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									Anatomy of a Successful Sourcing Organization
September 13, 2007


Marc Hutto is Managing Principal, ExecuQuest, LLC. His previous fifteen years with Wachovia Corporation in conducting and leading recruiting, research and sourcing brings an execution-focus to ExecuQuest in the delivery of –
• • • • Search/Research Services Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest learning workshop Performance Coaching Advisory Services to companies that wish to build or optimize an internal sourcing function.

Prior to joining ExecuQuest, Marc served as the SVP, Sourcing Solutions Director, for Wachovia. He built and led a team of geographically dispersed research and sourcing professionals that grew from 6 to 55 over a six-year period. He is a member of the International Association for Corporate & Professional Recruitment, the International Coach Federation, and he served on the Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society, and the Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium and has served on the National Advisory Board for the Human Capital Institute.

Conni LaDouceur is Founder and Managing Principal of ExecuQuest, Baltimore, MD. She delivers over twenty years of combined search/research experience to ExecuQuest in service of her client’s critical hiring needs. The innumerable clients that Conni has served over the years span multiple and diverse industries from Abrasive Sand Mining to Wealth Management. This breadth of industry and functional experience brings precision in the pursuit of passive candidates to the Fortune 500 clients and retained executive search clients of the firm. This knowledge-base is also instrumental in the effective delivery of the unique-in-the-market SEARCH/RESEARCH SUCCESS™ by ExecuQuest Learning Workshop. Prior to launching ExecuQuest, Conni honed her research skills over a five-year period at Heidrick & Struggles, Inc. in New York and Greenwich, CT. Conni has successfully led ExecuQuest and its valued clients through multiple years of challenging labor and financial market conditions. In an era of picked-over databases and directories, Conni believes in the effectiveness of original human intelligence in securing accurate, actionable research for successful recruiting.

Denny Clark is a well-recognized and respected leader in Human Capital, sourcing and recruitment. He is best known for his role as SVP and Director of Recruiting for Wachovia where he led the implementation of centralized sourcing and recruiting and had responsibility for two specialty recruiting functions – an internal fee for service temp/IT contractor service, FirstPlace, and an internal fee-based retained search service called the Executive Search Group – with combined gross revenues of $168 mil.

In his role as Recruiting Solutions Director, Denny enhanced the recruiting business model through establishing a dedicated sourcing group, creating a vendor management function and improving productivity through implementation of a consistent sales management process (Short Cycle Sales Management). After running a recruitment consulting business for the past year, Denny has joined ExecuQuest as Director, Advisory Services.


Introduce the Sourcing Solutions Model and its accomplishments II. Review seven anatomical components of a centralized sourcing organization III. Drill down into two of the seven key components IV. Provide methodology, tools, and techniques for adoption and implementation V. Deliver a glimpse of the future of sourcing


Sourcing Solutions Model
• • Began the team in February 2000 with 6 Sourcing Specialists Grew the team to 55 by 2006 (315
employees in Recruiting Solutions Division with 32,000 hires/year)

• •

Utilized external research firms to augment identification and candidate development Sourcing teams aligned by business units

Sourcing Solutions Model

• Quintessence™
» » » » » Quality Speed Diversity Cost Quantity

Sourcing Solutions Model
 

6.31 on 7-point Service Delivery Survey 5.5 to 6.0 Developed and Submitted candidates for every 1 Hire (Submittal:Hire Ratio)

 

$1,021 Hiring Cost Per Source (HCPS) $154 Cost Per Qualified and Interested Candidate Submitted $13 Cost Per Candidate Identified/Sourced


Sourcing Solutions Model
– –

5.98 on 7-point Service Delivery Survey New searches launched within 3-14 days (based on Prioritization Model)

– –

5.5 on 7-point Service Delivery Survey 60-65% of hires were diverse

– –

300-420 Hires per Quarter 1,800-2,300 Submittals per Quarter

Anatomy of a Successful Sourcing Organization
1. 2. 3. 4. Leadership Dynamics Role Definition Training and Capacity Building Focus and Execution of Research and Sourcing 5. Process 6. Technology 7. Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting

1 - Leadership Dynamics
• Creating the business case for an internal sourcing unit- 4 Steps
 Analyze your spend  Creating “the burning platform”  Making the joint commitment Managing the function like a business

1 - Leadership Dynamics
• Sourcing Leadership Competencies
 From manager to sales coach
• Sales process and execution •AxE=R

