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									Training & Examination on MLS-IPSCM of ITC                                   Diploma on MLS-IPSCM of ITC, Geneva
In 2008, DBI offers the following Certificates, Advanced
                                                                             DBI in co-operation with ITC-UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva, offers
Certificate & Diploma Courses on MLS-IPSCM of ITC.                           Certificate / Diploma Courses & Exams on ITC's Modular Learning
 Sl.   Module      Module Name                    Date         Courses       System (MLS) on International Purchasing and Supply Chain
 No.   No.                                                     Level         Management (IPSCM).
 01.   Module 1    Understanding the Corporate    January      Certificate
                   Environment                    25-26 and    and           The Examinations on IPSCM are held in March and September each
                                                  February     Advanced
                                                  02           Certificate
                                                                             year. DBI organises the Exams as the only Authorised Examination
       Module 13   Environmental Procurement                   Diploma       Body (AEB) in Bangladesh. ITC, UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva awards
 02.   Module 2    Specifying Requirements &      February     Certificate   Certificates and Diploma, which are recognised in more than 40
                   Planning Supply                22-23 and                  countries. Those who pass Exams of 6 (six) modules (no. 1, 2, 3, 4,
       Module 3    Analysing Supply Markets       March 01     Advanced      5 & 6) will receive Certificate, 12 (twelve) modules (previous 6
                                                                             module plus modules 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12) receive Advanced
       Module 14   Group Purchasing                            Diploma
 03.   Module 3    Analysing Supply Markets       March 28-    Certificate
                                                                             Certificate and 16 modules (Previous 12 plus modules 13, 14, 15,
                                                                             16) and a Project paper receives Diploma. The persons concerned

                                                  29 and
       Module 4    Developing Supply              April 05     Advanced      will be entitled to write “International Certificate in PSCM”,
                   Strategies                                  Certificate   “Advanced International Certificate in PSCM” and “Diploma in
       Module15    E-procurement                               Diploma       PSCM” after their names on being successful in respective
 04.   Module 4    Developing Supply              April 25-    Certificate
                   Strategies                     26 and

       Module10    Managing International         May 03       Advanced
                   Logistics                                   Certificate   Important Notes
       Module 16   Managing Customer                           Diploma
                   Relationship                                              1. Each training activity is designed for a target group and has
 05.   Module 5    Appraising & Short Listing     May 30-31    Certificate      specified requirements of education, knowledge and prior
                   Suppliers                      and June                      experience. DBI reserves the right to accept any candidate

