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									                                                            Maintenance & Operations Plan for

Prepared by:           Joan Mackey, Melisa Dolby, and Fa Niemi

Date issued:           April 19, 2011

Project Name:          Administrative Services Intranet (InsideAGO)

                      Executive Summary Maintenance & Operations

I.   Introduction

     InsideAGO Project Overview
     Before the implementation of InsideAGO, the Attorney General’s Office had an Intranet
     that hosted a very robust public affairs site, “Good Morning AGO,” (“GMAGO”), which
     also served as the default screen that AGO employees see when they logged onto the
     AGO Network. The GMAGO site provided timely news briefings, as well as kept
     employees current on job openings and other office announcements. The GMAGO site
     had expanded to accommodate ongoing briefings on issues relevant to the AGO such
     as the Legal Support Review, a health and fitness site, and energy conservation news.

     The administrative services side of the Intranet (“AGO Intranet”) provided an online
     employee directory, office-wide calendar, numerous agency publications, such as the
     Policies and Procedures Manual and Administrative Procedures Act Deskbook, and
     served as a portal to functional sites like the AGO Law Library.

     The administrative services managers (Jim Martin, Fiscal; Pam Skinner, HRO; Jane
     Halligan, Library; Jim Albert, ISD; and Karen Cowan, Seattle Office Manager) and
     other employees of those units identified a number of critical administrative services
     appropriately to be offered via the Intranet.

     They include:
       The functional operations of the Administrative Services divisions offered in a
          more effective and cost efficient manner by utilizing the agency’s Intranet.
       Current services and information provided via the Intranet (i.e., GMAGO, Office
          and Employee Directory, Office-wide Calendar, and numerous publications such
          as the AGO Policies and Procedures Manual) have been received very favorably
          by agency employees. Other administrative services and information would
          greatly improve operational efficiencies and help create a visible, vital, and
          vigorous service for the organization.
       Any application development to further Administrative Services shall be web
          based and delivered via the agency’s Intranet.
       The AGO Intranet needs to evolve to provide integrated, seamless administrative

M&O Plan                                 Page 1 of 13                           Rev. 4/19/2011
     InsideAGO Project Scope
     This project is partitioned into two phases, which represent the progression of
     development activity to support putting comprehensive administrative services on the
     agency Intranet.

     Phase I
     This first phase included the initial redesign of the Intranet to integrate GMAGO with
     the provision of Administrative Services’ instructions and forms. The initial part of this
     phase of the project required extensive involvement and feedback from the
     Administrative Services Content Providers and focus groups representative of our
     customer base. Based upon the input from the Content Providers and customer focus
     groups, we produced the Administrative Services Intranet Design Specification (Phase
     I), which served as the blueprint for the new Intranet, InsideAGO. This phase of the
     project also included the implementation (or building) of this Administrative Services
     Intranet. Once InsideAGO was implemented and the appropriate staff are identified
     and trained on the Administrative Tools, the Administrative Services Content Providers
     and Site Managers will be transitioned into primary support and update of their

     Phase II
     The second phase requires the redesign and data conversion of the current AGO HR
     Database. This redesign is intended to allow for the extension of administrative
     services that are transactional in nature (i.e., paperless delivery of services such as
     the HRO hires form, on-line leave, forms interface). The redesign will also provide for
     enhanced functionality to the Employee Directory.      It is significant to note that the
     redesign of the HR Database is a major application development project in and of itself
     and will be addressed as a separate IT project.

     InsideAGO Maintenance & Operations Scope
     The focus of the maintenance of InsideAGO between the completion of Phase I and the
     completion of Phase II is the continuation of existing administrative service delivery
     through the Intranet and the preparation for and implementation of new and improved
     service delivery. The scope of the project no longer directly pertains to the system
     after the project is completed. The scope of this post-project work is guided by
     current (Maintenance & Operations) and future (Preparing for Phase II) needs of the

     InsideAGO Maintenance & Operations
     One of the most compelling reasons to present information and services via an
     Intranet is the real-time or dynamic nature of the platform. We recognized that after
     initial release, InsideAGO immediately required updating and modification, not of just
     content, but the organization and functionality as well. Because of this nature it is
     very important that InsideAGO is always ready for new development. Part of the
     readiness is adhering to a maintenance cycle that continually upgrade the underlying
     components (such as .NET Framework, SQL Server, SharePoint, etc) and that
     improvements are routinely made to the infrastructure (such as the employee object,
     the training system, database optimization, etc.).

