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					                                                                      AutoPartsKorea2005 Exhibitors' List
No.                        Company Name                                  Phone No.                         Website                   Exhibit Items
 1                           Addtec Corp.                              82-55252-2463                   www.addtec.co.kr              HVAC, Motor Actuator, Control
 2                             AlpsKorea                               82-55-294-8326                 www.alpskorea.com              Tool box, Work table, Tool drawer

 3                           Ashin QN tech                             82-55-343-8800                 www.ashin21.com                Eye Joint, Sol'd valve, LPI engine

 4                 A-Sung Precision IndustryCo., Ltd                    82-55-3423875                  www.aspic.co.kr               Fire blanking

 5                        BM Foundry Co., Ltd                          82-51-319-9015                www.bmfoundry.com               Cast iron products

 6                            Bowon Metal                              82-31-227-6390               www.bowonmetal.com               Seat Rail, Seat Frame

 7            Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority                82-51-979-5341                    www.bjfez.net               Promotion

 8                            Central Corp.                            82-55-278-0260                    www.ctr.co.kr               Steering parts, Suspension parts

 9                      Chunboo Chemical Co.                           82-55-322-1771                    Not informed                anti-noise film

10                               Cofacs                                 82-2-521-5288                  www.cofacs.co.kr              Wheels& Castors

11                               DACC                                  82-55-281-2475                  www.dacc21.com                Brake disk, Cluch disk, LSD

12                            Daerim Motor                             82-55-239-7040                   www.DMC.co.kr                Motorcycle, Scooter

13                     Daesung Finetec Co., Ltd                        82-55-289-4885               www.dsfinetec.com                Seat Recliner Part, Blanking, Brake part

14                  Daeyong Aluminum Die Casting                       82-31-499-3545                 www.daeyong.co.kr              High Pressure die casting

15                       Dongseo Mechatronics                          82-55-297-3115           www.dongseomecha.co.kr               Aluminum Casting Machines

16                        Dong Sung Co., Ltd                           82-31-354-8912                www.autorubber.co.kr            Automotive rubber parts

17                       Donghwang Ind.Corp.                           82-55-282-9111                www.donghwan.co.kr              Air Conditioner, Pre-heater system

18                  Dongyang Special Metal Co., Ltd                    82-55-283-2111                  www.DYSM.co.kr                EGR Valve, Die casting, Engineering plastic

19                Dongyoung Precision Works Co., Ltd                   82-55-587-2405                   www.dypw.co.kr               Transmission parts, Constant Yelocity Join Parts

20                         GMB Korea Corp.                             82-55-279-1313                   www.gmb.co.kr                Transmission, Bearing, Engine Parts

21                            GM Daewoo                                82-55-269-1041                www.gmdaewoo.co.kr              Automobiles

22                      Hanil Precision Co., Ltd                       82-55-322-2081                www.gasspring.co.kr             Gas spring, Free-lock

23                    Hanam Hyundai Automobile                         82-62-962-2111                www.hhms.co.kr                  Dongseong CA Power

24                       Hansan Screw Co., Ltd                         82-55-294-8753                 www.hsscrew.co.kr              Screws& Bolts

25                                HSK                                  82-55-274-1717                    Not informed                Automotive parts

26                         Hwasung AMT Inc                             82-55-583-1001                  www.hsamt.com                 Brakes, Caliper& Carrier, Wheel Cylinder

27                    Hyundae Machinery Forging                        82-55-283-8987                www.hdforging.co.kr             Gear, Shaft, Steering knuckle

28    Inje University - Technology Innovation Center for Automotive    82-55-320-3753                www.inticap.inje.ac.kr          Technology for brake disk, pad, piston, caliper

29                    Insung Electrical Machinery                      82-55-323-5701                   www.iemi.co.kr               High frequency of induction seating unit

30                    Jinbo Precision Ind Co., Ltd                     82-55-299-6288                 www.jb-korea.com               Fitting& Connectors

31                           Jinkwang Co.                              82-55-314-2206                 www.jinkwang.com               Propellar shaft, Universal bearing

