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					It is becoming increasingly important to stay ahead of technologies trends so that your company does not fall behind. Right now, the trend is for music to be downloaded digitally instead of being purchased on a CD. According to Reuters, the rapid sales decline of CDs weren’t even offset by the 60 percent increase of digital sales. (CD Sales, 2007). As technology grows, CDs will become a thing of the past and digital media will grow stronger and stronger. If CD sales are dropping so quickly, it would seem that relying on them heavily for revenue would be damaging for the future of a company, and relying on them exclusively would be detrimental.

Next Generation Music needs to create a website online where it can sell not only regular CDs but also sell digital music as well. A twenty year-old system would need to be revamped completely to include online sales, downloads, with an interactive web design that engages the visitor. There are many places online that you can download music. The website must be interesting and fun, drawing customers to the site. Since location is not a factor, there must be clever marketing and advertisement to keep the customer coming back to the website. There should be samples for people to listen to before they buy the song or album, and not just a point and click interface for purchase for the website to be successful.

With the rising decline and the speed at which technology grows, it is very necessary for Next Generation Music to update their system and sales tactics now. It is possible that the company declines will cause the business to fail, because CD sales are not going to start rising again. The rising sales of iPods and MP3 players indicate that eventually CDs will no longer be created, in favor for the more easily portable format. It is very important to include online, digital sales in their portfolio.

When building the architecture, the architect would need to list the stakeholders and ask them what their needs are. Many stakeholders will be created as this system is built because there are people that have yet to be hired to run many aspects of it. We would need to determine who is going to use, create, and maintain the system. We would also need to take into consideration the business’ needs, and the costs as well.

The architect would have to take certain quality perspectives as well. The system needs to be able to evolve as the demand grows for digital media purchase online. Scalability would also need to be

taken into consideration as the volume is expected to increase as time goes on. If the new system is successful, then the website should grow in traffic. Other perspectives that would need to be addressed would be usability, security, accessibility, and availability and resistance.

It may be an expensive venture at first, but in the long run the company doesn’t have any other choice but to keep up with technology or possibly face the decline of the company.


CD sales drop, digital music jumps in 1st half '07. (2007). Reuters Limited. Retrieved online July 14, 2007 from Rozanski N., & Woods E. (2005). Software Systems Architecture: Working with stakeholders using viewpoints and perspectives. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley.

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