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									      FMS Update                                                                                        Autumn 2007

   Welcome to the New Update                                   FMS Awarded Three New BPAs at DOS
                                                               Over the years, FMS has been proud to have the U.S. Department
    You may have noticed a new look to
                                                               of State (DOS) as one of its valued customers. FMS currently
    this Autumn edition of FMS Update.
                                                               provides a wide range of services to DOS offices in the U.S. and to
    Because many exciting changes are                          its diplomatic missions abroad.
    happening across FMS, we decided to
    change the look of Update, too!                            On September 29th, Federal Management Systems, Inc. was
                                                               pleased to announce that three exciting new contracts had been
    In this issue, FMS Update covers the                       added to its DOS family of services. The U.S. Department of State
    exciting announcement of 3 new BPA                         awarded FMS three new Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for
    contracts at the Department of State                       administrative, professional, and technical support services. Two of
    (page 1) and the new communications                        the BPAs were for various administrative/secretarial support and
    tower at FMS Guyana (page 5). We                           management analyst services at the Bureau of Oceans, and
    also introduce you to some highly                          International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) and the
    dedicated individuals, including - the                     Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor (DRL). A third
    TSA contract team (page 3), the SYEP                       BPA was awarded for a wide range of services department-wide,
    project team (page 4), and Joy                             including those in the accounting, financial and budget analysis,
    Creavalle,     our  FMS      Contracts                     clerical, administrative/secretarial, technical and executive
    Administrator (page 5).                                    consulting, librarian, word processor, and computer programming
    We have also included our regular                          fields. All three BPAs were awarded for one year with options for
    employee recognition (page 8),                             an additional four years.
    management in focus (page 2), and                          FMS President Aubrey Stephenson credited the award of these
    employee health (page 6) features in                       significant contracts to the hard-work and diligent efforts of
    addition to a few new recurring                            Michael Hinton and Michelle Johnson, two DOS Contract Project
    administrative features (page 7).                          Managers. During a recent FMS employee awards ceremony,
    Because we had so much information                         President Stephenson thanked Hinton and Johnson for their
    to be included, this edition of Update                     contributions to the success of FMS at the Department of State
    could not include all of the photos                        over the years. He further told Update, “For their projects and
    submitted by various FMS projects. In                                                                        continued on page 3
    the next edition of Update, however,
    we will include a two-page photo
                                                                    FMS President, Aubrey
    spread of a “Year in Review” at FMS.                       Stephenson (left), pictured
    Therefore, if you have any additional                      with DOS Project Manager,
    photos or other items you would like                        Michael Hinton (right), as
    to see in print, please send them to                      he congratulates him for all          before                    of his exemplary efforts on
    December 1st.                                                 the DOS Project and the
    FMS Update is now available online,                                recent DOS Blanket
    too! Just visit!                                   Purchase Agreements

    DON’T FORGET - You can now access and view your FMS pay stubs online at!

A Quarterly Publication of Federal Management Systems, Inc.                                                                            1
   Autumn 2007   Management in Focus:

                 by Aubrey A. Stephenson
  Throughout our first eighteen years or                                                          Therefore, we must now have good
                                                          the frontal lobes                       “people skills,” which puts our frontal
  more, most of us are measured in terms            possible actions evaluated here
  of academic success and our IQ. How                                                             lobes into overdrive as we try to
  well we perform in elementary school                the limbic system                           regulate our emotions so that we don’t
  determines our course placement in               emotions experienced here                      yell at our coworkers or run screaming
  secondary school. How well we perform               the brainstem                               from the building when things go
  in our secondary school courses and on            stimulus enters here                          wrong. For many employers, our ability
  our college placement tests then impacts                                                        to regulate our emotions in order to get
  which colleges or universities will accept       Therefore, when we hit our thumb with a        along and work with others is becoming
  us as students. Finally, the reputation of       hammer, we first experience the emotion        a more highly valued commodity than
  the college we attend, in addition to how        of extreme, blinding pain before we            pure intelligence alone. In contrast to
  we perform academically at that college,         experience the rational thought that,          IQ, this ability is called our EQ or our
  has an enormous impact on which                  although we might want to scream in pain       emotional intelligence.
