6 Free SEO Tips to Enhance Your Web Presence

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					Here are some top free SEO tips that can be helpful to you if you are looking to enhance your
web presence.It is important that the search engine is aware about the basic idea and content
of your page. Hence, in order to make the S.E e aware you need to insert the keyword in the
title tag as well. Once you insert the keyword in your title tag your document would have a
good chance of appearing in the top few of the search engine.1. Make sure that you use the
same keyword in the title tag as well as in the content.2. One of the most basic things that you
need to do is select a keyword which is relevant to the issue or topic of your document. If you
are writing or promoting a product than it is wise to have the product name as your keyword.3.
You need to also be careful of the fact that you don't end up using the same keyword for all the
documents or pages on your website. Incase you use the same keyword than the S.E would
assume that all your pages are the same.4. Make sure you don't link to any of the unfriendly
neighborhoods.5. You should always avoid the use of doorway passages. Doorway passages are
designed in such a manner that they only suit robots. S.E give first preference to human
friendly pages and hence you should not use doorway passages.6. Make sure that you submit
your document to the S.E's and avoid getting it done by the submission server.Use these tips
and see how your document stands among the top list of the search engines.

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