                                          SUBTRACT
 TOTAL             $                                                $
                                         checks outstanding

                                                 BALANCE            $

The above balance should match your ending balance on your Quarterly Report Form. If you need
help reconciling your account(s), please call (800)552-1324.

                                 Special Olympics Wisconsin, Inc
                                  Expense Reimbursement Form
Mileage Reimbursement:
Date       Trip/Purpose              Number of          Allowance       Account/ Cost
           Explanation               Miles              (miles x .14)   Center


Other Travel Reimbursement:
 Date    Trip/Purpose                                            Car          Account/
         Explanation       Airfare          Room        Meals    Rental/Cab   Cost

             Original receipts must be attached
Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement:
Date      Purpose           Items to be                                 Account/Cost
          Explanation       Reimbursed                  Amount          Center

             Original receipts must be attached

   *Approval:                                Grand Total:

                                  IRS Reporting Form

We appreciate all you do in support of Special Olympics Wisconsin.
Legal Name
                                  (Please print)
Business Name if different


Social Security Number

Federal ID Number

Please check one:
   Individual / Sole Proprietor

Under the penalties of perjury, I certify that:
     1.) The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number (or I
         am waiting for a number to be issued to me), and
     2.) I am not subject to backup withholding because: (a) I am exempt from backup
         withholding, or (b) I have not been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
         that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interest or
         dividends, or (c) the IRS has notified me that I am no longer subject to backup
         withholding, and
     3.) I am a U.S. citizen or other U.S. person (U.S. resident alien, partnership, corporation,
         company or association created or organized in the United States or under the laws
         of the United States, an estate, or a domestic trust.

                             Signature                                           Date

                                                 SPECIAL OLYMPICS FIRST REPORT OF
                                                        ACCIDENT / INCIDENT

U.S. Program/Area: _Wisconsin_________________ Date of Incident:
                                                                                                                Type of Injury/ Accident:
Injured Person/Party Information             Date of Birth:             /         /                Age:          Bodily Injury
Name:                                                                                                            Property Damage
        (Last)             (First)                   (MI)                                                        Automobile
Address:                                                                                                         Other: ______________
           (Street)               (City)         (State)      (Zip)
Home Phone: (            )        -             Work Phone: (               )         -
Gender:       Male           Female        Social Security Number:                -            -

Description of Accident (If automobile accident occurred, please attach a copy of the police report).
Describe how the accident occurred (Attach a separate sheet if necessary):

Site / event where accident occurred:                                                               Alpine Skiing       Power Lifting     Body Part Injured:
                                                                                                    Aquatics            Relay Game         Head
                                                                                                    Athletics           Roller Skating     Neck
   Accident Occurred During:                              Disposition:                              Badminton           Sailing            Torso
   Training/Practice                           Released to parent                                 Baseball            Snowboarding       Back
   Competition                                 Refusal of care                                    Basketball          Snowshoe           Hand      (L / R)
   Traveling to or from SO event               Refer to doctor                                    Bocce               Soccer             Finger    (L / R)
   Other: __________________                   Refer to hospital or clinic                        Bowling             Softball           Elbow     (L / R)
                                                Medical attention                                  Cheerleading        Speed Skating      Shoulder (L / R)
          Type of Injury:                       EMS transport                                      Cross Country Ski  Swimming            Leg       (L / R)
   Severe cut w/ bleeding                      Patient requested EMS transport                    Cycling             Table Tennis       Knee      (L / R)
   Less serious bruise or cut                  Released to personal vehicle                       Equestrian          Team Handball      Thigh     (L / R)
   Break/fracture                              Police                                             Figure Skating      Tennis             Shin      (L / R)
   Concussion                                  Ambulance                                          Floor Hockey        Track & Field      Toe       (L / R)
   Paralysis                                   Report only                                        Golf                Volleyball         Other: _________
   Fatality                                    Other: ___________________                         Gymnastics          Other: ______
   Other: _______________                                                                          Kickball

Contact / Care Provider Information If an athlete or underage volunteer was injured, please identify the care provider and/or responsible party (e.g.
parent, legal guardian).
Relationship to the injured person:                               Employer Name:
Name:                                                                           Employer Address:
Home Phone: (            )        -             Work Phone: (               )         -
           Does the injured person have medical insurance?            Yes       No
           If yes, insurance is provided by:                   Injured Person             Care Provider/Responsible Party
           Please provide name of Company and Policy Number:

