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					                                                NOTICE TO THE BAR

                                        Removal of Attorneys Placed on the
                                              2003 Ineligible List

                           New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund For Client Protection
        The New Jersey Lawyers' Fund For Client Protection declares that past due fee payments for the following attorneys
were received before publication of the 2003 Ineligible List, the actual date of ineligibility. (Note that the Order declaring those
on the List ineligible is effective upon publication.) Therefore, these attorneys sustained no period of ineligibility to practice law
in New Jersey. Their names should be stricken from the Court Order dated September 5, 2003 and published on September
15, 2003.

BERGEN COUNTY                                                      Warcholak, Adam Todd                        1998
Brady, Bruce M.                            1989
Maclachlan, Donald S.                      1981
Monaghan, Patrick J., Jr.                  1975
O’Leary, Michael D.                        1981                    HUDSON COUNTY
Tarr, Philip Samuel                        1998                    Novak, Jane Cotton                          1988

BURLINGTON COUNTY                                                  HUNTERDON COUNTY
Maiorino, Thomas J.                        1988                    Gould, David Foster, III                    1986

CAMDEN COUNTY                                                      MERCER COUNTY
Cleve, Mary Alice                          1994                    Erlichman, Neil                             1998
Marcozzi, P. Dara                          1986
Zeitlin, Julia                             1996                    MIDDLESEX COUTY
                                                                   Buttafuoco, Nicholas Raymond                1989
Parker, Fred Muller, Jr.                   1999                    MONMOUTH COUNTY
                                                                   Gibbs, Robert Lewis                         1996
ESSEX COUNTY                                                       Jones, James Paul                           1987
Brunner, William R.                        1988                    Pepe, Liisa B.                              1998
Caruso, Carmine J., III                    1975                    Ruggieri, Robert W.                         1982
Gordon, Leo M.                             1977
Linhares, Fernando E.                      1993                    MORRIS COUNTY
Lischak, Kyle T.                           1998                    Haggerty, John J., III                      1979
McGrogan, Frances A.                       1992
Peguero, Ariadna                           1998                    OCEAN COUNTY
Cornell, Timothy J.          2000   Rothman, Jaimie Allyne     2000
Novella, John M.             1995   Shaikh, Asim R.            2002
Quinlan, Kevin S.            1993   Shtindler, Yana            2001
                                    Surace, Susan T.           1996
PASSAIC COUNTY                      Walheim, D. Andrew         2002
Hammer, Vivian M.            1990   Weidlich, Jennifer L.      2002
                                    Wiplush, Barbara M.        1993
Sashihara, Craig T.          1992   OUT OF COUNTRY
Watkins, Amy Elizabeth       1998   Kroft, Derek               2000

LaCarrubba, Bruce F.         1969   SEPTEMBER 18, 2003

                                    NEW JERSEY LAWYERS' FUND
Meyers, Jonathan             2000   FOR CLIENT PROTECTION

Agresti, Thomas James        1994
Bellini, Anthony Michael     2002
Besen, Stuart Paul           1990
Bommarito, Robert            2000
Collins, Ann Marie           1997
Collins, Lynn Anne           1994
Cronan, John Peter           2001
DiGiacomo, Vincent Edwin     1994
Elbaum, Brian Jeffrey        1994
Ezon, Jack Steven            1996
Funk, Joseph E.              1973
Furman, Ariel Michael        1989
Gangitano, James J.          1996
Green, Melinda               1999
Gruin, Michael A.            2001
Haney, Jeanne                2000
Hatfield, Christine Evelyn   1999
Kirshenbaum, Marina          2001
Knopic, Patricia Ann         1984
Kustin, Bradley Aaron        1986
Lebow, Ron                   2002
Marquez, Alison Lee          2000
O’Riordan, John F.           1990
Phillips, John F., III       1982
Plotko, Gregory Gennady      1998

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