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Manager Data Center by zjb12998

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Manager Data Center document sample

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									                            Portfolio Manager Data Center Import Template
    This data import template was designed to assist you in providing large sets of Facility data to be incorporated into EPA's
    Portfolio Manager software. It is intended as a one-time conversion from your data format into Portfolio Manager's format.
    It is not designed for monthly updates of energy data for Facilities that are already in the Portfolio Manager. Be sure to
    complete the information on all of the applicable tabs in this template. Items shown in red are required. Please review the
    notes associated with each item by placing the cursor over the column heading. Sample data is included as grayed out text.
    Make sure you over write the sample data with your own. If you are copying energy data from another source, be sure to use
    the required formatting and valid options for energy type and units. Numeric values should not include any formatting, such
    as commas, dollar signs or percent signs.

      You must enter data for at least 10 new Facilities to be eligible to use this Data Import Template.

       1. Let us know what Portfolio Manager account to put your data into by completing the User tab and whether the
          account exists.
       2. Identify the location and basic characteristics of your Facilities on the Facilities tab.
       IMPORTANT: You must provide the YEAR BUILT data before this request is processed.
      3. Provide space characteristics (attributes) on the Data Center Space tab. The Facility names will be automatically filled
         based on the information entered on the Facilities tab. The Floor Area is a required field and you must enter a value.
         For the remaining attributes in red, you may enter values; if you leave them blank, PM will assign defaults for these
         attributes (Note: you cannot apply for the ENERGY STAR using default space attributes). The attributes in black are
         optional; if you do not enter values they will not be assigned a default.
      4. Record IT energy consumption for the Facilities on the IT Energy tab. Enter a row for each period of IT energy
        consumption for every meter in all Facilities. It is critical that the Facility Name exactly match the name
         entered on the Facilities tab.
      5. Record energy consumption and optional energy cost data for the Facilities on the Energy tab. Enter a row for each
         period of energy consumption for every meter in all Facilities. You will likely have multiple rows associated with each
         Facility. It is critical that the Facility Name exactly match the name entered on the Facilities tab. Be sure to enter
         all types of energy used in each Facility, in order to represent the full energy consumption.
      6. Provide characteristics for the Parking tab if you have any parking space associated with the Facilities.
         This tab is optional.
      7. After you have completed the template, please review your data for completeness and accuracy. For assistance,
         review the Import Tips tab prior to submitting the data to EPA.          Click here to view Import Tips
      8. Save your import template and send the completed spreadsheet to Be sure to
         include the words "Portfolio Manager Import" in the subject of the e-mail. Your data will be reviewed and validated
         and you will be contacted within 5 business days of receipt if any problems are identified that require further clarification.

Is This An Existing
     Account ?        User Name   Password Verification Question
Password Verification Answer   First Name   Last Name
Organization   Address   City   State   Zip
E-mail   Which best describes your job title?
                                   Indicate your organization's annual activity for each of the
What is the primary business or
 service of your organization?    Manage/Upgrade:              Own
nnual activity for each of the

             Facility Name          Street Address          City        State         County   ZIP Code   Built
Sample Data Center           123 Sample Drive        Fairfax       VA           Fairfax        22031    1995
                                                                                   Metering Configuration - Other
                        Property Type                     Metering Configuration               text                   Country     Nearest City
A single facility with more than 90% ownership/management                                                           United States
             Facility Name             Space Name
Sample Data Center           Space 1
 Gross Floor Area                          IT Energy Configuration
56000               Facility has no UPS.
  UPS System       Equipment
  Redundancy       Redundancy
N+1            N
           Facility Name             Space Name   IT Energy Meter ID
Sample Data Center         Space 1                E223-455
                                                                                 Energy Use
IT Energy Meter Type                                  Start Date    End Date       (kWh)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Output Energy   2/1/2001        2/28/2001   83489
           Facility Name   Energy Meter ID   Energy Type                   Energy Unit
Sample Data Center         E223-455          Electricity - Grid Purchase   kWh
   Start Date    End Date    Consumption   Energy Cost
2/1/2001        2/28/2001   83489          $3,520.00
Facility Name   Water Meter ID   Water Type   Other Water Type
Water Unit   Start Date   End Date   Consumption   Water Cost
                             Enclosed Parking   Non-Enclosed Parking
Facility Name   Space Name      Floor Area      Floor Area (with a Roof)
Open Parking Floor
  Area (No Roof)     Hours of Access/Week
                                          Tips for a Successful Import
The following is a list of common problems that have been encountered during the data input process. These issues
have caused data to be returned to the originator for correction and re-submission. Please check for these problems
prior to submission to reduce the chance of data problems that will require resolution and re-submission of data.
    Click here to return to Instructions

Facility names on the Facilities tab must be unique. Make sure that you do not have any cases where Facilities have the same
name but different address information.

Facility Names must be identical from one tab to another. The spreadsheet will automatically capture the correct name from the
Facilities tab and insert them into the other tabs. If you are copying data from another source, be sure that all Facilities are
referred to consistently (additional spaces, commas, periods and name abbreviations are common culprits).

Facility Names cannot exceed 80 characters in length.

For each Space type, please fill in the name of the space within your facility.
Be sure to fill out the Facility City, State and ZIP separately. Depending on the format you may be copying from, the city and state
may be combined in a single cell. This will cause problems with the display of address data in Portfolio Manager.

Numeric values must not include formatting such as commas, dollar signs or percent signs.
All items with a valid list of options must use a value from the list in order for Portfolio Manager to recognize the value. This
includes items such as the Energy Type, Energy Units, etc.
Energy data must be entered by energy meter, and if you are providing monthly energy data, there should be multiple rows of
energy data per energy meter. Do not use a different meter ID for each month of energy data.
Make sure electric and gas entries listed do not have the same meter identifier. Each energy type for a Facility needs to be listed
under a separate meter ID. Please do not use the same meter ID (name) in multiple Facilities.
The Meter ID cannot exceed 50 characters in length.
Be sure that the date ranges for energy use are valid. The Start Date must be prior to the End Date, and the total period covered
should not exceed one year. For electric meters, each period cannot exceed 65 days.

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