     Preparing for Phase II
     Phase II of the Administrative Services Intranet project is intended to provide more
     automated and transactional services to the Intranet. Everything done in Phase I is
     designed to be complementary to Phase II and not require any major infrastructure or

M&O Plan                                 Page 2 of 13                           Rev. 4/19/2011
      information architecture modifications. Phase II requires a major redesign of the
      enterprise information contained in the Personnel Database, and as activities in Phase
      I conclude, planning activities for Phase II will commence. Some of these activities
      can and should be implemented before Phase II to provide better service and to help
      reduce the scope of the project.

II.   Operations

              Governance – The policy setting governance of InsideAGO is provided by the
              Intranet Policy Group (“IPG”). The IPG is responsible for establishing policies,
              procedures, standards and guidelines.        With representation from the legal
              divisions, the administrative units, and ISD, the IPG deals with the needs of the
              agency in an open forum and facilitates a cooperative environment for our
              intranet.     The IPG is composed of business-unit representatives and
              representatives from the IS organization. It is intended to be a business team,
              not a technology team. The IPG is responsible for the initial creation of policy,
              procedures, standards and guidelines regarding the intranet, as well as the
              ongoing maintenance of those items. Currently the leadership of an IPG is
              provided by the IS organization, however it may be appropriate to transfer
              leadership to a business unit in the future as the agency evolves to assume this
              responsibility.   Because of their webmaster role, the Technical Business
              Integration Services unit has assumed this leadership responsibility. Members of
              the IPG include:

              Shirley Lee, Customer Relationship Manager, ISD
              Jane Halligan, Law Library Manager
              George Oldham, Payroll Services Manager
              Renee Zirkle, HRO Operations Manager
              Kim Siebs, HRO Consultant, Seattle
              Chris Anthony, Public Information Officer, Public Affairs
              Melody Younglove, Legal Services Manager, Admin
              Curt Jones, Paralegal, SHS
              Martin Singleton, Paralegal, Torts
              Judy Gaul, Confidential Secretary, Admin
              Debbie Eggen, Technical Business Integration Services Coordinator, IPG Chair

              Staffing of the IPG is currently provided by Melisa Dolby, Fa Niemi, and Marvin

              The IPG meets as needed to discuss business issues that affect policies governing
              InsideAGO. It is at the discretion of the IPG Chair to determine the schedule.

      InsideAGO Heat Tickets:
              Application Services: To help in the transition from project to M&O we
               recommend InsideAGO Heat Tickets such as Bugs, Enhancement Requests,
               New Development be assigned to a member of Application Services to complete
               the task and Melisa Dolby for support.

              Technical Business Integration Services Group: Calls or email fielded by ISD
               Customer Support regarding Content on/for InsideAGO should be 1) sent to

M&O Plan                                 Page 3 of 13                             Rev. 4/19/2011
              respective content owner or 2) assigned to Technical Business Integration
              Services/InsideAGO Webmaster for appropriate routing.

             Call Center Coordinator: The category InsideAGO in Heat should become a Call
              Type under Applications AGO. Current Call Subtypes are the following: Add
              Content, AGTV, Bad Link, Bugs, Can’t Connect, Empl Directory, Enhancement
              Req, Events Calendar, How-To, Permissions, and zOther.

     Training: An introductory training course (2 hrs) for Administrative Tools has been
     developed and is a requirement for content providers to have access to the tools. We
     recommend that the Technical Business Integration Services Group provide the
     introduction course along with the development of a more advanced course including
     formatting html pages for InsideAGO.       Site managers will require a separate
     introductory course that shows them the tools, and describes the role of a site

     It may be appropriate to conduct one-on-one or small group sessions outside of or in
     lieu of a training course to get content providers or site manager’s access to their
     tools. It may also be necessary if a particular group has complex or unusual content
     and requires special training.

     The Technical Business Integration Services Team and the Customer Support Center
     should be able to provide technical support for training such as setting up SharePoint
     permissions and/or database permissions.          The project team will provide a
     walkthrough on performing the administrative database activities described in
     Appendix D and will provide online help within InsideAGO.

     InsideAGO Group Management: The Applications Services and Technical Business
     Integration Services Groups will maintain the InsideAGO groups and their members.
     As a content provider or site manager completes training they will need to be added to
     their appropriate group in production. Tools will be developed to assist in group and
     site manager management.

