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                                        REPORT                                               September 2000

                                           PRESIDENT'S REPORT

In the good old days, you could          The summer period also saw              A solid review of the work was
usually count on Ottawa being a          much activity on the CAR 308            undertaken and we are looking
relatively quiet place during the        issue and the beginning of a            forward to the results of the
summer months. Well, not this            review of the Aeronautics Act           study at the AGM. Many thanks
year. ATAC has been working              and the Canadian Transport-             to Jim Glass and others who
hard on a number of issues               ation Agency (CTA). On CAR 308,         helped make the Saskatoon
throughout the summer and it             the proposed regulation was             meeting a success.
looks like this fall will be a very      much improved from previous
busy time. Airport cost concerns         versions but they are still             I started off by saying that this
have remained high on the                expensive. We are continuing            fall will be busy. Just to touch
priority list. We have joined with a     to try to modify them and to            on some of the key things we
large number of other businesses         ensure that they are not a              believe will come up.           The
and consumer groups to form              financial burden      on local          Aeronautics Act and the CTA
the Coalition of Concerned Air-          operators. The reviews of the           Review will be in full swing. We
port Users (CCAU) to try to              two pieces of legislation are           expect some major movement
improve our ability to educate           very important. If you have any         on airport issues which could
and influence the politicians and        concerns or interest please let         include some new legislation.
others about the absolutely criti-       us know. Warren Everson is              Parliament will be very busy
cal requirements to get airport          leading the effort on the CTA.          with possible hearings on
costs (especially rents at larger        Fred Jones is the lead on the           passenger service issues and
airports) under control and to           Aeronautics Act with both Glenn         other matters. Also we will be
ensure the financial viability of        Priestley and Les Aalders pro-          participating in pre-budget con-
smaller airports. Also, over the         viding support.                         sultations where ATAC will
summer,         the     government                                               emphasize the issues of airport
announced the appointment of a                   Your Board met in Saskatoon in  costs, fuel tax and GST
Complaints Commissioner and                      early August. It was a great    problems. These are just a few
a Transitional Advisor. ATAC                     opportunity to meet a number of of the many issues that are on
will work with these officials and               key government and business     the agenda. Also, we are in full
others as the provisions of Bill                 leaders in Saskatchewan as      swing preparing for the AGM
C-26 are implemented.                            well as talk to the local media.and Trade Show in Vancouver
                                                 The Board had a full day review-on November 12-14. It promises
                                                 ing next year's business plan   to be a great event. If you have
                                                                   and budget andnot already registered I would
New Members .................................................... 2
                                                                   dealing with aencourage you to do so soon.
Flight Operations Report .................................... 3    number of the The boat cruise has limited
Annual Meeting Update (with meeting agendas) ....... 5                           capacity and hotel space is
                                                                   issues I have men-
FAA Aviation Conference .................................... 7                   going fast. Looks like it will be a
                                                                   tioned earlier. The
Airport/Security Report ..................................... 8    Steering Com- great time and fun as well. If you
Coalition of Airport Users/Immigration/Tax ........ 9              mittee for theneed more information please
Engineering & Maintenance Report ................... 10
Air Taxi/Flight Training Report ......................... 12       HRDC study on contact us.
Adventures in Aviation .................................... 13     pilot      require-
Carrier Enforcement Cases............................... 14        ments also met See you all in November and
More AGM Information..........................Back Page            at the same time.   have a safe and prosperous fall.
ATAC                                      New         Members
ATAC is pleased to welcome our newest members, which brings our total membership to 328. We
now have 190 Operator Members, 128 Associate Members and 10 Affiliate Members. Our new
members are:

OPERATORS                                       Pacific Professional Visual Flight Training
                                                Boundary Bay Airport
                                                4400 72nd Street, Unit 62
CIFAM Inc.                                      Delta, BC V4K 5B3
(Mirabel International Flight Training)         Tel: 604-952-4635
11955 Cargo A-6                                 Fax: 604-952-4600
Edifice D, Suite 214
                                                Mr. Mark Stierli
Aéroport Mirabel                                Operations Manager
Mirabel, QC J7N 1G3
Tel: 450-476-0101                               Flight Training
Fax: 450-476-0505
Ms. Houria Senous                               ASSOCIATES
Flight Training                                 Algonquin College
                                                315 Pembroke Street East
Elevation 200 Inc.                              Pembroke, ON K8A 3L4
460 Albert Street                               Tel: 613-735-4706
Hawkesbury, ON L6A 3J9                          Fax: 613-735-4739
Tel: 613-737-1047                               Mr. Kent MacDonald
Fax: 613-632-1530                               Manager, Business & Technology Programs
Mr. Pierre Sampson                              Post Secondary Training
Flight Training                                 Department of National Defence
                                                400 Cumberland
Helicopters Canada Flight Training              Ottawa, ON K1N 8X3
School and Charter                              Tel: 613-991-9638
P.O. Box 21016                                  Fax: 613-998-7102
North Bay Airport - Terminal Building           Major M.J. Donaghy
North Bay, ON P1B 9N8                           DAEPM (TH)
Tel: 705-494-4354
Fax: 705-498-9721                               Saskatchewan Institute of Applied
Mr. Bruce Bishop                                Science and Technology
Marketing Director                              SIAST Kelsey Campus
Helicopter Flight School and Charter            P.O. Box 1520
                                                Saskatoon, SK S7K 3R5
Kenn Borek Air Ltd.                             Tel: 306-933-8057
290 McTavish Road N.E.                          Fax: 306-933-6156
Calgary, AB T2E 7G5                             Mr. Gord Vaxvick
Tel: 403-291-3300                               Training Consultant
Fax: 403-250-6908                               Training Institute
Mr. Stephen Penikett
General Manager                                 AFFILIATE
                                                Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
Okanagan Aviation Services Ltd.                 1001 - 75 Albert Street
6200 Tronson Road                               Ottawa, ON K1P 5E7
Vernon, BC V1H 1N5                              Tel: 613-236-4901
Tel: 250-549-5221                               Fax: 613-236-8646
Fax: 250-549-5268                               Mr. Kevin Psutka
Mr. Stephen Drinkwater                          President and CEO
President                                       Association
Flight School/S.E. Charter Operator

