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					The Mayo Outdoor Track & Field Championships

The C & C Cellular Mayo Outdoor AAI Track & Field Championships were held at
Claremorris Athletic Club last weekend. A large number of athletes for all the clubs in
the county participated. Competition was fierce with many results in doubt until the final
second of the race. Thanks to the officials of Claremorris Athletic Club for providing
their facilities for the day. A special thanks to all the officials who helped with the
smooth running of the championships.

60M Sprint.

Girls U9 Team Events
1st: Caoimhe Gannon & Annie Noonan, Westport
2nd: Zoe Forde & Ciara McHugh Murphy, Claremorris
3rd: Briana Bruton, Saoirse O’Brien, Westport

Boys U9 Team Event
1st: Adam Sheridan & Sean Costello, Westport
2nd: Evan Heraty & Matthew McCormack, Claremorris
3rd: Cathal Joyce & Stephen Gill, Claremorris

Girls U10 Team Event
1st: Niamh Joyce & Aoife Berminghan, Claremorris
2nd: Meghan Nugent, Aisling Halpin Fahey Westport
3rd: Alana Moran & Bridget Mills, Ballina

Boys U10 Team Event
1st: Sean Joyce & Padraig Cummins, Claremorris
2nd: John Brennan & Ryan McDonnell, Ballina
3rd: David Moran & James McManamon, Westport

 Girls U11. Team Event:
1st: Niamh Foody & Muirgheal Ottewell, Claremorris
2nd: Yvonne Herbert & Sal Heneghan, Castlebar
3rd: Orla Flanagan & Aoife Hernon, Claremorris

Boys U11 Team Event
1st: Eoin Hallinan & Bradley Nealon, Ballina
2nd: Patrick Chambers & Fiachra Byrne, Westport
3rd: James Jennings & Aaron Commons, Claremorris

U12 Girls
1st: Emma Loftus, Ballina,
2nd: Tara McGreevy Westport
3rd: Sinead Hehr, Castlebar
U12 Boys
1st: Simon Vahey Claremorris
2nd: Ronan Commins Claremorris
3rd: Peter Murphy Castlebar

80M Sprint

U13 Girls:
1st: Aishling Forkan Swinford
2nd: Emily Costello Westport
3rd: Sarah Lavelle    Westport

U13: Boys
1st: Eric Connolly Ballina
2nd: Conor Diskin   Claremorris
3rd: Shane Bracken Swinford

U14 Girls
1st: Connie Jennings Claremorris
2nd: Katie Herre     Castlebar

U14 Boys
1st: Anthony Neville Ballina
2nd: Barry Duffy     Claremorris
3rd: Ross Prendergast Westport

100m Sprint.

U15 Girls
1st: Emma Joyce, Claremorris
2nd: Natasha Neville, Ballina

U15 Boys
1st: Jack Vahey, Claremorris
2nd: Diarmuid McGreal, Westport

U16 Girls
1st: Tanya Ruane    Castlebar
2nd: Stephanie Heneghan Westport
3rd: Aishling Heneghan Westport

U16 Boys
1st: Kevin Hastings Westport
2nd: Rory Keating Westport
3rd: Sean Gormley Claremorris
U17 Girls
1st: Katie Hyland     Westport

U17 Boys
1st: Michael Conway Castlebar
2nd: David Bell      Castlebar
3rd: Conor Helbert Castlebar

U19 Girls
1st: Katriona Mullarky    Claremorris


U14 Girls
1st: Natasha Neville Ballina
2nd: Triona Moran Ballina

U14 Boys:
1st: Anthony Neville Ballina
2nd: Barry Duffy Claremorris
3rd: Ross Prendergast Westport

UI5 Girls
1st: Dara Sherry Swinford
2nd: Aoife McCann Swinford

U15 Boys.
1st Jack Vahey, Claremorris
2nd: Simon Gillespie Ballina
3rd: Diarmuid McGreal Westport

U16 Boys
1st: Kevin Hastings Westport
2nd: Jason Gavin Westport
3rd: Sean Gormley Claremorris

U17 Girls
1st: Cliona Mulroy

U17 Boys.
1st: Michael Conway Castlebar


U9 Girls
1st: Brianna Bruton & Sarah Harper, Westport
2nd: Eimear Corduff & Saoirse O’Brien Westport
3rd; Laura Mitchell & Elizabeth Loftus, Castlebar.