Witness Information (Please provide names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the incident)
Witness #1 Name:                                                                                    Daytime Phone: (        )      -
Witness #2 Name:                                                                                    Daytime Phone: (        )      -

Special Olympics Official / Representative (other than claimant)
Name:                                                                                               Daytime Phone: (______)_______-________

Send completed form to:         American Specialty Insurance Services, Inc., P.O. Box 459, Roanoke, IN 46783-0309; Fax: (260) 673-1291
If injury was serious or a fatality:   IMMEDIATELY notify American Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.
                                                Telephone: (800) 566-7941 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)
                                                                                                                         AMER: 189207 – SpecOlym Inc. Rep. Form

                                                 SPECIAL OLYMPICS
                                       REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE
                      (This form is only utilized when a facility/organization requires a certificate of insurance.)

1)   Date:                                              Person Completing this Form:
2)   U.S. Program/Area:
3)   U.S. Program/Area Address:
4)   U.S. Program/Area Phone No:                                                           Fax
5)   Name of Event:                                                               Date(s) of Event:
6)   Site or Location of Event:
7)   Is Event a Fundraising Activity?                YES          NO    If the event is a Fundraising Activity, please provide answers to the following:

      a. Will the event last more than 7 consecutive days?                                                                      YES          NO
      b. Will more than 5,000 spectators/participants be in attendance of the event?                                            YES          NO
      c. Are participants required to sign a Release of Liability Waiver?                                                       YES          NO
Please attach any pertinent information regarding fundraising activities (brochure, advertisement, specific details)

Note: If the event involves any of the following, please contact Jina Doyle at or (260)673-1127 immediately, as the policy either specifically
EXCLUDES coverage for these events or requires the U.S. Program to meet certain underwriting requirements. Coverage is not provided for the following
activities unless approved in advance by the Insurer.
     Alcohol                                                                                   Mechanical Rides
     Rock Climbing Walls                                                                       Golf Ball Drops
     Aircraft (other than a Plane Pull)                                                        Fireworks
     Animals (other than Equestrian practices/competitions)                                    Rodeos
     Firearms                                                                                  Fundraising Events with more than 5,000 people (including
     Fundraising Events lasting more than 7 consecutive days                                    spectators and participants) in attendance
     Inflatable Devices

8)   Is Event Exclusively for Special Olympics Athletes?                                                                        YES          NO
9)   Is Event Sponsored by a Special Olympics Program?                                                                          YES          NO
10) Is the Event Conducted by a Special Olympics Program?                                                                       YES          NO
11) Is Alcohol Being Served at the Event?                                                                                       YES          NO
     If so, please provide additional details (such as alcohol is included in ticket price, cash bar, donated):

12) Certificate Holder (entity requiring certificate):
13) Does the Certificate Holder require Additional Insured status*?                                                            YES          NO
     a. If so, please outline the requested Additional Insured wording:
     b. If so, please outline the Additional Insured’s role in the event (such as sponsor, location of event, etc.

14) Certificate Holder Contact Person:
15) Certificate Holder Address:
16) Certificate Holder Phone No.:                                             Fax

17) Are you required to enter into an agreement/contract/permit with another party relative to the above-referenced event that
     contains assumption of liability, indemnification, or hold harmless language?                                              YES          NO
     If so, please send a copy of the contract with the Certificate Request Form.
      Original Certificate should be sent to:                        Certificate Holder              U.S. Program
                                                        SEND TO:
                              ATTN: RENE WATERSON         E-MAIL:
                                AMERICAN SPECIALTY INSURANCE & RISK SERVICES, INC.
                                                      P.O. BOX 309
                          ROANOKE, IN 46783-0309 TELEPHONE: (800)245 – 2744  FAX: (260)672-8835

                                         Special Olympics Wisconsin
                                          Contract Review Checklist
Purpose of Checklist
The following checklist is provided as a tool to help Special Olympics U.S. Programs when determining whether to sign a
contract/agreement with a venue or facility. This checklist focuses on risk management issues and applies primarily to
facility or venue use agreements/contracts. Although some of the same principles may apply, this checklist is not
intended to be used for contracts such as hotel agreements, sponsorship agreements, long-term building leases, etc. A
U.S. Program should always follow its own protocol relative to the contract review process and should work with legal
counsel and insurance representatives (American Specialty or local broker) as appropriate.