ATAC                                    Flight Operations

SIRO/LAHSO Discussions                       their request for two Missed         were addressed recently by a
Concluded: Regulatory Action                 Approach Procedures on SIRO          Working Group composed of
Imminent                                     runways ―at risk‖ (one for           labour and industry:
                                             single runway ops, and the
ATAC recently participated in an             other for SIRO hold-short land-       The absence of a specific
intensive   three-day    Working             ings).                                 regulatory requirement to
Group on the subject of Simul- 4.            Wet Runways – ALPA wanted              ensure that flight crews and
taneous Intersecting Runway                  a ban on wet SIRO until there is       cabin crews can communicate
Operations (SIRO).                           equipment that can measure             effectively with one another
                                             and correlate wet friction to          in the same language
The Working Group was struck to              aircraft performance. The fifteen     The absence of a specific
examine Canadian SIRO issues                 knot crosswind on wet runways          regulatory requirement for
surrounding this issue, against              was unchanged. There was               operational employees to
new American rules on this sub-              consensus to request TC to             comprehend the language
ject.    A Notice of Pro posed               develop equipment that would           used in the parts of their
Amendment (NPA) on this subject              give accurate CRFI in all              Approved Company Opera-
tabled by Transport Canada in                runway conditions, but particu-        tions Manual which relate to
June’s Part VIII (ANS & Airspace)            larly on wet runways.                  their duties and responsi-
Technical Committee was also 5.              Stop Groups – ALPA wanted              bilities.
specifically considered.                     existing Stop Groups or fac-
                                             tored landing distance plus          The Working Group recommen-
Participating on the Working                 1000’, whichever was greater,        ded that on the first issue, a
Group were a number of operator-             however, the consensus was           specific regulatory amendment
members as well as representatives           to leave the existing SIRO stop      was not required, however, on the
from ACPA, CBAA, ALPA, COPA,                 groups unchanged.                    second issue a number of
NAV CANADA and Transport 6.                  Lighting, Signage, Marking –         amendments to Part VII of the
Canada. Notwithstanding our very             Operational trial recommended        CARs will be proposed which will
safe SIRO record in Canada,                  for hold short wing bars.            ensure that all employees under-
there was agreement on the need              Initial trials by TC appeared        stand the relevant sections of the
for regulatory change, since the             promising. Signage and marking       Ops Manual. The amendments
practice is managed currently                issues under discussion were         will ensure that the operator is
through NAV policy.      Set out             deferred until the results from      provided with considerable flexibi-
below is a short summary of the              the trials are in.                   lity when determining how to
technical issues discussed:        7.        Tailwind component – The 3           ensure that an employee under-
                                             kts limit remains unchanged.         stands the document, and what
1. Training – mandatory briefing        8.   Vertical Guidance on the hold        action may be taken in the event
   for PPL, CPL students in train-           short runway – Consensus             that language comprehension is
   ing, and at initial and annual            on daytime and nighttime man-        lacking.
   training for 703/4/5/ 604 pilots          datory visual or electronic
2. Solo Student SIRO Ban –                   guidance. ALPA wanted visual         Concerns from industry centred
   ATAC       reserved    comment            vertical guidance at night, as a     on the potential requirement for
   pending a more thorough                   minimum. A glideslope alone          mandatory pre-hire language
   examination of NAV’s incident             was not good enough. These           training, designated English-only/
   system. A 10-year review of               would be drafted as Part III         French-only flights, and the
   CADORS did not support a                  (Airport) requirements rather        potential requirement to produce
   solo student pilot SIRO ban.              than operator or aircraft require-   the Operations Manuals and
   There was support for a ban               ment. That is, the LAHSO air-        related documentation in both
   from CBAA, ACPA and ALPA                  port would be required to have       official languages at the request
3. Rejected Landing Proce-                   vertical guidance available.         of a single employee.
   dures – No support for an
   ALPA/ACPA request for TC to          AT AC Concludes Discussions        Also under discussion by the
   use computer modeling of             on Common Language                 Working Group is a prospective
   Canadian SIRO geometry (to                                              requirement for Transport Canada
   determine where a balked             Transport Canada has identified to      approve      second     official
   landing against a take-off           potential problems with respect to language manuals produced at
   could potentially conflict) or for   the following language issues that the option of the air operator.

New AEIS Standards                 taken a review of the Aeronautics       centage of the hull value. Again,
Published in Gazette I             Act, and has recently opened the        ATAC had concerns over the
                                   consultation process to interested      applicability of the draft rule to
On August 22 ATAC submitted its parties. ATAC has made oral and            older aircraft that may only be in
final comments on the new Emer- written submissions on changes             service for a short period of time.
gency     Response     regulations proposed by TC, and will be             ATAC also called for a lengthy
applicable to Non-Designated making further written sub-                   phase-in requirement for the rule
Airports.   The new rules will missions following on further               since the proposed compliance
impose new staffing, equipment, research and consultation with             period for the proposed rule
and response-time requirements on members.                                 coincided with the American FAR,
many of Canada’s smaller air-                                              and the availability of equipment
ports.                             Transport Canada Publishing             is likely to be an issue.
                                       Corporate Offenders Names
In cooperation with the Canadian       on the Web                          Noise Checklist Discussions
Airports Council, ATAC made                                                Heating Up
extensive written submissions to   Over the objections of ATAC,
Transport Canada, over a one-      Transport      Canada      is    now    In response to concerns raised
year      period,   through      six
                                   publishing the names of corporate       with TC by ATAC, a Working
successive drafts of the new       offenders on the Transport              Group tasked with an examination
regulations.      The Association  Canada web site.          The new       of the Noise Abatement Checklist
believes that the new regulations, policy, which came into effect a        (see the A.I.P. RAC 4.2.1) has
even in their current form will notcouple of months ago, applies to        been formed. The group, com-
significantly enhance safety, at a noise violations, as well as safety     posed principally of airports,
considerable cost to the travellingviolations, and even extends            operators, and Transport Canada
public.                            retroactively to violations which       personnel has met twice and will
                                   took     place     prior    to    the   be focusing principally on the
The prospective cost of the new implementation of the new policy.          issues that must be considered by
rules has been reduced from                                                an airport Noise Management
$45M start-up costs and $33M Canadian TAWS and ACAS                        Committee before recommending
annual costs across 242 airports Rules Move Forward                        changes to the noise rules. Air
(DRAFT 1) to roughly $15M start-                                           operator concerns have been
up ($12M covered by ACAP), and New Terrain Awareness Warning               heightened recently by a number
$5M annually across 119 airports System (TAWS) and Airborne                of contentious airport proposals
(Gazette I). ATAC’s efforts at the Collision    Avoidance        System    which ATAC believes may impair
Gazette I stage were focused on (ACAS) rules are moving forward            the ability of the operational
securing a floor on the number of through the CARAC process.               community to do business in a
CAR 705 movements over 24 ATAC, while largely supportive of                national and international aviation
metres. Under the terms of the the new rules, as an enhance-               infrastructure.
Gazette I version, four annual ment to system safety, has dis-
movements of a CAR 705-type sented from the proposals on a                 At ATAC’s request, until the
aircraft over 24 meters in length few issues.                              issues under discussion have been
would trigger a requirement for                                            resolved, Transport Canada has
the highest level of AEIS service With respect to ACAS, ATAC has           imposed a moratorium on any
regardless of the traffic levels concerns over the applicability of        contentious changes to the exist-
otherwise at the airport.          the rule to aircraft operating in the   ing noise rules.
                                   north; older aircraft with a limited
Affected airports caught by the service-life; and cargo aircraft.          ANS Efficiencies WG Dealing
Gazette     I version     of the                                           With Service Issues
regulations account for roughly 2- With respect to the proposed
3% of Canada’s total passenger TAWS rule, ATAC had concerns                In response to concerns raised by
volume.                            over the applicability of the rule to   ATAC operators, ATAC and a
                                   smaller 703 and 704 aircraft (six       number of its members are
Aeronautics Act Review             or more passenger seats under           meeting with NAV CANADA to
Underway                           the terms of the proposal) where        address service concerns. The
                                   the cost of the equipment               first two meetings have dealt
Transport Canada has under- represents a significant per-                  principally with establishing the

metrics to gauge the efficiency ofATAC has recommended that the of flight hours without incident.
the existing system over time.    60-minute rule be extended to 90 There is no reason not to extend
Two separate groups are dealing   minutes for all turbine-powered 60 to 90 across Canada.‖
with concerns raised by our       aircraft.
larger, and smaller members                                            Operators and their customers in
since efficiency means different  ATAC’s VP said, ―The 60-minute Atlantic and Northern Canada have
things to different levels of our rule was imple mented to accom- been particularly hard hit by the
membership.                       modate piston and turbine- 60-minute rule owing to local
                                  powered aircraft. An extension to weather, the lack of nearby
Take Off Alternate Rules Under 90 minutes would not erode alternates, and/or a preponder-
Review at AT AC’s Request         safety for today’s turbine aircraft, ance of non-precision approaches,
                                  and would likely enhance it by although concerns from ATAC
In response to concerns raised by providing operators with a better members have recently been
ATAC at June’s Part VII meeting, selection of suitable alternate raised in other parts of the
a review of the current 60-minute airports. The 90-minute rule has country as well.
take off alternate rule is under been trialed successfully in
review by Transport Canada.       Atlantic Canada over thousands

