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					      Manistique Area Schools
Video Projection System - Emerald Elementary School

     Information and Due Dates

     Rules and Regulations to be observed in submitting quotations

     Company Profile


    End of Bid Signature and Date
                                              Manistique Area Schools
                                                   100 North Cedar Street
                                                Manistique, Michigan 49854
                                                Request for Proposal (RFP)
                                      ***** THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE ORDER *****
                                        Bid Type:          Video Projection Systems for Emerald Elementary
                                        Bids Due:          6/29/2007 1:30 PM EST
                                        Bidders Meeting:   6/21/2007 1:00 p.m. EST

The Manistique Area Schools is requesting quotations from vendors for the above referenced project. Sealed bids
must be delivered in person or by courier to the Administration Office of the Manistique Area Schools no later
than the above Bids Due date and time. Faxes will not be accepted. Quotations received after this time will
not be accepted or considered. There will be no public bid opening. An optional Bidder's Meeting will take
place on the above date and time. This meeting will address the RFP Submittal Requirements only and allow
vendors the opportunity to visit the contruction site.

The purpose of this bid is to identify a Preferred Vendor that will provide an audio/video/projection system
including but not limited to the procurement and installation of projectors, projector screens, document camera,
VCR/DVD, speakers, wireless microphones and associated transmitters and recivers and presentation control
system software and all associated cabling/wiring and terminations as required for a complete and operable
system. . The identification of a Preferred Vendor will be determined from this RFP. All bid quotations must be
in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined in this RFP.
            Quantity of at least 26 Wireless Laptop Computers Plus Carts & Access Points
The timelines for this bid are as follows:
 1. Bid Advertised: 6/14/07
 2. Bid Packages available for pickup: 6/18/07
 3. Bidders Meeting (Not Required): 6/21/07
 4. Bids Due (No faxes accepted): 6/29/07
 5. Purchase Order Issued and Bids Published: ASAP, upon complete review
 6. Installation to be completed at Emerald Elementary by 9/15/07

Installation will occur at the following locations in the Manistique Area School District:
School Name                        Address                               Rooms to be configured
Emerald Elementary           Oak Street, Manistique, MI 49854            23 rooms

Terms for payment: No payment will be made until results have been submitted to the Technology Department
and they meet the satisfaction of the Superintendent, Supervisor of Technology or duly appointed personnel of the
Manistique Area Schools.

Direct all responses, questions and inquiries to: Integrated Designs, Inc.
                                               1021 W. Baraga Ave.
                                               Marquette, MI 49855
                                               Attn: Mark Lessard
                                               (906) 228-4480

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                                              Manistique Area Schools
                                             100 N. Cedar Street
                                              Manistique, MI 49854
                                              Attn: Mary Hook
                                              (906) 341-4300

Make formal submittal of request for payment by filling in the agreed data, by typewriter or neat lettering in ink,
on AIA Document G702, "Application and Certificate for Payment," plus continuation sheet or sheets G703.
2. Sign and notarize the Application and Certificate for Payment.
3. Submit the original of the Application and Certificate for Payment, plus two identical copies to the
4. The Architect/Engineer will review the formal submittal and when approved, will sign the Application
Certificate for Payment, and will distribute:

a. One copy to Contractor;
b. One copy to Owner; and
c. One copy to Architect/Engineer's file.

5. The Owner will, upon approval of the Architect/Engineer, disburse directly to the Contractor.
A 10% retainage will be held by the district until satidsfactory/substantial completion of all associated work is
performed by the contractor.

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Section 1: Rules and Regulations to be observed in submitting quotations
         1. All quotations must be made on this form and attached sheets. The last page of this form
            must be signed by the vendor. Each completed bid must be accompanied by a completed
            copy of this spreadsheet on a floppy or CD.
         2. Quotations are to be submitted so individual items may be purchased unless otherwise
            indicated. Awards will be made based on the vendor's reputability, reliability, experience,
            service options, references, cost, and reliability of the items listed herein.
         3. Items as listed on the attached sheets are to be quoted as tax exempt under Michigan
            Department of Treasury Sales Tax Rule Number 24 for educational institutions. A copy of a
            signed Exemption Certificate will be provided to the successful vendor or vendors.