  companies will hire us and how much              non-stop for thirty minutes, we must
                                                   instead go to the hospital because our         Understanding EQ
  they will pay us. Although this focus on                                                        Although the concept of emotional
  academic performance and IQ has been             thumb looks broken. In a more
                                                   pleasurable experience, when we smell          intelligence has been around since the
  the predominant model in the United                                                             mid-1980s, it has been popularized
  States and other countries for many              fresh bread baking, we first have happy
                                                   feelings and experience pangs of hunger        more recently in the works of author
  years, companies are now finding that                                                           Daniel Goleman. In his book Emotional
  EQ, not IQ, is a better predictor of             before we experience the rational thought
                                                   that, although we want to rip the bread        Intelligence, Goleman describes our
  employment and management success.                                                              emotional       intelligence as    the
                                                   from the oven and eat the entire loaf
  The Human Brain                                  immediately, we just ate and are actually      combination of our personal competence
  Before we explore the notion of                  not hungry and the bread must be saved         (how self-aware we are and how well
  emotional intelligence and EQ, let’s take        for dinner to be shared among the entire       we manage ourselves) and our social
  a quick look at the human brain. When            family.                                        competence (how socially aware we are
  our body experiences something through                                                          and how well we manage relationships
  one of the five senses, information about        But what does all of this brain anatomy        with others).
  this sensation (e.g., the pain experienced       have to do with success in the workplace?
                                                   Everything!                                    In order to develop greater emotional
  when we hit ourselves on the thumb with                                                         intelligence, we must first look inward
  a hammer or the wonderful smell of fresh         Regulating Our Emotions                        to become aware of who we are, what
  bread baking) travels to our brain by way        During the past twenty years, computers        we are, and the decisions we make that
  of our nerves, up the spinal column, to          have increasingly been doing much of the       affect our own lives. Once we have
  the brainstem at the brain’s base. The           “grunt work” of the cognitive thinking         looked inward, we must then look
  brainstem is the brain’s intermediary,           process for us. (Think about how different     outward to become aware of social
  which receives and sends messages to the         filing your taxes is now, thanks to software   dynamics and the decisions we make
  rest of the body. Information travels            programs like TurboTax.) The human             and actions we take in our
  immediately from the brain stem through          population and the average workplace,          interpersonal dealings. Looking inward
  the brain’s limbic system, the region in         however, have grown increasingly full of       and outward in these ways will take us
  which we experience our emotions. Only           people. Therefore, much of the time in         far in our journey of developing greater
  after traveling through this emotional           our day must now be devoted to getting         emotional intelligence.
  center does the information finally reach        along with the people with whom we must
                                                   interact. Where we could once sit quietly      For more information on how to
  the outer layers of the brain, including
                                                   in our closed-door offices performing our      analyze and develop your own
  the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex,
                                                   small, insular tasks, we now must sit in       emotional intelligence quickly and
  which assists in our rational thinking by
                                                   cubicles, side-by-side with our coworkers,     painlessly, I recommend The Emotional
  evaluating whether our potential actions
                                                   from whom we must frequently interact to       Intelligence Quick Book by Travis
  and reactions may be good or bad and
                                                   solicit information and opinions in order      Bradberry and Jean Greaves.
  perceived by others as socially acceptable
  or unacceptable.                                 get our jobs done.

A Quarterly Publication of Federal Management Systems, Inc.                                                                                  2
                                                                                  FUTURE BEAMS BRIGHT
 Our Team at TSA by John Yonaitis
                                                                                  AT BURSARY AWARDS
                                                                                  The FMS Bursary Award Ceremony
                                                                                  was held at the FMS Guyana
                                                                                  Headquarters in Georgetown on
                                                                                  Friday, August 31st. This much-
                                                                                  awaited event has become an annual
                                                                                  tradition at FMS in which children of
                                                                                  employees compete for corporate-
                                                                                  sponsored scholarships.