     Server Maintenance and Development Support: The Network Platform Services
     provide support to the maintenance staff in the following ways:
        Periodic updates to NT Groups used for SharePoint
        All production servers used by InsideAGO need to be backed up
        During Development, Testing, and Training the SharePoint documents or
          workspace on development or test may need to be replaced with those in

     Development: The Custom Software Support Services group is responsible for
     development to fix bugs, enhancements, and new development.

     InsideAGO Content: Content providers may not be able to maintain the following
     types of content and will require support.
        Creation of InsideAGO Web Forms – This requires development using Visual
          Studio 2003 and is considered a form of content rather than an enhancement.
        See Appendix D

     ISD Content: Content of a 1st level support nature should be provided and maintained
     by the Customer Support Center, such as How To’s and other information that the

M&O Plan                                 Page 4 of 13                        Rev. 4/19/2011
     Customer Support Center provides to customers through phone conversations and

     Other ISD Content is managed by Shirley Lee and provided by various ISD content

     InsideAGO Webmaster: We recommend the InsideAGO Webmaster duties remain
     with the Project team until most of the content has been transitioned to the Content
     Providers. After this transition we recommend Technical Business Integration Services
     group take ownership of the Intranet Admin (InsideAGO Webmaster) duties:
        Responding and Routing email – Sending email back to the content providers
        Content Support and Monitoring – In addition to providing assistance with the
          Administrative Tools, HTML Formatting, Saving to SharePoint etc. content
          providers may also need help understanding how their content should be
          organized. Encourage using chunk lists and add existing rather than embedding
          InsideAGO links in HTML.
        Content advocacy / Recruit Content – Custom Employee Lists, Web Forms, Word
          and Excel Template Links, etc.
        Contact for InsideAGO (presentations, etc.)

     We anticipate this role to result in about five hours of work per week.

     Database Support: Custom Software Support Services should provide Database
     support and include the following:
        Optimization
        Stored Procedures – Assist in creating, Peer Review, Transfer between servers
        During Development, Testing and Training the InsideAGOPortal database data on
          development or test may need to be replaced with the data from the Production
        Data Backup

     InsideAGO Staff Skills Matrix: This matrix relates skills needed to maintain system
     functions and relates these same skills to staff.        Location of Skills Matrix:

     Architecture Walkthrough: Project staff will present a technical overview of the
     architecture of the InsideAGO system to the Customer Software Support team. The
     walkthrough will cover major areas of functionality that will be useful to developers
     and database administrators supporting the maintenance and operations of the
     system. It is not intended to cover all aspects of system design, implementation, and
     maintenance, but will be a useful introduction.

     Location of outline:

     InsideAGO Supporting Documentation: Supporting documentation and developer
     references for InsideAGO includes Requirement Documents, Release Notes, How To’s,
     Testing Documents, Training Documents, etc. For a more detailed list of documents

M&O Plan                                 Page 5 of 13                          Rev. 4/19/2011
     available see Appendix A.
     Location of documents: \\atgolyhubfile2\isddata$\AppsDev\InsideAGODocumentation

     Design Specification:
     The Design Specification is the document used to build Phase I of the AGO
     Administrative Services Intranet (“InsideAGO”), that provides administrative support
     functions (instructions, forms and information) for agency employees. It is the result
     of the thoughtful planning, analysis, and design by several members of the project
     team, Information Services Division (“ISD”), Administrative Services content
     providers, the Intranet focus groups, and the Web Council. It was the project team’s
     hope that this document not only captured the reasons behind undertaking this project
     and the business requirements of the Intranet, but also contained a design that
     reflected those requirements in a manner that is meaningful to the implementation of
     Phase I, the on-going maintenance and operations of Phase I, and the development of
     Phase II.

     Location of Design Specification:
     de AGO Design Spec (Web Council).doc

     Data Model and Data Dictionary:
       Name: InsideAGOPortal
       Locations: Production - atgolyhubsql2, Test - sqltest_oly, Development -
       Location of Data Model:
          e\InsideAGOPortal Data Model (RevEng20030120).vsd

     If a task or Heat ticket represents a process that is repeatable and appropriate, the
     InsideAGO Project Team will assist maintenance staff in creating additional
     documentation or updating existing documentation.

III. Maintenance (Work)

     Testing: There are two types of testing for the InsideAGO system. The first is a set of
     automated test scripts that can be run using Application Center Test (ACT) and the
     other is a set of manual Test Scripts. See Appendix B for a listing of the InsideAGO
     Test Scripts.

