Advisory_Board_Planning by ScoreSMB


									The keys to creating a valuable advisory board are to:
1) identify skills/advice you require and 2) identify candidates that meet targeted needs and clearly outlining expectations and honorarium if any.

Advisory Boards are often unpaid. If you offer an honorarium, make it clear in a letter up front what it is and if it is one time or not. Note the value.
Some candidates may want to assist you, but may not be able to accept an honorarium due to their firm's rules, which is fine.

Candidate Name          Expertise                  Candidate's Expertise          Community Connections                Meeting Availablity         Willing to Sign

                        You Seek                   Skills & Experience            Potential for Introductions                                      Non-Disclosure/Non Compete
Insert Name             Insert Your Expectation    Add candidate's key skills     Add candidate's key contacts         Example: 1 face-to-face This must be a yes
                                                                                  eg. Potential vendors                and 2 calls per year
                                                                                  eg. Potential referrals

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