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									CA NO CE (P) BCN /       /2010-11                                                             Serial page No.
Tender No: CE (P) BCN/ 63 /2009-10
           E- Mail:                Web site:

                                   BORDER ROADS ORGANISATION
                                  CHIEF ENGINEER PROJECT BEACON
                                         NOTICE OF TENDER

    1.    A sealed tender is invited for “Hiring of 06 nos Hydraulic track excavator 20 ton capacity for
    road works in various roads under 35 BRTF sector Project Beacon in J&K State”
    2. The tender documents may be downloaded from BRO web site and
    printout is to be taken on A4 size paper. It is advisable that the downloaded tender documents to
    be printed through laser printer only. Submission of Xerox copy or photo copy of tender or tender
    print not taken on A4 size of paper is not permitted and liable to be rejected.
    3.     The work is estimated to cost Rs 144.24 lacs ( Rupees One crore forty four lac twenty four
    thousand only). This estimate, however, is not a guarantee and is merely given as a rough guide and if
    the work costs more or less, the tenderer will have no claim on that account.

    4.     The tender shall be based on departmental design and drawings ,specification , General
    Conditions of Contract based on IAFW-2249 and lum sum contract form based on IAFW-2159), Special
    Conditions and Particular Specifications with Schedule `A’ (List of works) to be priced by the tenderers
    5.     Not more than one tender shall be submitted by one contactor or one firm of contractors. Under no
    circumstance will father and his son(s) or other close relation having business dealing with one another be
    allowed to tender for the same contract, as separate competitors. A breach of this condition will render
    tenders of both parities liable for rejection.
    6.      The work is to be completed within 06 months in accordance with the phasing, if any, indicated
    in the tender form the date of handing over the site, which will be within one month from the date of
    acceptance letter.
    7.      Interested tenderer may also submit application in the office of the HQ CE(P) Beacon , C/o 56
    APO so as to reach this HQ on or before 29 Apr 2010. However Invitation of application for issue of
    tender does not constitute any guarantee for issue of tender to the applicant even to enlisted contractors of
    appropriate class. Issue of tender will be decided by the Accepting Officer based on past track records,
    financial position and experience of similar work of the applicant/contractor. The decisions of the
    Accepting Officer for issue of tender or otherwise to the applicant/contractor shall be final and the
    applicant/contractor will not be entitled for any compensation for rejection of his application. Tender
    forms and conditions of contract and others necessary documents will be issued on 01 May 2010 by
    speed post.
    8.      The Chief Engineer, Project Beacon, C/O 56 APO will be the Accepting Officer, hereinafter,
    referred to as such for the purpose of this contract.
    9.     Tender ( in full) T- Bid and Q- Bid either downloaded from BRO website or issued by BRO will
    be received by HQ CE(P) Beacon, C/o 56 APO at 1200 Hrs on 24 May 2010 as per procedure laid
    down in tender documents and Part –I containing ( Un priced bid) will be opened immediately after
    receipt on same day and Part –II ( Priced bid) of all the tenderer shall be put in one envelop and
    sealed by the opening officers. Same will be opened later on 04 Jun 2010 in respect of qualified

    Signature of Contractor with seal                                           SW
                                                                                For Accepting Officer
CA NO CE (P) BCN /       /2010-11                                                     Serial page No.
Tender No: CE (P) BCN/63 /2009-10

                                    (NOTICE OF TENDER (contd…….)

    10.    Intending tenderers are advised to visit BRO website three days prior to date of opening of tender
    for any corrigendum / addendum/ amendment. Tender received after due date shall not be considered for
    opening and no reason for delay or claim whatsoever shall be entertained.

    11.     The tender shall be accompanied by Earnest Money amounting to Rs 2,16,360/- only ( Rupees
    Two lac sixteen thousand three hundred sixty only) in the form of term deposit receipt/FDR issued
    in favor of Chief Engineer Project Beacon, C/O 56 APO by a scheduled Bank, the amount being credited
    in the revenue deposit of Chief Engineer Project Beacon. The EMD shall be forfeited incase the tenderer
    revokes his offer after their tender is found to be the lowest.

