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2009 Season Dear Prospective Sponsor: We would like your company to consider being a sponsor for the 7-on-7 Passing Football League in its inaugural season. In order to make this a success, local businesses such as yours is critical to the development of our program as we strive to create a positive, safe, friendly environment to our participants and your potential and existing customers. There is an unlimited array of options to have your business recognized by new customers and inspire current patrons through your involvement. The economy is financially despondent, but companies now more than ever need to consider innovative options in promoting to prospective customers, increasing revenue streams, reducing advertising cost by maximizing community outreach, and improving a positive image of their support for youth programs. Your sponsorship will extend longer than the 15-week season, but soon as your sponsorship begins it will help the league, the student-athletes, parents, coaches, the community, and your business. Sponsorship Benefits
As a sponsor, you will have the ability to have your logo posted prominently on the League website and we can also hyperlink directly to your own organization website so that traffic is being driven directly to YOU! The League website is updated with weekly standings, schedules and game results so you can track how well the teams you are sponsoring is doing on the field! All teams are required to have matching jerseys so as a Sponsor; you may be able to have your logo included on all jerseys or on one team if you desire to sponsor a team. You’re also available to sponsor the conferences of division of teams for more exposure which include exclusive naming rights to a particular conference. As a financial sponsor, should your team be lucky enough to take home the Championship trophy, a replica trophy can be made available to you to proudly display at your company. Positive recognition as a sponsor and community support of youth sports in Philadelphia.

The 3 divisions are middle school (16 teams) and high school - varsity (20) and the college (14). We are also planning a Mother’s Day game of women only 7-on-7 PFL on May 10th and also a Father’s & Son’s Challenge on June 21st. Teams will have identification cards made that could prominently display a sponsor logo as well. The registration/fundraising costs incurred by the teams cover fees for referees and security; however, sponsorship is required to face costs associated with field rental, uniforms, marketing, etc. Of course, any financial contribution is necessary, we will also accept in-kind contribution and volunteerism is equally important. To discuss your company’s advertising opportunity, contact PSTC today to schedule an appointment or to explore a variety of options of exposure as we promote the league and your products or service. Yours in Training,

Maine Prince Founder & Commissioner

History of the Passing Football League
The concept of the PFL was created by Maine Prince, graduate from Penn State University, who was frustrated by the lack of resources for student-athletes to continue working on their skill in the offseason. In college football, spring practice concludes to the Intrasquad Scrimmage or the Spring Football Game. But in high school there is no spring football game due to rules and regulations. As former Assistant Head Football Coach at Rockford Christian High School outside of Chicago, IL and Director of Football Operations and Wide Receiver Coach at Rockford College, Prince knew that coaches from serious football towns across the country instill off-season football training all year around. If high school student-athletes could have spring football, they would continue to improve their football skills. Combining practice of football skills with a professional and organized strength and conditioning program will develop student-athletes for the demands that football places on the body during the competitive season. Through canvassing coaches from across the country that participate in 7-on-7 tournaments and talking with college coaches about recruiting opportunities, Prince learned that the only scouting opportunities available to high school athletes are combines, which are both limited and costly. For this reason, Prince created the 7-on-7 Passing Football League during the spring season, as now coaches have additional opportunities to scout players. Unlike traditional 7-on7 tournaments, in 2007 Prince decided to organize his league to include lineman, so they could also be part of the action. The 7-on-7 format benefits lineman as much as it benefits quarterbacks, wide receivers, linebackers and defensive backs. Linemen have the opportunity to work on their passing blocking and pass rushing techniques, which will develop their athleticism. Quarterbacks are able to have an open field to see defensive formations and find receivers faster. Receivers can further develop their route running ability and practice catching the football. Linebackers can work on covering running backs going into pass routes and blitzing from different angles on the field. Defensive backs have the opportunity to read the quarterback and cover receivers. Just to participate, all student-athletes must have a 2.0 grade point average. Although a 2.0 GPA is not mandatory in some school districts, it is required for college enrollment at 99% of the schools in the country. Raising the academic integrity of the players gives them recognition and reward for good grades. The league is designed to help football players help themselves. Not only did Prince want to give football players an opportunity to play spring football, but he also wanted to give back to the community and the schools for participating. The $1,000 Grand Prize is given to the Athletic Department of the National Champion and other awards are given to individual players at the end of the season. All teams must perform 2 mandatory clean-ups for community service during the season. By giving back to the school and the community, players gain a sense of self-worth in helping those less fortunate. Maine Prince and his wife Justina Prince reside in Philadelphia, PA. Maine’s younger brother Aaron Princes is a linebacker at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and his mother is also at the school as the VP & Director of the African-American Cultural Center. Justina is the daughter of Marlene and Tony Bria; her oldest sister, Jennifer Straight is an attorney from Pace University; younger brother, Tony Bria is a former running back at Kutztown University; and younger sister, Jeanine Bria is a former soccer player at Kutztown University. A passion for sports is more than a family trait, academics is just as important!