U9 Boys
1st: Joint: Ryan Askin & Adam Sheridan, Westport
1st: Joint: Jared Hasting & Evan Moran, Westport
2nd: Ruairi McNea & Sean Lydon, Westport


U10 Girls
1st: Ellen O’Hora & Bridget Mills Ballina
2nd: Niamh McCann & Grainne O’Neill, Swinford
3rd: Kate Moran & Anna O’Riain, Westport

U10 Boys
1st: Joint. Michael O’Malley & Peter Timlin, Ballina
1st: Joint, David Moran & Steven Keating, Westport
2nd: Joint, James McManamon & Alex Hastings, Westport
2nd: Joint, Fabian Durkan & Sean Doherty, Westport


U11: Girls
1st: Gemma Foody & Eimear Diskin, Claremorris,
2nd: Saoirse Gannon & Ellen Noonan, Westport
3rd: Rebecca Harney & Caoimhe Ruane, Ballina

U11 Boys
1st: Patrick Chambers & Cian McAllister, Westport
2nd: Aaron Doherty & Fiachra Byrne, Westport
3rd: Liam McGarry & Matthew Aris, Ballina

U12 Girls
1st: Emma Loftus, Ballina
2nd: Alice Hynes, Swinford
3rd: Aoife O’Brien, Westport

U12 Boys.
1st Ben Walsh, Westport.
2nd Luke O’Rian, Westport.
3rd: Finnia Brady Claremorris

U13 Girls
1st: Aishling Forkan Swinford
2nd: Michaela Walsh Swinford
3rd: Aishling Joyce Claremorris

U13 Boys.
1st Shane Bracken, Swinford.
2nd David Browne, Claremorris.
3rd: Mark Brennan Ballina


U14 Girls
1st: Aoife Mulroy Swinford
2nd: Orla McCann Swinford
3rd: Helen Gilmer Claremorris

U14 Boys
1st: William Hynes Swinford
2nd: Niall Joyce Claremorris
3rd: Ross Prendergast Westport
4Andrew Bell Castlebar

U15 Girls.
1st Rosie Hynes, Swinford.
2nd Triona Moran, Ballina.
3rd: Laura Beston Claremorris

U15 Boys.
1st: Jarlath Bell Claremorris

U1 6 Girls
1st: Ellen Moran Westport
2nd: Aoife McCann Swinford
3rd: Dara Sherry Swinford

U1 6 Boys
1st: David Harper Westport
2nd: Jason Gavin, Westport

U17 Girls.
1st: Cliona Mulroy Swinford.

U17 Boys
1st: David Bell Castlebar

Girls U14
1st: Aoife Mulroy Swinford

Boys U14
1st: Willie Hynes Swinford
2nd: Anthony Neville Ballina

Girls U15
1st: Rosie Hynes Swinford
2nd: Natasha Neville Ballina
3rd: Laura Beston Claremorris

Boys U15
1st: Jarlath Bell Castlebar

U16 Girls
1st: Ellen Moran Westport
2nd: Dara Sherry Swinford
3rd: Ayse Terzioglu, Swinford

Boys U16
1st: David Harper Westport
2nd: Con Doherty Westport
3rd: Ian Price Westport

Boys U18
1st: Dean Gillespie Ballina


Senior Men.
1st: John Byrne Mayo A.C.
2nd: Robert Malseed Mayo A.C.
3rd: Andrew Lynskey Mayo