                                                                                  The selection criterion for the award
                                                                                  is the Secondary School Entrance
                                                                                  Examination, a national exam for ten
                                                                                  to twelve year old students in
                                                                                  Guyana. The top ten scores
 In February 2007, the Transportation Security Administration                     submitted are selected and the
 (TSA) awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Oracle Solution                 winning students receive their awards
 & Services and Federal Management Systems, Inc. to assist them                   at the annual FMS ceremony. The
 with:                                                                            monetary awards received are
  resolving the FY 2006 Financial Statement audit material weakness;             typically used by students and parents
  meeting the TSA Corrective Action Plan milestones for undelivered orders;      for educational expenses, such as
                                                                                  textbooks, uniforms, book bags, or
  assisting TSA with the FY 2007 Financial Statement audit; and                  college savings.    continued on page 8
  closing out dormant contracts.
 The on-site Project Manager is Ed Tolbert, with John Yonaitis,
 Bud Rubenstein, and Sandesh Sharda (Oracle Solution & Services)                 BPAs Awarded continued from page 1
 as part-time Co-Project Directors. The FMS team includes                        employees at DOS, Mr. Michael
 Ransford Fumey, Bryan Alexander, James Bryant, and Anita                        Hinton and Ms. Michelle Johnson have
 Parent. The Oracle Services team members include Gurjeet                        successfully promoted the benefits of
 Sawhney, Leslie Morris, Ellen Swinton, and Betty Atkins. The                    being an FMS employee. These
 Team members are working in the areas of Finance and                            benefits include a retirement plan, life
 Accounting, and Acquisitions.                                                   insurance, short- and long-term
 The FMS-Oracle team has performed Verification and Validation                   disability insurance, health insurance,
 (V&V) of over $2B of open obligations, while providing support to               educational expense assistance, a bonus
 the KPMG Auditors and working closely with the Office of                        plan, an employee referral bonus, and
 Financial Management (OFM) to establish a quarterly review                      continued employment. Thanks to
 procedure. We are also working with the TSA Business                            their efforts, they have now successfully
 Management Offices (BMO) to include them in performing V&V                      ensured that FMS can continue to
 and reconciliation of open unliquidated obligations, at the same                provide these benefits by securing
 time making it an integral part of TSA’s annual audit process and               contracts at DOS through September
 one of the financial management objectives.                                     30, 2012.”
 Our team has already identified several million dollars of invalid
 obligations and has assisted TSA by documenting their findings                   Project Manager
 and preparing reconciliation packages for the auditors. The first               Michelle Johnson,
 audit sample consisted of 272 obligation documents and our                     recent recipient of
 hardworking FMS-Oracle team provided support for the entire                     the FMS Award of
 sample. We are currently working with the second audit sample of                Excellence for her
 156 obligation documents, and we have already completed and                   outstanding efforts
                                                                                  in managing the
 provided auditors 82% of the sample.
                                                                                      DOS contract
 Keep up the great work, team!

FMSUpdate       Autumn 2007                                                                                                 3
             Autumn 2007   A SUMMER OF LEARNING & FUN IN WASHINGTON, D.C.:
                           A Look at the SYEP Contract
      For many of the past summers since the        and street law. Of particular interest to
      mid-1990s, FMS has had the pleasure of        interns this summer was the fascinating
      being awarded a unique contract with the      and highly relevant course, Young People
      Washington, D.C. city government, the         and the Law: Understanding Your Rights
      Summer Youth Employment Program               Under the Constitution. Further life skills
      (SYEP). Under the SYEP, Washington,           intervention sessions were offered, such
      D.C. youth between the ages of fourteen       as the “Self Esteem and Becoming
      and twenty-one are offered an intensive,      Confident” session at Ballou Senior
      paid summer internship of job training        High School.