7 on 7 Passing League
This is the ultimate opportunity to improve your skills as an offensive or defensive player, while also providing organized competition. Teams can be organized with their school or individually to obtain the minimum 20 squad members. There are 3 divisions for this coming year: middle school, high school, and the college division. All playing under the same rules as required by the PFL. The mission is to provide student-athletes in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) with their school an opportunity to play their skilled position and increase stamina through continuous sportsspecific training. The goal is to encourage student-athletes to maintain progression on their grades and motivate them to want to pursue a college degree at the end of their high school career. This is a league, and not just a tournament, which means teams are guaranteed 10 games and 1 playoff game over a 15-week period every Saturday starting May 2nd through July 4th. Wild Card Playoffs start on July 4th and the top 2 teams in each division will be given an automatic bye. The $1000 Grand Prize goes towards the creation and development of a booster club at the school for football. The top 8 teams will also receive a financial contribution to begin a booster club at their school up to $500 per team. The 7 on 7 Passing League rules must be read and understood. Upon completing your team registration forms, each member must have completed an insurance waiver, athletic profile, and league rule understanding. The following positions are suggested but not all inclusive; however, teams must have at least one offensive lineman (center) and one defensive lineman (nose guard) on the field at all times.

Defensive Positions
Free Safety Strong Safety Cornerback Linebacker Defensive Lineman Center Quarterback Fullback Running Back Linebacker Cornerback

Wide Receiver

Tight End

Split End

Offensive Positions Cost
We are encouraging all teams to participate in the fundraising campaign to cover the costs of the registration fees for each team. There is a personal fundraising goal and a team fundraising goal that is accomplished through our exclusive campaign. If the fundraising team goal is not reached, then the players on the team must cover the balance. For more details, make sure to contact our office to receive your Fundraising Packet. Each team will be assigned a fundraising coordinator to help facilitate.

Advertising Demographics
There are various opportunities for your business to get involved in this one of a kind advertising event for the Passing Football League. We will have approximately 50 teams and 1,000 players participating; with each player will have at least one parent and/or an adult guardian that helps guide the studentathletes along the way of life. There is also the college division ages 18 - 23. We expect to reach out to over 20,000 adults directly involved in a student-athletes life. Throughout the Philadelphia School District, there are 80 high schools (including private schools and charter schools) and 42 middle schools, which present you with extremely high volumes of marketing opportunities to get your business known throughout the community and expand to other cities/states in the tri-state area for customer prospects. We realize that you may have a limited budget or no budget at all, for marketing, but consider advertising and promoting your business while assisting in the development of local youth. Your direct financial contribution will guarantee that student-athletes will have a safe and positive environment to display their talents. Participation also serves as a reward for good academic standings. Contact PSTC to offer your ideas in ways you would like to see your business recognized and supporting our youth.