         4. Items listed and specified herein are to be bid as base bid . Vendors may choose to submit an
            alternative bid with equipment/services/software that meet or exceed the items listed in this
            RFP but must be listed as "Alternate Bid Items" on a separate submittal document. Vendors
            must include cut sheets and all pertinent information for evaluation and compliance with all
            equipment, program software, cabling, etc. specified herein. Approval of alternate bid
            information will not be given priot to bid date.
         5. All quotations and prices are F.O.B. installed and functioning properly at designated school
            buildings in the Manistique Area Schools system.
         6. Manistique Area Schools will not be responsible for any error or omission on the part of
            vendors in making up their prices.
         7. When a specific date is set for delivery of merchandise, or the performance of said work,
            merchandise must be delivered or work performed, in accordance with the specifications or
            description herein contained on or before said date. If the merchandise, or performance of
            said work is not installed or completed on or before said date, 1% of total purchase price will
            be deducted from total purchase price for each business day the merchandise, or performance
            of said work is delinquent. If a total of 10 working days have lapsed past said date, the entire
            order of merchandise or the performance of said work may be cancelled by the Board of
            Education and awarded to another vendor. Special consideration may be granted, if requested
            by vendor and agreed upon by Manistique Area Schools. If cancelled due to failure of timely
            performance, the vendor shall be indebted to Manistique Area Schools, as liquidated
            damages, in the amount of 5% of the purchase order for the merchandise and/or work
         8. A Bid Bond of not less than 5% of the total amount bid is required at the time of bid
         9. Manistique Area Schools reserves the right to reject any or all quotations, waive
            irregularities, and to accept the proposal, which in the Board of Education's opinion is in the
            best interest of the School District.
        10. The Superintendent, Executive Director of Operations, Supervisor of Administrative
            Technology, Design Engineer or other person duly designated by the Manistiuqe Area
            Schools has the full power and authority to reject any and all materials furnished, which in
            their opinion, are not in strict compliance and conformity with the requirement of the
            specifications, or equal in every respect to the sample submitted. All articles so rejected shall
            be promptly removed from the premises of the Manistique Area Schools at the cost of the
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Section 2: Company Information
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company City/State/Zip Code:
Company Representative:
Company Phone Number:

Please answer all questions as completely as possible.
        1. Vendors must be AUTHORIZED dealers to sell and install
           the equipment/software specified hreein or bid as alternate
           equipment/software. Confirm Authorization.
        2. List references of other K-12 Instructional Institutions you have performed similar work for in the past
           three years: (You may attach additional sheets for additional references).

     K-12 Instructional Institution               Contact Person                              Telephone

        3. List references of other businesses you have performed si,milar work on in the past three years: (You
           may attach additional sheets for additional references).
                   Business                       Contact Person                              Telephone

        4. List the names of your employees (not contracted services) who will provide Manistique Area Schools
           with purchases, equipment, and/or services as outlined in this RFI, the number of years experience each
           has had in this area, and the average hours they work for your company in an average week. Vendors
           bidding on this RFP, shall have a "Certified Crestron Programmer", or certified programmer of alternate
           systems, on staff. Integrator shall provide certificates upon request. An independant certified
           programmer, not normally employed by the vendor, may be used. The independent programmer shall be
           listed with RFP submittal. Said programmer shall be legally bound by the vendor for completion of the
           project as specified herein. Provide legal documentation from said vendor.

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                                                                   Years Experience
                                                                   & Certifications

Employee Name and role in this RFI                                                               Hours Per Week

       5. Please list the names of your employees (not contracted services) who will provide The Manistique Area
          Schools with SOFTWARE SUPPORT as specified in this RFI, and the number of years experience each
          has had in this area, and the average hours they work for your company in an average week (A minimum
          level of intermediate programmer from Crestron is required for programming of system software
          components and equipment as specified and listed herein is required, contractor must provide certificate
          of completion) :
                                                                   Years Experience
                                                                   & Certifications
Employee Name and role in this RFI                                                               Hours Per Week

       6. Do you offer a money-back guarantee if we are not satisfied
          with your hardware/software?

       7. What equipment do you maintain to assure the proper support of your client’s hardware/software?

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     8. Do you anticipate subcontracting any portion of this bid?

          If yes, please explain and complete this form for the

     9. Do you provide local or toll free telephone support?

    10. Do you guarantee response to any questions the Manistique Area
        Schools may have? If yes, what is the guaranteed response time?

    11. What is the guaranteed resolution time to any problems related to items
        you are proposing in this RFI?

          Explain your firm's process for administering change orders and the impact change orders will have on pricing and
          meeting deadlines. Indicate percentage mark-up your firm will asses to all costs associated with change order's.

    13. Contractor must provide 4 - 2 hour user/teacher training sessions to
        Manistique Area Schools at the site and 2 - 4 hour Room View 6.0 level
        training sessions at the site as coordinated and scheduled with district
        personnel. Please indicated comliance.

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    14. Do you provide extended warranties for the equipment for which you
        have proposed prices on? If yes, please explain

    15. The Manistique area Schools requests the successful vendor to provided a copy of the un-compiled
        source code for the control systems and each major item and record the barcode, serial number,
        manufacturer, item, description, site and vendor in an Excel spreadsheet. Will you agree to providing
        such a file to Manitique Area Schools before final invoicing?


