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									Web Supplement
Links for iPod Companion by Tony Bove

Official Apple Information and Software
Apple iPod Page
This site is your first stop for iPod information and accessories, including free software
from Apple.

Apple iTunes Page
The official Apple iTunes page offers information about iTunes features and accessories,
a link to download iTunes, and information about featured artists in the iTunes Music

Apple Store
Use this convenient store to buy Apple products and third-party accessories.

Apple iTunes Music Store
Visit the Web site for the Apple iTunes Music Store to learn all about online music

Audio Books in the Apple iTunes Music Store
Check out the library of more than 5,000 audio books in the iTunes Music Store.

Apple iPod Repair Site
Arrange for repair service with Apple’s official iPod repair site.

Apple iPod Software Updater
Download the iPod Software Updater application and current information about iPod
software updates at Apple Software Downloads.

Apple iTunes Download Site
Download the latest version of the iTunes software for Mac or Windows.

Apple Troubleshooting Guide
To solve problems with your iPod, visit Apple’s troubleshooting guide.

Apple iPod for Windows Troubleshooting
To solve problems specific to the Windows version of the iPod, visit this troubleshooting
guide that focuses on PC and Windows installation problems and solutions.

Apple Downloads: iSync, iCal, and Other Free Software
You can find the latest versions of iCal, iSync, Mac OS Update packages, and other free
software from Apple on this page.

Apple iLife: The Digital Hub
You can find all the information you need about the iLife suite of software for digital
music, photography, moviemaking and DVD creation.

Apple Scripts for iPod Notes Documents
Create and manage text notes on new iPods with this free downloadable set of
AppleScripts (Mac only).

Apple .Mac Service
Sign on to the .Mac service for automatic iDisk backup, Web pages for hosting
slideshows, and the ability to share files, photos, and calendars over the Internet.

Apple Plug-in Developer Information
You can download the iTunes Visual Plug- ins software developer kit (SDK) for free (you
must sign up for a free membership in the Apple Developer Connection).

Apple Manuals Archive
The links on this page point to technical articles in Apple’s Knowledge Base. Each
product-specific article contains a list of manuals for viewing or downloading.

Other Information and Software
Anapod Explore r (Red Chair Software)
Anapod Explorer is a Windows application for controlling your iPod and includes full
Windows Explorer integration, Web page interface access to your iPod thro ugh a built- in
Web server, and powerful search and reporting capabilities using a built- in SQL database,
all in one package.
Audible Audio Books
( offers audio books, radio programs, and audio magazines and newspapers.

EphPod is a Windows application for controlling your iPod that can synchronize your
iPod with a library of music files. It imports Microsoft Outlook contacts and also lets you
create and edit your own contacts. EphPod can also download the latest news, weather, e-
books, and movie listings to an iPod.

iPod Access (Findley Designs)
iPod Access allows you to transfer MP3 files from your iPod to your Mac. When
copying, you can keep the MP3s organized by artist/album.

Visit iPodHacks for comprehensive iPod information, tips, and tricks, as well as a lively
user form.

iPoding is an excellent source of information about iPod accessories and third-party
products, including software downloads, and includes an iPod Products Guide that lists
major iPod-related third-party products.

iPod It (Zapp Tek)
iPod It transfer personal information to your iPod from Entourage, Stickies, Mail,
Address Book and iCal. You can even download weather forecasts and news headlines
directly to your iPod.

iPod Lounge
Excellent source of information about iPod third-party products, downloads, hacks, and

iPodRip (The LittleAppFactory)
iPodRip is a Mac OS X application that allows the copying of tracks from your iPod to
your Mac and the playing of tracks directly from the iPod.

iPodSync is a utility for Windows users to keep Microsoft Outlook calendars, contacts,
tasks and notes synchronized between a PC and an iPod. iPodSync can even synchronize
Outlook notes and tasks.

MusicMatch Downloads
Learn all about purchasing music online from MusicMatch to incorporate into your
MusicMatch Jukebox library and your iPod.

MusicMatch Gear (Online Store)
Purchase MusicMatch-related and iPod-related gear at the MusicMatch store.

MusicMatch Jukebox Site
Go to the comprehensive MusicMatch site for information about MusicMatch Jukebox
and software updates.

MusicMatch Radio
Learn all about Musicmatch Radio, a free, CD-quality streaming music service you
access using the Musicmatch Jukebox.

PodWorks (Sci-Fi Hi-Fi)
PodWorks is a Mac OS X (Cocoa) application that allows you to copy songs from any
Mac iPod to any Mac running OS X (10.2).

Version Tracker (Macintosh)
Version Tracker (Windows)
One of the most comprehensive software download sites, Version Tracker provides the
latest versions of free software and software updates for systems and applications,
including shareware and freeware.

XPlay (MediaFour)
XPlay is a Windows application that provides both read and write access to your iPod
hard drive for documents and data files, plus the ability to organize your music either
from the Explorer-based XPlay interface, or from Windows Media Player, as an
alternative to MusicMatch Jukebox.

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