     Prioritization of Work:
      Level Order Type                            SLA (Contact)   SLA (Resolution)
      1       0       Support                     4 hrs           Same day
      1       1       Content                     4 hrs           Same day (Webforms
                                                                  1 to 2 days)
       2        2        Bugs                     4   hrs         1 to 2 weeks
       2        3        Infrastructure           4   hrs         1 to 2 months
       2-3      4        Enhancements             4   hrs         Variable
       3-4      5        New Development          4   hrs         Variable

     Existing Heat Tickets: See Appendix C

M&O Plan                                 Page 6 of 13                          Rev. 4/19/2011
Appendix A – InsideAGO Documentation

      ContentProviderHelp – This folder contains help documentation for InsideAGO
       Content Providers

      DeveloperReference – This folder contains reference materials that could be
       helpful to a developer for maintenance on InsideAGO. Such as
          o Requirement Documents
          o The Design Specification
          o Information on creating Web Forms and Web Parts for InsideAGO
          o How To’s (i.e. How to Link to Word and Excel Templates)

      InsideAGOStatistics –This folder contains statistics in the form of Tables, Charts
       and Graphs generated by FrontPage

      MaintenanceAndOperations
          o Groups and Permissions
          o Enhancement Suggestions
          o Content Maintenance Documentation
          o Required ISD Support Documentation

      ReleaseInformation – This folder contains Release Schedules and Release Notes

      StoredProcedurePeerReviews – This folder contains a copy of all InsideAGO
       Stored Procedures and supporting PRCs

      TechnicalServices – This folder contains documentation provided by Technical
       Services regarding Server Information and Instructions on restarting IIS

      Testing – Documentation on ACT Testing and Manual Regression Test Scripts for

      Training – Documentation and Supporting Documents for InsideAGO Training

Appendix B: InsideAGO Testing

Administrative Tools Test Scripts:
     AddExisting.htm
     AdminToolsAddNew.htm
     AdminToolsDelete.htm
     AdminToolsModify.htm
     AdminToolsModifyContentTypes.htm
     AdminToolsModifyListPage.htm
     AdminToolsModifyListPageTypes.htm
     AdminToolsSort.htm
     ChangeFeature.htm
     ManageHighlights.htm
     Move.htm

M&O Plan                                 Page 7 of 13                         Rev. 4/19/2011
General InsideAGO Test Scripts:
     Applications.htm
     DisplayingContent.htm
     Navigation.htm
     Searching.htm
     WebForms.htm
     Printing - We also test the Printer Friendly link for various types of content.

Automated Test Scripts for ACT: The project and scripts can be found here -

Instructions for loading project and running InsideAGO Test Scripts using ACT:
<\\atgolyhubfile2\isddata$\AppsDev\Inside AGO Documentation\Testing\Application Center
Test Instructions.doc>

Appendix C: Current Heat Ticket Prioritization



1 00097303 2                 I'd like to print organizational charts InsideAGO   How-To           Closed
                             from the intranet however when I print
                             them they come out very small. Do
                             you have directions on how to print
                             them regular size? Uses Visio Viewer
3 00098115 3                 Form for Submitting content for non- InsideAGO      Enhancement Open
                             content providers. See Journal for                  Req
                             more information. Admin Tools are for
                             Content Providers only.
1          00098119 2        Add new employee orientation (NEO) InsideAGO        Add Content Pending
                             to InsideAGO Kim Siebs is now the
                             "owner" of this HR service. Comes
                             form the Seattle NEO.
1          00098384 2        F Drive - Education Folder Please see InsideAGO     Add Content Closed
                             attached message. Would the Intranet
                             be an appropriate place for Cheryl's
                             monthly newsletter, rather than having
                             it sent out by mail?
1          00098129 3        Integrate HRD with InsideAGO training InsideAGO     Add Content Open
                             site This is content that needs to be
                             put into content objects and cleaned
2          00096289 2        Provide an Exit Interview Survey on    InsideAGO    Enhancement Pending