      and project-based learning to motivate
      and prepare them for further education        Finally, the SYEP education program
      and the world of work.                        also focused on a variety of
      Until 2007, Federal Management Systems        employability skills, including The World     In order to bring the outside corporate
      provided education, training, and work        of Work and Leadership Development            world to SYEP interns, FMS also
      experience to children and young adults       courses. At Walker Jones Educational          scheduled many guest speakers,
      in the SYEP program for six weeks at          Center, for example, FMS created a            including those in the legal, medical,
      anywhere from one to three school sites in    new Technology Laboratory for the             engineering, finance, and management
      the Washington, D.C. area. In the             school in which interns performed             professions. Interns at three sites were
      summer of 2007, our participation in          many work-readiness activities, such as       offered corporate management training
      SYEP dramatically increased when the          writing and designing their computer-         sessions by professional management
      Washington, D.C. government awarded           based resumes. FMS similarly donated          trainers.
      FMS a total of six school sites and           computers for a Technology Lab at             Corporate Work Experience
      extended the contract to a full nine weeks!   Ronald Brown Middle School where
      Throughout the summer, FMS offered            interns conducted a variety of academic       In addition to providing an academic
      SYEP interns a full educational program       and work readiness activities. At             program and brining the outside “world
      conducted by education and business           Ronald       Brown,       students    also    of work” to interns through job fairs
      professionals, in addition to job fairs,      demonstrated their work readiness in          and guest speakers, FMS also
      guest speakers, management training, and      sessions on Business Etiquette and during     introduced many SYEP interns to the
      corporate work experience.
                                                    regularly scheduled “Professional Dress       real-life “world of work” in a corporate
      The Educational Program                       Days.”                                        environment. In sessions as long as two-
      The academic portion of the FMS SYEP
                                                                                                  and-a-half weeks, these interns worked
                                                    Job Fairs & Guest Speakers                    on computer-based projects and were
      program       focused      on    academic
      enrichment, life skills, and employability    One of the exciting components FMS            introduced      to    a     variety    of
      skills. For example, interns covered a        adds to the SYEP schedule each year is        administrative tasks at the FMS office at
      variety of work-related academic topics,      its Career and College Fairs. Originally      462 K Street.
      such a basic accounting and finance, the      the brainchild of SYEP Project                Federal Management Systems thanks
      basics of business administration and         Manager Lucius Stephenson, the                and congratulates the summer interns
      management, and the fundamentals of a         Career and College Fairs offer interns        for all of their efforts in achieving
      variety of information technology skills      the opportunity to interact with              success in the FMS SYEP Program.
      and software application packages. The        potential employers and representatives       FMS further thanks all of our hard-
      program also covered a range of core          from a variety of local colleges. At each     working staff who have made this
      academic areas to help students with their    of FMS’ four fairs held this summer,          program a true success and touched the
      performance in school, enhance their test-    representatives from several companies        lives of many Washington, D.C. youth.
      taking confidence, and prepare them for       and colleges in the Washington
      further education. Some of the subjects
                                                                                                  These exceptional individuals include:
                                                    metropolitan area set up booths, often        Lucius Stephenson, SYEP Project
      covered included written communication,       full of informational handouts and free
      spoken communication, mathematics                                                           Manager; Dr. Keith Hampden, Deputy
                                                    goodies. As interns visited the booths,       Project Manager; Terry Valladares and
      applications, study skills, and test-taking
                                                    they were encouraged to ask questions,        Dennis Downer, Corporate Liaisons;
      strategies. At one site, Anacostia Senior
                                                    practice job interview techniques, share      our exceptional Site Managers and
      High School, interns even produced and
      conducted a play, Love, Loss, and Lies,       their concerns, and have their resume         Deputy Site Managers at each of the six
      under the leadership of Site co-Manager       reviewed. This offered interns the            schools sites; all of our hardworking
      Melvin Andrews.                               invaluable opportunity of increasing          instructors at all of our sites; and our
                                                    their confidence and gaining experience       dedicated headquarters and K Street
      FMS’ SYEP educational program also            in real-life job search skills while still
      included instruction in a variety of life                                                   employees who took the time from their
                                                    remaining in the safe environment of          busy schedules to teach interns many of
      skills. Topics covered included health        their school site.
      and hygiene, conflict resolution, civics,                                                   the hands-on aspects of their jobs.

