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									                      2011 AAU BOYS’ FLAG FOOTBALL
                         NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

LOCATION:         ESPN Wide World of Sports, Orlando, FL

DATES:            July 7th – 9th, 2011

AGE DIVISIONS:    6 & Under
                  8 & Under
                  10 & Under
                  12 & Under
                  14 & Under
                  16 & Under

                  Tournament age is determined as of the cut-off date, which is September 1 of the year in which the
                  tournament begins. So for example, if a player turns 11 on September 1 or earlier, he/she must play in the
                  12U division. If a player turns 11 on September 2 or later, he/she may play in the 10U division. The Tournament
                  Office may adjust the division demarcations or the date used for age determination at any time. Proof of age
                  must be provided upon request by the Tournament Office.

QUALIFICATION:    Open to any team meeting the age and membership requirements. All athletes, coaches and clubs must be
                  current members of the AAU. AAU membership is $12 per athlete, $14 per non-athlete (coach, manager, etc.), and
                  a minimum of $30 per club. AAU club membership is available in 3 levels ranging from $30, $60 and $300. Please
                  visit the web site for descriptions of each category. There can be multiple teams under one club membership.
                  Register on-line at www.aausports.org.

ENTRY FEE:        $350 per team. $99 non-refundable deposit secures your slot. Maximum of 15 players allowed on each team. 4
                  game guarantee. The entry fee is in addition to the AAU membership card.

ENTRY DEADLINE:   Entries must be submitted online by June 20, 2011. To register online, please visit www.flagfootball4fun.com or
                  CLICK HERE.

FORMAT:           Competition will be pool play for preliminary rounds. Pool play record will determine placement and seeding of
                  each team in the single elimination bracket rounds.

                  The format of the tournament and the start time is subject to change.

TEAM ROSTERS:     Team rosters may include up to ten (10) players and four (4) adult staff personnel. Staff personnel can consist
                  of the following: head coach, assistant coach, team trainer, etc. All staff personnel must be AAU members in
                  the non-athlete category. Only those four (4) individuals listed on the roster as staff personnel will be permitted
                  to on the sideline within the “team box”. Team rosters (including uniform numbers) must be submitted by June
                  20th. Any changes made to the roster after June 20th can be made online up to the start of the teams 1st contest.
                  Athletes can only be listed on one Team Roster.

HOUSING:          Disney’s All Star Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort will be the host hotels for this event. See
                  www.aautravelplanner.org for AAU and Disney Approved Hotels and Specially Priced Theme Park Tickets. For
                  more information, please visit www.aautravelplanner.org.

RULES:            For complete Tournament Rules, CLICK HERE.

DURING GAMES:     Home Teams must provide a person to hold the down marker during all games except for the championship
                  games on Saturday.

AWARDS:           1st and 2nd place trophies and medals will be given in each age group.
EDUCATION:       The AAU National Office is happy to make available FREE Coaches' Education for all AAU non-athlete
                 members. This exciting program is MANDATORY for all AAU non-athletes and will be administered by Positive
                 Coaching Alliance (PCA). Please visit www.aausports.org and click on JOIN NOW in order to enter and take the
                 MANDATORY AAU/PCA coaches educational course. Membership may be revoked from non-athletes who do
                 not complete course prior to competition.


                 Teams must check-in prior to competing. A team representative is required to come to team check in to get
                 all necessary tournament information. Athletes are not required to attend team check in.

GAME SCHEDULE:   The National AAU Office will post the schedule no later than (7) days before the start of the tournament at

REFUND POLICY:   Once a team enters the tournament refunds will not be given.

ADMISSION FEE:   Athletes and coaches with a credential will receive admission to the ESPN Wide World of Sports. Please note:
                 you must check-in and pick up your credential prior to receiving admittance. All other spectators can purchase
                 daily tickets to the ESPN Wide World of Sports throughout the 2011 AAU Boys’ Flag Football National
                 Championship at $13.50 per adult and $10.00 per youth. Tickets can be purchased onsite at the venue.

AAU POLICY:      The AAU can not and does not guarantee the appearance and/or participation of specific participant(s) and/or
                 teams (as applicable) in this event. The AAU has sanctioned (approved) this Event as an official AAU Event
                 (competition), but the AAU is not and shall not be responsible for any participant's or spectator's expenses
                 related to this Event (nor reimbursements for same) in case of dissatisfaction of any participant, friend, family, or
                 spectator, this includes, but is not limited to all travel, hotel (lodging), food, entry fees and/or any other expenses
                 related to the event.

INFORMATION:     Tournament Director
                 Reginald Grigsby, AAU Boys’ Flag Football National Chairman

                 AAU National Office
                 Crystal Mannino

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