Using the Checklist
If the answer to any of the questions below is "no," separate action is recommended prior to signing. Also, please utilize
the Event Flowchart to help identify any additional steps that may need to be taken relative to insurance.

  Yes      No       Do you have a complete, legible copy of the contract?

  Yes      No       Are all parties listed by their formal legal names?
  Yes      No       Are the effective dates and times of the agreement accurately stated?
  Yes      No       Are the individuals to sign the agreement authorized representatives of each party?
  Yes      No       Is the indemnification and hold harmless provision "acceptable"?
                     Other party indemnifies and holds Program harmless for losses, and Program doesn't
                         indemnify or hold other party harmless; or
                     Each party is responsible for its own negligence - mutual indemnification and hold
                         harmless; or
                     Program indemnifies and holds other party harmless but not for losses arising from
                         other party's negligence (or other party's sole or gross negligence). This is acceptable
                         although above options are preferable.
                    Not Acceptable
                     Program indemnifies other party and holds them harmless for any and all losses
                         (including those arising from other party's own negligence), and other party doesn't
                         indemnify or hold Program harmless.
  Yes      No       Does the Program carry the insurance coverage required in the contract?
  Yes      No       Is the additional insured requirement consistent with the indemnification and hold
                    harmless provision?
                    For example:
                     If there is mutual hold harmless and indemnification, the parties should name each
                        other as additional insured.
                     If the Program must hold harmless and indemnify the other party for losses arising
                        out of the Program's negligence only, then the Program should be required to name
                        the other entity as an additional insured only with respect to losses arising out of the
                        Program's negligence.
  Yes      No       Are the cancellation requirements acceptable (for example, they do not place an undue
                    financial burden on the Program if the Program needs to cancel)?

                                          Insurance Needs Fund Raising Event Flowchart

                  Is Special Olympics directly involved in organizing and conducting the fundraiser? Note: if the answer to this is “no,” then the event is
                  being conducted by a third party and Special Olympics’ only role is to be the beneficiary of the funds raised at the event

                           No                                                                                                                  Yes
Does the event pose an acceptable activity that you would want to                                          Does the event include any of the following?
have associated with Special Olympics?             No                                                       Aircraft (including Golf Ball Drops, but not Plane Pulls)
                                                                                                            Firearms
          Yes                                                                No                             Events lasting more than 7 consecutive days
                                                                                                            Events with greater than 5,000 people at any one time
                                                                                                             (other than Polar Bear Plunges)
Provide other entity with correct                                                                           Rodeos
method for describing Special                                                                               Rock Climbing Walls
Olympics as beneficiary and ensure                                                                          Inflatable devices
there is a process to approve in                                                                No          Mechanical Carnival Rides
advance all uses of the Program’s                                                                           Construction activities
name and logo. Comply with any                                                                              Political Rallies
state or local laws regarding                                                                               Fireworks
fundraising. Be aware that SOCIP                                                                            Animals
does not cover the other                                                                                    Organized in conjunction with another entity
organization or its volunteers and                      Are you required to enter into a                    Alcohol
notify the other organization about                     facility use agreement and/or do                    Skydiving
this. No certificates of insurance                      you require a certificate of                        Hot air balloons
will be provided for this event.                        insurance?                                          Water related activities
                                                                                                            Snowmobiles
                                                              Yes            No                             Motorcycles
                                                                                                            Over the Edge events
Request that the other entity name                                                                          Contact Jina Doyle immediately (800-245-2744), as the
Special Olympics as an additional                                      Conduct a safe and                   SOCIP general liability policy EXCLUDES COVERAGE
insured to their liability policy since                                 productive event!                   FOR the aforementioned activities that are in bold unless
our name will be associated with                                                                            certain underwriting requirements are met and the other
the event                                                                                                   activities (not in bold) may require additional consideration
                                                                                                            or risk management recommendations.
                                                                                                            NOTE: If the event is organized in conjunction with another
                                                                                                            entity, American Specialty will request information on
                                                                                                            responsibilities of each party and will suggest the following:
                                                                                                            1. Execute a contract with other organization outlining each
                                                                                                                party’s responsibilities, including mutual hold
                                                                                                                harmless/indemnification wording, and requiring other
                                                                                                                party to name SOI and your Program as additional
                                                                                                            2. Obtain additional insured certificate from other
                                                                                                            3. Send contract/certificate to American Specialty for

