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					                                  CONTRACT FOR AUTOMATIC
                               TRANSFER OF ELECTRIC ACCOUNTS

TO:        Kansas City Power & Light Company

We are requesting that the addresses listed be set up on an automatic transfer of accounts, as outlined in your
cover letter. Automatic transfer of accounts is defined as billing the electric usage to the responsible party as
defined in this document when the tenant stops their billing. We understand that this contract cannot be used
for seasonal purposes. The request pertains to all accounts listed with this contract and applicable to this

It is understood and agreed that

      1. These accounts will be coded for automatic transfer as soon as possible allowing 10 working
         (Monday – Friday) days to process paper work.

      2. KCP&L will assume no liability that might result from occasional disconnects.

      3.                                                 will be responsible for electric service bills
           during unoccupied periods, including such periods when a tenant calls and is disconnected or
           a new tenant fails to request service.

      4. The automatic transfer agreement will not be applicable when an account is disconnected for
      nonpayment. The landlord / owner must request new service in writing. "The company will not restore
      service at locations where service has been terminated without certification that the person(s) who were
      receiving service are no longer present at the location where service was previously provided."

      5. The automatic transfer procedure, excepting conditions referred to in paragraph 4, will apply each
         time a tenant discontinues service.

      6. Any change in ownership or management of the premises covered by this Agreement will be
         reported to KCP&L by written certified notification ten (10) working (Monday – Friday) days prior
         to such change. Liability for charges or service incurred during any period that KCP&L
         was not notified of changes in management or ownership in compliance with the terms of this
         agreement is expressly assumed by
      7. Cancellation of this Agreement by the Owner shall be limited to conditions referred to in paragraph 6
         or conditions where a tenant is not able to connect service due to personal reasons. The Owner shall
         have written certified notice sent to: KCP&L, Attention: Customer Communication Center,
         P. O. Box 418679, Kansas City, MO 64141-9679 or fax to 816-654-1199.


Please provide the following information (front & back):

If applicable, name of complex: ______________________________________________________________

Name of Owner or Management Company responsible for payment of bills: ___________________________

Tax ID for Corporations: ____________________ Social Security No. for Owners: ____________________

Address to mail bills: ______________________________________________________________________

City, State:                                                   Zip Code: ______________________________

E-mail Address:

Resident Manager/Owner phone number:                                   . Please indicate phone number to call for
questions regarding this complex or premise.

KCP&L Form 503H001 (08/03)
OWNERSHIP OF PREMISES:                                                                           page 2

If premises are owned by a proprietorship, general or limited partnership or corporation, state the name and
address of the legal owner(s) along with the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and/or the social security


Name and address of management company (if the name of the owner does not appear as part of the
management company’s name, give the names and addresses of the individuals owning the management
company, who are registered with the Secretary of State of the local Recorder of Deeds office):

I hereby state that I (we) enter into this Agreement with the knowledge and consent of the ownership of the
property as shown above.

                                                                   (Signature of Owner or Agent)



                          (Attach additional list if more space is required)

KCP&L Form 503H001 (08/03)
Please e-mail or fax all information to expedite the electric service to be
connected into your name to the following. Fax to 816-654-1479 or
e-mail to CUSTSERV@KCPL.COM. We need to have this information in our office
by 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday, 24 hours prior to the date the new renter wants
his/her name on the electric bill. You can e-mail/fax outside these hours; however, your
request will only be worked Monday through Friday. If you have any questions, please
contact our Customer Care Center at 816-471-KCPL (5275).

Address wanting service connected:
                                                   Street, Apartment Number

City, State, Zipcode:

Name of Apt. complex or landlord:
Phone Number for Apt. complex or landlord:
Date for new service:                                      Phone Number:
                            Month Day Year

Name:                                                      SSN#:
                First Middle Last Name
Cell Phone Number:                         Fax Number:                    E-Mail Address:

Address Moving from:
If this service is with KCP&L, do you want the service disconnected? If so, what date?
Place of Employment:                                                                How long?
Address of Employment:                                          Phone Number:
               Will you have any roommates? If so, please provide the following:
Spouse or Roommate:                                                              SSN:
Address moving from:
If this service is with KCP&L, do you want the service disconnected? If so, what
Their Place of Employment:                                                                  How long?
Address of Employment:                                                         Phone Number:
                                         Please list any other roommates:
Name:                                                                          SSN:
Place of Employment:
         Upon completion of setting up the electric service a confirmation number
                        will be e-mailed or faxed back to you.

If a bill is owed from a previous address, the bill will need to be paid to connect service. Please
do not call KCP&L to connect service for this address, this form will connect service in your name.
When you move from this address, please contact KCP&L to disconnect electric service. Thank you.

              Signature of Applicant                                                 Date

FOR APT MGMT/LANDLORD ONLY: Date Faxed:                                          Time:
Apt. Fax Number:                                             E-Mail Address:

KCP&L Form 503H001 (08/03)

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