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									Bracknell Gymnastics Club
                   About the Club
   Started in September 2006
   Team Gym focused club.
   Symbiotic relationship between leisure centre and the club.
   Close links to Edgbarrow & Sandhurst Sports centres,
    Edgbarrow Trampoline Club, Accademia Acrobatica (Italy),
    Eurogym (Sweden), BG Team Gym Technical Committee.
                  Team Gym

   Floor (20m x 14m unsprung)

   Tumble (15m Tumble Track; 3 runs; fwds &
    bwds; at least 3 elements in each run)

   Trampette (3 runs, one run with vault)
                         What you pay for
What you pay                How much               When / To who
Club Fees                   £5 per person          Annually. Payable to Bracknell
                                                   Gymnastics Club
Affiliation to British      £25                    Annually. Payable through
Gymnastics                                         Bracknell Gymnastics Club
Training Fees               Set by BLC             Termly. Payable to BLC.
Competitions                £10-£15 (on average)   As required. Payable to
                                                   Bracknell Gymnastics Club
Leotards                    Variable               As required. Payable to
                                                   Bracknell Gymnastics Club
Tracksuits                  TBC                    As required. Payable to
                                                   Bracknell Gymnastics Club
     Membership Administration
   Completed Membership Forms for each gymnast.
   1 cheque for club membership. £5 per gymnast, made
    payable to Bracknell Gymnastics Club. Please write
    “club membership” on the back.
   1 separate cheque for BG affiliation. £25 per
    gymnast, made payable to Bracknell Gymnastics
    Club. Please write “BG affiliations” on the back.
   Sign squad contract.
   Qualified and affiliated to British Gymnastics
   Casual labour – employed for duration of
    classes only.
   Voluntary work – not paid or compensated for
    any administration, meetings, competitions,
    travel or overnight accommodation.
   Follow the club’s code of conduct for coaches.
The Coaching Team

    An Introduction
                       Stuart Woods
   Head Coach & Competitive Pathway Co-ordinator
   South Region Representative for Team Gym
   Senior Club Coach (level 4)
   FISAC National Coach for Team Gym, Tumbling & Mini Tramp
   3 time British Champion for Team Gym
   Selected to Represent GB in 2006 (Czech Republic) & 2008 (Belgium)
   Background in Dance & Performing Arts
   Primary School Teaching Assistant
                      Peter Tranckle
   Developmental Pathway Co-ordinator
   BG Events Co-ordinator for Team Gym
   Senior Club Coach (level 4)
   PhD in Giftedness & Talent; MSc in Sport Coaching; BA (Ed) Sport
    Sciences & PE with QTS.
   FISAC National Coach for Team Gym, Tumbling & Mini Tramp
   Background in archery and teaching.
   First Aid Instructor & sports science consultant
                Jenny Thompson
   Recreational Competition Organiser
   Club Coach (level 3)
   Selected to represent GB in 2006 (Czech
   Background in Dance & Trampolining
   University Student – Childhood Studies
                Claire Fuller
   Club Coach (level 3)
   Background in Women’s Artistic
   Primary School Teaching Assistant
                  Zoe Offen
   Lead coach for Robins
   Club Coach (level 3)
   Background in Women’s Artistic
   Fitness Instructor & Massage Therapist
                  Chris Bennett
   Recreational Pathway Co-ordinator
   Coach (level 2)
   Background in Football & Sports Management
   Duty manager for Edgbarrow & Sandhurst Sports
   BTEC National Diploma in Sports Development
   Sports Education student at University of Gloucester
               Michael Brady
   Coach (level 2)
   Background in archery & computer sciences
                 Lewis Jones
   Coach (level 2)
   College student – Sports Studies
   Background in archery and fishing
               Julie Brookfield
   Coach (level 2)
   Fitness Instructor
               Charlotte Brady
   Medical Officer
   Coach (level 2)
   3rd Year Physiotherapy student @ Brunel University
   Worked with national level gymnasts, archers &
   Background in archery & marathon running
            Annie Warrington
   Assistant Coach (level 1)
   Background in Women’s Artistic
   A level student in mathematics, psychology
    and sociology
   Small voluntary group who meet regularly to
    manage the affairs of the club.
   All communications on behalf of the club go
    via the committee.
   Some of the areas for which they are
    responsible: policies and procedures;
    development; club communications;
   Chairman – Peter Tranckle
   Secretary – Stuart Woods
   Treasurer – Dave Crann
   Welfare Officer – Dave Crann
   Head Coach – Stuart Woods
   Medical Officer – Charlotte Brady
   Special Projects Officer – Karen Smith
   Fund Raising Officer – Mo Davies
   Merchandising Officer – Marie Brown
   + others
   Support their children (financially, emotionally
   Chose a suitable and appropriate level of
    involvement in their child’s sport. This
    involvement is often dynamic and changes as
    the child gets older.
   Respect the role of the coach
   Adhere to the parents’ and spectators’ codes of
Talent Development Partnership

    COACHING             PARENTING
   Very much like teacher / parent / child relationship.
   Depends on mutual respect, trust and role clarity.
   Child centred approach. The child decides on their
    sport and to what extent it occupies their childhood.
   Coach constantly judges and monitors potential and
    decides appropriate training.
   Parents ensure balance in a child’s life and the
    formation of multiple identities.
Talent Development Pathways
  Managing Talent Pathways

                Head Coach

Recreational   Developmental   Competitive
 Pathway         Pathway        Pathway
Co-ordinator    Co-ordinator   Co-ordinator
   Potential is dynamic – ever changing
   Coaches are the judges and monitors of potential.
   Some factors which affect potential: spatial
    awareness; coachability (being receptive to
    coaching); work ethic; parental support
    (allowing/facilitating their children to do gymnastics);
    other potentials (to form teams)
   Committee / Officers / Coaches will issue
    notices via club website and notice board. This
    may be supported by emails and letters from
    time to time.
   Parents may communicate with committee /
    officers / coaches via email or in person.
    Mobiles are at the discretion of the individuals,
    however, please be considerate of their status
    as volunteers.
                     Annual Events
4th & 5th October 2008      Bracknell International    @ Bracknell
November 2008               South East Championships   @ Crawley
28th Feb & 1st March 2009   Southern Tournament        @ Bracknell
2nd May 2009                British Finals             @ Gloucester
May 2009                    Italy Training Camp &      @ Cesenatico
June 2009                   Summer Gala                @ Bracknell
          Junior European Cup

   Decided on best 2 out of 5 competitions.

   Host countries are Finland, Czech Republic,

    Italy, Great Britain & Grand Canaria.
         What we need from you
   Patience – talent will develop at its own rate
   Trust – in the coaches and the club, we have
    your children’s best interests at heart and in
   Respect – coach judgements
   Value – learning over results
   Watch – the website for information
   Volunteer help – if you feel able

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