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									TS3120 Fundamentals of Project Management

Scope Document.
Project: New Chapel Non-Denominational Church Project Manager: Kurosawa Junichi Project Activities Project goals. Problem/Opportunity. Business Requirements. Project Charter. System: New Chapel Non-Denominational Church Project Owner: Pastor Bob

Details The project goal is to build a church for the congregation of the Community Non-Denominational church that has been meeting down at the elementary school for a year now. We have finally raised enough money to build a church for our growing congregation.

Boundaries. Needs Assessment. Ownership. Deliverables. Size. Stakeholders.

We need to get blueprints, permits and survey, workers, and all materials to build a church for our congregation. The project owner is Pastor Bob and the project customer is the congregation, because they are essentially the ones paying for the building. The deliverables are as follows:  Deliverable 1: Blueprints  Deliverable 2: Permits and Surveys  Deliverable 3: The plumber’s finished work (pipes, bathroom and kitchen installation)  Deliverable 4: The electrician’s finished work (electrical work, lighting fixtures  Deliverable 5: The builder’s finished work (frame, roof, interior) Success will be determined in three ways, by getting milestone done on time, by not going over budget, and by each team member verifying the quality standards for what they are responsible for. Avery will make sure that the materials arrive on time and that they are of the quality that they need to be. Jason will make sure that the subcontractors hired to do their jobs are qualified, do a good job, and finish their parts on time. Krish will make sure that the permits are filed on time and approved. DX will make sure that everyone is allotted the correct amount of money and not let the budget go over. Jake will make sure that the blueprints are sound and that communication between the architect and the contractor yields good results. The proposed end date of the project is Dec/01/07. The dates of when the milestones are due are listed with the milestones below.

Quality. Success Criteria. Functional. Technical.

Priorities. End Date.

Overall Budget. Effort and Cost Estimate.

The total budget is $150,000. The cost and time estimates are as follows: Blueprints and drawing up plans: two months $5,000 Permits and Surveys: two months: $5,000 Kitchen appliances: two weeks $5,000 Pews: one month $10,000 Electrician and lighting: two months $15,000 Plumbing and fixtures, toilets, etc: one month $20,000

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TS3120 Fundamentals of Project Management
Roof: $20,000 one month Windows and doors: two months $10,000 Flooring: two months $5000 Indoor finishing: one month $10,000 Frame, foundation, and walls (indoor and out) four months 45,000 The weather is both a risk and an assumption. While we will continue the work as if it will not rain, there is the possible risk of long-term rainstorms, hurricanes, snowstorms, hailstorms, floods, or windstorms. We also assume that all the materials and appliances will be delivered on time so that we will make all our time goals. There is also the risk that a contractor will not finish his task on time, or that the work will be faulty. We will account for this by not issuing payment until the work is completed and satisfactory. The Milestones are as follows: Milestones. Start of project Blueprints done and finished Permits and surveys done Foundation poured Frame and walls Electric done Plumbing done Roof done Interior finishing Project finished Jan/01/07 Mar/01/07 Apr/01/07 May/01/07 Sep/01/07 Nov/01/07 Nov/01/07 Oct/01/07 Dec/01/07 Dec/01/07

Risks and Assumptions. Business Risks/Assumptions. IT Risks/Assumptions.

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