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									                               EXTREME MAKEOVER – MARKETING EDITION
                            NJSBDC Corporate Center @ The College of New Jersey
                                  MARKETING SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

Dear Firm Director:
           Are you “lighting a match” to your marketing dollars? Not getting the return on your investment?
           Is your website “lost in cyberspace”? Not getting the hits and conversions you want?
           Are your collateral materials competitive in your marketplace?
The greatest single obstacle firms face is the inability to communicate effectively to their markets what
they do and why they do it better than anyone else. We’re here to help.

The NJSBDC @ TCNJ Corporate Center has established a marketing scholarship program to help you
move your firm forward toward your goals. Our goal is to award 2 scholarships valued at $1000.00 each
by January 21, 2011.

We have asked Ellen Silverman, ESA Marketing, to work with each recipient. Ellen recently celebrated 29
years as an independent marketing consultant. As a business owner, trainer, consultant, and copywriter, she
has brought her expertise to over 1000 businesses. She knows how to hone in on what your prospects want
and need to know; how to communicate your marketing message by creatively writing copy that provides the
information your clients are looking for in a manner that motivates them to act!

To be eligible:
                 You must be in business for at least 3 years
                 Your sales in 2009 and 2010 must be no less than $350K per year
                 You must employee a minimum of 5 people (full time or part time)
                 Complete our online application and submit by January 21:

What you will receive:
           The benefit of 30+ years of marketing experience.
           2 hours of initial consultation. We will meet with you to assess your current marketing, review
               your current materials, discuss your goals, target markets, and marketing strategies. We will
               take the time to make sure we understand what you do, who you do it for, and why you are the
               best at what you do.
           At the end of the initial phase, together you will decide the priorities for “next step marketing.”
           Your scholarship includes 6 hours of creative concept and copy from Ellen. It may be to rewrite
               2-3 pages of your website, create a sales letter or product/sales sheet, ghost write an article,
               write content for a new brochure, or develop a presentation package for proposals or award

What we ask in return:
          A commitment to the program if you receive one of our scholarships
          Your success story/case study to use in our future NJSBDC marketing

                  Please visit www.sbdcnj.com and complete our online application.
   Remember: It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it that gets results. Looking forward to your success.

                                              Lorraine Allen
                                             Lorraine Allen, Regional Director

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