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									                         Title III Learning Experience
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                              Assessment Plan | Student Work | Reflection

LE Title: PowerPoint Product Adverti sing              Author(s): Penny P. Simons
Grade Level: 7        Grade                            School: Hammond

Topic/Subject Area: Technology                         School Addre ss: 51 S. Main St., Hammond,
                                                       NY 13646

Email:                            School Phone/Fax: ph: 315-324-5931 fax:

                                   LEARNING CONTEXT
                                Purpose or Focus of Experience
This Learning Experience is a supplement to the learning unit “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”.
In the learning unit students were to research and develop a product idea. Students will be selling
their product idea to a company to buy and produce. Students will use Microsoft PowerPoint to
develop an advertising campaign to be presented to an audience representing a fictitious
                              CONNECTION TO STANDARDS

MST #5 Students will apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, use and
evaluate products and systems to satisfy human and environmental needs
Key Idea #3: Computers, as tools for design, modeling, information processing,
communication, and system control, have greatly increased human productivity and knowledge.
♦ Students will use the computer as a tool for generating and drawing ideas.

                                  ESSENTIAL QUESTION
    1.      Why are companies always looking for new products?
    2.      What are some new products or changes in products from the past five years?
    3.      How do you think a company gets new ideas?

             DECLARATIVE                                             PROCEDURAL
        The Student will be able to:                            The Student will be able to:
Define Advertising                                    Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation
                                                      of graphic communication systems through
                                                      creative and technical developmental activities.
Name three ways of selling products.                  Develop basic skills and knowledge necessary
                                                      to create graphic messages as advertising
                (Chronologically ordered description of all teacher & student activities and interactions.)

Day 1: Students will have already made a product from the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”
learning unit. They will take their idea and make an outline for a PowerPoint slide show.
Days 2-4: After the student’s outline for the teacher has been approved, they will work in the
computer lab on their PowerPoint slide show. Students will have a mockup already made of their
product idea from the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” project. They will use the digital camera
to take a picture of their mockup and insert into their PowerPoint slide show.
Day 5: Students will pretend that the class and the Teacher represent a large company looking
for new product ideas. They will be salesman for their idea presenting a PowerPoint slide show
of their product. Using their PowerPoint slide show they will try to convince us to purchase their
product idea for production and sales of the product.

Learning disabled students should have no problems with this learning experience. Teachers may
allow for extra time to do the activity. Advanced or gifted students may be available when
finished to assist other students.

                                           TIME REQUIRED
This project should take approximately 5 days. 4 of the days will be in the computer lab. One
day in the classroom will be for students to prepare an outline for their PowerPoint presentation.

Students will use the computer lab and classroom. Students will have available, a computer with
Microsoft PowerPoint installed. When they are ready to do their presentation, they will use a
computer hooked to a large monitor for public viewing. Students will learn to use a digital
camera and import their picture into PowerPoint.

                                        ASSESSMENT PLAN
                                      (Include samples of rubrics, checkl ists, etc.)

Score                4                           3                           2                          1
Presenter            Dress in                    Attire may lack             Wearing clothes            Did not wear
Appearance           appropriate                 some style, shoes           that aren’t neat           appropriate
                     Business Style              are slightly dirty.         or in style.               clothing for a
                     Clothing, Clean             May need some               Shoes are a bit            business
                     and neat looking,           more styling to             scuffed and dirty.         interview. Not
                     hair is styled,             their hair.                 Some                       wearing
                     shoes are                                               improvements in            appropriate shoes
                     polished                                                grooming                   (sneakers) is not
                                                                             necessary.                 clean or neat
Product idea         Is an original              Idea may be ok.             Idea is a bit far          Student did not
                     idea, would be a            Pricing may be a            fetched. May be            come up with an
                    product that              bit too high or           hard to sell in a         original idea.
                    people want to            too low. May              real market.              Pricing of this
                    buy. Is priced            not sell in high          Pricing is                product was
                    appropriately. Is         volumes.                  inappropriate.            outrageous.
Power Point         There are no              Very few                  Numerous                  Many spelling or
Presentation        spelling or               spelling or               spelling or               grammar errors.
                    grammar errors.           grammar errors.           grammar errors.           Students displays
                    Students                  Students could            Students did not          very little
                    presentation is           have added a few          make a very               knowledge in the
                    professional              bits of                   convincing                use of this
                    looking, shows            information that          presentation.             software. Lacks
                    excellent                 would make their          Could have                any graphics or
                    knowledge in the          presentation              added more                animation to
                    use of this               more appealing.           graphics to make          make it
                    software. The             Product idea is           it appealing.             appealing.
                    presentation is           good, might               Should have               Product idea
                    very appealing            consider                  added more                would not sell at
                    and product               purchasing it.            information the           all. Company
                    presented in a            Shows enough              sell their product        would not buy
                    way that                  knowledge in the          idea. Idea might          this product.
                    convinces you to          use of this               sell but a great
                    buy it.                   software.                 possibility that it
                                                                        wouldn’t sell and
                                                                        company could
                                                                        lose money.

4 = Excellent, 3 = Very Good, 2 = Satisfactory, 1 = Unsatisfactory

                                         STUDENT WORK
                     (Include samples of student work showing different levels of performance.)

This learning experience was developed in order for students to apply their knowledge of the use
of Microsoft PowerPoint in a real life situation. Students could see how businesses would use
this software in way to make a public presentation. The students enjoyed the project very much.
I would make sure that the Learning Unit “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” was done first and
then this project. It would make more sense to them and they would have a product idea and
mockup already to use with this software. I would require that all students use the digital camera
to take a picture of their mockup and put in their PowerPoint presentation. Some students took
pictures off the Internet to represent their product idea, but the actual photo of their mockup was a
better representation of their product idea.

--------------------------------------------------------------- Student worksheet ------------------

                                    PowerPoint Slideshow Outline
Name ____________________________________________________

1st page: Title page: (What is the name of your product? What is the name of your
company?) * You may want to include your picture of the mockup on this page

2nd page: Features page: (What are some basic features of your product?)

3rd page: Price and Where to buy page (include price, where you might eventually
purchase this product)

4th page: Additional selling features of your product?
5th page: not necessary but if you want to add more information on this page please use it.

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