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					                              Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                           04/26/07 7:00PM
                        Please silence all cell phones during Council Meetings
1    Consent Agenda 6:30PM
              Georgia Power Presentation
2    Call to Order
3    Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
              Invocation-Carolyn Smith
              Posting of the Colors-Tybee Island Memorial Color Guard
              Pledge of Allegiance
              Proclamation for Volunteerism
              Proclamation for Municipal Clerks Week
4    Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
              Patricia Miller Wann-Fine Arts Commission request for part time Cultural Affairs
              Liason. No existing budget- will revisit during budget planning.
5    Visitors-There will be a 3 minute time limit on all visitors
              Jimmy Carter-Issue Badges to Council for Veterans Memorial Postponed
              Tybee Tour of Homes to benefit Hope House on June 2, 2007-requesting 1-day
              parking passes for 400. Approved passes and Proclaimed June 2nd as Tybee
              Tour of Homes Day.
              Katrina Murray-Tybee Island Tourism Council update Postponed
6    Public Hearings-Veterans Memorial-
              Veterans Memorial-Approved project contingent on location being
              determined in front of cemetery or more prominent location in Memorial
7    City Manager-Diane Schleicher
              Confirmation of Chief Financial Officer-John D. Redmond Approved start date
              May 21, 2007
              Resolution to use GEFA funding for the Ft. Screven Water Line. Approved
              Financing Proposal for Automated Meter Reading Equipment -No action
              Tennis Court Reconstruction Proposals and recommendation-Approved 9456,
              Inc. for $68,250
              Special Events
              Sand Arts Festival- May 4, 2007-Northbeach Approved
              Beach Bum Parade-May 18, 2007-6:30PM Approved
              Action Items
8    Open Meeting for Business Legally Presented
9    New Business
           Speed Bump request from the 1300 block of Lovell Ave. property owners Approved
           1-day Alcohol permit for American Diabetes Association-May 19, 2007-Chief Price
           Approved- Approved
10   Old Business
             Veterans Memorial- refer to Public Hearing section 6
             TEXT AMENDMENTS
             2ND Reading, Section 4-050.Land Development Code- District use regulations
             C-1. Dwellings or structures rented for special events. Approved

dd5e0ad6-4394-4f70-b902-cdfa4859105b.xls                                                         Agenda
                              Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                         04/26/07 7:00PM
             2nd Reading, Article 15, Land Development Code- Soil erosion and
             sedimentation control. Putting the following exemptions back in to the State Model
             ordiance: Minor land disturbing and Single family construction. Approved
             2nd Reading, Municipal Code- Section 12-1 Beach rules & regulations-to add
             subsections: 12-1a(14) Jumping or Diving from Pier or Public Structure and
             Section 12-1a(15) Walking or Climbing on Public Structures .Approved

11   City Officials and City Attorney
              Presentation by Mayor Buelterman and Mayor Pro Tem Sessions on Hurricane
              Conference Postponed
              Mayor Jason Buelterman

             Budget Adjustment for $2,000 from 1110-52-1201-Studies, Surveys, Consultants
             to 1110- 52-1200 Professional Services for Pier Dedication Presentation. Approved
             Jaycee Park ballfields-Lighting, condition of playing field, maintenance.City
             Manager to look into DPW maintaining the field-Put lighting in next
             years budget-Put safety pads around poles in outfield
             Emergency Warning System-request for staff to move forward with plans for a
             new island wide warning system to include voice notification-Plan for new solar
             powered voice system in the 2008 budget
             Schedule next council workshop-Clerk will determine date
             Mayors report
             Paul Wolff
             1st Reading Ethics Ordinance Approved
             Wanda Doyle
             Proposal for the City to take over the Christmas Parade-Would be handled through
             the Economic Development Committee-Approved contingent on Insurance
             Kathryn Williams
             Reactivating the Downtown Development Authority -Approved reactivating
             Authority will appoint members in July.
             Bubba Hughes
             Proposed Text Amendment to address adverse effects of Constuction Activities
             concerning debris- requiring covering trash recepticles at end of the work day.
             Approved for 1st Reading
             Minor revisions to recorded plat Section 5-130 (J) (2)-Rex Templeton, 18 Eleventh
             Place-Zone R-2 Approved
             Campground customer service evaluation agreement with MACKINNON Approved
             Condominium Conversions (condotel)-Discussion on parking, density and setback
             issues and probable inclusion in definitions for LDC.
12   Executive Session
13   Announcements and Meetings
             Environmental Committee May 2nd City Hall at 7:00PM
             Ribbon Cutting for Playground equipment at Memorial Park Saturday, May 5th 11:00AM
             Native Plant Sale-Beautification Association Saturday, May 5th at City Hall
             Planning Commission Agenda May 7th at 7:00PM City Hall
             GMA Listening Session at City Hall May 8th from 3:30PM to 5:30PM
             Mayor's Night In May 8th 6:00PM to 7:00PM Mayor's Office
             Water and Sewer Committee Meeting May 10, 2006 5:30 at City Hall
             Regular City Council Meeting May 10, 2006 7:00 at City Hall
dd5e0ad6-4394-4f70-b902-cdfa4859105b.xls                                                          Agenda
                              Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                            04/26/07 7:00PM
            Pier and Pavilion Dedication for former Mayor Walter Parker, Saturday May 12th at
            10:00AM at Pier
            Soil erosion and sedimentation ordinance workshop Monday, May 14th from
            6:00PM to 8:00PM
            Beach Task Force Thursday, May 17th at 11:30AM City Hall
            Planning Commission Regular Meeting May 15th at 7:00PM City Hall
            Ethics Advisory Board May 21st at 4:00PM TEMA room
            Economic Development Committee May 21st 6:30PM at City Hall
            Master Plan Open House May 23rd at 6:30PM
            Memorial Day is May 28th.
14   Minutes from Board Meetings
            Audit Committee Entrance Meeting minutes-March 19 and 22,2007
            Tybee Island Tourism Council Minutes March 20, 2007
             Tybee Beautification Association Minutes April 11, 2007

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