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									Dear Neighbors,

If you’ve already left on a summer sojourn, I hope you’re having fun and checking your
e-mails. If you’ve been and come back, I hope it was a great adventure. I’ve been
reading about making homemade ice cream and just the thought of it makes me think
fondly of summer the heat notwithstanding. Since I as your Newsletter Editor have been
wildly uncommunicative this year I am at least sending out some news and notes to begin
the summer.

Whispe ring Oaks Women’s Club:

The newly- installed officers of WOWC for 2006-2007 met and formulated the following
calendar for the upcoming year—the Club’s 50th :

       August 18th            Ice Cream Social at the garage of Laura Scavone
       August 24th            Newcomer’s Coffee at the home of Terri Orlean
       September 19th         Meeting at the home of Stephanie Jamison
                              Speaker: Andrea White, wife of City of Houston Mayor
                              Bill White
       October 17th           Meeting –Location is open
       October 31st           Halloween Block Party
       November 14th          Meeting—Location is open
       December 3rd           Holiday Block Party
       January 16th           Meeting at the home of Ann Tidwell
       February 20th          50th Anniversary Celebration at the home of Laura Signet
       April 10th             Spring Fashion Luncheon at The Junior League of Houston
       May 5th                Adult Dinner Party—Cinco de Mayo theme
       May 15th               Meeting—Location is open

Daryl Dunn, Second Vice-President of WOWC, is in charge of arranging for the homes
and hostesses for our meetings. Currently she is in need of homes for the October 17 th
meeting, the November 14th meeting and the May 15th meeting. Opening your home to
WOWC means just that; you open the doors and give anyone entering stern instructions
that closets are off limits and the hostesses do the rest. Daryl would so appreciate your
willingness to volunteer.

Speaking of hostesses, Daryl is also in need of WOWC members to volunteer to be
hostesses for all of the meetings. We normally have about three hostesses per meeting.
If you don’t cook, not to fret, think Costco fruit plate or the like. The point is there is
some contribution you can make and your time and efforts will be appreciated. Call or e-
mail Daryl to volunteer; it’s really lots of fun. Daryl’s telephone number is 713-467-
2137 and her e-mail address is . Save her the need to call you after I have
mentioned your name in passing.
Bonnie Loudin, President of WOWC, will be making telephone calls this summer to fill
various committee positions. Believe me, the wonderful Halloween Block Party, Holiday
Block Party and Luminaries do not just spontaneously happen. Many hands make light
work, so please say yes to Bonnie when she calls or, better yet, e- mail her to volunteer at .

We’ll be sending out the WOWC Dues and Program Notice around the end of July. The
Notice will include the opportunity to add/subtract/correct information that is included in
the Neighborhood Directory. The WOWC Directory lists all of the residents of
Whispering Oaks and Warrenton together with the names and birth dates of children
under the age of 21, e-mail addresses, home and cell telephone numbers and, of course,
street addresses. It is an invaluable resource!

Whispe ring Oaks Residents:

Remember that Deputy Constable Gilbert Martinez of the Harris County Precinct 5
Constable’s Office is on patrol in Whispering Oaks. I urge you to avail yourselves of the
Vacation Watch program. Deputy Constable Martinez will check front and, if he has
access, back doors and generally keep on eye on your home. The Vacation Watch form
can be downloaded by visiting the Constable Precinct 5 website at: and clicking on Online Forms and then clicking on Vacation
Watch form. The Vacation Watch form can then be printed. You can call 281-463-
6666 and tell the dispatcher you have a Vacation Watch form to be picked up or you can
call me at 713-468-1615 and I will get the form to Deputy Constable Martinez. Please
note if you have a metal gate across your drive way which re quires a code for access,
Deputy Constable Martinez cannot check the back of your home unless he has the
code. If you would like him to check in your backyard, please indicate your access
code on the form. I also have a supply of the Vacation Watch forms if you would like
to brave my construction and pick one up from my home at 142 Plantation.

Ladies, please continue to be vigilant about leaving purses in your car even for a moment.
Because there have been several purses taken from vehicles at The Memorial Forest Club
I have asked Deputy Constable Martinez to drive through the MFC parking lot as he
patrols during the day.

Babysitter List:

I will be updating and sending out shortly an updated Babysitter List for all of you with
small children to enjoy a night out. I promise that this list is absolutely priceless! If you
would like to have a child added to the list, please e- mail me at
Employme nt Opportunity:

Body Works & Fitness Studio is seeking a part-time receptionist. Many neighbors use
the services offered by Paula and Joe Cavello including personal training, makeup, facials
and massage. This would be a good opportunity for a college student or high school
student who would like to work part time.
                - ALL AGES
           - 30 MINS FOR $20
         - 3RD YEAR MFC COACH
              - LOVES KIDS!


            T.J. BURNS



Again, as the Newsletter Editor I apologize for failing to send out a regular missive but
promise to do better.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Tidwell

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