Contract Only (with hold harmless                   Contract and Certificate           Certificate Only                          Contract Only with no hold harmless
or indemnification language)                        1. Follow Program's                1. Complete Request for                   or indemnification language
1. Follow Program's contract                           contract review                    Certificate of Insurance               1. Submit to local Legal Counsel for
    review procedures.                                 procedures.                        form.                                      approval from a legal perspective
2. Negotiate favorable hold                         2. Negotiate favorable             2. Submit request form to                 2. Sign contract.      Use American
    harmless and indemnification                       hold harmless and                  American Specialty.                        Specialty for assistance as
    language. Use American                             indemnification                                                               needed.
    Specialty for assistance as                        language.
    needed.                                         3. Complete Request for
3. Submit contract to local Legal                      Certificate of
    Counsel and American                               Insurance form.
    Specialty for review.                           4. Submit contract and
4. It is recommended that the                          request form to
    contract is signed only after                      American Specialty.
    approval by Legal Counsel and                   5. Sign contract only
    American Specialty.                                after approval by
                                                       American Specialty.

                                                                   Conduct a safe and productive event!

                                        SPECIAL NEEDS FORM
                                      SPECIAL NEEDS (SN) ATHLETES
Completed Special Needs Forms used at district, area or regional competition events can be copied and
resubmitted for state competition.

Coaches who have athletes with special needs (i.e. communication limitation, hearing or visual impairment, special
equipment adaptations or behavioral needs) can relay important information to the event volunteer as to how to best
work with your athlete. Special needs forms are intended to be an aid for the volunteer in working with the
athlete and are not to be used for performance-related instructions or coaching tips. In some cases, a
coach may be allowed to be in the competition area for consultation with the volunteer(s) working with the athlete. It
is important in this situation for the coach to introduce the athlete to the volunteer(s) and advise the volunteer(s) on
how to work with the athlete(s). The coach will not be allowed to remain in competition area.

If you have a “Special Needs” athlete please complete the following form (one per athlete). This information will be
included on the event card. If you do not complete this form for your “Special Needs” athlete you will not be allowed
in the competition area for consultation.


                    “SPECIAL          NEEDS” ATHLETE INFORMATION
Agency Number:                            Agency Name:
Athletes Name:
Coach’s Name:
Event Codes:
   Hearing Impaired, use gestures                                Wheelchair
   Visually Impaired, guide to line                              Unsteady on feet
   Wanders                                                       Autistic
   Seizures, call coach                                          Behavior issues call for coach
   Diabetic may need food                                        Allergies, carries EPI pen
   Asthma, uses inhaler                                          One-on-one supervision (specify below)
   Non Verbal                                                    Housing needs (specify below)

Special Need only if different than above: (Please be as brief as possible)

Additional Comments:

             ATHLETE MEDICAL INFORMATION                       MEDICAL HISTORY (Check all that exist)
                                                                   No known medical conditions
Agency:                         Coach:                             Asthma                                    Seizure Disorder
Athlete Name:                               Sex:   M   F           Diabetes                                  Hypertension
Address:                                                           Coronary Artery Disease                   Pacemaker
                                                                   Bleeding/Clotting Disorder                Sickle Cell Anemia
Date of Birth:                       S.S. #:                       Stroke                                    Dementia
Doctor:                        Phone:                              Hearing Impaired                          Vision Impaired
   Specialty                                                    Other/Details
Doctor:                        Phone:
1) Name:                        Phone:
2) Name:                        Phone:                          ALLERGIES (Please describe reaction)
Address:                                                           No known allergies   Environmental
Able to Make Own Medical Decisions Y /       N                     Insect Stings        Latex                Aspirin
                                                                   Ibuprofen            Tylenol              Penicillin
MEDICAL INSURANCE                                               Other Allergies
Company Name:
Policy Number:                                                  Reaction Description(s)
Company Name:
Policy Number:

GENERAL HEALTH INFORMATION                                      MEDICATIONS
                                                                Name                      Dose   Frequency       Indication

Pain Tolerance:     Low Normal     High
Last Tetanus Shot
If applicable:
Last Influenza Shot     Last Pneumococcal Shot
MEDICAL DATA AS OF: Month           Year

