First Grade Classroom Management by bzr17786


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									            School                          District                        City           First
Liberty HS                Academy School District 20              CO Springs            James
George Washington HS      Denver Public Schools                   Denver                Derrick
Ridgeview ES              Moffat County                           Craig                 Debbie
KIPP Denver College       Denver Public Schools                   Denver                Robyn
Steamboat Springs HS      Steamboat Springs                       Steamboat Springs     Cynthia
Lincoln ES                Delta Joint District 50                 Delta                 Susan
Shadow Ridge MS           Adams 12 Five Star                      Thornton              Tara
Goddard MS                Littleton                               Littleton             Shannon
Roaring Fork HS           Roaring Fork School                     Carbondale            Ben
Windsor MS                Windsor RE-4                            Windsor               Tom
Sought HS                 Pueblo City Schools                     Pueblo                Karen
Heritage ES               Pueblo City School District 60          Pueblo                Linda
Stratton ES               CO Springs District #11                 CO Springs            SueAnn
Lincoln HS                Fort Morgan Re-3                        Fort Morgan           Cindy
Caliche Jr./Sr. HS        RE-1 Valley School District             Iliff-near Sterling   Jennifer
Highland MS               Ault-Highland RE-9                      Ault                  Tammie
Ft Collins HS             Poudre R-1                              Ft. Collins           Sue
Galeton ES                Eaton RE-2                              Galeton               Audra
Kemp ES                   Adams 14                                Commerce City         John
Cripple Creek HS          Cripple Creek-Victor Schl. Dist. RE-1   Cripple Creek         Susan
Westgate ES               Jefferson Coounty                       Lakewood              Stacey
Escalante MS              Durango School District 9R              Durango               Walter
Indian Ridge ES           Cherry Creek                            Aurora                Cynthia
Shadow Ridge MS           Adams 12 Five Star                      Thornton              Patriece
Horizon HS                Adams 12 Five Star                      Thornton              Teri
East HS                   Denver Public Schools                   Denver                Steven
Mount Garfield MS         Mesa County District 51                 Clifton               Andrew
Clear Creek Middle/High   Clear Creek                             Evergreen             Sam
Conifer HS                Jefferson County                        Golden                Daniel
Community Connections     Poudre R-1                              Ft. Collins           Maria
Mountain View ES          Academy School District 20              CO Springs            Leni
Greeley Central HS        Greeley-Evans School District 6         Greeley               Emily
Coyote Creek ES           Douglas County                          Highlands Ranch       Cindy
      Last    Amount
Kanaby        7,336.00
McNeill       6,430.00
Yeager        6,300.00
Thomas        6,272.00
Jamison-Gay   6,229.49
Reisman       5,873.00
Donahue       5,808.00
Anderson      5,756.00
Bohmfalk      5,600.00
Osborne       5,400.00
Steflik       5,078.23
Robida        5,073.50
Gurwell       5,000.00
Jones         5,000.00
Svoboda       4,981.28
Lind          4,791.70
Hunter        4,650.21
Plaisance     4,485.94
Hicks         4,458.00
Van't Hul     4,403.00
Landes        4,338.52
Duhaime       4,136.45
Johnson       4,116.96
Onwiler       3,884.00
Walker        3,580.00
Coddington    3,516.48
Torfin        3,384.00
Anderson      3,000.00
Steever       1,720.00
Landstron     1,675.00
Schlieper     1,665.70
Kirby         1,342.00
Emmons          938.00
Digital Micropopettes, Electrophoresis Lab Equipment,Forenscis DNA Fingerprinting , GMO Investigation
Macbook, mini Notebooks, Network Printer
Bretford Power Sync Cart for i-pod, i-pod touch devices
ipads, power adaptors, keyboard docks and ipad cases
Spectrophotometers, EKG sensors,
Macbooks, touch screen, flip video recorder
Digital notepads, cases and wiring recognition software
Unit sets TI-Navigators
Learn TCI student subscriptions
Backdrop kit, continuous lighting kit, camcorder, micrphone, remix tools
SMART Board , multi media projector, wireless access point, Cross Tec School Vue software, Dell laptop
ReStyles Inventory reports, 4 Power PaK Reading Programs, Medium Colored Overlays Assorted KtDVD CD Players
Sign/Reading backpacks
Digital cameras, camcorder, flip video camcorder, tripods, monopods
Ti-Nspire graphing calculators
Beyond Interactive Classroom, save, and post
Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook(s)
Neo laptops, Renaissance Receivers
SMART Boards, floor stands, powerlight projectors
Qwizdom Q4 Student Remote remote sets plus Q7 presenter, math WizTeach Bundle license, Tablet/Presenter Solution
REDCAT all-in-one sound system with remote microphone, Short Throw Projector, SMART Board & projector, Document cam
SMART Boards, projector, Camera Elmo ETT-Q2RX Domcument Cameras
AverMedia 355 AF Docmunetn Cameras, Bretford Av Carts
Weather Hawk Wireless Weather Station, WebCams, Wireless Y-Cam
TI-Navigator Systems
BaseBoard -4 fpga prototyping board, Mexzxanine board, infrared sensor, ultrasonic, range sensor
CPS Response ads, Mobi tablet
Nikon digital camera, Rebel XSI, Tripod, Ring Flash, Tent Kit
classroom performance system
32 GB-i-touch, proloqup 2 Go applicaions