7-on-7 League Budget
As you can see from the budget, there is an essential amount of capital needed to operate this league successfully and in a safe environment for participants, fans, and patrons of sponsors. Your financial contribution can be in whole or in part, but at least you can see how the money will be distributed to reduce the cost of expenses. We expect 1,000 – 5,000 fans to attend the games all played at the South Philadelphia Sports Complex – Supersite, operated by the School District of Philadelphia, located at 10th Street & Bigler Avenue.

Marketing Sponsorships Fundraising Registrations College High School - Varsity Middle School Sub Total $75,000 $30,000 $12,000 $20,000 $16,000 $155,000 $50,000 $15,000 $40,000 $15,000 $10,000 $20,000 $150,000 $5,000

Field Rental Security Referee's Marketing Insurance T-Shirts Sub Total Net Profit

Advertising Menu Options Premium Sponsor $50,000 Platinum Sponsor $25,000 Game Day Sponsor $10,000
Supporting Sponsor $5,000
Exclusive Naming Rights of the League all season for 15-weeks Ex: “Your company” presents the 7-on-7 Passing Football League All categories listed below are included at this level of sponsorship, including Interview banner for post game interview of players/coaches for Webcast Presentation and naming of Championship Trophy at the All-Star Game Billboard banner 14’ x 25’ on I-95 or I-76 for 24-weeks with your company Exclusivity on competitors products or services throughout the season Announcements during all games (20 announcements each game) Logo on T-shirts, Schedule board, all promotional marketing materials Website link on Official PFL Website with a column banner (210x600 px) Official sponsor of an entire division or conference Full Color Banner 4’ x 10’ placed in the end zone on both end of main field Inclusion on advertising through newspaper media partner for entire season Billboard banner 14’ x 25’ on I-95 or I-76 for 16-weeks with your company Invited to host post game social at Chickie’s and Pete in South Philadelphia Announcements during all games (20 announcements each game) Logo on all promotional marketing materials throughout game day Includes giveaways for fans, players, and coaches Full Color Banner 4’ x 10’ placed in the end zone on both end of main field Billboard banner 14’ x 25’ on I-95 or I-76 for 4-weeks with your company Featured sponsor in newspaper on PFL guide in local newspaper Announcements during all games (20 announcements on game day) Logo on all promotional marketing materials Full Color Banner 4’ x 10’ placed strategically inside the stadium Includes 20 season tickets, 5 field passes, 1 table at banquet Announcements during all games (10 announcements each game) Logo exclusivity on T-shirts for sponsoring one team in any division Includes a website link and banner for the teams webpage Full Color Banner (3’ x 8’) placed at the field and the team’s hospitality tent Announcements during team games (10 announcements each game)

Team Sponsor $2,500
$200 - $500 $1,000 $500 $500 - $2,000 $300 $300 - $3,000 $1,000 - $5,000

Ala Carte Options
Logo on t-shirt, select promotional items,etc. Halftime sponsor announcements presenting statistics from assigned game Company logo and banner in game day media guide on team rosters Full Color Banner Advertisements (2’ x 4’ / 2’ x 6 / 2’ x 8’ / 3’ x 6 / 3’ x 8’) Inclusion on additional email blasts sent to over 20,000 confirmed addresses Website banner and link on official webpage (weekly or the season) Advertisement on radio/television commercials with tagline of PFL Games

Each sponsorship level above includes the category prior unless otherwise stated for specific items. For season banners or programs, deadline is March 31st. Your company may barter/trade up to 50% of costs or negotiated payment terms throughout the season (up to 4 months). For customized promotional packages, donations, or more information, contact the office at Philadelphia Sports Training Center via telephone at 267-940-PSTC or via email at

Why should our company advertise for a youth sports league?


We will have 50 teams - approximately 1,000 participants from various backgrounds and economical environments, your company will be able to reach out to new prospective customers and to facilitate word of mouth advertising from current customers and billboard locations on the major highways in and around the game site location. The intrinsic value is that you would be assisting in the development of middle school and high school student-athletes in the Philadelphia area that must meet minimum requirements for participation in the Passing Football League.