                                      Athlete Medical Information Instructions                                                   Heart/Lung Conditions
                                                                                                                                           Does the athlete have a heart or lung condition that places them at higher risk of illness or injury?
The following are additional questions/clarification to assist you in providing the most accurate and relevant medical
                                                                                                                                            [determined by a physician]
information to Special Olympics-WI coaches and medical staff, in addition to emergency medical personnel, if
needed. Please feel to provide sensitive information via other methods.                                                                    Does the athlete have high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, heart murmur, or bleeding problems?
                                                                                                                                                             Do they take medication?
Emergency Contact
Is the athlete able to make own medical decisions?                                                                               Gastrointestinal Conditions
              If no, please indicate on form and list who is able to make such decisions, i.e. guardian/Power of Attorney                   Does the athlete have chronic over/under eating, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, or abdominal pain?
              for Healthcare, as Emergency Contact #1.                                                                                                        Medication?
                                                                                                                                                              Treatment (foods to avoid, etc)
General Health Information: Please see below and the back of this sheet for a list of questions.
Medical History: Please check/list all current medical problems, major surgery/illness, and medical conditions that                       Does the athlete often get headaches/migraines?
may alter evaluation or treatment. In addition, please see below and back side of this sheet for questions about                          How severe are they?
certain conditions.                                                                                                                                         Complications: vomiting, visual changes, etc?
                                                                                                                                          How long do they last?
Allergies: Please check/list any allergies (medication, food, latex, other). Include type of reaction [Anaphylactic                       What treatment is most effective?
(trouble breathing, throat swelling), rash, GI problems, other]
                                                                                                                                 Urinary Conditions
Medications: Please list all medications, vitamins and supplements taken. In addition, list any recent medication                          Does the athlete have frequent urinary tract/bladder infections?
changes and medication side effects that need to be watched for (sun sensitivity, dehydration, etc) in the General                                           Signs/Symptoms?
Health Information Section. Also, please include if and what over-the-counter medications the athlete may have for                                           Frequency of infections?
minor pain, etc.                                                                                                                                             Usual Medication (antibiotic prescribed by a physician)
________________________________________________________                                                                         _____________________________________________________________
General Medical Information Questions: Please indicate answers in the General Health Information or Medical
History Sections (only need to provide information if answer is different than “normal”)                                         Specific Medical Condition Questions
General Information                                                                                                                         Are they true seizures, pseudo-seizures, fake/behavioral seizures?
           Is the athlete unable to answer the following?                                                                                  Please describe in detail a typical seizure, including frequency, duration, body movements, staring, post-
                         Date, Place, Date of Birth                                                                                         seizure recovery behavior/duration, reasons for going to the emergency department.
           Does the athlete have any significant weakness, paralysis, decreased sensation, deformity, spasticity, or                       Recent medication changes?
           Does the athlete have any hearing, eye or vision problems, especially unequal pupils?                                Diabetes
                         Any communicative disabilities?                                                                                   Do they have a glucometer? Are they able to check their own blood sugar? How often do they check
           Does the athlete have any chronic skin conditions?                                                                               their blood sugar levels?
           Any “missed” immunizations?                                                                                                     Is there any medication that needs to be adjusted for missed meals or increased activity? If so, which
           Any significant family history (heart disease, diabetes, cancer)?                                                                medications and how?
           Any medical dietary restrictions? Please indicate reason for restriction.                                                       Do they often have episodes of low blood sugar?

Female Specific                                                                                                                  Asthma
         Does the athlete have heavy menstrual bleeding or cramping?                                                                       Do they have asthma?
         Does she know her menstrual cycle?                                                                                                Triggers?
         Any possibility of pregnancy?                                                                                                     How severe is their asthma?
                                                                                                                                                              How often do they have an attack?
Behavioral/Disability Conditions                                                                                                                              How severe is their attack?
           Does the athlete need assistance with personal cares, meals, daily activities, etc.?                                                              Recent ED visits/hospitalizations?
           Any behavioral problems or psychiatric diagnoses?                                                                                                             History of ICU visits/intubations?
                        Triggers? Interventions? Medications?

                                               SANCTION FORM
This form must be completely filled out and submitted to the Program office at least eight weeks prior to the
scheduled training day activity. Challenge award ribbons will be mailed out to MATP programs two weeks prior to
the event.