Logitech c250 Webcams, Logitech USB Desktop
Active Expression Devices, Active Slate and storage
SDC-280 SMART Document Cameras, Slte & BluetoothWireless adaptor
Impact initially 120 with hopes to invrease to 590 in biology grades 9-12 -students can use their own DNA material for lab testing and test e
Impact at least 100 the first semester alone in physics grades 10-12-introduce hybrid classrooms to upper level physics students as well as
Impact 267 students sign in language/reading grades K-5- products to meet the technology and core content areas needs of 267 students i
Impact at least 130 first year chemistry, science/bilology in 10th grade- be empowered with the ability to self-direct and self-pace proficien
Impact 637 students in biology grades 10-12 -purchase Vernier LabQuests and Sensors to complete a classroom set (6) of probeware to be
impact 56 plus special education students grades K-5 with mild, moderate, severe needs and Tier 3 reading intervention students will be im
impact primarily 6th grade students however all students can benefit if they join the Current Events/Geography Club in the 201-2011 schoo
Impact 120 this year alone in 8th grade math-bring wireless learning into the math classroom by engaging students and providing immedia
10th grade social studies & geography impacting 80 Learn TCI studentsgrant money will provide subscriptions for social studies, we hope to
Impact all 541 students in the school in the media center-project will benefit the entire school by creating a recording studio where all teac
Impact at least 300 per year in business/computers grades 9-12- to create a more rigorous and interactive learning experience for students
Impact 690 students involving over 50 teachers in K-5 language arts/reading-provide scientifically based research intervention strategies to
Impact 370 students in language arts preK-5 -products to create 60 sign/reading backpacks with library book, student created DVD, and jou
Initially impact 5-7 students that have not been successful in traditional schools in grades 9-12 in arts, audio visualtech.-to create a career p
Impact 240 in math grades 7-12 -calculators will be shared between classroomswill be used to compliment student's ability to find and solv
Impact 190 students in science grades 6-8-products will help teachers display, save, and post material such as lecture notes, power point p
Impact 1500 first year in biology/checmistry grades 9-12- purchase a set of 9-10 wireless notebook computers for use by the science depa
Impact 140 in grades K-5 in writing,science and typing- enhance the teaching of reading and writing, science and 21 st century skills in a sma
Impact 128 this year alone, preK students ages 3-5-support increased language, literacy, science and math skills with preschool children pr
Impact at least 125 first year math/science grades 7-12- provide students with state of the art 21 st century technology while expanding the
Impact all students in school (600) in grades K-6-help the entire student population throughout the school in with instructional methods in
Impact 60 this year alone special ed. students in grades 6-8-provide additional kinesthetic learning styles and to the Special Education stud
Impact up to 600 this year alone, in science grades K-5-purchase document cameras for grade level science classrooms. Integration will be
Impacting 1040 students in science grades 6-8-the project is the engage students in learning by purchasing a weather station to place on th
Impact 32 this year in math grades 9-12-products will allow the teacher to create the assessment while planning the lesson or unit to ensur
Impact at least 30 per year in math and technology- purchse equipment to teach the programming and use of fpga’s. A prototyping board
Impact 637 physical science students in 8th grade- purchase CPS Pulse response pads and an INTERWRITEMOBI tablet for science in order
Impact all students in school (381) in biology grades 7-12- products will enhance student learning by allowing students to take and examine
Impact 123 students 9-12 grades. The CPS System includes 32 remote controls, a receiver, and software that allow students to respond to
This school is a transition program for youth 18-21 years old with developmental disabilities. The program can impact approximately 15 pe
Impact all students in school (600) in 23 classrooms grades K-6- purchase webcams and recording microphones to compliment the webcam
Impact at lease 350 students but likely to increase to 640 per year grades 9-12- purchase hand held devices to students more actively parti
Impacting all first graders at least 25 this year-purchase equipment to increase student engagement, involvement and ownership of his/he
al for lab testing and test everyday foods to see if they have been genetically modified and to help discover causes of food allergies due to the modificati
hysics students as well as provide self-pacing classrooms that will be equipped with versatility in specific topic selections and address the challenge of te
as needs of 267 students in our 5 th grade class. This technology will assist with learning in a range of studies including, social studies, world languages, E
ect and self-pace proficiency level-based learning by utilizing iPad computers to access VirtualLaboratory (software). The software will maximize efficien
set (6) of probeware to be used in Biology, Anatomy-Physiology and AP Biology to improve student achievement in Life Science and technology literacy b
vention students will be impacted. The technology will improve writing reading skills, and will allow students to be better equipped to access their enviro
 ub in the 201-2011 school year. The goal of this project is to use the digital notepads to improve writing scores in all facets according to the State of Co
