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Part 2: Fees
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19 Springfield Mount, Leeds, LS2 9NG, UK • Fax: +44 (0) 113 295 2787
Day 1: Thursday, 15 November, 2007                                                   Day 2: Friday, 16 November, 2007
8.45    Registration                                                                 Poster papers will be attended by their authors where possible between 9 and 11am
9.30    Gillian        Introduction & Welcome by the President                       9.00   Delegates’      Relapse to smoking during unaided cessation: clinical, cognitive
        Tober                                                                               papers           and motivational predictors: Jane Powell et al
9.45    Theory into practice - Chair: Rob ert West                                                          Patterns of change in reward motivation, response inhibition,
        Richard        Pathways through adolescent substance use and crime                                   mood and craving over 3 months of smoking abstinence: Lynne
        Hammersley                                                                                           Dawkins et al
                                                                                                            Systematic review of treatment for older substance misusers:
10.15   Pål Kraft      Digital therapy with new technologies
                                                                                                             Ilana Crome et al
10.45   Refreshments                                                                                        Social recovery model: an 8-year investigation of youth 12-step
11.15   Nancy Petry Contingency management                                                                   group involvement following inpatient treatment: John Kelly
11.45   Kim Hopp es The application of Mindfulness Theory to the treatment of                               A comparison of the course of diagnostic orphans to individuals
                       addictions                                                                            with DSM -IV alcohol use disorders: results from the National
12.15   Simon          Do we need to know why it works if it works? Pragmatic                                Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
        Coulton        perspectives on evaluation research                                                   (NESARC): Orla McBride et al
12.45   Lunch                                                                        10.15 Refreshments
1.45    AGM            Delegates poster papers on display                            10.45 Internet-based interventions for addictions: Where d o we go from her e? -
2.45    Chair: Gillian Tober                                                               Chair/Discussant: John Cunningham
        Adrian         Implications of the social exclusion agenda for treatment           Peter S elby The Stop Smoking Centre: access to evidence-based
        Bonner         populations                                                                        information via self-help versus mutual aid
3.15    Ed Day         More than just training: Implementing a city-wide                   Bridgette M The feasibility and effectiveness of a web-based personalised
                       treatment system                                                    Bewick         feedback and social norms alcohol intervention in UK
3.45    Refreshments                                                                                      university students: a randomised control trial
4.15    Delegates’      Comparison of ultra-rapid detoxification with clonidine –         Kypros Kypri Screening and brief intervention (e-SBI) for unhealthy alcohol
        papers            naltroxone method: Dr Vahid Kalany                                              use in university students
                        Tiagabine for the treatment of cocaine and opioi d                Anja Koski- Internet self-assessment of drinking
                          dependent patients newly admitted to substitution                Jännes
                          therapy: a randomized clinical trial: Gerardo Gonzalez           Elizabeth      On-line intervention to help non-dependent heavy drinkers
                          et al                                                            Murray
                        Strengthening Motivational Interviewing skills following    1.15 Lunch
                          initial training: a randomised trial of workplace-based    2.15 Concurrent treatment of alcohol & nicotin e - Chair/Discussant: Cees Goos
                          reflective practice: Gerald A Bennett et al                      (secretary of the EWGTAD and former programme manager alc ohol, drugs
                        Emotional self-regulation in addictions: the role of              and tobacco at the European Regional Offic e of WHO)
                          breath and capnotherapy; from theory to working                  Cees Goos will present short reports on theory and practice by clinicians and
                          practice: Robert Kissner et al                                   researchers from a number of treatment centres throughout Europe
                        Cannabis withdrawal symptoms in “pure” cannabis                   Antoni Gual i Treating alcohol and tobacco together
                          dependent and cannabis and opiate co-dependent                   Solé
                          patients: Florence Vorspan                                       Tom Bab or     Smoke screen: Smoking cessation as an entrée for risky
                        Keltoi Rehabilitation Programme: Post-discharge                                  drinking and drug use in health care settings
                          outcome study: Emma White et al                                  The session will conclude with a general discussion
                                         · · ·                                       3.15 Closing remarks
7.30    Drinks reception
8.00    Society Annual Dinner

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