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      Atlantic Ballroom
      The Westin Hotel

    8:15 AM – 8:30 AM

Welcome and Introduction

      Dr. Greg Hirsch
       DAL Surgery
     Research Director

    Opening Remarks

      Dr. Harold Cook
  Dalhousie Medical School
                                              SESSION I
                                         ATLANTIC BALLROOM

                                                      8:30 AM

Chair: Dr. Geoff Porter

 Ablation of Vascular Rejection Using a Novel Chinese Medicinal Therapy
 Julie Jordan

 Osteolysis in cancer: A role for the genetic manipulation of RANK expression.
 DJ Costain

 Pro-inflammatory effects of Angiotensin II on human monocytes
 Adam Oxner

 Oral Exposure to Alloantigen Prolongs Kidney Allograft Survival by Inducing CD8+ γδ Regulatory T Cells
 Yassein Shamout

 Early Versus Delayed Cell Transplantation in the Partial Lesion Parkinsonian Rodent Model
 T. Phillips

 The role of CD8+γδ regulatory T cells in allograft prolongation
 Sarah Appleton

 Expression of β-catenin, CDX1 and CDX2 in the Molecular Pathogenesis of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma
 Lara Williams

 Pathomechanics of Sprains and Strains: Changes in the Molecular State of Collagen due to Fibre
 Thomas Willett

                                                     Coffee Break
                                                   Resume 10:15 AM
                                               SESSION II
                                           ATLANTIC BALLROOM

                                                       10:15 AM

Chair: Dr. Sean Christie

 Perferential Motor Reinnervation is limited to a subtype of motoneurons that express high Polysialic Acid
 levels following nerve transection..
 PH Chipman

 CD8+ T cell effector mechanisms involved in allograft vasculopathy under cyclosporine immunosuppression
 Sara Nejat

 Evaluation of surveillance mammography following breast reconstruction.
 G.P. Barnsley

 Hemisternotomy Incision in Cardiac Surgery: The Halifax Experience.
 David MacDonald

 A combined dopaminergic and GABAergic basal ganglia transplantation strategy enhances sensorimotor
 behavioural recovery in parkinsonian rats
 Karim Mukhida

 Appendicitis in the Obese Child.
 Dafydd Davies

 Examination of the effect of loading up to 25% of body weight on different book bag styles in a pediatric
 population as measured by the Walkabout Portable Gait Monitor™ (WPGM)
 J. Amirault

 Preoperative atrial fibrillation decreases event-free survival following cardiac surgery.
 D. Kalavrouziotis

                                                      Commonwealth A
         2007 Gordon W. Bethune Visiting Professor

                       12:45-1:30 PM


“Otolaryngology is more than just surgery; keeping up with new
               knowledge in auditory science”

                    Dr. Robert Harrison

                    Director of Research
                Department of Otolaryngology,
     Professor, Department of Physiology University of Toronto

              Introduction: Dr. Manohar Bance
                                               Session III
                                          ATLANTIC BALLROOM

                                                        1:30 PM

Chair: Dr. Camille Hancock Freisen

 Clinical epidemiological analysis of 309 ERCPs performed in Nova Scotia in 2006 for choledocholithiasis and
 gallstone pancreatitis.
 Amy Nason

 Age and overuse running effects on collagen crosslinking patterns in Achilles tendons using hydrothermal testing
 Paul Gibbons

 Adjunctive use of Poloxamer 188 improves transplanted fetal dopaminergic cell survival in a neural
 transplantation strategy for Parkinson’s disease. Matthew Quinn

 Metabolic Syndrome effects outcomes post coronary artery bypass grafting differently depending on patient
 Billie-Jean Martin

 Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in No Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx
 Eric Henry

 Kinematic, Kinetic and Neuromuscular Gait Changes of the Lower Extremity with Moderate Knee
 Janie Astephen

 The use of diverting loop ileostomy at the time of ileal-pouch-anal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis: current
 practices of North American colorectal surgeons
 Sandra de Montbrun

 Total Knee Arthroplasty Improves Gait Symmetry
 John Haverstock

                                                      Coffee Break
                                                     Resume 3:15 PM
                                              Session IV
                                         ATLANTIC BALLROOM

                                                       3:15 PM

Chair: Dr. Robert Hart

 Role of Angiotensin II in Myocardial Inflammation
 Mike Da Rosa

 Complications of colorectal surgery in diabetics: is postoperative hyperglycemia a factor?
 Yarrow McConnell

 Age-Related Destabilization Of The Collagenous Structure In Heart Valves
 Ian Aldous

 A Detailed Cost and Efficiency Analysis of Performing Carpal Tunnel Surgery in the Main Operating Room
 versus the Ambulatory Setting in Canada
 Martin Leblanc

 Trabecular Metal Tibial Knee Arthroplasty Components Deform in vivo: Results of a Randomized Controlled
 Radiostereometric Analysis Trial
 DJ Wilson

 Patients’ Economic impact of orthotopic liver transplant in Atlantic Canada
 Amy Gillis and Shannon Weibe

 Living kidney donation: A single center experience using laparoscopic and open mini-incision donor
 A. Kompatzki

 Pilot study evaluating total and component wait times leading to cardiac surgery in Nova Scotia
 Debbie Li

                                                    Closing Remarks

     The Westin Hotel
     Atlantic Ballroom

        6:30 PM
     Dinner to follow


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