A Quarterly Publication of Federal Management Systems, Inc.                                                                                   4
 FMS GUYANA                          Let’s Meet…
 “TOWERS” ABOVE                      Joy Creavalle, FMS Contracts Administrator
 THE COMPETITION                     In each forthcoming issue of Update, we
                                     will introduce you to one of the
 Everyone is “looking up” to         outstanding members of our team at FMS
 one of the newest additions to      Headquarters. This issue, we introduce
 the        FMS           Security   you to Joy Creavalle, the diligent and
 headquarters in Georgetown,         conscientious FMS Contracts
 Guyana - literally. Added to        Administrator who always has a
 the local FMS landscape is a        welcoming smile on her face and genuine
 new radio communications            warmth in her voice.
 tower. Tower construction           For many of our new government
 began in April 2007 and, at         customers, Joy is often their first FMS
 the time of this writing, was       contact, as perhaps the one of the first
 nearing completion.                 FMS voices they hear on the telephone or
                                     one of the first FMS faces they see. She
 The           new          radio    also continues to interact with customers
 communications tower is a           throughout the contract process, forming
 substantial upgrade to the          a critical bridge between the FMS Headquarters and the customer’s contracting
 FMS communications system.          office.
 It will significantly improve       The FMS leadership team has time and again been impressed with Joy’s hard work
 communications clarity and          and enthusiastic style of customer service. Update recently caught up with Joy
 range         between         the   Creavalle at her office in Washington, D.C.
 headquarters and all of the
                                     Update: Thank you for agreeing to let us profile you in the newsletter, Joy. First,
 FMS       security     locations,
                                      what do your duties and responsibilities as FMS Contracts Administrator
 especially those outside of
 central Georgetown. As a
 result, FMS will be prepared        Creavalle: It entails tracking contract modifications and amendments, ensuring
 to meet the growing security         sufficient funding, providing project direction when necessary, preparing
 needs of its important and           invoices, checking on overdue accounts, and interfacing with COTRs and other
 valued clients in Guyana’s           government representatives regarding contractual matters and to secure
 international         diplomatic     business opportunities.
 community.                          Update: When were you hired by FMS and have you work here at the
 FMS recognizes all of the            Headquarters office since then?
 members of the FMS Guyana           Creavalle: I was hired in January 2002 and have worked here at HQ ever since.
 senior management staff for         Update: Where did you work before FMS?
 their stellar efforts in making
                                     Creavalle: I worked for the MONY Group as the Business/Marketing Manager
 the tower project a success!
                                      for the Bethesda Agency.
                                     Update: Have you lived in the Washington, D.C. area a long time?
                                     Creavalle: Yes. I’ve lived here since 1981.
                                     Update: Joy, what do you like most about working at FMS?
                                     Creavalle: Definitely the constant interaction with clients and employees.
                                      Customer service is really my passion.
                                     Update: When you’re not here at FMS, how do you like to spend your free time?
                                     Creavalle: I like cooking, traveling, and enjoying spending time with my
                                     Update: Finally Joy, as FMS Contracts Manager, when and how should FMS
                                      employees and customers contact you?
                                     Creavalle: FMS clients and employees should contact me if they have any
                                      contract-related questions or issues. My phone number here at FMS is (202)
                                      541-9451 extension 118 and my e-mail is

FMSUpdate       Autumn 2007                                                                                                5
             Autumn 2007   WINTER’S UNINVITED GUEST:
                           Preparing for the Flu
                           by Pauline E. Azore, R.N.