Junior Men.
1st Con Doherty, Westport.
2nd Dean Gillespie, Ballina

Long Jump

U9 Girls Teams
1st: Caoimhe Gannon & Sarah Harper: Westport A.C.
2nd: Annie Noonan & Eimear Corduff: Westport A.C.
3rd: Jessica Moran & Nicole Moran: Swinford A.C.
U9 Boys Teams
1st: Evan Heraty & Matthew McCormack: Claremorris
2nd: Sean Costello & Nathan Brown: Westport
3rd: Niall Burke & Caoimhin Casby: Claremorris

U10 Girls Teams
1st: Meghan Nugent & Aisling Halpin Fahey: Westport
2nd: Niamh Joyce & Aoife Birmingham: Claremorris
3rd: Maeve Murphy & Roisin Quinn: Castlebar

U10 Boys Teams
1st: Peter Timlin & Ryan McDonnell, Ballina
2nd: Steven Keating & Sean Doherty. Westport

U 11 Girls Teams
1st: Muirgheal Ottewell & Eimear Diskin, Claremorris
2nd: Joanne Regan & Niamh Foody, Claremorris
3rd: Joint: Nicole Spain, Eorna Mulroy, Swinford
3rd: Joint: Saoirse Gannon, Ellen Noonan, Westport

U11 Boys Teams
1st: Eoin Hallinan & Bradley Nealon, Ballina
2nd: Oisin Mullen & Aaron Commons, Claremorris
3rd: Cian McAllister & Paul Janas, Westport

U12: Girls
1st: Tara McGreevy, Westport
2nd: Emma Loftus, Ballina
3rd: Alice Hynes, Swinford

U12 Boys:
1st: Simon Vahey, Claremorris
2nd: Peter Murphy, Castlebar
3rd: Declan Shanahan, Westport

U13 Girls
1st: Emily Costello Westport
2nd: Aishling Forkan Swinford
3rd: Sarah Lavelle Westport.

U13 Boys
1st: Conor Diskin Clareemorris
 2nd: Eric Connolly Ballina
3rd: Daniel Conway Castlebar
U14 Girls
1st: Connie Jennings Claremorris

U14 Boys
1st: James McCormack Claremorri
2nd : Daniel Hernon Claremorris

U15 Girls
1st: Emma Joyce Claremorris

U16 Girls
1st: Tanya Ruane Castlebar

U16 Boys
1st: Kevin Hastings Westport
2nd: Ruairi Keating Westport
3rd: Sean Gormley Claremorris

U17 Girls
1st : Katie Hyland, Westport
2nd : Niamh Naughton, Castlebar

U19 Girls Long Jump
1st: Katrina Mullaney Claremorris


U13 Girls
1st: Clodagh Morley Claremorris
2nd: Anna Tierney Swinford
3rd: Erin Boland Swinford

U14 Girls
1st: Deirdre Keane Westport
2nd: Leary Brazel, Westport
U14 Boys.
1st Andrew Bell, Castlebar

U15 Girls
1st: Clara Tierney Westport
2nd: Stephanie Morley Claremorris
3rd: Laura Beston, Claremorris.

U15 Boys.
1st Simon Gillespie, Ballina.
U16 Girls
1st: Deena Sadik Westport
2nd: Niamh McWalter Claremorris
3rd: Aishling Heneghan Westport.

U16 Boys.
1st Patrick Bell, Castlebar,
2nd Michael O’Grady, Westport.

U17 Girls
1st: Cliona Mulroy Swinford

U17 Boys.
1st: Paul Murphy Claremorris
2nd: David Bell Castlebar

U18 Girls
1st: Emma Moran

Shot Putt

U12 Girls
1st : Grace Maguire Claremorris
2nd : Arquette Amos Swinford

U12 Boys.
1st: Simon Vahey, Claremorris.
2nd Michael Heneghan, Castlebar.

