The Supervisor’s Checklist for New Employees Advance Preparation Confirm the salary and starting date with Human Resources All new hire start dates must be at th by jay94919


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									                         The Supervisor’s Checklist for New Employees

Advance Preparation
    Confirm the salary and starting date with Human Resources. All new hire start
    dates must be at the beginning of a new pay period (every other Wednesday).
    The Human Resources division conducts an orientation on those dates from 2:30-
    4 p.m. It is essential that all non-temporary new employees attend the
    orientation. Notification of the orientation will be included in the employee’s offer

          Notify other unit staff of the new hire’s arrival date.

          Prepare the new hire’s work space with appropriate supplies and make sure that it
          is clean and ready.

          Arrange for appropriate computer/communication resources.

          Prepare a first day and first week agenda. You do not have to get too detailed,
          but let the new hire know what to expect, especially dates and times of staff

Introducing the Employee to the Work Place
      Make the new hire feel welcome and at ease. Greet the new hire at the
      designated time and location.

          Introduce the new hire to his/her co-workers. Include individuals working in other
          divisions/work units who will be working with the new employee.

          Explain the first day and first week agenda to the new hire.

          Give the new employee a tour of their work area. Include location of restrooms,
          cafeteria, bulletin boards, coffee/pop machines, office supplies, copiers, etc.

          Refer the employee to Plant Management to arrange for parking

          Give the new hire time and access to a computer to use NewHire OnLine to
          complete new hire paperwork BEFORE attending the orientation. Also give the
          new hire time to read through the policy packet. Instructions for using NewHire
          OnLine are sent with the new hire’s confirmation letter. The policy packet is
          located on the HR Intranet policies page

New Employee Orientation Checklist                                                   1
Human Resources Division
Last Revised 3/27/2006
IN-00503-02 (3/2006)
Introduce The Employee To Job Requirements And Expectations
      Provide and review the position description.

          Explain the probationary period, and performance reviews during the probationary

          Outline job expectations, a job training plan, and discuss resources available to
          assist in job success.

          Discuss the division’s organizational chart and how it relates to the Office of
          Enterprise Technology.

          If the division has a work plan, share it with the new employee.

          Provide the employee with a good understanding of how their work fits into the big
          picture and how it relates to other units.

Introduce the New Hire to Specific Information about the Department and Division
      Work hours, flex time, overtime options, lunch periods and breaks. Talk about
      what employees normally do for lunch.

           Show employees how to use Employee Self-service Time Entry for their time and
           leave reporting. Show new supervisors and managers how to use Employee
           Self-Service Manager’s Approval for approving the time reporting of their direct
           reports. Training guides and other training resources for Self-service Time Entry
           and Approval are located on the OET HR Intranet

           Reporting absences, tardiness, and illness. Discuss very clearly sick leave
           usage and acceptable attendance.

           Other leave usage, vacation requests and holidays, etc. The process used to
           complete a request for leave and overtime.

           Basic job safety, safety wear (if applicable), first-aid kits and emergency
           procedures and exits for your work area.

           Security and confidentiality on the job. Keys and security cards. After they
           complete the NewHire OnLine paperwork, stop by Human Resources to pick up
           the Capitol Security key card form. Take the new hire to Capitol Security (in the
           Capitol basement) to process their key card.

           Uniforms (if applicable).
New Employee Orientation Checklist                                                       2
Human Resources Division
Last Revised 3/27/2006
IN-00503-02 (3/2006)
           Show the new hire how to use the telephone system, access the computer, use
           e-mail, access websites that will assist them in their job and other equipment for
           initial assignments.

           Allow the new hire time to set up his/her work space, voicemail, e-mail, etc.

           Show where to get or how to requisition supplies and equipment, include
           information on approvals necessary for ordering.

Remember to introduce material and information in small segments in order for it to be
most effective. New employees will receive a packet of information from the Human
Resources Division during the orientation. The packet will include:

          Personnel File Required Forms
          Policy Manual
          Office of Enterprise Technology Data Practices Agreement
          Insurance, benefits, and payroll information
          Employee Self-Service Introduction
          Office of Enterprise Technology’s strategic plan and org chart
          Employee Assistance Program Information
          Basic security, safety and emergency procedures
          Parking information
          Training opportunities
          Information Security brochure
          Map of the tunnel system
          Payroll calendar
          Guide to HR services
          Safety Director memo on workstation evaluations

New Employee Orientation Checklist                                                     3
Human Resources Division
Last Revised 3/27/2006
IN-00503-02 (3/2006)

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