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					Lesson plan topic / title: Diabetes                 Name: Jena Wagner

Population: Class of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics

After attending the diabetes education program, 90% of the participants will be able to define Type 1 Diabetes is.
After attending the diabetes education program, 80% of the participants will be able to list the three treatment
options. After attending the diabetes education program, 80% of the participants will be able to contrast the three
conditions of Type 1 Diabetes.

Standards addressed (school health):

Materials needed: Computer, projector, white screen or wall, diabetes bracelets      _____________________

Time     Content: knowledge and skills                                              Strategies for instruction
                                                                                    and transition
1 min    Understanding Type 1 Diabetes (title screen)                                Lecture
            o Welcome and thank everyone for attending the Diabetes class
            o Explain what is going to be discussed during the session
                    o What type 1 diabetes is
                    o How it’s treated
                    o Some conditions that affect diabetics
3 min    What is Type 1 Diabetes                                                     After the title of the slide
            o Generally diagnosed in children, adolescents and young adults          pops up ask the group if they
            o With Type 1 Diabetes, the islet cells within the pancreas stops        know what diabetes is
                producing insulin                                                    Lecture and discussion
            o So what is insulin?
                    o It is a hormone that is responsible for converting sugar,
                        starches and other foods into an energy form that is
                        needed to carry on daily functions
1 min    Treatment Options for Type 1 Diabetes                                       Lecture
            o Blood glucose meters
            o Insulin
            o Insulin pump
4 min    Monitoring Blood Glucose                                                    Show table of A1C
            o Vital part in controlling diabetes (normal range is 80-140;            Show my meter
                individual doctors set the blood glucose range)                      Lecture
            o Keep a record of blood glucose levels to take to doctor
                appointments to help keep a tight control on your diabetes
            o A good way to show how blood glucose levels are affected by
                certain foods or exercise
            o Also along with checking daily blood glucose levels, every three
                months an A1C (also called glycated hemoglobin) should be
            o An A1C is a blood test that gives you a 3 month average of
                blood glucose levels
            o Doctors like to see A1C less than 7.0%
4 min   Insulin                                                                      Show where and how to give
            o Insulin helps the body utilize the glucose from foods we eat           injections
            o Because people with Type 1 Diabetes do not make insulin they           Lecture
                must take insulin before meals to breakdown the sugar and food
                that is eaten
            o Given by a syringe, insulin pen, or insulin pump
                    o Insulin pen is a prefilled syringe that usually contains
                         100 units of insulin
            o Insulin injections can be given in the abdomen, upper arm,
                thighs and buttocks
                    o Abdomen is the quickest route to get insulin in the blood
                    o Upper arm is the second fastest followed by the thigh
                         and buttock
            o The site should be rotated so that hard lumps do not develop due
                to consistent injections
4 min   Insulin Pumps                                                                Show an insulin pump
            o Insulin pumps provide 24 hour insulin delivery through a small         Lecture
                catheter under the skin
            o With the pump you receive a basal rate that is a continuous flow
                of insulin in which your doctor will help set up
            o You also receive a bolus dose which is the bigger amount of
                insulin that you take when you eat a snack or meal
            o Insulin pumps help to keep blood glucose in the target range and
                lower A1C
2 min   Hypoglycemia                                                                 What are some of the groups
            o Is low blood sugar usually caused by too much insulin in the           symptoms of hypoglycemia?
                body                                                                 Lecture
            o Symptoms: shakiness, dizziness, sweating, pale skin color,
                moodiness, behavior changes, confusion, tingling sensation
                around the mouth
            o Treatment: 3 glucose tablets, ½ cup of fruit juice, 5-6 pieces of
                hard candy or any other source of sugar then wait 15-20 minutes
                and check your blood glucose levels again. If it is still low then
                retreat and wait 15-20 minutes and retest blood glucose levels.
2 min   Hyperglycemia                                                                What are some of the groups
            o Is high blood sugar usually caused by not enough insulin               symptoms of hyperglycemia?
            o Symptoms: frequent urination, increased thirst, high levels of         Lecture
                ketones in the urine
            o Treatment: Exercise if ketones are not present, if ketones are
                present that can actually raise blood glucose levels. Change the
                amount and kind of food that is eaten. And if those two options
                do not work then talk to your doctor and ask about taking an
                insulin dose.
2 min   Ketoacidosis                                                                 Ask the group if anyone has
            o Is a high level of ketones in the body which is an acid that builds    experienced this before?
                up in the blood when blood glucose levels get to high. This can      Lecture
                be very life-threatening. Ketones can be detected through a
                urine sample
            o Symptoms: fruity smelling breath, shortness of breath, nausea
                and vomiting, dry mouth/thirst, fatigue, confusion, frequent
                urination, high blood glucose and ketone levels
           o Treatment: the only thing to do for ketoacidosis is to contact
               your health care provider or go to the nearest emergency room
               IMMEDIATELY! Ketoacidosis can result in coma or even
5 min   Post Oral Quiz                                                         Lecture
           o What is Type 1 Diabetes?                                          Group involvement
           o How is Type 1 Diabetes treated?                                   Throw out bracelets to the
           o What is hypoglycemia?                                             students who answer the
           o What is hyperglycemia?                                            questions correctly
           o What is ketoacidosis?

Evaluation: Post oral quiz on objectives________________________________________________________

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