 ts and providing immediate feedback so lessons can be instantly adjusted thus maximizing learning and achievement. This grant money will help purcha
 social studies, we hope to increase student literacy, engagement and achievement in geography, through the use of an engaging web-based curriculum
 ding studio where all teachers and students may use computers with multimedia software, a digital camera, lights, backgrounds, microphones and head
ng experience for students and to provide more effective classroom management for over 300 students grades nine through twelve in a computer-lab cla
 intervention strategies to improve the five components of reading, i.e. phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills by
dent created DVD, and journal included. The deaf and hearing students (that would like to learn sign language) will create movies and book-movies of th
altech.-to create a career pathways option for students in the arts, audio visual technology, and communications career cluster
nt's ability to find and solve math quickly, manipulate spreadsheets
ture notes, power point presentations, video clips, and internet content, while also allowing both teachers and students to interact with the content on
r use by the science department for Internet access and computing applications by the science students. The equipment will be used, for among other t
21 st century skills in a small rural community. The grant money will be use to purchase 3o light weight, relatively indestructible laptop computers that w
with preschool children predominately entering preschool as ELL Students with overall low test scores. Students served rage from three to five years of a
 ology while expanding their learning and productivity, in addition, increasing their interests in math and science. The Qwizdom Program uses clickers wh
h instructional methods in music. This technology will be effective in encouraging collaborative learning, augmenting interdisciplinary learning and attrac
 he Special Education students grades sixth through eighth. With interactive white board technology students will be able to manipulate computer scre
 ooms. Integration will be linked to our use of “science notebooks”. Teachers and students will use the document camera to model scientific thinking an
 ther station to place on the roof of the school.. Students will examine the instruments to learn how they work together and then gather and analyze rea
 the lesson or unit to ensure that specific concepts align with the curriculum and standards that are being assessed. Teachers can insert graphics or equa
ga’s. A prototyping board will be purchased for each pair of students for a total of 16 boards and peripheral devices for input and output to the board to
  ablet for science in order to implement student-centered instruction based on the feedback from formative and summative assessment data that these
 dents to take and examine photographs of minute detail of plants and insects. The cameras will increase students’ interest in science through the advan
 w students to respond to questions that are typed or verbal questions that can be answered as the class progresses through a given lesson. A great aspe
mpact approximately 15 per year (depending on enrollment)The focus of the technology equipment is to help students gain skills to live more independe
o compliment the webcams in using Slype, a desktop microphone that allows the speaker to be easily heard by the recipient on the other end of the call
udents more actively participate in class lectures. At least 350 students will be impacted. With more student it is hoped it will lead to better attendance,
t and ownership of his/her own learning in a first grade classroom in which many of the students served are on an ILP (Individual Literacy Plan). Due to t
 od allergies due to the modification of food. Students will also be able to perform DNA fingerprinting and PCR experiments, be able to compare DNA sa
s and address the challenge of teaching and engaging our digital age student by innovative technological uses. Hybrid courses blend face-to-face, in class
social studies, world languages, ELL, math, science and language arts/reading. It will give student access to the World Wide Web and the limitless applica
he software will maximize efficiency in wet lab learning experiences by skill building. Additionally, students will use the iPads to prepare presentations, c
 Science and technology literacy by integrating multiple technologies. Probeware will be used by all 637 students as well as special populations (ELL, Spe
 er equipped to access their environment and enhance their communication skills.
 cets according to the State of Colorado’s Writing Standards. Students will have the functions of traditional notebooks and writing devices with the addit
This grant money will help purchase two classroom sets of Texas Instruments navigator systems to work in conjunction with TINspire hand-held devices,
n engaging web-based curriculum, while also providing and accessible and interactive curriculum that enables students to assess their comprehension an
 kgrounds, microphones and headphones to create multimedia presentations such as Webcasts and podcasts. These tools will be used to enhance instru
ough twelve in a computer-lab classroom. All subject matter is taught in this digital learning class. Students will embrace digital learning and complete c
 ary, and comprehension skills by actively engaging students in the Carbo Recorded Book Method. By interpreting the computer-generated RSI (Reading
ate movies and book-movies of themselves reading and signing repetitive rhyming books. The students will film one another reading and signing childre