                               ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING UPDATE

We are just th few weeks away          Bombardier Aerospace Regional            Some of the highlights from
from our 66 Annual General             Aircraft, Canadian Transport-            committee meetings scheduled
Meeting which will be held at          ation Agency, Cessna Aircraft            during our conference are as
the Westin Bayshore Hotel,             Company, Commuter Air Tech-              follows:
Vancouver, BC, November 12-            nology Inc., Cryotech Deicing
14, 2000. Registration packages        Technology, Dynamair Aviation            FRED JONES
were mailed in August – if you did     Inc., Embraer Aircraft, Flight-
not receive a copy please call us      safety       Canada          Limited,    Vancouver AGM Flight Ops
immediately at 613-233-7727            Laurentide       Aviation,      NAV      Program NOT to be Missed
(ext. 0) or e-mail       CANADA, Pratt & Whitney
                                                                                For those of you interested in
Our program and registration           Canada, SAAB Aircraft Leasing,
forms can also be downloaded           Seneca College, Sennheiser               catching up on Flight Operations/
                                                                                NAV issues, this year’s Annual
from our website at       (Canada)      Inc., Stephenville
                                       Aviation Services, Tradewind             General Meeting in Vancouver
                                                                                will be worth the trip. The Ops
Don’t forget to send your meeting Scientific           Ltd.,      Transport
registrations to the ATAC office in Canada - Civil Aviation, Vector             meeting will begin at 8:30am
                                                                                through 11:30 am with the NAV
advance – saving time rd and Training Systems
money. Note the October 23 cut-                                                 session following at 2:00 pm
                                                                                through 4:00 pm. These sessions
off date for early bird registration. To reserve a booth please contact
                                       Jill Sooley at Check Six Event           will include a discussion of:
Errata – Bearskin Airlines are Management Corporation – Tel:                     New Standards for Fire Fighting
also offering 75% discount on 613-739-1730, Fax: 613-739-1660                    at Non-Designated Airports
transportation to        our    AGM or e-mail: sooley@checksix.on.               New Certification Standards for
(members only).           This was ca.                                            Canadian Airports under Develop-
omitted from our registration                                                     ment: TP 312
package in August.                     Non-member        Operators       are     New Final TAWS & TCAS Rules
                                       welcome to attend this year’s             Reserve & Time Free from Duty
Tradeshow registration is going Annual Meeting. We hope this                      Changes
very well – the following is a list of will encourage non-members to             New SIRO/LAHSO Rules
confirmed registered companies see the benefits of belonging to                  YYZ Maximum Crosswind Study
at printing time:                      ATAC. Please give us a call if            CAATS and GAATS Up-date
                                       you know of a company that                ANS Efficiencies Working Group
AON Con sulting, ATR Market- would like to take advantage of                     FANS ADS Waypoint Trials
ing, Inc., BAE Systems (for- this offer and we will forward them                 IFR Airspace Restructuring Up-
merly British Aerospace),              the appropriate registration material.     date

 Flight Information Centralization    VOCs (Volatile Organic Com-       will give an update on the ATAC
 RVSM in the NCA/ACA                pounds)                              Group Health Benefit program
                                    Halon phase out                      and how companies can add this
…to name only a few!                CFC phase out                        feature to their compensation
                                    PM (Particulate Matter) and          programs.
A special session on Controlling     Ground Level Ozone (SMOG)
Noise at Canadian Airports is also  Voluntary Challenge Registry         1100-1130 Aircraft Insurance
under development.                   (VCR) participation                  Update
                                    Aviation Industry public percep-
                                     tion regarding environmental         Martin Digby of AON Reed
LES AALDERS                                                               Stenhouse and Manager of
                                     issues                               ATAC’s Flight Training Insurance
Engineering & Maintenance                                                 Program will give an update on
Committee                            Kindly advise Les Aalders at this program as well as an over-
                                     ATAC of any other subjects you view on the insurance industry
 Don Sherritt, Director, TC Main- would like to see addressed.           relative to aviation.
  tenance & Manufacturing
    o Audit procedures               MICHAEL SKROBICA                     1130-1200 Presentation of “Why
    o Foreign Approved Mainte-                                            You Should Fly” Pro Aviation
      nance Organizations            There will be a joint meeting of CDROM Based Safety Inform-
      (FAMO)                         the ATAC Airport Affairs/User ation Package
    o Canada/US BASA status          Charges Committee and the CAC
    o Accountable Executive          Airline Affairs Committee – At last year’s AGM, the ATAC
    o Maintenance Quality and        special speaker will be Mr. Louis Membership endorsed a proposal
      Safety Program                 Ranger, Assistant Deputy Minister for the development of a Pro
    o M&M CARs, Standards,           of Transport, on the subject of Aviation Safety Information Pack-
      and guidance material          Local Airport Authority Lease age. This has now been accom-
      amendments                     Review and Policy Implications.      plished and Steve Barook, the
 Ken Mansfield, Director, TC                                             project manager, will give a
  Aircraft Certification             GLENN PRIESTLEY                      presentation on the CDROM and
    o Airworthiness Directive                                             how to use the information to
      Alternate Means of             Flight Training, Air Taxi &          raise a positive profile of aviation
      Compliance (AMOC)              Marketing Committees                 in Canada.
    o Change Produce Rule
      (CPR)                          Sunday, Nov. 12                      1400-1500 Report on the
    o Aircraft Certification CARs,                                        Sectoral Study of the Human
   Standards, and guidance           0830-0900 Meet and Greet with        Resource Requirements of the
   material amendments               the ATAC President and               Commercial Pilot in Canada
 Airbus and Boeing Presentations Directors
    o Ageing Aircraft Structure
                                                                          This landmark study will be
                                     This is a very popular event that outlined by the contractor KPMG
      and Systems                    kicks the ball into play nicely...we and will provide plenty of food for
    o Technology that will improve
                                     have a special speaker arranged      thought and discussion.
      Reliability, Predictability,
      Analyses and Surveillance      0900-1000 The Bearpit                1500-1600 Simulation Workshop
 Canadian Aviation Maintenance
  Council Update                     ATAC Director and Chair of the A Roundtable discussion on the
 EMC Projects                       Flight Training Committee, Dennis use of simulation in training.
                                     Cooper will give an update on
Environmental Affairs Committee ATAC activities and Convention 1600-1700 Marketing and
                                     Highlights as well as soliciting Promotions Roundtable
 Aircraft Noise Emissions           members comments, complaints A very popular venue that allows
 De-icing Fluids - Mitigation Plans and concerns that need to be members to learn about new
  and Alternative Products and addressed.                                 ideas. Here are some of the
  Services                                                                discussion points:
 Climate Change - Greenhouse 1030-1100 Value of a Group
  Gas (Kyoto Protocol)               Health Benefits Program              o How do we attract more people
 NOx (Nitrogen Oxides)                                                     to our lifestyle?
                                     Tony Conte of AON Consulting o What are the niche markets