 Sales Coach combined with Project Manager  Ensuring visibility for the individual, the team and its leader(s)

1 - Leadership Dynamics
• Conflict Management
 Managing the role of the sourcing consultant  The dynamic tension between recruiting leader and sourcing leader  Getting through ambushes, booby traps and raids

2 – Role Definition
• The Sourcing Job Family
– – – – – e-Sourcer Sourcing Consultant I & II Senior Sourcing Consultant Practice Leader Director of Sourcing

• (Practice Leader & Director) Leadership and Coaching of Sourcing Professionals • Dedicated Role - Managing Relationships of External Partners • Dedicated Function - Reporting, Metrics, and Technology

3 –Training and Capacity Building
• Training – Build It or Buy It
– Telephone-Based Research and Sourcing – Web-based or Databases

• Internal Marketing Through Sharing of Best Practices • Internal Consultative Opportunities
– Know Your Business


4 - Focus and Execution
• Create the Environment
– Sourcing Solutions modeled through close partnerships and multiple visits to research firms – Role vs. Non-Role
• Remove distractions and low-value duties in a corporate environment • Allocated time for research in ExecuQuest with goals vs. actuals measured daily • Time vs. Yield is the bottom line: Hiring Manager’s ROI


4 - Focus and Execution
• Summarized Search/Research Success™ by ExecuQuest Process
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Intake/Strategy Meeting Develop Definitive Target Company List Pre-Search (PC-Based) Identify Appropriate Talent by Telephone Develop Candidates and Source Others Assess Status (iterative) Document Work/Results (iterative)

4 - Focus and Execution
• Essentials – Identification
– Ethically, by their function and via the phone – It’s all available for the asking… – Document the intelligence findings – How long in the role, number managed – Remember who the client is – Best Possible vs. Best Available


4 - Focus and Execution
• Essentials - Candidate Development and Source Others
– How many times would you call them? – Qualify the candidate before you (overly) present the opportunity – No “networking”… source them regardless of their interest level – Advance the search with every conversation

4 - Focus and Execution
• Performance Coaching
– Close inspection of results vs. goals – People, Process, Technology, and general support as discussion items – Leaders must have goals for call-shadowing, coaching, and demonstrating success – Determine your “entry point” for coaching


5 - Process
• Clarity Through Process
– Process Maps (for the “System”) – Process and Commitment Document (for Partners)

• Research Firm Relationship Management
– Know Their Capabilities, Measure, Decide
• • • • Passive Prospects Active Prospects Ethics Off-Limits Policy

• Best Practices for Sourcer/Recruiter Partnerships


6 - Technology
• Right Resources = Right Results • Measuring the ROI of the tools selected • Supporting “Community” Through Technology • Sharing and Retrieving the Data and Intelligence • Candidate Relationship Management


7 –Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting
• Scorecards, Metrics, and Incentives
• Submittal to Hire (individual ratio X:1)

weighted at 40% <Quality, Effectiveness, Efficiency>

• Submittal to Hire (team ratio X:1) weighted at 15% <Quality, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Teamwork> • Submittals (#) weighted at 20% <Quantity> • Diverse Hires (all non-white males) weighted at 5% <Diversity> • Leader Evaluation (5-Point Scale) weighted at 20% <Cust. Sat, Teamwork, Sustained Performance>


Our Service Offerings

Search/Research Services
• Identification • Candidate Development • Competitive/Market Intelligence


Our Service Offerings

Search/Research Success™
By ExecuQuest Learning Workshop


Our Service Offerings

Advisory Services
• Building or optimizing internal sourcing function • Diversity recruiting/sourcing • New recruiting director onboarding

Our Service Offerings

Performance Coaching
• Individuals and leaders of sourcing and recruiting


Charlotte Office 704.844.6000
Baltimore Office 410.667.8400

www.execuquestnow.com info@eqcadvisors.com

Our Crystal Ball: The Future of Sourcing
• Trend #1- Less wholesale BPO’s Implications - More specialization, emergence of the sourcing role; recruiters to become relationship managers • Trend #2 - Emergence and integration of Workforce Planning Implications - More complex picture of the workforce, integration between sourcing/WP tools • Trend #3 - Companies will build a fortress around their human capital Implications - Telephone-based research will become more challenging and web-based research will become more scarce


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