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									                          CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY

Subject:-              TENDER NOTICE

                  Sealed tenders are hereby invited on percentage basis from approved
CDA Contractors (E/M category along with relevant work experience of Water Supply
system) for the work listed below:-

 S.No Name of work                                      Estimated     Earnest      of tender
                                                        Cost          money        opening
 1     P/F of MCU complete for 60 H.P motor starter Rs.320000/-       Rs.10000/-   22-9-2008
       at Tube Well No.01,17,11,13 Augmentation                                    11.00 AM
       Scheme NPA Islamabad.
 2.    P/Fixing of cable size 19/.083 & 37/.083 at Rs.305650/-        Rs.10000/-   22-9-2008
       Tube Well No.15,134,16 NPA Islamabad.                                       11.00 AM
 3     Repair of burnt out transformer 100 KVA Tube Rs.318000/-       Rs.10000/-   22-9-2008
       Well No.05 Augmentation Scheme 50 KVA                                       11.00 AM
       Transformer for Tube Well No.09 NPA Tube Well
       No.124 RL-I ,T.W No.14 Augmentation Scheme
       NPA Islamabad.
 4     P/Fixing of cable size 19/.083 for Tube Well Rs.295350/-       Rs.10000/-   22-9-2008
       No.07,02 & MCU for Tube Well No.03 NPA IBD                                  11.00 AM
 5     Repair of burnt out transformer 50 KVA for Tube Rs.181100/-    Rs.10000/-   23-9-2008
       Well No.137 I-10/4 120, I-8/3 “I” Series                                    11.00 AM
 6     P/F of MCU complete for 60 H.P motor starter Rs.320000/-       Rs.10000/-   23-9-2008
       at Tube Well No.185 ,30,123, 106 NPA                                        11.00 AM
 7     Repair of Omega 200/520 A Main Pump No.04 of Rs.266962/-       Rs.10000/-   23-9-2008
       Poona Fiqiran Water Treatment Plant NPA                                     11.00 AM
 8     Dismentling Providing/Fixing of ball bearing Rs.336283/-       Rs.10088/-   23-9-2008
       different sizes/number in VHS Electric motors                               11.00 AM
       different capacities at various Tube Well F & G
       Series Islamabad.
 9     Repair of ASD Starter 60 H.P and 40 H.P Rs.319453/-            Rs.10000/-   24-9-2008
       (Standby) for Tube Well Augmentation Scheme                                 11.00 AM
       NPA and Golf Course Area Islamabad.
 10    Providing/Fixing of cable size 19/.064 (50MM) at Rs.442200/-   Rs.13266/-   24-9-2008
       various Tube Wells of F&G Series Islamabad.                                 11.00 AM
 11    P/Fixing of moulded case circuit breaker at Rs.547860/-        Rs.16436/-   24-9-2008
       various Tube Wells NPA Augmentation Scheme                                  11.00 AM
       Golf Course Area Islamabad.
 12    Providing of ASD Starter 40/60 H.Ps new for Rs.501334/-        Rs.15094/-   24-9-2008
       Tube Wells NPA & Golf Course Area Islamabad.                                11.00 AM
2.           Tender can be had on cash payment of Rs.500/ (Rupees Five hundred
only) at Sr.No.1 to 10 and Sr.11 to 12 Rs.1000/-(Rupees One thousand only) for each
(non refundable) from the office of undersigned on any working day up to 1200 hours.
3.            Earnest money in the shape of call deposit should accompany with the
application. No cash/cheque will be accepted.
4.           Tenders will be received and opened on the date mentioned above in
the office of the undersigned (bids shall be opened at least thirty minutes after the
dead line for submission of bids on the same date.
5.           The bidders are required to provide the followings additional documents
while submitting the tender; otherwise, it will be liable for rejection.
             (Power of Attorney, Partnership deed, Program of work, non
             judicial Stamp worth Rs.10/- professional Tax certificate, Registration
of the firm with the      Authority)

6.           Application for tender on printed from and bearing name, address and
signature of contractor, along with valid copy of enlistment/renewal for the current
year in CDA A copy of attested N.I.C must be submitted for issuance of tender.
7.           CDA reserves the right to accept or reject any/all the tenders without
assigning any reason.

8            No tender will be sold on the date of opening.
9             No tender will be issued without production of Workshop ownership

                                                            DEPUTY DIRECTOR

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