o  Developing aviation products- been invited to attend to work with           in Canada to achieve ISO 9001
   what works?                         their industry colleagues to            certification. Pat Kennedy, ATAC
                                       ensure a national understanding         Director and General Manager of
One of the workshops that is and standard.                                     the Pacific Flying Club, will give a
always useful at the ATAC A GM is                                              presentation on the accreditation
the one on marketing. This year, (Note: Concurrent Sessions)                   process required       in     British
members will be voting on where                                                Columbia.
                                       1045-1145 Roundtable Discus-
we want to focus our promotional sion with NAV CANADA
efforts and review the tools that                                              1600-1700 Final Call
we have produced. There will be This will be an opportunity for
a special presentation from the ATAC members to meet with NAV                  Following requests from last
Department of Foreign Affairs and CANA DA officials to discuss                 year’s survey, a last hour get
International Trade on what we system and service issues.                      together of ATAC members to
can do to promote Canadian                                                     review and reflect to see if there
aviation internationally, including 1045-1500 Dangerous Goods                  was anything not discussed or
maintaining an online presence.                                                resolved. This will also be an
                                       and Ground Safety Committee             opportunity for members to
                                       Meetings                                participate in prioritizing ATAC’s
Monday, Nov. 13
                                                                               efforts on behalf of the flight
                                       These two very useful ATAC              training and air taxi industry.
1130 - Announcement of                 committees are meeting at the
Canadian Aviation Innovation           ATAC AGM for the first time to
Awards                                 allow more members to partici-
This Innovation Award program is pate. Issues to be discussed
an important step for the com- include:                                           The FAA (Federal Aviation
mercial general aviation industry. o Dangerous Goods Clear                        Administration) is organiz-
By recognizing our own best                language Legislation                   ing a conference in March
practices as an industry, we o Propane Fuelling Procedures                        2001 and you may wish to
increase awareness of what is o Training Program Development                      include it in your calendar.
being done that is useful to o Public Awareness
promoting our industry and an
awards program helps develop 1400 -1600 Maintenance                               The details are as follows:
pride in our efforts.                  Workshops for Aviation                     Title:   26th Annual FAA
                                       Management Personnel                                Commercial
1400-1800 Annual Trade Show                                                                Aviation Forecast
and Market Place                       One of the biggest challenges                       Conference
There will be an ATAC Booth as facing commercial general avia-
part of the trade show to highlight tion operators is juggling all the            Date:    March 13 & 14,
all the award nominees.                regulatory demands and subse-                       2001
                                       quent record keeping. A special
                                       session has been arranged with             Where: The Washington,
Tuesday, Nov. 14                                                                         DC Convention
                                       ATAC’s Maintenance and Engi-
                                       neering Committee that will allow                 Center
0830-1030 Flight Training
Roundtable Discussion with             flight training and air taxi operator
Transport Canada                       members to discuss maintenance             For information contact:
                                       audit philosophies and proce-                     Helen Kish
This will be a hot topic at the dures with senior TC and Industry
                                                                                     Tel: 202-267-9943
AGM as TC will have experienced Maintenance and Certification
the first batch of ICPL training Decision makers.                         
programs. It will also be the time
to discuss, what I call Phase 2, Following this, ATAC members                                   or
which is the review of the system will participate in a roundtable                    see their website:
of flight instructor qualification and discussion on Self Evaluation and
re-qualification, and the third Accreditation Processes. ATAC              
phase, which will be the ATPL Director, Michael Bland, will give                        apo_home.htm
flight test. All the regional TC an overview on how Empire
flight training superintendents have Aviation became the first school

ATAC                                                    Airports
AT AC Participates in                process. In the U.S. data con-           the Administrative Practices Act.
Explosive Detection System           tained in the air carriers’ compu-
Installation Project                 ter reservation systems is used to       In addition to ATAC member
                                     determine selectees for screen-          participation, non-ATAC members
A previously announced industry/ ing. A similar process for Canada            Air France, KLM, Cathay Pacific
government effort aimed at instal- will be evaluated.                         and Air New Zealand, are joining
ling the latest technology to detect                                          in ATAC’s legal effort.      It is
explosives in passenger checked AT AC Leads Legal Challenge                   expected that the Court will hear
baggage got under way in to FAA Overflight Fees                               arguments early in the new year.
September. Two immediate prior-
ities are site surveys of Canadian ATAC legal representatives filed           NAV CANADA Announces
airports with international traffic papers on July 28, 2000 to                Notice of Revised Service
and an evaluation whether com- challenge the U.S. Federal                     Charges
puter assisted profiling of passen- Aviation Administration’s recently
gers is viable in Canada.            announced overflight fees. The           NAV CANADA announced an
                                     fee, which is payable by air             extension of the existing adjust-
The site surveys, starting with carriers who overfly but do not               ment to its charges schedule until
Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, land in the U.S., became effective
Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and August 1, 2000. The FAA chose                 December 31, 2001. In addition,
Vancouver, will be reviewed for to put the fee in place by way of             NAV CANA DA           announced a
passenger loads, passenger peak                                               number of changes to its terms
flows, facilities and optimal system an Interim Final Rule rather than        and conditions of service. ATAC,
installations.                       the normal Notice of Proposed            through its User Charges Com-
                                     Rulemaking approach.         Effect-     mittee, indicated that language
The evaluation of a Computer ively, this denied air carriers                  set out by NAV CA NADA concern-
Assisted Profiling System (com- meaningful advance comments on                ing a limitation of liability was too
monly known as CAPS) will build the new rule which, according to              broad and this prompted NAV
upon the U.S. experience on the ATAC’s representatives, violated              CANA DA to modify its language.

                               PROTECTION FOR CANADA
                 A Conference will be held in Fredericton, New Brunswick
                                 on November 18, 2000
The Critical Infrastructure Protection Task Force has       The conference sessions will address four key
been working during the past year to develop                areas: what’s critical and why; a threat assessment;
Canadian policies for protection of Canada’s critical       a comparative look at Canadian and US
infrastructure (CI). Working separately, in 1999 the        approaches, which will address common concerns,
Centre for Conflict Studies of the university of new        procedures, and shared CI responsibilities; and key
Brunswick conducted a pilot study for the Solicitor         response issues, such as: jurisdiction; government-
General of Canada on Canadian CI dependencies,              private sector cooperation; contingency planning
vulnerabilities, threats and safeguards, focusing on        and training; and leadership and coordination.
the threat of sabotage by physical or electronic
means, and identifying key response issues.          The Centre for Conflict Studies is a Research
                                                     Institute of the Faculty of Arts of the University of
This conference is intended to advance the debate New Brunswick. Founded in 1980, it conducts public
from the realm of ideas and policies to developing a policy and scholarly research, publishes books, a
―road map‖ for action. Ms. Margaret Purdy, Deputy journal, and technical studies, and runs conferences
Secretary to the Cabinet for Security and Intelli- and workshops, all in the field of Low Intensity
gence, will deliver the keynote address, which will Conflict and related subjects, including: terrorism,
give a sense of the direction Canadian policy is internal         security    operations,     information/
taking.                                              psychological warfare, special operations and
                                                     intelligence. It has undertaken contract work for
The conference will involve participants from all various Canadian and US government agencies.
levels of government, specialized agencies (CSIS,
RCMP, military, EMOs, other police), CI providers For a copy of the conferenc e agenda or further
(public and private sector), security industry, and information contact - Telephone: 506-453-4587; Fax:
academic specialists.                                506-447-3175; E-mail:

