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 “Employee Learning Week-
   Jumpstart your Efforts”

       Today’s Facilitators:
•Jacque Burandt
•Kathy Shurte, CPLP
•Laura Bynum

                      October 28, 2006

            Today’s Facilitators:

Jacque Burandt
– Adm. Director, Staff Development
  University Health System, San Antonio, TX
– Member of ASTD’s National Advisors for Chapters

Kathy Shurte, CPLP
– Assistant Manager, Employee Development Section
– Broward County Commission
  Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL
- Member of ASTD’s National Advisors for Chapters

Laura Bynum
– Senior Public Relations Specialist,
– Public Relations and Public Policy, ASTD, Alexandria, VA
         Today’s Agenda –
      Employee Learning Week
       30 Days and Counting!

• Basic Facts about ASTD Employee
  Learning Week
• Best practices from chapters and
  organizations in 2005
• New ideas for ELW 2006
• Time for Q&A
          What is Employee Learning Week?
              (December 4-8, 2006)

 • ASTD awareness campaign to encourage
   organizations to recognize the value of
   employee learning and to develop a highly
   skilled workforce

 • ELW is an opportunity for business leaders,
   managers, and learning professionals to
   recognize the importance of learning and
   skills development

Workforce development is everyone’s business®

          Who can benefit from
        Employee Learning Week?

• Employees will benefit from new learning
  opportunities and encouragement from
  senior leadership and managers

• Organizations will benefit by demonstrating
  their commitment to learning and achieving
  business results

• It‟s a great opportunity to recognize the
  work of your training/learning department
         How can my organization

• Introduce a new program to employees –
  one designed to promote learning and
  development within your organization

• Cross-train: Pair up employees and/or
  departments so they can learn from each

• Encourage employees to join and become
  involved in a professional organization

               Other Ideas…

• Invite employees to a “Lunch and Learn”
  event to discuss learning opportunities and
  in the office and in the community

• Implement a recurring CEO question and
  answer forum to disseminate business-
  critical information to employees

• Work with local officials in your city or town
  to recognize Employee Learning Week
        How did Chapters Recognize
                ELW 2005?

• The Fort Lauderdale chapter dedicated its
  Dec. 2005 meeting to a “Celebration of
  Employee Learning Practices”
  – Thirty eight (38) practices from 24 organizations were
    recognized at the celebration
  – Guest speakers included the Mayor of the Broward
    County Commission, President of Centex Homes
    (S. FL division), and ASTD staff

• Raised $5,000 from sponsors to defray the
  costs of the meeting
       How did Chapters Recognize
               ELW 2005?

• Partnering with Cuyahoga Community
  College, the Greater Cleveland chapter held
  an “Invest in the Best Award” recognizing
  excellence in employee training and
  leadership development

• The Mississippi chapter held a silent auction
  to raise money for a scholarship for the
  Workplace Learning and Performance
  Institute / University of Southern Mississippi
       How did Chapters Recognize
               ELW 2005?

• The Nebraska chapter held an Open House
  and encouraged members to recognize the
  strategic value of employee learning

• The South Central Michigan chapter sent a
  mailing to members announcing Employee
  Learning Week

• The Eastern Idaho chapter held an
  “Employee Learning Week Holiday Bash”
                        Recognizing ELW :
               2005 Government Proclamations

Several chapters worked with local officials to recognize Employee
   Learning Week:

•   The Mayor of Columbus, Georgia proclaimed December 5-9 as
    Employee Learning Week

•   The Mayor of Bloomington, Illinois declared December 5-9 as
    Employee Learning Week in the city

•   The Governor of Mississippi proclaimed Dec. 5-9 as Employee
    Learning Week and Dec. 9 as “Training and Workforce Development
    Professionals Day”

•   The Broward County, Fla. Board of County Commissioners read a
    proclamation declaring December 5-9 to be Employee Learning
    Week in Broward County.