s to interact with the content on the board. This rural school that serves a high poverty population is also is expecting that this grant will bring pride to
nt will be used, for among other things, Internet research and projects, electronic dissections of biological specimens, graphing of data and document pu
tructible laptop computers that will allow K-5 teachers to develop engaging writing lessons, address science misconceptions immediately and assist with
rage from three to five years of age. Preschool aged children learn best through visual learning, auditory, sensorial and tactile stimuli, so if they can see
wizdom Program uses clickers which are wireless personal response systems that can be used in a classroom to anonymously and rapidly collect an answ
erdisciplinary learning and attracting the attention of no traditional students.
ble to manipulate computer screen elements and images with gross motor movements with their arms, hand and/or fingers. Instead of a student learni
ra to model scientific thinking and enhance language skills. Teachers will model the use of science notebook for inquiry-based science investigations. Co
  and then gather and analyze real time data. Students will share their data with other students from different areas of the county to understand that w
 chers can insert graphics or equations in the questions to make them true/false, multiple choice, or free response questions and answers. The second t
 input and output to the board to demonstrate the capabilities of fpga’s. This instruction will help students in an honors digital electronics class. This pa
 ative assessment data that these tools provide.
rest in science through the advanced technology of the lenses, and the quality and usefulness of pictures
 ough a given lesson. A great aspect of this technology is that it is easy for teachers to learn how to use it for instructional purposes and the equipment h
gain skills to live more independently, as well as to be able to work at a job. By using the program Proloquo2go with the i-touch equipment students will
pient on the other end of the call. Students can also authentically record/narrate their digital work. Students in all grade levels will produce work and de
 it will lead to better attendance, punctuality and engagement and a sense of responsibility.
 ndividual Literacy Plan). Due to the preciseness of how material can be presented, students reading, writing and math achievement will improve. In rea
ents, be able to compare DNA samples at hypothetical crime scenes. One of the exciting projects with this would be to genetically manipulate the DNA
ourses blend face-to-face, in class sessions with web-based activities. Students in grades 10,11,12 will be able to customize their education and maximize
ide Web and the limitless applications that are uploaded to the iPod Touch devices. The updated technology will allow for greater achievement in all ar
iPads to prepare presentations, conduct research, and access teacher-developed podcasts and vodcasts for extension and skill remediation.
 ll as special populations (ELL, Special Education) in mini-lessons to preview/review content, advanced students for independent study, and student pres