                                      Coalition of Concerned Airport Users
As Cliff Mackay noted in his             cerned that the implementation of     restructuring in the airline Indus-
report, ATAC recently joined the         the federal government’s 1994         try, and high capital costs. The
Canadian Coalition of Airport            policy of transferring management     Coalition believes that the Federal
Users. The Coalition’s makeup            of Canadian airports to airport       Government must establish a
and key issues were described in         authorities and municipalities was    new, fair set of policies for airport
its recent press release:                flawed and has produced serious       industry rent which are based on
                                         financial problems.                   internationally recognized princi-
―The Coalition of Concerned Air-
port users (CCAU) was estab-                                                   ples of reasonable and transpa-
                                         Coalition members represent           rent cost recovery. The Coalition
lished to facilitate a national          thousands of individual busines-
dialogue on the need for higher                                                also believes the Federal Govern-
                                         ses and air travel consumers who      ment must recognize the strategic
quality, cost effective airport servi-
                                         are impacted by the current           importance of smaller Canadian
ces and the fair treatment of            National Airports Policy and to       airports through the development
Canadian air travellers and airport
users. The Coalition represents a        whom the costs and quality of air     of sustainable small airport
broad range of national associa-         travel in Canada are extremely        policies.‖
tions and organizations, all of          important. Canada’s largest air-
whom are concerned that the              ports have been forced to pass on     Coalition representatives have
quality of Canada’s national air-        the high costs of Federal Rent to     been meeting with politicians and
port infrastructure will continue to     airport users while many small        officials in recent weeks to press
decline unless significant changes       airports face an uncertain future     for changes to this policy, and we
are made to Canada’s National            due to Federal cost downloading,      are hopeful the government will
Airport Policy. The Coalition is con-    negative impacts from recent          react as an election approaches.

New Immigration Law and Regulations                          Pre Budget Tax Submission

As part of the new Immigration and Refugee                   ATAC is in the process of preparing our annual
Protection Act, (Bill C- 31) the government has              position paper to Parliament and the Minister of
issued a framework for new regulations to follow the         Finance on tax issues. The issues we are currently
passage of the Act. Members of ATAC’s Facilitation           highlighting include a number of GST items,
Committee are carefully scrutinizing the briefing            including the impact of the tax on smaller operators
notes released by Citizenship and Immigration                importing aircraft and major parts. Carriers paying
Canada to ensure that the working of the law does            the GST on equipment costing tens of millions of
                                                             dollars are obliged to finance the tax until they
not impose to any greater extent on air carriers.
                                                             receive their credit back from the government; a
                                                             significant issue for anyone and especially for
Vague and open-ended phrases like ―A
                                                             smaller players.
transportation company will be required to furnish
transportation within the timeframe established by
                                                 ATAC has long championed the issue of fuel taxes,
an immigration officer,‖ cause sleepless nights  preparing a major study in 1999 to document the
among airline executives and we will be pressing for
                                                 need for federal tax cuts in this hugely significant
clarification before Parliament turns this into law.
                                                 item. With the abrupt spike in fuel costs this year
                                                 and the political ―trial balloons‖ about fuel taxes
If you want information about Bill C-31, contact floating around Ottawa, we are hopeful we may see
Warren Everson at ATAC.                          movement on this item in the next Budget.

        ATAC Staff Extensions (tel ephone: 613-233-7727):

  Cliff Mackay                  313            Glenn Priestley          309        Jeanie Peppy             304
  Les Aalders                   308            Mike Skrobica            310        Debbie Simpson           312
  Warren Everson                314            Zeny Aquino              305        Linda Watson             311
  Fred Jones                    307            Pamela McGann            317        Accounts Dept.           311

ATAC                                 Engineering & Maintenance

2000 AT AC AGM, Trade Show and Committee Meetings

     Sunday, November 12, 2000: Environmental Affairs Committee (14:00-16:00)
     Monday, November 13, 2000: AGM and Trade Show
     Tuesday, November 14, 2000: Engineering & Maintenance Committee (08:30-17:00)

For committee highlights see Annual General Meeting Update on page 6

Even if you aren’t currently a member of these committees, as an ATAC member you are welcome and
encouraged to attend and fully participate.

Class “D” To “C” Cargo                   and suggestions were put             For those of you who do not
Compartment Conversion                   forward by ATAC.        Other        normally receive CARAC Part
Regulatory Action                        comments are still welcome if        V Maintenance & Manufac-
                                         you would wish to respond to         turing NPAs directly from TC,
As a reminder to Transport               the ATAC survey sent out             but would like to on a regular
Category aircraft operators, Com-        recently. If you would like a        basis or for a particular
mercial and Business Aviation            copy of the survey please            meeting, please contact Les
Advisory Circular (CBAAC) No.            contact Les Aalders at ATAC.         Aalders at ATAC.
0172 has been issued to set the                                           
final compliance date of January
                                         Civil Aviation Occurrence            Aircraft Certification
01, 2003 for this mandatory              Reporting (General Techni-           Technical Committee
modification. Please take note,          cal Committee – Part I)
                                                                              An ad-hoc meeting was held
within the CBAAC, of the require-        The topic of occurrence              on September 6-7, 2000, on
ments for the Plan of Com-               reporting in general, and
                                                                              the specific subject of the
pliance and Quarterly Informa-           CADORS in particular, were
                                                                              Changed Product Rule (CPR).
tion Reports in accordance with          discussed at length. In order
                                         to implement the most effi-          First of all TC introduced the
a schedule based upon the
                                         cient data gathering system          history behind the CPR such
issuance date of the CBAAC, i.e.                                              as the FAA and JAA rule
09 May, 2000. Thus, the clock            that will lead to improved
                                         safety, it was decided to            development and subsequent
started ticking on May 9 2000.
                                         initiate a Working Group with        harmonization. The remain-
Your Plan of Compliance is to be
                                         strong industry participation.       der of the meeting was split
submitted within six months
(November 9, 2000) and the               In addition to CADORS, other         in to two sections, the first
                                         data      gathering  systems/        dealing with CAR 511/ 511
Quarterly Information Reports
must then follow every three             programs such as GAIN,               AWM “Approval of the Type
months beginning ―three months           ASAP, and FOQA will be               Design of an Aeronautical
after the date set out in the            discussed and considered.            Product” and thus affect-
implementation schedule as the           Upon Civil Aviation Regula-          ing primarily the manufac-
commencement for the acquisi-            tory     Committee    (CARC)         turers’ design organizations.
tion and installation of the             approval to go forth with the        NPA 2000-237 (CAR 511)
required equipment.‖                     WG, it is expected that the          and 2000-238 (511 AWM)
                                         first meeting will take place        were reviewed and accepted
CARAC Engineering &                      early in 2001. Stay tuned for        by the Technical Commit-
Maintenance Activities                   further details and requests         tee. However, the discussions
                                         for participation.                   regarding CAR 513/ 513
    Aeronautics Act Review                                                    AWM “Approval of Modifica-
    The CARAC Part I Technical
                                          Maintenance & Manufactur-           tion and Repair Designs”
    Committee met on September            ing Technical Committee             were discussed at length
    12, 2000 to continue to review       The next planned CARAC Part          without coming to satisfac-
    planned changes to the               V M&M Technical Committee            tory conclusions thus neces-
    Aeronautics Act.     The TC          meeting has been rescheduled         sitating the planned conti-
    Discussion Paper issued on           from September 25-26 to              nuation of the meeting on
    June 30, 2000 was thoroughly         October 31 - November 1,             November 16 and 17,
    reviewed. Several comments           2000.                                2000.      An industry pre-