    16. List support, training or other services that your organization will provide to Manistique Area Schools
        that has not been addressed in this RFI. Indicate those items that are available at no additional cost.
        Provide pricing for optional annual service contracts that would extend the warranty periods of system
        components and software.

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Section 3: Specifications                                                       All Bids are Due on:                        6/29/2007
All prices should include freight, installation and setup at the aforementioned schools in Traverse City, Michigan.

                       Video Projection Systems for Emerald Elementary School
                                   Item                   Min Requirements                                                   Comments                                      Price/Unit Cost
                       Manufacturer               NEC LT 280
                       Pixels                     1024 x 768
                       Brightness                 2200 ANSI lumens
                       Projection Distance        6 ft - 30 ft
                                                                  2 data, composite video, component
                       Input Terminals                            video, S-Video, DVI-D, RS232, L/R
                                                                  audio, 3mm audio, RJ45, 8 pin mini

                       Output Terminals                           VGA, stereo audio
                       Keystone Correction                        Yes

                       Warranty on Projector                      3 years

                       Warranty on Lamp                           1 year
                       Other:                                                                           Provide mounting stantion as required for installation
                                                                                                        in ceiling mounts as described and specified

                                                                                                       Provide all necessary mounting hardware,
                                                                                                       equipment, tie wire, safety cable, etc as required to
                                                                  Peerless Industries, Inc. Model #CMJ
                       Affixed to Infrastructure                  450
                                                                                                       suspend mount from building structure above
                                                                                                       suspended ceiling per manufacturer's

                       Meets all local and state                  Yes
                       UL Listed?                                 Yes
                       Cable Management?                          Yes
                       Knockouts for electrical outlets           Yes (2)

                       Manually operated, spring                  Viewing Surface: 80" wide x 60"
                       loaded, wall mounted screen                high, 100" Diagonal             Projection screen shall be mounted as required by
  Projection Screens

                                                                                                        the screen and projection unit manufacturer's
                       Provide No. 11 wall bracket for            "Model C", Da-Lite Screen Co., Inc.   requirements/recommendations for picture shape
                       10"extension from wall with                "Luma 2", Draper Shade & Screen
                                                                                                        and clarity.
                       matching hardware.                         Solarflective Corporation

                                                                  22 gage steel case with vinyl or      Provide No. 11 wall bracket for 10"extension
                       Color: Black, Material: Vinyl
                                                                  enamel finish and end caps with       from wall. Screnn to be mounted such that bottom
                       coated glass fiber fabric.                 integral roller brackets.             of screen is 48" A.F.F. when fully extended

                       Brand/Model                                Samsung SDP-850
                       Dimension of Doc Camera                    7.17" (W) x 19.37" (H) x 16.93" (D)
  Document Camera

                       Focal Length                               5.3 inches
                       Focal Range                                10.7 inches
                       Lens                                       F:2.9, f=3mm
                       Video Output                               VGA
                       Resolution                                 1024 x 768
                       Pixels                                     ~ 850K
                       Weight Base/Remote                         12.6 lbs.

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           Warranty                               2 years
           Brand/Model                            JVC SR-MV55
                                                  DVD Video, DVD-R/-RW,
                                                  DVD+R/+RW, CD Audio, CD-
           Accepts Formats                        R/RW, Video CD/SVCD, JPEG
                                                  Playback (CD-R/RW); VHS and
           VCR Heads                              2

                                                  S-Video, Video, Audio, Component
           Output                                 Video, digital Audio

                                                  Dolby Digital/DTS/MPEG Digital
           Sound Out
           Dimensions                             17-3/16 x 3-13/16 x 13-1/2
           Weight                                 12.1 lbs
           Remote                                 Yes
           Warranty                               1 year
           Other:                                 RS-232C Control

           Input Terminals                        RCA, Digital Tuner/Cable Input

                                                                                            Magnetically shielded drivers: 1-2" custom full range, 1-
                                                                                            2.5"passive radiator, 4.1" dia. X 3.9" high, 1 lb, frequency
                                                  Cetacea Sound Corp Ensemble 60-3          response: 100Hz-18 kHz @-10 dB, 150Hz-17kHz @-3dB,
                                                  ceiling surround. Provide #FW-            amplifier power12 Watts RMS @ 10% THD, 10 Watts RMS
           Ceiling Mounted                        PS12D power supply and

                                                                                            @ 1% THD, Input impedence 20K Ohms, Input Jacks 3 - 3.5
                                                  #CSENSD3 bracket.                         mm mono/stereo line inputs mixed down into mono, signal to
                                                                                            noise ration >90 dB, power req. 9-12 VDC, 15-40 Watts, 9'
                                                                                            power cord.
           Warranty                               1 Year P&L
                                                                                            To be installed at the ceiling and supported to
                                                                                            superstructure per state code
           Room Media Controller                  Crestron QM-RMCRX-BA                      Room Media Controller and QuickMedia

           Media Manager                          Crestron QM-MD5X1                         5 X 1 QuickMedia Distribution Center

           Power Supply                           Crestron CNPWS-75                         75 Watt Cresnet Power Supply

           Mounting Kit                           Crestron MK-QM-RMCRX                      Pole Kit for QuickMedia Receiver.

