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									                                        March Agenda
                                 MiRA Homeowner’s Association
                                  Board of Director’s Meeting
                                  Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
                                  At Suhrco offices: 4:30 p.m..

Call to Order: 4:45 p.m.

Introductions of Board Members in Attendance, SUHRCO Representative(s) and any other

       Jessica Gray, President

       Jhansi Reddy, Secretary

       Marcel Scheel, Regional Property Manager

   1. Yearly Calendar Items:
          In an effort to minimalize confusion and execution of deadlines and timelines. I think it
             would be prudent to discuss and organize a year calendar for Mira. Here are a few items
             I think should be put on the list. Anything I am forgetting please add them to the list.
                   i. Seasonal punch lists for Maintenance and Landscapers (Spring and Fall).
                  ii. Chimney Cleaning.
                 iii. Insurance renewals.
                 iv. Budget deadlines.
                  v. Things on the property that need maintenance every couple years, i.e. parking lot
                      re-black top.
                 vi. Taxes.
          As per board’s request, Marcel sent a spreadsheet with punch list of items to do for the
             complex. The document named Maintenance schedule was sent by Marcel to board

   2. Amendments Proposed

       Marcel proposed the following amendment to collect the late fees from owners for assessments
       and/or other services. Board agreed to change the amendment.

       NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Association intends to impose and collect
       payments for any fees, special charges, assessments and/or services to each Owner as determined
       by the Managing Agent’s schedule of fees for specially assessed services. Such fees, special
       charges, assessments and/or services assessed by the Managing Agent shall be assessed to
       participating Owners and shall be collected by the Association from those participating Owners.

       Marcel will be proposing another amendment for super lien on properties to be collected by the
       association. Amendment will be written by an attorney.
3. Financials: (Marcel S.)

    Marcel mentioned that the accounting firm has filed an extension to file taxes in September.
    Jessica wanted to know why we cannot file on time and Marcel explained that filing in September
    will give us a good estimate of how much taxes are due instead of guessing at the beginning of
    the year.

    The Association funds as of the end of March are as follows:

    Operating Funds                  $840.75

    Capital Contributions            $1,655.40

    Insurance reserve                $5,333.34

    Maintenance reserve              $106,486.20

    Total                            $114,315.69

4. Construction Defect Update: (Dan Z.)

There are no updates from the last one. In an effort to spur the declarant into action, I have noted
several depositions to occur next month. The last I was told was that the declarant was trying to
obtain funding from CalPERS for a global settlement with payment in one lump sum in July. I am
continuing to berate the declarant’s attorney and also spoke to the mediator last week.

5. Maintenance Update: (Corey A.)

6. Drain Issues

    Jessica reported seeing several puddles outside D building. Marcel suggested that we should call
    Cobra construction to give us a quote on locating the source of the problem. Marcel suggest that
    we should consider purchasing flood insurance.

7. Water leak in E205

    Water leak has been reported in unit E205 due to a pipe bursting. The owner is contacting the
    insurance company and notified SUHRCO.

8. Landscaping Update: (Todd B.)

    Jessica suggested that we post an ad on craigslist of ask Todd to collect old mismatched stepping
    stones and replace them with new ones.
      Landscaping bark has been delivered and spread all over the complex. We used Pacific Topsoils
      for this and they spread 120 cu yards of bark. Todd planted seasonal flowers near the Mira sign.

   9. Newsletter Additions: (Barilyn S.)

      Jhansi got the information from Barilyn and used it to send out quarterly newsletter. Jessica will
      take over this job at some point

   10. Pool Update: (Ryan P.)

      The work in the pump room will be complete by the middle of next week. The Engineer is
      working with the Health Department to complete the plan review application & should have the
      application submitted to them for there review shortly. Once Health Department completes
      review we can start the work on installing the dual main drains. It should take us 10 days or less
      to complete installation of new drains. This work has to be inspected by the Health Department
      before we can cover it & patch floor.

      I'm not sure how long it will take Health Department to complete plan review. If they don't get it
      done in time for us to complete the drain work before the pool opening I'm sure they will allow
      you to open pool for the season & do drain work @ the end of season. I should have more
      information by the end of this week.

   11. Gym Update: (Eric D.)

      Jessica is in touch with Eric D regarding converting the common area to Gym space. The plan is
      to remove closet and the wall and install rubber flooring and buy one machine a year. There seem
      to be a bit of push back from some homeowners regarding this. Marcel suggests we call an onsite
      meeting with homeowners and put this resolution for voting.

      Jessica got quotes for keycard entry and the plan is to buy an inexpensive computer for use to
      keep track of keycards and condominium related tasks.

   12. Website: (Jhansi R.)

      No new update. Jhansi is still looking into finding a student to do this.

New Business:

Adjourn: 6:30PM

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