     The flu season is already here,                   including asthma, diabetes, and                  CDC strongly cautions that some
     but are you ready?                                congestive heart failure. The CDC                individuals        “should        not    be
     Caused by the influenza virus, the                also reports that, on average,                   vaccinated without first consulting a
     flu is a highly contagious disease that           200,000 people in the U.S. are                   physician,” especially those who: are
     affects the nose, throat and lungs. It            hospitalized annually from flu-                  severely allergic to chicken eggs;
     is     spread     primarily    through            related complications and more                   experienced a severe reaction to the
     vaporized droplets when an infected               than 36,000 people die. Therefore,               influenza vaccine in the past; are
     person coughs or sneezes. These                   the flu and its prevention should be             under six months of age; or
     droplets, which can be propelled up               taken very seriously.                            currently have a moderate or severe
     to three feet away, travel through                The most effective way to be                     illness with a fever.
     the air and land on the mouth or                  protected against influenza is to                In addition to vaccination, you can
     nose of others nearby. The flu can                receive the flu vaccine every year.              help stem the spread of flu by
     also be spread when these droplets                The CDC states that the flu shot                 keeping the virus contained.
     land on something which an                        cannot cause the flu, but                        Whether or not you are infected
     uninfected person later touches and               recommends that you consult your                 with the flu virus, to keep yourself
     then touches his/her nose, eyes, or               health-care           provider        before     and others from catching the flu,
     mouth. According to the Centers for               receiving the flu vaccine. The two               you should:
     Disease Control and Prevention                    types of flu vaccines available in the            Wipe telephones clean with an alcohol
     (CDC), the peak flu season in                     United States are:                                  based solution after each use.
     United States is from late October                 The flu shot, made from a killed                Use disposable utensils, especially in the
     through the end of March and                         virus and given through a small needle in        work place.
     between 5 to 20% of the American                     the arm. It is approved for both healthy
     population get the flu.                                                                             Avoid close contact with people who are
                                                          individuals and those with chronic
     The onset of flu symptoms begins                     medical conditions who are at least 6
     suddenly and often resembles those                   months old. Side effects from the flu shot     Wash your hands frequently throughout
     of other illnesses, including the                    include redness and soreness at the              the day.
     common         cold.    Typical     flu              injection site and possibly a low fever.       Use an alcohol-based cleanser to clean
     symptoms include: fever; runny or                  The nasal spray flu vaccine,                      your hands if running water is
     stuffy nose; cough; sore throat;                     (also known as LAIV for “live                    unavailable.
     headache; body aches; extreme                        attenuated influenza vaccine”) is made        If you do get sick, to avoid
     tiredness; and nausea, diarrhea, and                 with live but weakened flu viruses. It is     spreading the influenza virus to
     vomiting (most often in children).                   approved for use in healthy, non-             others, you should also:
     When someone is exposed to the                       pregnant individuals between five and          Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue
     influenza virus, they begin to exhibit               forty nine years old. Side effects of the        when you cough or sneeze, discard the
     symptoms in 1-4 days. This person                    nasal spray flu vaccine include                  tissue in the trash bin, and wash your
     can then infect others from one day                  headaches, runny nose, vomiting, muscle          hands thoroughly with soap and warm
     before and up to 5 days after they                   aches, and fever in children and runny           water.
     become sick. Young children and                      nose, headaches, sore throat, and cough
     adults with weakened immune                          in adults.                                     Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and
     systems can be contagious for over a              For maximum protection, the CDC
     week.                                             recommends             that      you      get     Stay away from school, work, and other
                                                                                                           social gatherings.
     While most healthy people fully                   vaccinated          in      October         or
     recover, the flu can also bring with              November. Protection against the
     it an array of additional medical                 flu begins about two weeks after                      For more information about
     complications, such as dehydration,               receiving the vaccine.                                 the flu and how to protect
     ear and sinus infections, bacterial               While it may be tempting to run                        yourself against the virus,
     pneumonia, and a worsening of                     straight to your nearest pharmacy                    please consult your physician
     chronic        medical      conditions,           when it is offering flu shots, the                     or visit

A Quarterly Publication of Federal Management Systems, Inc.                                                                                            6
 INDUSTRIAL SECURITY CORNER                                                 CALLING ALL ACCOUNTANTS!