MATP Coordinator:

Phone: Daytime:                                                Evening:

E-mail Address:



City:                                                                   State:              Zip:

Estimated number of MATP Special Olympics athletes participating:

Estimated coach-to-athlete ratio:

Training Dates:

Training Site:
                                    (Location)                                              (City)

Training Day Activity Site (if different):
                                                               (Location)                            (City)

                                      Mail eight weeks prior to training day activity to:

                                    Special Olympics Wisconsin
                                   2310 Crossroads Dr. Ste. 1000
                                        Madison, WI 53718
                             Attn: Director of Training and Competition

                                                    MOTOR ACTIVITIES TRAINING PROGRAM (MATP)

The Special Olympics Motor Activities Training Program (MATP) is designed for persons with the most severe handicaps who do not yet possess the
physical and/or behavioral skills necessary to participate in Official Special Olympics Sports. The program provides a comprehensive motor activity and
recreation training curriculum for these participants that can be administered by a variety of trainers (e.g., physical educators, re-creators, and therapists).
In addition, direct care workers, parents, and volunteers will find the MATP helpful in developing appropriate motor programs for individuals with severe

The Motor Activities Training Program emphasizes training and participation rather than competition. The MATP utilizes goals, short term objectives, task
analyzed activities, assessments, and teaching suggestions for individualizing motor activity instruction so that persons with severe handicaps can
participate in appropriate recreation activities geared to their ability levels. These activities can be conducted in schools and large residential facilities, as
well as in community-based settings.

                                                                  GOALS AND OBJECTIVES
LONG – TERM GOAL – The long-term goal is a global statement about what you feel your participant can accomplish in a one-or two-year time period.

The participant will demonstrate motor and sensory-motor skills, appropriate behavior, and an understanding of the skills and rules of the Motor Activities
Training Program that will enable him/her to successfully take part in training day activities and official Special Olympics sports.

SHORT TERM OBJECTIVES – Choose two to four short-term objectives that you feel your participant can achieve in an 8- to 16-week training program:

1.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will warm-up properly (with assistance as needed) before performing motor activities.

2.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will demonstrate an awareness of visual, auditory, and/or tactile stimulation.

3.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully perform mobility activities.

4.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully perform dexterity activities.

5.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully perform striking activities.

6.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully perform kicking activities.

7.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully perform activities using a manual wheelchair.

8.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully perform activities using an electric wheelchair (when appropriate).

9.         Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully take part in aquatics activities.

10.        Given demonstration and practice, the participant will successfully participate in age-appropriate modified group games and sports.

11.        Given that the participant has successfully completed a six-to-eight-week training program, the participant will take part in a training day.

12.      Based on the participant's motor skills, he/she will take part in official Special Olympics sports, training day activities, and/or community-
based sport and recreation activities.

The MATP is being introduced to Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) programs through a series of coaches certified training schools. SOWI strongly
encourages each program interested in developing the MATP to have at least one of their coaches become certified as a MATP coach. Coaches’
certification is not a requirement, but will greatly aid in delivering a quality MATP program to the Special Olympics athletes.

To assist programs with implementing the MATP program, SOWI will provide cost-free challenge award ribbons. Special Olympics athletes who complete
an eight-week training session and participate in training day activities are eligible to receive a ribbon. In order to be sanctioned as an official SOWI MATP
program and receive the challenge award ribbons, a program must submit a sanction form at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled training day.
(NOTE: This is to insure an adequate supply of challenge award ribbons are on hand.)

Questions on MATP can be answered by contacting the SOWI Sports Department at (800) 222-1324 or visit


To support registered Agencies of Special Olympics Wisconsin in their efforts to organize, promote and implement
multi-Agency team competitions in sports offered by Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Grants for competitions may be used only to offset officials' fees, facility costs, equipment rental fees, and crucial
event costs. (NOTE: Awards, travel, mementos, etc. are not applicable costs for grant expenditures.)