M&O Plan                                 Page 8 of 13                                       Rev. 4/19/2011
                    the Intranet.                                             Req
1   00098162 2      Spokane office manual on InsideAGO. InsideAGO             Add Content Pending
                    New Employee Orientation may take
                    care of this.
1 00099213 2        1) Automated Stored Procedure             InsideAGO       Bugs            Closed
                    doesn't re-sort the other items in a list
                    when it deletes a content object from
                    a list. It leaves a hole which is the
                    cause of the second problem: 2) If you
                    add content to a page that has a
                    messed up sort order the sort tool
                    doesn't work properly. (Sort is
                    determined by the number of items
                    not the highest sort order, so two can
                    get the same number) 3) Use Max Sort
                    Order rather than number of children
                    in Add New and Add Existing
1   00098124 2      Fix fully qualified URL behavior in       InsideAGO       Bugs            Pending
1   00098155 3      No search results for People should       InsideAGO       Bugs            Closed
                    match behavior of searches on Site.
2   00098337 3      Two content items added to the same InsideAGO             Bugs            Open
                    page will have the same sort order.
                    They should be different.
2 00096442 2 Since its release in March of 2003,                  Applications Personnel98    Pending
               InsideAGO has been storing and                     AGO
               maintaining information that is (or
               should be) maintained by others. We
               would like an analysis of the
               supplemental employee and location
               information to decide what (if
               anything) could be moved into the
               Personnel database.
1 00098120 2 Upgrade .NET framework from 1.0 to                   Applications zOther         Closed
               1.1 on the TEST and PRODUCTION IIS                 Enterprise
3 00098112 3 Please add the following Training                    InsideAGO   Enhancement Open
               functionality to a future version of                           Req
3 00098088 3 Searching We have had two                            InsideAGO   Enhancement Open
               recommendations for quicker access to                          Req
               Internet Searching. See Journal. We
               also have enhancement requests for
               InsideAGO Searching. See journal.
3 00098114 3 Enhancement requests for the                         InsideAGO   Enhancement Open
               Administrative Tools in InsideAGO.                             Req
3 00098127 2 Add "Breaking News" (possible new                    InsideAGO   Enhancement Open

M&O Plan                                 Page 9 of 13                                   Rev. 4/19/2011
             web part) to InsideAGO on HomePage                               Req
             Discussion at IPG?
1 00093369 2 Kevin Rudesill and Kathy Szolomayer                  InsideAGO   Enhancement Closed
             need some assistance improving the                               Req
             way Westlaw training users register
             and provide Westlaw passwords
             through InsideAGO. See journal
3 00098101 3 Add Calendar functionality to a future               InsideAGO   Enhancement Open
             version of InsideAGO.                                            Req
3 00098118 3 InsideAGO infrastructure                             InsideAGO   Enhancement Open
             improvements (security, etc.)                                    Req
New Development
3 00098131 3 Generate reports based on InsideAGO                  InsideAGO   zOther         Open
             usage statistics
3 00096287 2 HR would like to provide Leads and                   InsideAGO   Enhancement Open
             Managers with an on-line List of                                 Req
             Evaluations that are due/overdue on
             the Intranet. Sean pointed out to
             Tracy these types of requests should
             be brought to the Intranet Policy
             Group for discussion and approval,
             which Renee Zirkle is a member.

Appendix D: InsideAGO Content Support from ISD

      Create Sub-Sites and Info-Sites – Such as Getting Stuff is a Sub-Site of For Leads
       and Managers, or Diversity is an Info-Site for Celebrating the AGO. Maintained by
       Technical Business Integration Services for Site Managers until tools are developed.

      Permissions in Site Manager Table – Adding employees NT Logon to the SiteManager
       Table in InsideAGO Portal with a designated site allows them to see the site manager
       administrative tools. Maintained by Technical Business Integration Services.

      Assign Permissions to a group for an entire site (starting content and all its children).
       We can use the Permissions Application for this. We may want to move the
       Permissions Application from a Console Application to a Web Based Application. The
       Custom Software Support Services and the Technical Business Integration Services
       Group should be able to run the application. Maintained by Technical Business
       Integration Services.

      Add Content to Quick Links – To get content in the quick links drop down box the
       content object id needs to be added to the quick links table. Maintained by Technical
       Business Integration Services for IPG.

      Create Custom Employee Listings – A how to for developers is located here:
       eatingCustomEmployeeListings.doc. Custom Employee Listings need to be created
       by manipulating data in the InsideAGO Portal Database. It allows the creation of a
       list where most of the data is maintained in EMPL by HR and ISD. Maintained by
       Technical Business Integration Services, Custom Software Support Services, or
       Customer Service Center for Content Providers until tools are developed.