What are the participant requirements and how does that benefit our company?
The PIAA requires student-athletes to have a mere 1.74 GPA, but to be able to register to be recruited by colleges in the NCAA a student-athlete in their senior year must have a 2.0 GPA which is also the requirements of the PFL. The goal of the league is to promote graduation from high school and attend college at any university/college in the country. All players and coaches must perform two community service clean-ups or volunteer activities during the season. This benefits your company because of the expected media coverage and the additional publicity of the league also supported by your company.

Our fiscal year budget for marketing has been set for 2009, what do we do?
There are many alternatives that you could maximize your marketing budget by providing half-monetary and half product / service donation throughout the season. If you could provide your product or services at cost, then we could coordinate a value that could be purchased by the consumers that would go towards your financial contribution towards the level sponsorship that you would like to utilize. To be able to market in the areas that we exclusive rights to would cost $10,000 plus per month for a billboard and with the combination of supporting the league, you would be getting that for a fraction of the cost.

When does payment need to be made for marketing sponsorship?
Your company’s full payment is appreciated upon signing of contracts because it is used to cover operating costs including field rental, marketing, referees, etc. A minimum of 50% deposit at the signing of the contracts and the remaining balance can be paid in equal payments weekly or monthly up to 4 months, prior to the end of the 15-week season. There is an interest charge of 25% of the remaining balance. You may pay by company check, personal check (if sole proprietor), or by credit card. There is a 7% finance charge for all credit card payments for each charge accepted by PayPal only.

What other options are there to support the league as a company/organization?
Although financial contributions will reduce costs associated with normal expenses, we are always open to company-wide volunteerism for each game day. Positions such as statistician, field markers, field set up, hospitality tent for players and coaches, concessions, field coordinators, photographers, Videographer, promotions, ticket takers, and various other volunteer that companies can help by way of giving back and providing community service to help the game day operations run smooth.

Are there any other events that are available for marketing opportunities?
Yes, there are various events that we plan for promotion of the league, promotion of Education & Sports, and social events. Your company can build a long-lasting relationship with the PFL as we work to empower student-athletes and encourage them to graduate high school and move on to college. Check our upcoming events schedule on the following page for event program and titles.

January 2nd January 5th January 5th January 8th January 10th January 31st February 4th February 7th February 14th February 21st February 28th February 28th March 2nd March 7th March 14th March 15th March 28th April 1st April 4th April 11th April 27th May 2nd May 9th June 6th June 13th June 20th June 21st June 22nd July 1st July 4th July 11th July 18th July 31st August 1st August 8th August 17th

Early Pre-Registration Begins Fundraising Campaign Begins Winter II Sports Training begins at PSTC Press-Conference for 2009 Season PFL Team Captains & Coaches Meeting College Recruiting Seminar – Delaware County National Letter of Intent signing period until April 1st PFL Team Captains & Coaches Meeting Speed Training Seminar for Coaches at PSTC Coaches Beef-N-Beer @ The Field House Sports Bar Fundraising Campaign Deadline College Football Recruiting Fair & Combine at PSTC Spring I Sports Training begins at PSTC PFL Team Captains & Coaches Meeting Speed Training Seminar for Coaches at PSTC Early Registration Ends Marketing Sponsorships Contracts due for immediate production Registrations Ends for all teams PFL Team Captains & Coaches Meeting Speed Training Seminar for Coaches at PSTC Spring II Sports Training begins at PSTC PFL Season begins for all divisions Mother’s Day Women only PFL tournament SAT College Admission Test ACT College Admission Test Father & Son PFL Challenge PSTC Golf Outing at Cobb’s Creek Golf Course Summer Sports Training begins at PSTC All-Star Voting Begins Wild Card Playoffs Begin First Round of Playoffs Second Round of Playoffs All-Star Voting Ends Championship Games – All Divisions All-Star Game – All Divisions High School Pre-Season begins

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