   meeting will be scheduled          CAMC. We are about to embark          difference. Book a seat at the
   within October. If members         on our third, sector-wide human       table where Canada’s aviation
   are interested please contact      resource study of the Aviation        destiny is collectively determined
   Les Aalders at ATAC.               Maintenance Industry before the       and advanced.
                                      end of this year. The last survey
    The next full CARAC Part V was completed back in 1996                   In response to the needs of our
    Aircraft Certification Technical using 1995 data. With our rapidly      booming industry, a number of
    Committee meeting is sche- evolving industry, data five years           new and exciting projects are
    duled for December 13-14, old does not make the grade, so               under development and in the
    2000.                             CAMC has once again taken the         proposal stage.      Several new
                                                                            aviation occupations that require
    For those of you who do not lead to ensure this industry has            occupational analysis and curri-
    normally receive CARAC Part the tools it needs to prosper in            culum development have been
    V Aircraft Certification NPAs this new century.                         identified and will be announced
    directly from TC, but would Fresh information will provide the          in the coming weeks.
    like to on a regular basis or aviation industry with the data
    for a particular meeting, needed to properly forecast,                  CAMC’s Human Factors Error
    please contact Les Aalders at prepare and thrive in this bright         Management program is now
    ATAC.                             future awaiting our call. Based on    complete and available for pur-
                                      our past experience and exper-        chase. Response to date has
CAMC Welcomes Steve Dick              tise, CAMC was asked to assist        been excellent. CAMC’s system
As New Executive Director             the Aerospace sector at the           is unquestionably becoming the
                                                                            industry preferred. Be sure to view
During this past summer, the committee level with a sister                  a live demonstration of Human
CAMC       Board      of   Directors study of their sector.
                                                                            Factors Error Management at
announced changes to the CAMC continues to experience                       ATAC’s 66
                                                                                              Annual General
leadership at CAMC. Mr. Steve remarkable success and growth                 Meeting and Trade Show or at
Dick was appointed as the new with 90% of the corporate aviation            CAMC’s Interaction 2000 Forum
Executive      Director     effective maintenance industry aboard,          & AGM. This is an exceptional
August 21, 2000. As the ATAC alongside thousands of individual              program, affordably priced for our
member of the CAMC board I technicians eagerly forming our                  industry.
have welcomed Steve whole- membership. Each month we are
heartedly into his new position. delighted to embrace new mem-              On behalf of the Council, and the
Steve, an AME, was previously bers into our ranks and I would               Aviation Maintenance Commu-
employed at Bradley Air Services/ like to take this opportunity to          nity, I would like to thank all ATAC
First Air, Air Inuit, Torontair/ welcome them into the CAMC                 members for their continued
Toronto Airways and most family.                                            support and valued participation.
recently as a Vice President at                                             Please contact CAMC’s office at
the Ottawa Professional Fire To meet the ever-increasing                    anytime, we are here for you and
Fighters’ Association. Steve will demand, CAMC’s membership                 only too happy to serve.
be presenting a CAMC update services and product line continue
during the ATAC AGM Engineer- to expand and grow with our                   Our collective strength and mated
ing & Maintenance Committee industry. This year the pace will               efforts will continue to hold the
meeting on Tuesday, November only quicken with the introduction             Canadian Aviation Industry in its
14, 2000. Catch Steve or Natalie of a host of new programs and              prominent position as one of the
Charron (CAMC Marketing and services about to be unveiled at                most progressive and admired in
Communications) at their ATAC Interaction 2000, our Annual                  the world. Together we make the
Trade Show booth or the EMC General Meeting and forum.                      difference!
and find out about this great                                               
organization that is integral to our This year’s forum will th take place
industry’s human resource solu- on November 24 & 25 , 2000, at                  PLEASE TAKE NOTE
tions.                                the Days Hotel and Conference         Attached to thi s news report
                                      Center, Toronto Airport, 6257         (Operator Members only) is a copy
CAMC Update from Steve                Airport Road in Mississauga,          of a brochure with information on
Dick, Executive Director              Ontario. Be sure to mark your         the Aerospace Congress and Exhi-
                                      calendar and make your reser-         bition by Aerospace North America
Things are rocketing skyward for vation. This is industry’s oppor-          & SAE, Seattle, Washington, USA,
the aviation industry as well as tunity to have a say and make a            September 10-14, 2001.

ATAC                                  Air Taxi/Flight Training
Innovation Awards                     sectoral study steering committee      number of small businesses
Nominations                           a year ago. This far ranging           offering retirement benefits. In
                                      study is challenging in its            order to compete with large
With the use of the ―new‖ tech-       complexity in the analysis of the      corporations in a tight labor
nology, the theme of this year’s      human resources requirements           market, many small business
ATAC AGM Convention and               for commercial pilots in Canada.       owners are apparently turning to
Tradeshow, this awards program        This is the first ever review of the   benefits packages—but at a high
will highlight some of the useful     training and skills requirements as    cost.
applications that have helped         well as supply and demand for
aviation businesses. Operators        commercial pilots. Already this        Not surprisingly, the larger a small
will learn about new Computer         study has produced much useful         business is, the more likely it is to
Based Training programs, online       information and confirmation of        offer a health care package, but
reservation systems and aircraft      what we are doing right and what       the rising trend from last year is
monitoring programs. Award win-       we are already improving on and        consistent across all size cate-
ners will be profiled in the trade-   what we need to fix. A present-        gories.
show and plenary session. If you      ation will be made at the ATAC
think you have a product, pro-        AGM in Vancouver, November             This was one reason why ATAC
gram or practice that is innova-      12-14, 2000.                           organized a health benefits pro-
tive, submit it to Glenn Priestley                                           gram for its membership. With
before October 1, 2000. This          AT AC And TC Meet To                   more members participating, the
Innovation Award program is an        Develop Implementation Plan            more reasonable the cost. If you
important step for the commercial                                            would like to know more about the
general aviation industry.       By   The sectoral study has already         Health Benfits Program, please
recognizing our own best prac-        been useful in confirming the          contact      Tony     Conte     at
tices as an industry, we increase     direction of present strategies
awareness of what is being done       such as the development of the         Tony will also be giving a pre-
that is useful to promoting our       integrated commercial pilot train-     sentation at the ATAC AGM on
industry and an awards program        ing program. There is also a           the value of a benefits program to
helps develop pride in our efforts.   need to upgrade the instructor         retaining employees.
This award was made possible          licensing system and TC wants to
because of the generous spon-         meet an ICAO/FAA requirement           Transport Canada Issues AD
sorship of Aon Reed Stenhouse.        for an ATPL flight test on an          On Cessna 150/152
Wings Magazine provided media         aircraft that requires two crew.
sponsorship and we thank all the      ATAC is interested in improving        Transport Canada has issued an
sponsors and the selection com-       the Canadian aviation standard         Airworthiness     Directive     (AD)
mittee. The selection committee       and safety but is cognizant of the     prohibiting spins in Cessna 150s
is comprised of Cliff Mackay,         rising costs of regulatory over-       and 152s until a rudder inspection
President and CEO of the Air          sight. All the TC Regional Flight      is completed and any problems
Transport Association of Canada,      Training Superintendents have          found are corrected. The AD was
Art LaFlamme, Director General,       been invited to attend a workshop      initiated     because       of     a
Civil Aviation, Transport Canada,     with     ATAC      Members      on     Transportation     Safety      Board
Kevin Psutka, President, Canadian     November 14, 2000 at the ATAC          Report recommendation.
Owners and Pilots Association,        AGM to discuss all these     
Martin Digby, Vice President, Aon     developments.                          files/CFCF-2000-20.HTM
Reed Stenhouse and Paul Skinner,
Publisher, Wings Magazine.            More Small Businesses Offer            AT AC Is Working On The
                                      Health Benefits                        Following Recent Member
Human Resources Study Of                                                     Concerns
Commercial Pilots In Canada           More than half of all U.S.A. small
                                      businesses now offer health care           Provincial Sales Tax police in
Representatives from all sectors      benefits to their employees, up            Ontario are interpreting that
of the aviation industry met in       from 40 percent last year, accord-         PST needs to be paid on the
Saskatoon on the weekend of           ing to the nineteenth annual Dun           initial purchase of aviation
August 13, 2000 to review the         &    Bradstreet    (D&B)     Small         lubricants.
draft report compiled by KPMG,        Business Survey.      The survey           ADs on Cessna 150/152
the researchers contracted by the     also showed a steep rise in the            aircraft need to be better