    12.     Copies of drawings and other documents pertaining to the work required to be signed for the
    purpose of identification by the Accepting Officer or his accredited representative and the sample of
    materials and stores to be supplied by the contractor will be opened for inspection at the following

    Chief Engineer (P) Beacon, C/O 56 APO

    13.    Tenderers are advised to visit site by making prior appointment with Commander 35 BRTF, C/O
    56 APO in advance. Tenderers are requested to have copies of Drawings of Fmn, surfacing andPmt
    Structures like R/Wall, B/ Wall, RCC culverts and X section and L section of road etc from HQ 35
    BRTF C/o 56 APO.

    14.   A tenderer shall be deemed to have full knowledge of all relevant documents, samples, site etc
    whether he has inspected them or not.

    15.    Any tender which stipulates any alterations to any of the conditions laid down or which proposes
    any other condition of any description whatsoever is liable to be rejected.

    16.     The Accepting Officer reserves his right to accept a tender submitted by a Public Undertaking,
    giving a Price preference over other tender(s) which may be lower, as are admissible under the Govt
    policy. No claim for any compensation or otherwise shall be admissible from such tenderers whose
    tenders may be rejected on account of the said policy.

    17.    The submission of a tender by a tenderer implies that he had read this notice and conditions of
    contract and has made himself aware of the scope and specifications of the work to be done and of the
    conditions and rates at which factors bearing on the execution of the work.

    18.     Applicant contractor have to attach a demand draft for Rs 1,000/- only ( Rupees One thousand
    only ) in favour of Accepting officer i.e. CE (P) Beacon, C/o 56 APO and payable at SBI, Rawalpora,
    Srinagar, Bank Code No 6868 obtained from any Nationalized/ scheduled Bank valid for six months
    with their application as the cost of tender forms/ documents. The all applicable Bank charges shall be
    born by the applicant and he shall not have any claim what so ever on this account on Govt. In case of re-
    tendering, the firms which submitted the DD in earlier calls will require to submit DD along with their
    application also. Tender not accompanied with the cost of tender documents is lable to be rejected.
    However, public sector undertaking / Govt undertaking firms are exempted from the payment towards
    cost of tender documents.

    Signature of Contractor with seal                                         SW
                                                                              For Accepting Officer
CA NO CE (P) BCN /      /2010-11                                                      Serial page No.
Tender No: CE (P) BCN/ 63 /2009-10
                                        (NOTICE OF TENDER (contd…….)

    19.    The Demand Draft attached with the applications form shall be non re- fundable if the tender
    documents are issued to the contractors, However, it shall be returned to the applicant by the Accepting
    Officer in case the tender form is not issued.

    20.     The applicant contractor shall not become automatically entitled for issue of tender by virtue of
    enclosing DD along with the application and the Accepting Officer shall reserve the right to deny issue of
    tender to any applicant contractor.

    21.     In case of selective tendering or where in adequate applications are received suitable contractor
    may be selected and they shall also be asked to forward DD towards the cost of tender. Tenders will be
    issued to such contractors only thereafter.

    22.    The Accepting Officer does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender or to give any
    reasons for not doing so.

    23.     Tenderer who have downloaded the tender from the BRO website shall submit declaration along
    with tender documents that I/we have downloaded the tender from BRO website or and I/we have not tempered/ modified the tender from in any manner. In case if the same
    is found to be tempered modified in any manner, I/we understand that my/our tender will be summarily
    rejected and I/we are liable to be banned from doing business with BRO.

    24.  For further particulars, you may also see “ Indian Trade Journal” dated 14 Apr 2010 and refer
    BRO website http:/ and http://

    25.    The tender shall remain open for acceptance for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of
    opening of Q-Bid.