 Many of us working on FMS projects within the United                       Seventeen years ago, Federal Management
 States are in positions that require a security clearance.                 Systems, Inc. opened its doors largely as a
 If you currently have a security clearance, did you                        government accounting firm. Over the years, FMS
 know that you must undergo a reinvestigation every so                      added a wide range of additional services to its
 often to maintain your current clearance level?                            repertoire, from information technology and
                                                                            administrative support to facilities management
 This process is called a Periodic Reinvestigation, or
                                                                            and diplomatic security. Despite this historic
 PR. If you have a Top Secret Clearance, your Periodic
                                                                            addition of a broader range of services, FMS
 Reinvestigation should start about six months before
                                                                            maintains its strong roots in providing accounting
 the five-year anniversary of your previous clearance
                                                                            services to the federal government.
 investigation. If you have a Secret Clearance, your PR
 should start approximately six months before the ten-                      Thanks to customers’ growing needs and the
 year anniversary of your previous investigation.                           addition of new contracts, FMS is currently
                                                                            seeking candidates with experience in government
 When the time for your next Periodic Reinvestigation is
                                                                            accounting for current and future positions. With
 approaching, the FMS Facility Security Officer will
                                                                            thirteen current contracts across multiple offices at
 contact you a few months in advance. To make sure
                                                                            U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
 that you are ready, keep all of the paperwork you
                                                                            (ICE), the largest investigative arm of the
 completed for your previous clearance investigation in
                                                                            Department of Homeland Security, and three new
 a safe place. It also helps to keep a detailed list of all of
                                                                            Blanket Purchase Agreements at the Department
 the places you have lived and worked since your last
                                                                            of State (see article on page 1), FMS is poised for
                                                                            exciting new growth in the government accounting
 After you have completed and submitted all of the                          sector!
 necessary Periodic Reinvestigation paperwork, keep
                                                                            If you or anyone you know has government
 copies of what you have submitted and be prepared to
                                                                            accounting experience and is interested in joining
 wait! The reinvestigation process can take up to several
                                                                            the FMS team, please let us know! E-mail a cover
 months to complete.
                                                                            letter, resume, and references to
 If you have any questions about your Periodic                              or fax them to (202) 829-4050. Please be sure to
 Reinvestigation or any other security issues, please                       include “GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING
 contact your Project Manager or the FMS Facility                           RECRUITMENT” in the e-mail or fax subject
 Security Officer at                                    line.

  When FMS “timesheet time” rolls around, there are a few things
  we would like for you to keep in mind as you complete your
   Use BLACK INK ONLY. Although some of us may like to
    showcase our artistic talents by using a broad palette of colors,
    a timesheet is not appropriate as a canvas. Also, colors lighter                      Check Your Information!
    than black are very hard for others to read, especially when
    sent via fax. (Our hardworking Payroll Department has spent
    far too many hours trying to decipher timesheets completed in
    yellow ink!)                                                                       REMEMBER: Black Ink Only!
    NUMBER, and ensure that they are all correct. This many
    seem obvious, but timesheets with incorrect employee numbers
    or agency names are often received due to a simple slip of the
    finger at the keyboard. (On the keyboard, the final letters of
    DOD and DOS are only millimeters apart.)
   INCLUDE THE CORRECT PAY PERIOD ENDING DATE. This, too, may seem obvious, but it is an oft-neglected section of
    the timesheet. Timesheets are frequently received with either no pay period ending date or with an incorrect one.
  Please remember that the Payroll Department at FMS must be able to read your timesheet and that all of the information on it must be
  correct in order to make sure that you get paid on time. You’ve heard that “time is money.” At FMS, your timesheet is your money!