       organized from a time pers-   operators to discuss TC’s pro-         where we want to focus our
     pective.                        posed restrictions to NVFR.            promotional efforts and review the
       TC Aviation OSH activities    Wayne Chapin of Transport              tools that we have produced.
     continue to generate complaint  Canada led a very reasonable           There will be a special present-
     calls.                          discussion of the reasons for the      ation from Industry Canada on
       Flight training access to     proposed NPAs and 17 industry          what we can do to promote
     financing.                      representatives provided feed-         Canadian aviation, including main-
       TC approval process of com-   back.    Wayne Chapin empha-           taining an online presence.
     pany ICPL program.              sized that it was not TC’s intent to
       International Student Visa    restrict air operators but there       Let me know if you are interested
     delays.                         was an identified need to improve      in participating in any of the
       Recognition of ICPL by        safety and he listened to counter      following events:
     Revenue Canada                  proposals from the industry. A
       Recognition    of    Canadian                        October 5-6, 2000
                                     report is being prepared for the
     licences internationally.                              Asian Civil Aviation Training
                                     next CARAC Executive meeting.
All of these issues will be reported If anybody would likeora pass on
                                                                copy of
                                     the decision record    October 28-29, 2000
as developments occur, and there
will be a complete update at the further comments to Wayne  International Flight Training
ATAC AGM. We have organized Chapin,                contact    me       at
                                                            Exhibition, London
many key meetings that will be or Wayne can be
                                                            November 12-14, 2000
                                     contacted at
helpful to all ATAC members.                                ATAC Annual General Meeting &
                                                            Tradeshow -
Consultation Meeting On TC’s Upcoming Tradeshows And        March, 2001 - International Flight
Proposed Restrictions On      Exhibitions
                                                            Training Exhibition, London
Night VFR Held In Saskatoon,
August 15, 2000               One of the workshops that is April 26-29, 2001
                              always useful at the ATAC AGM International Trade Exhibition for
ATAC, in cooperation with TC, is the one on marketing. This General Aviation,
organized a meeting for air year, members will be voting on Friedrischshafen, Germany

                                         ―Adventures in Aviation‖

Flightpath presents adventures in aviation which touch everyone. These are inspirational stories, primarily
Canadian, pres enting flight as an everlasting frontier in terms of c hallenge, opportunity, exploration,
achievement, dedication…and nationhood.

                                                AIR DATES
    Episode                  Airdate                      Episode                         Airdate
    Polar Skies              Wed. October 18              Storm Busters                   Wed. October 25
    Korea to Kosovo          Wed. November 1              Captive Pilots                  Wed. November 8
    Spitfire Breed           Wed. November 22             The Legendary Lancaster         Wed. November 29
    Pilots of Peace          Wed. December 13             Air Lifeline                    Wed. December 20
    Ag Pilots                Wed. December 27             Kit Planes                      TBA
    Silent Flight            TBA                          Bird’s Eye                      TBA
    Heli-Skiing              TBA

For more information contact:
Penny East - (416) 782-5586                     Steve Rayment, Director, Advertising and Communic ations
Penny East Communications                       Discovery Channel - (416) 490-7094

ATAC                                           STATUS REPORT

Region                    Date                  Violation                    Result

Pacific                   January 1, 1999         CARs 602.19 (10)             14 days licence suspension
                                                  CARs 602.101

A commercial pilot took off from an uncontrolled aerodrome at night. The pilot failed to make any of the
required radio calls and the aircraft narrowly missed a truck that was on the runway.
Pacific                   July 30, 1999           CARs 605.03 (1)              $1000 monetary penalty

An inspection of an Air Shuttle operator’s aircraft revealed it was being operated with several outstanding
defects that took the aircraft's flight authority out of force.

Prairie & Northern        April 30, 1999          CARs 602.100                 $50 monetary penalty
                                                                               (penalty reduced at
                                                                               CAT’s hearing from $250)

An airline transport licensed pilot failed to make the required radio calls on departure from an
uncontrolled aerodrome.
Prairie & Northern        July 1, 1999            CARs 703.02                  $250 monetary penalty

During a routine ramp inspection of an Air Shuttle operator’s aircraft, the aircraft was found to have a fuel
leak in the right wing. As a result, the operator was not complying with the conditions and specifications
found in the air operator’s certificate.
Prairie & Northern        July 1, 1999            CARs 703.02                  $250 monetary penalty

During a routine ramp inspection of an Air Shuttle operator’s aircraft, several maintenance related
deficiencies were found. As a result, the operator was not complying with the conditions and
specifications found in the air operator’s certificate.
Prairie & Northern        July 5, 1999            CARs 571.05                  $1,250 monetary penalty

During a routine ramp inspection of an Air Shuttle operator’s aircraft, several defects were found. The
aircraft had undergone recent maintenance and had been released for service in an un-airworthy
condition. The operator did not conduct the maintenance in accordance with the operator’s maintenance
policy manual.
Prairie & Northern        July 20, 1999           CARs 605.03 (1)              $500 monetary penalty

An Air Shuttle operator operated an aircraft that did not have a Certificate of Airworthiness.
Prairie & Northern        August 9, 1999          CARs 602.77 (1)              $100 monetary penalty

A Commercial Pilot failed to file an arrival report

Prairie & Northern        August 10, 1999         CARs 602.86 (1)              $250 monetary penalty

A commercial helicopter pilot flew with unsecured cargo.