1. Grant applications are to be submitted by a representative of a registered (current) SOWI Agency.
2. The competition (i.e., tournament, meet, etc.) must involve a minimum of three different SOWI Agencies.
3. The competitive event in question must utilize properly certified/current sport officials and follow applicable SOI,
   SOWI and National Governing Body rules.
4. SOI and SOWI awards policies must be followed.
5. Each grant application must be accompanied by a rough draft of the organizational aspects of the event
   schedule in question; i.e., competition format, numbers of teams to be involved, any committee structure, site,
   date, etc.
6. Each grant must include a budget listing overall tournament expenses and how grant money will be allocated,
   plus overall expenses.
7. A grant application must be received at your SOWI Area office a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance of the
   date of the event.
1. A registered SOWI Agency may receive more than one grant per program year and multiple grant applications
   are encouraged.
2. A maximum award of $400.00 is available for each grant application.
3. Grants are not applicable toward SOWI-sponsored area, district, regional or state events.
4. Grants will be issued on a "first-come, first-served" basis; forms received will be date-stamped, awarded by
   merit and in order of receipt. (When grant money is no longer available, agencies will be notified.)

All grants will be reviewed as soon as possible after receipt and any follow-up contacts will be made at that time.
Final notification of grant approval and amounts to be received will be as expeditious as possible to facilitate the
applicant's event planning processes.

DATE:                  SPORT:
CITY:                                                             STATE:             ZIP:
WORK PHONE: (              )
HOME PHONE: (              )
AGENCY NUMBER:                            AGENCY NAME:
                                              (Maximum is $400.00)

INTENT OF GRANT FUNDS (Briefly describe how money will be used):

SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT:                                                      DATE:

        Please attach the event budget and submit to the Area office 30 days in advance of the event.
                                         OFFICE USE ONLY
Approved:               Denied:              Amount Awarded:                       Date:

1. Protests to the games rules committee may only be made concerning games presentation, structure and
2. Protests to the sports rules committee may only be made concerning competition of athletes within a venue,
   where within that competition, rulings are determined in regard to the fairness and equity of the competition.
3. All protests must be initiated prior to the presentation of awards.
4. Protests must be presented to the head official of the event immediately in an oral fashion so that the event
   officials may be made aware of the appeal.
5. The head official may rule on appeals immediately, but if the response of the head official does not resolve the
   protest, a formal protest may follow.
6. All formal protests must be submitted within a half hour of the event in question.
7. All protests must be made on this official form.
8. All protests will be brought to the attention of the sports rules committee for final resolution. The decision of this
   committee shall be final and binding unless this committee concludes that the protest concerns games
   presentation, structure and/or conduct, at which time the committee will refer the protest to the games rules

                                               PROTEST FORM
Date:                                              Time Submitted:
Sport:                                                               Event:
Age Group:                                                           Division (Heat):
Athlete or Team Name:
Identification Number:                                               Agency Number:
Reason For Protest:

Signature of Sport Head Coach:
                              DECISION BY SPORTS RULES COMMITTEE
Protest Approved:                                           Protest Denied:

Date:                                                          Time:

All Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) athletes who do not conform to the rules and regulations of the sport in
which they are competing are subject to disqualification. All disqualifications are made by the judge or official
responsible for each event. All disqualified athletes will be officially signaled as such at the time of the
infraction. The judge or official declaring the disqualification will fill out an official event disqualification report
and submit it to the sports rules committee.

Below is a sample of the form the official will use for disqualifications. Please note that aquatics uses a
separate form.

1. Event:                            2. Division:                                 3. Lane:
4. Athlete Number:
5. Athlete Name:
6. Reason For Disqualification:

7. Judge’s Signature:
8. Time:                                                       Date:

                                         SOWI RULE CHANGE FORM

Name of Sport                                             Date of Submission:

Mail form to:       Vice President of Program Services
                             c/o Sports Department
                             2310 Crossroads Dr. Ste. 1000
                             Madison, WI 53718

Or, e-mail to:

Official Special Olympics Sports Rules or Competition Guide you are reading from for this change:

Rule reference (i.e Bowling— Section A-Rules of Competition, 1.b.)

Please see attached file. New events, etc are outlined in red.

Page number

Rule as it reads:

Recommendation: (Check the box of the action proposed)
   Delete rule
    Add new rule
    Change to read as follows:

Reason for proposed rule change:

Has this rule change been field tested/ utilized? If so, where and with what results?

