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What is Creativity?
"Bringing into being an idea, a solution or a thing that can an add value to a person, organization or society"

Creativity vs. Innovation
 Creativity

– Original Fresh/Novel Ideas which were nonexistent before.

 Innovation

- Improvement/Modification which makes an original idea Better.

Business Creativity
Generating ideas and solutions which can provide competitive advantage to the organization. This ability is unique. It can be learned, developed and acquired by training. We call it Business Creativity.


Even if you are not "A Creative" (artist, designer, musician etc.), you are a creative person. Probably -assuredly in fact -- far more creative than you think. All people should work toward tapping into their creative abilities and unleashing their imaginations. Why? I think Brenda Ueland (1891-1985) puts it best:


"First because it is impossible that you have *no* creative gift. Second: the only way to make it live and increase is to use it. Third: you cannot be sure that it is not a *great* gift."


Six Thinking Hats by

Dr Edward de Bono

The main purposes of using Six Thinking Hats are:
 Focus

and improve the thinking process creative, parallel and lateral

 Encourage

 Improve
 Speed


up decision making

The main purposes of using Six Thinking Hats are:

Hold critical meetings without emotions or egos making bad decisions


Maximize and organize each person’s thoughts and ideas Get to the right solution quickly and with a shared vision
Avoid debate



The Six Thinking Hats

Golden Rules of Creativity
1. Adopt a 'set to break sets' Drive to break fixed patterns and mind-sets

2. Explore the 'givens' Re-examine your assumptions

Golden Rules of Creativity
3. Broad picture, local detail

Look at the bigger picture as well as 'zooming in'
4. Value play

We learned rapidly like this as children.

Golden Rules of Creativity
5. Build up, don't knock down Say 'yes and..' not 'yes but…'.

6. Live with looseness Allow a degree of ambiguity or uncertainty.

Golden Rules of Creativity
7. It is already there - nurture it Remove the barriers and let it flourish.

8. Involve others Help develop each other's half-formed ideas.

Golden Rules of Creativity
9. Connect and be receptive Be open to idea triggers from elsewhere.

10. Know what you really want Be clear about motivation and content.

Tips to company's creativity
1. Mission statement

2. Experiment with techniques.

3. Creative exercise.

Tips to company's creativity
4. Study creativity.


New input.


Step out of tension.

Tips to keep your ideas fresh and put you on the road to success
1. Power up.

2. Goals

3. Employees ideas

Tips to keep your ideas fresh and put you on the road to success
4. Customers ideas

5. Technology

6. Beat burnout


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