    26.    This notice of tender shall form part of the contract.
    Signature of Contractor with seal                                         SW
    Dated:_____________ 2010                                                  For Accepting Officer
    Case file No: 800176/ 04 /E8                                       Dated: 22 Mar 2010
    Chief Engineer
    Project Beacon
    C/O 56 APO
    Distribution: -
    1. HQ CE (P) Chetak, C/O 56 APO          11.    HQ 32 BRTF C/O 56 APO
    2. HQ CE (P) Sampark/O 56 APO            12.    HQ35 BRTF C/O 56 APO
    3. HQ CE (P) Swastik, C/O 99 APO         13     HQ 760 BRTF C/O 56 APO
    4. HQ CE (P) vartak, C/O 99 APO          14.    AO (P) Beacon C/O 56 APO
    5. HQ CE (P) Pushpak, C/O 99APO          15.    AO 35 BRTF C/O 56 APO
    6. HQ CE (P) Sewak, C/O 99APO            16.    118 RCC C/O 56 APO
    7. HQ CE (P) Dantak, C/O 99APO           17.    114 RCC C/O 56 APO
    8. HQ CE (P) Udayak, C/O 99 APO          18.    52 RCC C/O 56 APO
    9. HQ CE (P) Hirak, Hydrabad House       19.    99 RCC C/O56 APO
    10. HQ CE (P) Deepak, C/O 56 APO         20.    Chief Engineer, Srinagar Zone, BB Cantt
    21. SE, PWD, Srinagar,                   22.    Chamber of Kashmir , HMP Owners Association
    23. HQ CE(P) Shivalik, C/o 56 APO                Panthachowk, Near J&K Bank Ltd. Srinagar (J&K)
    24. HQ CE(P) Arunank, C/o 99 APO         25.    HQ DGBR/ E8 section
    26. HQ CE(P) Himank, C/o 56 APO          27.    HQ CE(P) Setuk, C/o 99 APO
    28. EDP cell of HQ CE(P) BCN for uploading on bro web site.
FAX- No. 011-24369716
                                                                                       Speed Post
                                                                                       Chief Engineer
                                                                                       Project Beacon
                                                                                       C/O 56 APO

800176/         /E8                                                                            Mar 2010

Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity
(Ministry of Information and Broadcasting)
Soochana Bhawan, 10 Floor, Phase-IV
Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110 003
                                         ADVERTISEMENT OF NOTICE OF TENDER

Dear Sir,
1.      A concised text of an advertisement is enclosed herewith (10 copies) for your information. This
advertisement may please be published in the following Newspapers in their issue on 14 Apr 2010: -

        (i)        The Times of India, New Delhi   -            (In English & Hindi)
        (ii)       The Srinagar Times, Srinagar    -            In English
        (iii)      The Daily Excelsior, Jammu      -            In English
        (iv)       Kashmir Times, Jammu            -            In English
        (v)        AL-Safa (Urdu), Srinagar        -            In Urdu

2.       Please refer HQ DGBR letter No 22501/Allot/2009-2010/DGBR/37/E-5B dated 26 Oct 2009, for allotment of
fund for publication of BRO advertisement. It is confirmed that in case, the fund allotted by the BRO is exhausted, HQ
DGBR will replenish the same at the earliest.

3.      Please acknowledge receipt
                                                                                       Yours faithfully,

                                                                                       (Chaman Lal)
                                                                                       EE (Civ), NF SG
                                                                                       For Chief Engineer
Encls : 10 sets.
Copy to :-
MES Builders Association of India          - You are requested to publish the advertisement in your bulletin free
Flat No. 807 ( 8 Floor ) Sahyog              of cost. A copy of advertisement is enclosed.
Nehru Palace, New Delhi -

MES Builders Association of India          -           - do -
PO Box No. 63, Jammu - 180001.
Dte General Border Roads (E5B)             - For info alongwith a copy of advts.
Seema Sadak Bhawan                          Please raise debit against 35 BRTF
Ring Road, Delhi Cantt
New Delhi – 110 010
HQ 35 BRTF                                 - For info along with a copy of
C/O 56 APO                                  advertisement.
Seema Sadak Bhawan                         -           -do-
Ring Road , Delhi Cantt,
New Delhi 110010
Hon’ble Secretary, Builders                -            -do-
Association of India, United
India Building, II Floor,
West wing, Sir PM Road,
                               FAX NO: 033-22486528

                                                                      Chief Engineer
                                                                      Project Beacon
                                                                      C/O 56 APO

800176/      /E8                                                             Mar 2010

The Director General
Commercial Intelligence & Statistics
1, Council Hall, Kolkata-700001


Dear Sir,

1.    The full text of an advertisement inviting applications for issue of tender
documents are enclosed herewith for publication in Indian Trade Journal on 14 Apr

2.    This Organization is a paying Department.

                                                         Yours faithfully,

                                                         (Chaman Lal)
                                                         EE (Civ), NFSG
                                                         For Chief Engineer
Encls: 02 set of text.

1.    The Controller of Publications -     For information along with a copy of text of
      Department of Publication            advertisement. You are requested to submit
      Ministry of Works and Housing        your bill alongwith supporting documents to
      Govt. of India, New Delhi-110054     HQ 35 BRTF, C/O 56 APO for making

2.    HQ 35 BRTF                       -   For information along with a copy of text
      C/O 56 APO                           advertisement

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