M&O Plan                                 Page 10 of 13                                 Rev. 4/19/2011
       and http://insideago/default.aspx?content=461&site=7&name=DACSiteCoordinators

       We could create a How To on InsideAGO that describes sending email to Customer
       Support with the following:
          a. Employee Name, ID and special column info (if applicable)
          b. Special Column name
          c. Name and Description for Listing

      Create links to DIV/LOC Listings – Filtered view of the employee directory by division
       and location. Integrated with employee directory and uses the information that HR
       and ISD maintains about employees and locations. Maintained by Technical Business
       Integration Services, Custom Software Support Services, or Customer Service Center
       for Content Providers until tools are developed.

      Create links to Addresses – Rather than having content providers add address
       information as html to their pages, we can create links to existing office addresses
       which allows the data to be maintained in two places (Personnel and
       InsideAGOPortal) and keep all addresses up to date. Maintained by Technical
       Business Integration Services, Custom Software Support Services, or Customer
       Service Center for Content Providers until tools are developed.

       A how to for developers is located here:

       (Olympia and Seattle Addresses),

      Create links to Word or Excel Templates in F:/Templates Directory – Rather than the
       content provider creating a copy of their template and saving it to SharePoint we
       would like to create links to the Template in their F:/ Directory. Maintained by
       Technical Business Integration Services for Content Providers until tools are

       A How To for developers is located here:

       Examples can be found in those forms that have (Word Template or Excel Template)
       in the name in the Forms A-Z Listing.

      Create Web Forms – Some paper forms should be converted to a Web Form. This
       type of Web Form creates and sends email with form results or content. Maintained
       by Custom Software Support Services for Content Providers.

M&O Plan                                 Page 11 of 13                         Rev. 4/19/2011
       A how to for developers is located here:
       eating and Publishing WebForms (User Controls).doc

      Batch New Content (i.e. New Employee Orientation) – Sometimes Content Providers
       have a lot of new content and it may be faster and easier to input this straight into
       the database without using the Administrative Tools. Performed by Custom Software
       Support Services as needed for Content Providers.

      Update InsideAGO Personnel Information – The InsideAGOPortal Database contains
       two tables of personnel data. They are an extension of the data in the personnel
       system and is maintained by ISD. Maintained by Technical Business Integration
       Services, Custom Software Support Services, or Customer Service Center for
       Content Providers until tools are developed.

       Here is a diagram of personnel data maintained by InsideAGO:
       \\atgolyhubfile2\isddata$\AppsDev\Inside AGO
           a. For Locations (LOCSupplement Table): Phone, Fax, Driving Directions, Map,
              Facility Image
           b. For Employees (Building and EMPLSupplement Tables): COM and Building,
              Employee Image, and Additional Information (rarely used but could contain
              fax number for employee, address for employee if different from one general
              division, etc. See:
              archCriteria=590 or

Appendix E: InsideAGO Folder Structure
+ InsideAGO
       + bin                 (all *.dll’s for user controls, class library, etc.)
       + images
       + styles
       + scripts
       + SiteManager         (all *.aspx for Admin Tools and Supporting Images)
       + WebParts            (all *.ascx for Web Part User Controls)
       + WebForms            (all *.ascx for Web Form User Controls)
       - default.aspx
       - Calendar.aspx
       - Web.Config
       - PrintableVersion.aspx
       - PrintableEmployeeDirectory.aspx
       - Global.asax
       - InsideAGOError.aspx
       + EducationContracts (Note: not indexed)

M&O Plan                                 Page 12 of 13                         Rev. 4/19/2011
                                      Signoffs & Approvals
Submitted by:                                  Closeout approved by:

Joan Mackey            April 19, 2011           Fred Olson          April 19, 2011
Project Manager                                 Executive Sponsor

Fa Niemi               April 19, 2011           Greg Harvill        April 19, 2011
Lead Developer                                  Network Platform Services Coordinator

                                                Debbie Eggen         April 19, 2011
                                                Business Integration Services Coordinator

                                                Jodi Soper          April 19, 2011
                                                Customer Services Center Coordinator

                                                Marvin Young       April 19, 2011
                                                Customer Software Support Services

Management Team Approval:

Jim Albert             April 19, 2011           Andy Hill        April 19, 2011
ISD Manager                                     Workload Management Coordinator

Shirley Lee         April 19, 2011              Phil Andresen     April 19, 2011
Customer Relationship Management                Human Resources Management Coordinator

Approved as to Form and Process:

Joan Mackey            April 19, 2011
ISD Project Office

M&O Plan                                 Page 13 of 13                           Rev. 4/19/2011

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