FMSUpdate         Autumn 2007                                                                                                            7
   Congratulations to FMSer Michael Pell, the Intranet Site Administrator at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
   (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security. Pell recently received a glowing letter of commendation from our
   customers at ICE for his continuing work on the development and administration of the site. Ms. Debbie Dusenberry,
   Chief, Mission Support, Dallas ICE, reported, “Mr. Pell’s contributions this past year have made a significant impact on
   Mission Support’s ability to track workload, process and share information, and, most importantly, meet the needs of our
   customers.” She further added that, “Mike’s accomplishments have been instrumental in moving our operation forward in
   FY07. He has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, motivation, and customer service and deserves special
   Further congratulations to the entire FMS team working on the ICE National Purchase Card Program (NPCP).
   During the past fiscal year, FMS has provided integral support in helping ICE make the NPCP a success in its training
   program, audit records, and clean audits. Great job!
   FMS wishes Bon Voyage to Desiree King, FMS ICE Project, who will be traveling to Cyprus with the ICE International
   Affairs Export Control and Border Security team for a training conference October 22nd through 26th. King will provide
   needed support in daily conference operations. Located just 47 miles north of Turkey, Cyprus is a member of the European
   Union and the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful island nation has a temperate climate, a rich
   history, and excellent seafood and sees over 2.4 million tourists a year. Bring back a bit of the beautiful weather for us,

   ABOUT FMS UPDATE                                                           OUR SHINING KNIGHTS AT DHS
   FMS Update is a quarterly                                                  For many years, Carl Knights was an
   publication of Federal                                                     invaluable member of the IT team at the
   Management Systems, Inc.
                                                                              FMS Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
   for FMS employees,
   customers, colleagues, and                                                 While we always knew what a gem we had in
   friends. Issues are                                                        Knights, he is now earning recognition for
   published seasonally                                                       his gleaming efforts at the Department of
   (autumn, winter, spring,                                                   Homeland Security (DHS) Office of
   and summer) in both paper                                                  Acquisition Management. On September
   and digital formats and are                                                20th, he received a You Make the Difference
   typically four to eight
   pages long. The main                                                       recognition from Ms. Ashley Lewis, Director,
   focus of Update is to share                                                for “His Outstanding Service to the Office of
   information about FMS               BURSARY AWARDS continued from page 3   Acquisition Management.”
   contracts, administrative                                                  At the DHS Office of Acquisition
   issues, employee                    During this year’s Bursary Award       Management, Knights works as a Staff
   recognition and news, and           Ceremony, a keynote speech was         Accountant, providing end-user assistance
   management concepts. If             delivered by the nationally well-
   space allows, additional
                                                                              with PRISM, a commercial, off-the-shelf
   articles of interest to
                                       respected FMS Guyana corporate         contract-writing software program. In his
   employees and customers             attorney, Martin Stephenson.           recognition, OAM noted:
   may also appear.                    Washington, D.C.-based Security        “Carl Knights was instrumental in our
   If you would like to submit         Consultant Thomas Stephenson           FFMS/RTS reconciliation reports. With his
   an article, photograph, or          then presented the awards to the       knowledge and expertise, OAQ was able to
   other item of interest to           top ten students as proud parents      develop a report that runs quickly and
   FMS Update, please e-mail           looked on. (See photo above.)          accurately. The existence of this report
   it to your Project Manager
   or to                               As they received their awards,         helped facilitate open lines of communication            students introduced themselves         between ICE-wide programs and acquisition.
   All photos submitted must           and spoke of their future career       In FY07, we were able to notify the
   be in a digital format (such        plans. Among them included             programs on a regular basis how many
   as a .jpeg file) and must           future pediatricians, lawyers,         requisitions we had “in-house” and
   have a resolution of at least       veterinarians, pilots, and teachers.   specifically which ones were NOT received
   600dpi.                                                                    by OAQ for processing. This tool has been
                                       Students then showcased their
   Submissions for the next            public speaking and choral talents     invaluable in day-to-day and fiscal year end
   FMS Update are due by
                                       by entertaining the delighted          activities. Thank you Carl for a job well
   December 1st. All
   submissions are welcome!            crowd with poems and songs.            done!”

A Quarterly Publication of Federal Management Systems, Inc.                                                                      8

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