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                              Wout Lisseveld

     Traditional methods of treating diesel fuel to reduce sludge

buildup and minimize plugged filters typically involve the use of

chemicals. A safer and mo re effective tec hnique is the use of magnetic

flux technology —or, si mply put , passi ng the fuel through a magnetic

field to improve its perfo rmance.

     Diesel's notoriously poor characteristics occur when paraffins and

othe r impurities fo rm as the fuel ages and is subjected t o temperature

and pressure changes within the engine's injection system. These

impurities then coagulate into clusters , eventually increasing in size

until they form sludge in the fuel tank. This causes clogged filters,

exhaust smoke and diminished engin e perfo rmance.

     By employing a sci entific principal called "induction", p assing

diesel fuel through a magnetic field exerts a force on the hydrogen

bonds that hold th e clusters' molecules together. This inductive force

loosens the bonds, causing the clusters to break into smaller particles,

which can then be easily filtered .

      What advantage do es this magnetic treatment provide to the boat

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owner? Fi rst, we know that many diesel engine failures originate in the

fuel tank. While filters remove pa rticles and water, and biocides

control organ ic gro wth, they do not solve fuel stability problems or

sludge buildup. This buildup causes clogged filters, corroded injectors,

incomplete combustion , smoke and lo ss of power, and ultimately leads

to complete engine failure. Treating the fuel magnetically dramatically

reduces this buildup .

      Secondly, since the magnetic device has no moving parts,

electrical hookups or filters to clean , maintenance is zero. And, since

the fuel is cleaner, the life of primary , in-line fuel filters is greatly


      Finally, after conditioning the fuel magnetically, there is less soot

and smoke produced by the engine —simply because the fuel is cleaner.

This minimizes ai r and water pollution , and reduces the buildup

typically seen on the transom of many diesel-powered boats. Since

diesel engines return excess fuel to the tank, a magnetic device

installed before the primary filter pro vides continuous cleaning of the

fuel system.

      The use of magnetic flux technology in combina tion with the

primary diesel fuel filter will provide peak engine performance and

extended engine life, while eliminating toxic chemicals and dramatically

reducing maintenance to fuel tanks and filters.

Wout Lisseveld is president of Algae -X Inte rnational , manufacturer of
total fuel management systems.

Contact Algae -X at: PO Box 4011, 1661 Estero Blvd. #18 , Fort Myers
Beach, FL 33932 . Phone: 877-425-4239 or 239-463-0607; Fax: 239-
463-7855; info@algae; www.algae

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