Affiliated Special Olympics Program:

Person submitting rule change:


Daytime telephone number:                                                 E-mail address:


For Rules Committee Use Only




                             INTERNATIONAL RULE CHANGE FORM
Name of Sport                                             Date of Submission:

Mail form to:       Sports Rules Advisory Committee (SRAC)
                            c/o Sports Department
                            Special Olympics Inc.
                            1133 19th Street, NW
                            Washington, DC 20036

Or, e-mail to:

Official Special Olympics Sports Rules version you are reading from for this change:

Rule reference (i.e. Cycling — Section E-Rules of Competition, 1.b.)

Please see attached file. New events, etc are outlined in red.

Page number

Rule as it reads:

Recommendation: (Check the box of the action proposed)
   Delete rule
    Add new rule
    Change to read as follows:

Reason for proposed rule change:

Addition of developmental events for athletes who do not have the ability to compete in novice, intermediate and advanced leves. In
addition, additional rules for addition of a snowboard cross event.

Has this rule change been field tested/ utilized? If so, where and with what results?

Affiliated Special Olympics Program:

Rule change submitted on behalf of Special Olympics Program:

Person submitting rule change:


Daytime telephone number:

For Rules Committee Use Only




                               MEDICAL REFUND REQUEST
    Complete this form and attach a doctor’s explanation.
    Mail To:
                                     SPECIAL OLYMPICS WISCONSIN
                                  2310 CROSSROADS DRIVE, SUITE 1000
                                          MADISON, WI 53718

The request and doctor’s report must be received within 10 days of the conclusion of the event. Late or
incomplete requests will be denied. If approved, the refund check will be mailed in the Agency’s name to the
Agency manager.

Athlete Name:
Agency Number:                Agency Name:

A medical refund is requested for the athlete above. The doctor’s explanation is attached.

Contact Name:

Approved:                                        $
Denied:                                     Coding Expense:

                                       Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Check Number:                               Date:

                                                                                            For Area Office Use Only
                                                                                        ☐ RDD      _______      Date Rec’d
                                                                                        Approved Initials       ___________
                                                                                        ☐ Sent to Acct. Mgr

                             FUND RAISING PROJECT APPLICATION
This form must be completed every time a local Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) Agency is conducting a fund
raiser in the name of Special Olympics Wisconsin (i.e. Wausau Metro Adults Special Olympics) or in the name of
another entity to benefit Special Olympics Wisconsin (i.e. Eau Claire School District to Benefit Special Olympics). This
form must be completed and returned to your Area office 30 to 60 days in advance of the event.

Name of Project:

Agency Name:                                        Agency Number:               County:

Individuals or Organizations involved in project:

What account will the funds raised be held in?
      SOWI In-house Agency account
      SOWI External Agency account
      Other entity account to benefit Special Olympics Wisconsin

Project date(s):

Give a brief description of the project:

Is a raffle being held in conjunction with this event?
           No        Yes*
           *If yes, see raffle requirements in Fund Raising section of the Agency Manager Handbook
Will the Agency be selling items (i.e. T-shirts, calendars, candy, etc.)?
           No        Yes
Will your Agency be selling concessions at this event?
           No        Yes
Will your Agency be charging admission to this event?
           No        Yes
Will your Agency be charging for entertainment (games, face painting, etc.) at this event?
           No        Yes
Will the Special Olympics name or logo be used?
           No        Yes*
    *If yes, attach a sample of material(s)
Estimated dollars to be raised (gross income):       $
Estimated expenses:                                  $
Estimated dollars to local Agency:                   $

Submitted by:
                Name                                                   Title

Mailing Address                                                        Phone Number

Email Address

                                          Special Event Summary

Area:                                                     Area Staff Time Involved:
Event:                                                    Number of Volunteers:                         Prior to Event
Dates:                                                                                               Day of Event
                                          List of Corporate Sponsors
     Name                             Cash Actuals                                          In-Kind Actuals

                                 Cash Actuals        Source (pledges, auction, etc.)     In-Kind        Cash Actuals
Prizes                                               1.
Event Food                                           2.
Printing/Photo                                       3.
Facilities                                           4.
Appreciation/Hospitality                             5.
Admin                                                6.
  (Insurance)                                        7.
  (Permits)                                          8.
  (Postage)                                          9.
Incentives/Souvenirs                                 12.
Miscellaneous                                        14.

Total Expense                                        Total Income                       $           $
Net (Income – Expense)            $
Cost to Raise a Dollar :
(Total Expense Total Income)
Intangible assets of doing this event:


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