  ATAC                                        STATUS REPORT

Region                    Date                 Violation                        Result

Prairie & Northern        Aug. 18, 1999        CARs 602.126 (1)                 $125 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot operating a twin-engine aircraft conducted a take-off in below
minimum take-off visibility as specified in the Canada Air Pilot.
Prairie & Northern        August 31, 1999        CARs 602.88 (2)                $200 monetary penalty
                                                 CARs 605.94 (1)

An Airline Transport Pilot was flying cross country in a light aircraft. The pilot chose to land at an airport
short of the intended destination but ran out of fuel and landed short of the runway. Also, proper journey
log entries were not made.
Prairie & Northern        October 18, 1999       CARs 571.10 (1)                $2,000 monetary penalty
                                                 CARs 605.94 (1)

During a routine ramp inspection of an Air Shuttle operator’s aircraft, several maintenance related
deficiencies were found. The aircraft had just undergone an inspection and changeover from floats to
wheels. No amendment was made to the weight and balance after the change, the aircraft had
unapproved modifications, and the tail wheel front attachment was not secured.
Prairie & Northern        Nov. 24, 1999        CARs 602.77 (1)                  $100 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot operating a twin-engine aircraft failed to file an arrival report with an
air traffic control unit, a flight service station or community aerodrome radio station.

Prairie & Northern        Nov. 25, 1999          CARs 602.31(1)                 $100 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Pilot taxied onto an active runway without a clearance. This conflicted with an
aircraft that had been cleared for take-off on that runway.

Prairie & Northern        January 5, 2000        CARs 602.121(2)                $250 monetary penalty
An Airline Transport Pilot flew into controlled airspace without a clearance.
Prairie & Northern        Feb. 1, 2000         CARs 401.03 (1)                  $250 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot was exercising the privileges of a flight crew licence without being
able to produce a valid and appropriate Medical Certificate.

Prairie & Northern        Feb. 23, 2000          CARs 604.02                    $2000 monetary penalty

An Air Shuttle operator carried passengers contrary to its Air Operator Certificate.
Prairie & Northern        March 2, 2000        CARs 602.31(1)                   $150 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot operating a twin-engine aircraft failed to comply with the air traffic
control instructions received and acknowledged. No other aircraft were affected.

   ATAC                                       STATUS REPORT

Region                   Date                  Violation                     Result

Prairie & Northern        March 6, 2000        CARs 602.31 (1)               $150 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot operating a twin-engine aircraft failed to comply with the taxi
clearance received and acknowledged. The aircraft was taxied onto the active runway in front of another
aircraft that had landed and was on the roll out.

Prairie & Northern        March 4, 2000          CARs 602.101                  2 days licence suspension

A commercial pilot failed to make the required radio calls at an uncontrolled airport on arrival and

Prairie & Northern        April 27, 2000         CARs 605.94 (1)               $100 monetary penalty

A Commercial Pilot failed to enter a defect in the aircraft’s journey log. One of the aircraft’s windows was
broken while loading a frozen caribou and the hole was covered with a piece of cardboard.

Prairie & Northern        June 2, 2000           CARs 602.19 (4)               $250 monetary penalty

A commercial helicopter pilot departed an uncontrolled airport and crossed the active runway in front of a
twin engine airliner that was on its take-off.

Prairie & Northern        June 19, 2000          CARs 705.75 (1)               $250 monetary penalty

During a routine ramp inspection, the aircraft Captain was advised of a deficiency with the First Officers
shoulder harness (it was not installed). The airline transport licensed Captain chose to depart without
having the harness installed.

Ontario                   Feb. 11, 2000          CARs 609 (3)                  $125 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Pilot landed at a controlled airport without a landing clearance.

Ontario                   May 12, 2000           CARs 605.84 (1)               $500 monetary penalty

A corporation failed to complete an airworthiness directive on a Cessna 152 aircraft. The aircraft was
operated for 3 months with the Certificate of Airworthiness out of force.

Quebec                    July 5, 1999         CARs 703.22 (1)               $250 monetary penalty

An air operator permitted a single-engine helicopter to fly VFR at night with passengers on board without
the appropriate authority in accordance with its air operator certificate (AOC).

Quebec                    July 27, 1999        CARs 602.126 (1)              $200 monetary penalty

A commercial licensed pilot departed from Seven-Islands airport when the reported take-off visibility was
below the take-off minimum visibility in accordance with the Canada Air Pilot.

  ATAC                                       STATUS REPORT

Region                   Date                 Violation                    Result

Quebec                   Sept. 28, 1999       CARs 602.31 (1)              $250 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot operating a twin-engine aircraft failed to comply with the air traffic
control clearances received and accepted by him.

Quebec                   Oct. 2, 1999         CARs 404.03                  $800 monetary penalty

A commercial helicopter pilot was operating a single-engine helicopter without a valid Medical Certificate
(MC) of a category appropriate for the permit, licence or rating held.

Quebec                   Feb. 22, 2000          CARs 602.40 (1)             $250 monetary penalty

A commercial pilot was cleared to land on runway 24 right but landed on runway 24 left without a
clearance. The incident occurred at night.
Atlantic                 Dec. 2, 1999         CARs 601.04 (2)              $100 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Pilot flew through restricted class F airspace (CYR724 - Gagetown, New
Atlantic                 Jan. 18, 2000        CARs 602.31(1)               $175 monetary penalty

An Airline Transport Licensed pilot operating a twin-engine aircraft failed to comply with the air traffic
control clearances received and accepted by him.
Atlantic                 April 11, 2000       CARs 602.31(1)               $175 monetary penalty

A commercial pilot failed to follow a standard instrument departure.

                                          On Final
       ATAC 66th Annual General Meeting & Tradeshow – November 12-14, 2000
                    The Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina, Vancouver, BC

See pages 5-7 for our Meeting and Tradeshow highlights. We would like t o thank the following companies for their
generous support as sponsors for our Annual General Meeting:

   Airbus Industrie                                                Embraer Airc raft Corporation
   Aon Cons ulting                                                 Emond Harnden
   Aon Reed Stenhouse/A viation Specialty Group                    Federal Express
   ATR Marketing, Inc.                                             Marsh Canada Limited
   Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group                                Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.
   Bombardier A erospace Regional Aircraft                         Saab Aircraft Leasing
   Canadian Aircraft Ins urance Group                              Vancouver International Airport Authority
   Cara Operations Limited                                         Willis Lease Financ e Corporation
   Cincom Systems of Canada, Ltd.
   Commuter Air Technology, Inc.                                   WINGS Magazine

                              YVR Vancouver Airporter Shuttle Coupon

The Vancouver Airporter Shuttle is welcoming ATAC            The Vancouver Airporter departs from the Arrivals
delegates to Vancouver by way of offering each               level (Level II) of both domestic and International
delegate a $2.00 discount off one-way fares aboard           Terminal buildings of the Vancouver International
the Airporter shuttle between the Vancouver                  Airport. Please present your coupon to the Customer
International Airport and downtown Vancouver                 Service Agents at the Airporter desk to receive your
(Westin Bayshore). Photocopy for your return trip.           discount and to purchase your ticket.
                   On your return trip you may purchase the discount coupon from the drive

                                 THE VANCOUVER AIRPORTER
                                   The Vancouver Airporter Welcomes
                             Air Transport Association of Canada Delegates
                                    November 9 - November 17, 2000
                   The Vancouver Airporter operates a scheduled Motorcoach Service
                 between the Vancouver International Airport and Downtown Vancouver.
                          Buses depart from the Vancouver Airport on Level II.
                Please present this coupon for a discount on your One-Way transportation.
 $2.00 Di scount               Valid on regular adult fare only. Limit One Coupon per person           NO CASH VALUE

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