Mar Vel International Registration Form

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					Address: 7100 Airport Hwy
          Pennsauken, NJ 08109
Phone:     856-488-4499
Fax:       856-488-4343
Toll Free: 800-325-5711

                                         Prime Vendor
                                   Customer Profile Information
 Primary Buyer’s Name:

 Name of Organization:
                                                                                                      ( MAR-VEL Use Only )
 Organization’s Address:                                                                                Prime Vendor’s
                                                                                                         Internal ID #
 Billing Address
 (if different from above):

 Phone Number:                                Fax Number:

 Email Address:

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 Credit Card Number:

 Expiration Date:                                           Credit Card Type

 Name of Authorized User:                                         Signature:
                                        Official Government Website Access Information

 User Name/Login:             Your login will be your Email Address. Once we receive this Prime Vendor Customer Profile
                              Form we will contact you via Email with your password which you may change after login.

    Milstrip Registration (DOD use only)

                                             FAX: 856-488-4343