           How Did Organizations
           Recognize ELW 2005?

• The University Health System (UHS)
  created the “Celebrate a Week of Learning”
  with daily seminars and an education fair for
  UHS staff on the last day
  – Seminar topics included “Learning about your
    Training Needs,” “Learning about E-Learning,”
    “Learning about Magnet Status,” and “Learning
    about your Health”
  – An article in the UHS employee newsletter
    highlighted a UHS Foundation Nursing Scholar

            How Did Organizations
            Recognize ELW 2005?

• Broward County, FL held “Spotlight
  Learning Events,” and distributed materials
  – All events were advertised in the county‟s
    newsletter an intranet, by email, and on posters,
    information tables, and plasma screen television in
    the governmental center

• The City of Bloomington, IL offered classes
  to non-city employees in Nov. and Dec. ‟05
  – Bloomington‟s local paper, The Pantagraph, wrote
    an article about employee training during the week

            How Did Organizations
            Recognize ELW 2005?

• State Farm’s weekly e-newsletter featured
  an article about Employee Learning Week,
  highlighting the importance of learning

• Just Born held an appreciation lunch for
  training staff … company leaders discussed
  training‟s contribution to business results

• Goodwill Industries in Sarasota, FL used
  its intranet to share learning activities each
  day of Employee Learning Week
           How Did Organizations
           Recognize ELW 2005?

• Eagle Point kicked off its new course
  curriculum on continuous improvement

• The American Lung Association provided
  daily “Learning Tips on Professional
  Development” to staff across the U.S.

• Wings of Success hosted an executive
  briefing for business leaders
             New Ideas for 2006:
         What can your organization do
           to implement the week?
Anything! It doesn’t have to cost a lot or be complicated.
Consider some of these ideas:

• Highlight learning programs in your organization
• Remind employees about learning opportunities
  such as tuition reimbursement benefits
• Take an inventory of employees’ skills and
• Debut a new training course
• Offer your clients or customers access to some of
  your organization’s training programs
• Send out an email each day of ELW with a new
  “learning tip”
               30 Days and Counting!
           What can your organization do
              in a short time period?

• Consider the following -
  -Set up a table at the cafeteria or main entrance with flyers on E-
   learning opportunities or a new learning program

   -Work with marketing dept. or web master to have a quiz or contest
   on your Intranet or company website

   -Distribute “Learning Awards” to participants attending classes
   during Employee Learning Week

   -Give an award to the department with the most learning
   opportunities per employee in 2006
           Become An Employee                           19

           Learning Week
           “Champion of Learning”!
• If your chapter or organization holds an event,
  meeting, or communicates about ELW, you can be
  recognized as an ASTD “Champion of Learning”

• Email us in December or January to tell us what you
  did during ELW. Email

• Champion of Learning certificates will be sent in
  January 2007

                ELW Resources:

See the Tools & Samples page of the Chapter
  Leader Community of ASTD‟s website for:

•   E-postcard about ELW
•   Web banner
•   ELW logo
•   Fact sheet
•   Brief PowerPoint presentation
•   ELW Recorded Webcast
•   E-brochure

                 ELW Resources

• The „Tools & Samples‟ section includes a
  “Proclamation Toolkit” to help you request
  government proclamations from local officials
  and includes:
  – Hints/suggested procedures to request
  – Sample text for a request letter
  – Sample text for a proclamation
  – Press release template about ELW

                  Don’t Forget!

• Recognize the week to be named an ASTD
  “Champion of Learning”
• During ALC :
  – Pick up your copies of the ELW brochure to give
    out at your upcoming chapter meetings in
    November and December

• Look at the new ELW website in October at:
• More questions? Email

                Thank You

   Thank you for participating in today‟s
 Employee Learning Week Sunrise Session --

 Take part in Employee Learning Week
 2006 and become an ASTD Champion of

Workplace Development is Everyone’s Business®