           Warranty                               3 years P&L
                                                                                            Programmer must have minimum intermidiate
           Programming                            Room View Express 6.0
                                                                                            level certification from Crestron.
                                                  Provide all appropraite licensure
           Roomview                               required for all rooms indicated in the

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                                                      · Programming - Provide programming for software pages,
                                                      code, and RoomView Express.

                                                      · RoomView Express shall be programmed and installed in
                                                      coordination with the Owner's IT support department.
                                                      · Programming shall include simple functions of:
                                                      Hardware polling (system diagnostics)
                                                          1. Processor “on line” status (*)
                                                          2. Room (system) on/off status (*)
                                                          3. Projector presence (*)
                                                          4. Projector on/off status (*)
                                                          5. On/off switching capabilities (log devices used)
                                                          6. Which device is in use
                                                          7. Event/error codes
                                                          8. Lamp status (life of lamp) (*)
                                                          9. Simple scheduling (i.e. room on/off, projector on/off)
              Other:                                      10. Direct access, from RoomView Express software, to
                                                      e-Control 2 (X-Panel EXE files for each room
                                                          11. Status of lights in room (on/off) (available if Crestron
                                                      or Lutron dimming is provided within the room) (*)
                                                          12. Motion detection in room (*)
                                                          13. Hands on training to owner and thorough use of
                                                      RoomView Express
                                                          14. Additional functions and programming, if desired by
                                                      the Owner, shall be set forth by Change Order
                                                             · Example…volume
                                                             · Example…log of audio conference number
                                                             · Example…log of video conference number
                                                             · Example…room temperature
                                                             · Etc.
                                                      * As well as providing email notifications for Owner's
                                                      selected personnel of these items, if applicable by owner.
                                                      Receptacles and (120V) power will be provided to the
                                                      projector mounts under the construction contract.
                                                      All low voltage cabling and associated terminations
              Low Voltage                             required for components specified herein shall be
                                                      included in this contract.

                                                      All system wiring and equipment connections

                                                      shall meet current building and electrical codes for
              State Code                              the State of Michigan and all EIA/TIA installation
                                                      standards and are the sole responsibility of the
                                                      successful bidder.

              TeachLogic Maxim System

              Provide one (1) set system
              components, as described herein for
              each classroom
Other Items

                   Printed on 4/19/2011 at 11:05 AM   Page 13 of 15                     51222dc8-73f6-4b77-9a52-1f84ccb02a83.xls (Section3)
  Other Items

                Maxim Base Station: IMA 400
                Body Pack Transmitter: IRB-30
                Head Set Transmitter: Microphone
                Ceiling Speakers (Qty. 4 per classroom): CS-628         Please price separately
                Ceiling Dome Sensor: ICS-45                             as alternate to base bid.
                Provide all associated/necessary hardware, boxes,
                cabling, testing, programming, etc. as required for a
                complete and operable system.

                Price for quantity of 1 complete classroom A/V system
                components of the above equipment at Emerald Elementary
                (Permit Required). Pricing to include all components listed

                herein and all associated cabling/wiring, termination,
                programming, testing, hardware, devices, etc. as required for
                a complete and oprational system. Items not specifically
                called for in this RFP but are reasonably required for proper
                operation and intent shall be included in the base bid price.

* Please note this bid specification allows for MAS the ability to add projection systems at the
above bid price for a period of 1 year from the acceptance of this bid.

                      Printed on 4/19/2011 at 11:05 AM                                              Page 14 of 15   51222dc8-73f6-4b77-9a52-1f84ccb02a83.xls (Section3)
All prices shall include freight, installation and setup at the aforementioned buildings in
Manistique, Michigan.


The responses indicated in this proposal reflect the vendor's guaranteed price on the
hardware/software indicated. The responses indicated in the Vendor Evaluation Section
reflect the vendor's guaranteed services, training, support, etc.

The signing of this document indicates that the vendor agrees and complies with the rules
and regulations of this proposal. The signing of this document also indicates, the vendor
guarantees the training, services and other support indicated.

                      Signed                          Title                                     Date

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