       Module 11   Managing Inventory             07           Advanced         accordingly.
 06.   Module 6    Obtaining & Selecting Offers   June 27-     Certificate   2. The working languages of the training courses are Bangla and
       Module 12   Measuring & Evaluating         28 and       Advanced         English. Participants should have proficiency in English for
                   Performance                    July 05      Certificate
 07.   Module 1    Understanding the Corporate    July 25-26   Certificate
                                                                                IPSCM and EMBA Courses. Courses conducted by foreign                    An Affiliate of ITC-UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva
                   Environment                    and                           experts will be in English only.                                        For IPSCM Certificate and Diploma Course
       Module 7    Negotiating                    August 02    Advanced
                                                               Certificate   3. Dates of the training programmes are subject to changes due to
       Module 13   Environmental Procurement                   Diploma          unavoidable circumstances. DBI Management will do its best to
 08.   Module 2    Specifying Requirements &      August       Certificate      inform the participants accordingly.
                   Planning Supply                29-30 and
       Module 8    Preparing the Contract         Septembe     Advanced      How to Apply for Training
                                                  r 06         Certificate
       Module 14   Group Purchasing                            Diploma       The candidates have to obtain a Registration Form from the DBI on
 09.   Module 3    Analysing Supply Markets       Septembe     Certificate
                                                  r 12-13 &
                                                                             payment of Tk. 30.00 (thirty) only. The issuance of a Registration
       Module 9    Managing the Contract &                     Advanced
                   Supplier Relationship          20           Certificate   Form does not ensure admission. Admission would be confirmed to
       Module15    E-procurement                               Diploma       the candidates for the individual training activity, on first come first
 10.   Module 4    Developing Supply              October      Certificate   served basis and on payment of full fees.
                   Strategies                     24-25 and
       Module 10   Managing International         November     Advanced      For further information please contact:
                   Logistics                      01           Certificate
       Module 16   Managing Customer                           Diploma
 11.   Module 5    Appraising & Short Listing     November     Certificate
                                                                             DCCI Business Institute (DBI)
                   Suppliers                      21-22 and                  Dhaka Chamber Bhaban (11 floor)
       Module 11   Managing Inventory             29           Advanced
                                                               Certificate   65-66, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000
 12.   Module 6    Obtaining & Selecting Offers   December     Certificate   Phone: 9552562 (Extn. 123/137/124/232/147/119)
                                                  26-27 and                  Fax : 880-2-9560830
       Module 12   Measuring & Evaluating         January      Advanced
                   Performance                    03, 2009     Certificate   E-mail : dcci@bol-online.com
                                                                             Web site : www.dhakachamber.com
                                  5                                                                            6
         DCCI Business Institute (DBI)                                     Training Calendar 2008                               28.   Managing Finance                    August 24-28
                                                                                                                                29.   Shipping Procedures for Export &    September 01-03
Introduction                                                    Short-Term Courses:                                                   Import
                                                                                                                                30.   Rules & Procedures of VAT &         September 06-10
With a view to meeting the capacity building needs of the        Sl.   Name of the Programme                 Date and time            Income Tax
business community, particularly Small and Medium                No.                                                            31.   Effective Business                  September 13-15
Enterprises (SMEs) to face challenges of golobalisation,         01.   Shipping Procedures for Export &      January 12 –14           Communications                      (Ramadan)
the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)                        Import                                                   32.   Export Documentation                September 20 –
upgraded its Training Institute, established in 1991, into       02.   General Export Marketing              January 21–23                                                22 (Ramadan)
the DCCI Business Institute (DBI) in 1999. The main                    Management                                               33.   Marketing is Everything             October 18 –22
objectives of the DBI are to up-grade the knowledge and          03.   Effective Office Management           January 26–30      34.   Leadership and Management           October 25-27
skills of the entrepreneurs and business executives through      04.   Effective Negotiation Skills          February 2-4       35.   Effective Selling Skills            November 1 – 5
imparting short, medium and long term training courses           05.   Human Resource Development            February 9 – 13    36.   How to operate Import and Export    November 8 -12
and providing various business advisory & consultancy                  (HRD)                                                          Business Successfully
services, so that they can face the challenges of a              06.   Proper L/C Procedures for Export      February 16 -18    37.   Garments Merchandising:             November 15-19
globalized market economy and grab emerging                            & Import Operations                                            Operations & Management
opportunities.                                                   07.   Quality Management & ISO 9000         February 24-26     38.   How to Develop Distribution         November 22 -26
                                                                 08.   Project Management                    March 2-4                Network for Marketing of Products
Vision & Mission                                                 09.   How to operate Import and Export      March 8 -12        39.   How to prepare a Bankable Project   December 20-24
                                                                       Business Successfully                                          Proposal
DBI is to emerge as a professional business institute, a
                                                                 10.   Marketing is Everything               March 15 –19       40.   Import and Indenting Procedures     December 27-31
source of wide-ranging modern knowledge-based services
                                                                 11.   Quality Management System for         March 22 – 24
and as a Centre of Excellence to make its members and
others competitive.
                                                                       Productivity Improvement                                DCCI-SEDF Knowledge Centre (KC)
                                                                 12.   How to participate in International   April 06 –08
                                                                       Trade Fair                                              DCCI has also established a modern Knowledge
DBI won the World Chamber Competition                            13.   Managing Finance                      April 19-23       Centre (KC), as an extended wing of DBI, in
Award 2007                                                       14.   Garments Merchandising:               April 26-30       cooperation with South Asia Enterprise Development
                                                                       Operations & Management                                 Facility (SEDF)/IFC. The KC is equipped with high
DCCI Business Institute (DBI) own the World Chamber              15.   How to Develop Distribution           May 04 –08
                                                                       Network for Marketing of Products
                                                                                                                               speed fibre-optic internet connection, modern training
Competition Award 2007 for its Best Skill Development
Programme. The Competition was held in Istanbul, Turkey          16.   Import and Indenting Procedures       May 10-14         tools, a computer lab and a business Library.
on 4-6 July, 2007 under the auspices of ICC/WCF. Fifty           17.   Effective Selling Skills              May 24 – 28
                                                                 18.   Effective Office Management           June 8-12         The main purposes of KC are : To disseminate
eight applicants from thirty eight countries competed for the
Award. This is a unique & unprecedented achievement of a         19.   Reduction of Wastage and              June 14-16        knowledge and information to SMEs, to provide
Bangladeshi Chamber.                                                   measures to increase Productivity                       training based on SME Toolkit & LARAG Toolkit
                                                                       in RMG                                                  developed by World Bank, and a channel of
                                                                 20.   Rules & Procedures of VAT &           June 21-25        communication for SMEs with DCCI, SEDF and World
Description of DBI Services                                            Income Tax                                              Bank. In addition, KC offers Training Courses on (1)
                                                                 21.   Proper L/C Procedures for Export      June 28-30
1. Short Training Courses                                                                                                      Spoken English and (2) PC & Internet for a duration
                                                                       & Import Operations
                                                                 22.   Effective International Business      July 5-9          of 3 (three) months, 3 days a week,         targeting
2. Diploma, Advanced Certificate & Certificate Courses on              English                                                 entrepreneurs and business executives and others
   International Purchase and Supply Chine Management            23.   Marketing Plan: Sustained Future      July 12-14        interested, from January, 2008.
   (IPSCM), jointly with ITC UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva.                       Business
                                                                 24.   Tour Management for Tours             July 20-24        For details of KC courses please contact :
3. Executive MBA, jointly with IIUC (International Islamic             Operators
   University of Chittagong).
                                                                                                                               Tel: 9552562 Ext. 124 / 137
                                                                 25.   Effective Negotiation Skills          July 26-28
                                                                 26.   Material Planning and Inventory       August 03-05      E-mail : kc-info@galbd.net & dcci@bd-online.com
4. Special Training Courses, Tailor-made Training Courses              Control
   and Consultancy Services to SMEs.                             27.   Human Resource Development            August 9 – 13
                                2                                                                                                                           4

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