32                      Korea EMC Laboratory                           82-31-286-5881                www.koreaemc.com                Tools for repairs

33                     Kyungnam Metal Co., Ltd                         82-55-260-0400                  www.almac.co.kr               Forging aluminum auto parts

34                      Michang Cable Co., Ltd                         82-55-289-1300                 www.mccable.com                Control cables, Cas spring

35                      Nara Mold&Die Co., Ltd                         82-55-239-3740                 www.naramnd.com                Engine oil cooler, Engile oil pump

36                           Nextec System                             82-55-277-0368                tylee@ntsystem.co.kr            3D Scanner

37                            Pantra Corp.                             82-51-831-3400                  www.pantra.co.kr              Mounts, Isolators, Bumpers, Gasket, Seals

38                         Pungsan Techwin                             82-55-252-6667                www.pstechwin.co.kr             Compression spring, Extension spring, Tortion spring

39                           Saewon Metal                              82-55-338-6448                www.saewonmt.co.kr

40                   Sammi Metal Products Co., Ltd                     82-55-269-0868               www.sammiforge.co.kr             Conneting rod, Shaft, Knuckle Arm, Front hub

41                      Sammyung M/C Co., Ltd                          82-55-287-0112               www.isammyung.co.kr              Radiator, Intercooler, Heater core, Condesnsor, Pre-heater

42                           Samwon Tech                               82-55-290-4722                 www.swfitting.com              Tube fittings

43                           Samwoo EMC                                82-55-345-6787               www.samwooemc.co.kr              Window, Strip

44                           Pricol Limited                            91-422-533-1100                www.pricol.com                 Automotive Instruments, Accessories for motorcycle, car, commercial vehicles & tractors

45                       Saric Industry Co., Ltd                       82-55-286-8558                   www.saric.co.kr              Radiator, Oil cooler

46                       Seil Industrial Co., Ltd                      82-55-749-3222                 www.seilkorea.com              Beveal, Gear

47                              Sejinbite                              82-55-286-2725               www.sejinbite.co.kr              Tools for repairs, bearing

48                          S&T Dynamics                               82-55-280-5904                 www.hisntd.com                 Transmission, Axle

49                        Seoul Metal Co., Ltd                         82-55-587-4457                  www.smc21.co.kr               Braket, Carrier Cover, Carrier Case

50                          Seyong Co., Ltd                            82-55-237-3200                www.seyoung21.com               Engine Oil, Level switch, Fuel sender, Flahser

51                   Shinsung Delta Tech Co., Ltd                      82-55-260-1064                  www.ssdelta.co.kr             Engine parts, Exterior& interior parts

52                      Solomon Mechanics., Ltd                        82-55-251-3881                www.solomecha.com               Auto arranging M/C

53                         Ssangyoung Motor                            82-55-268-0320                  www.smotor.com                Automobiles

54                    Suhryung Machinery Co., Ltd                      82-55-388-0701                   www.srm.co.kr                Hydraulic Jack

55                         Sungeup Co., Ltd                            82-55-337-0420                 www.sungeup.co.kr              Brake parts

56                          Sungjin Injection                          82-54-336-1835             www.sungjininjection.co.kr         Vaccum injection molded rubber parts

57                      Taelim Industrial Co., Ltd                     82-55-281-9000                tailim.koreasme.com             Butted forming Tube, Rotary Swaging, End-forming Tube

58                              Vicscraft                              82-62-972-7676                 www.vicscraft.co.kr            Tools for repairs

59                          Wia Corporation                            82-55-280-9652                   www.wia.co.kr                Transmissions, Power steering

60                     Young Dong Tech Co., Ltd                        82-55-263-1938              www.youngdongtec.co.kr            Power shift assembly, Gear pump, Magnetic valve, Difflock cylinder,EPPR valve block, Remote contorl valve

                       The number of exhibitors                               58

                                   The number of exhibitors will increase by 30 or more during the next two months. There will be 220 automobile parts booths and 230 booths for Auto Salon.

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