 nd writing devices with the additional capabilities of storing every piece of work digitally. By doing this, students will enhance the daily learning by allow
 with TINspire hand-held devices, currently in use, and to provide staff development for the math department.
 to assess their comprehension and prepare for in-class cooperative learning.
 ols will be used to enhance instruction and curriculum thereby engaging students with the end goal of improving student achievement.
ce digital learning and complete classes at a steady pace and will use the digital learning education provided instead of on-line sources to complete class
omputer-generated RSI (Reading Styles Inventory) report, teachers cultivate the ability to identify students’ particular styles and strengths and target sp
 other reading and signing children’s books and create digital movies with video clips from their footage. Any student in the schools can borrow the back

that this grant will bring pride to not only to the students but to this small rural community as well.
raphing of data and document publication.
 ions immediately and assist with typing skills as early as in second grade.
 tactile stimuli, so if they can see it hear it, experience it ,and touch it they are more likely to integrate it into their learning. Developmentally, young chi
mously and rapidly collect an answer to a question from every student; an answer for which they are individually accountable. This allows rapid feedback

ngers. Instead of a student learning to write in cursive on paper they will practice skywriting which is more tactile and students can see results and make
-based science investigations. Communicating understanding of concepts in a science notebook is not only effective for the development of scientific co
 the county to understand that we live in an interconnected world.
tions and answers. The second type of assessment is the Quick Polls that are valuable in cooperative learning. Quick Poll allows teachers to get real tim
s digital electronics class. This particular technology used is also important as it relates to real world learning and experience as the products are simila

 al purposes and the equipment has a long life span as the hardware is basic. The company continuously updates the software to match the advances ma
e i-touch equipment students will have an increased chance for successful communications. This is a full featured augmentative and alternative commun
 e levels will produce work and demonstrating knowledge digitally and in many cases recording their voices to support learning as a requirement of the t

achievement will improve. In reading, students will be able to highlight in digital ink, sight word phrases, word families, beginning sounds and complex s
 genetically manipulate the DNA from a jellyfish and E.coli to cause the glowing gene from the jellyfish to function and glow in the E.coli, leading to a dis
mize their education and maximize their learning opportunities allowing to move and learn at an his/her own pace.
 for greater achievement in all areas of education
 nd skill remediation.
 pendent study, and student presentations to parents and community.

 nhance the daily learning by allowing students to create an on-line portfolio of their everyday work.

nt achievement.
on-line sources to complete classes. The equipment will also aid in visual learning and staff access to upgraded technology professional development by
tyles and strengths and target specific reading methods and materials to individualized reading instruction with high-interest literacy resources. Student
 the schools can borrow the backpack to take home. In the first year they hope to create twenty book movies in order to increase reading comprehensio

ning. Developmentally, young children are more successful when learning to write or draw when they can work on a vertical surface hence easels are an
ntable. This allows rapid feedback to the instructor and the students and this program could enhance student understanding of math, science technolog

 tudents can see results and make the necessary tactile adjustments
  the development of scientific concepts, but is effective in strengthening language skills.

 oll allows teachers to get real time evaluation of student understanding
rience as the products are similar to industry standard equipment.

 ftware to match the advances made in computer technology therefore this technology will not become obsolete in just a few years.
 entative and alternative communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. Learning tasks such as; domestic skills, hygiene and save living
 earning as a requirement of the task. A great outcome of this is that every classroom will be touched by this grant.

  beginning sounds and complex spelling patterns fond in their reading text. This technology can be used in multiple ways in reading, writing and math.
glow in the E.coli, leading to a discussion of how pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs and products.

ogy professional development by 10%.
 terest literacy resources. Student achievement in reading will be realized through the school-wide implementation and consistent applications of this sta
to increase reading comprehension skills.

rtical surface hence easels are an excellent tool to use in preschool classrooms. This hands-on approach is also being supported district wide which is im
nding of math, science technology and engineering concepts all in the STEM areas. Some examples could be measuring, graphing, predicting outcomes,

 a few years.
stic skills, hygiene and save living (looking both ways before crossing the street and learning how to ride public transportation as well as participate in le

ys in reading, writing and math.
consistent applications of this standards based program.

pported district wide which is important in the sustainability of the technology and the project.
, graphing, predicting outcomes, problem solving along with scientific reasoning, computation, classifying, recognizing patterns and relationships, and m

rtation as well as participate in leisure activities will be enhanced and awareness increased.
patterns and relationships, and making cross-curricular connections

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