U13 Girls
1st: Michaela Walsh Swinford

U13rd: Boys
1st: Daniel Conway Castebar
2nd: Francis Regan Claremorris
3rd: Jack Regan    Ballina

U14 Girls
1st: Deirdre Keane Westport

U14 Boys
1st: Niall Joyce   Claremorris

U15 Girls
1st : Niamh McLoughlin Westport
2nd Kate Heneghan Castlebar
3rd : Mary Keane    Westport

U15 Boys
1st: Joe Conway Westport

U16 Girls
1st : Kate Heneghan Castlebar
2nd : Tanya Ruane Castlebar

U17 Girls
1st: Niamh Naughton, Castlebar


U13 Girls
1st: Michaela Walsh Swinford

U13 Boys.
1st Daniel Conway, Castlebar.
2nd Francis Regan, Claremorris.

U14 Girls
1st Deirdre Keane Westport
2nd : Helen Gilmore, Claremorris.

U14 Boys
1st: Colin Gill Claremorris
2nd: William Hayes Swinford
3rd: Niall Joyce Claremorris.

U15 Girls.
1st Rosie Hynes, Swinford,
2nd Katie Heneghan, Castlebar.
3rd Niamh McLoughlin, Westport

U15 Boys.
1st Joe Conway, Westport.

U16 Girls.
1st Kate Heneghan, Castlebar,
2nd Stephaine Heneghan, Westport.
3rd Ellen Moran, Westport.

U16 Boys
1st: Kevin Hastings Westport
2nd: Michael O’Grady Westport

U14 Girls
1st: Deirdre Keane Westport

U15 Girls
1st: Mary Keane Westport
2nd: Niamh McLoughlin

U16 Boys
1st: Michael O’Grady Westport
2nd: Edward Dunning Westport
3rd: Kevin Hastings Westport

U17 Girls
1st: Niamh McLoughlin Castlebar

U17 Boys
1st: Michael Conway Castlebar

Triple Jump

U16 Boys
1st: David Harper Westport
2nd: Ruairi Keating Westport
3rd: Michael O’Grady Westport

U17 Girls
1st: Katie Hyland Westport


U13: Girls 60m
1st: Saoirse Ludden Westport
2nd: Laura O’Sullivan Castlebar

U13 Boys. 60m.
1st; Conor Diskin, Claremorris.
2nd: Eric Connolly Ballina
3rd: Keith Harney Ballina

U14 Girls. 75m
1st: Connie Jennings Claremorris
2nd: Erin Boland Swinford
U14 Boys. 75m
1st Colin Gill, Claremorris.
2nd: Barry Duffy Claremorris
3rd: James Mc Cormac Claremorris

U15 Girls 80m
1st: Laura Gillespie Claremorris
2nd: Emma Joyce Claremorris

U16 Boys. 100m
1st Eoin Duffy, Claremorris.

U15 Girls 250m Hurdles
1st Emma Joyce, Claremorris.
2nd Laura Gillespie, Claremorris.

U15 Boys 250m Hurdles
1st: Jack Vahey Claremorris
2nd: Diarmuid Mc Greal Westport
3rd: Jarlath Bell Claremorris

U16 Boys 250m Hurdles.
1st David Harper, Westport.
2nd Eoin Duffy, Claremorris.

Ball Throw

U9 Girls Team Events.
1st: Ciara McHugh Murphy & Zoe Forde, Claremorris
2nd: Laura Finnerty & Michaela Hernan, Claremorris
3rd: Lara Quirke & Sorcha Treanor, Claremorris

U9 Boys Team Events
1st: Cathal Joyce & Stephen Gill, Claremorris
2nd: Adam Vahey & Matthew Vahey Claremorris
3rd: Ryan Askin & Nathan Brown Westport

U10 Girls Team Events
1st: Niamh McCann & Aoife O’Neill, Swinford
2nd: Aoife Lavelle & Rachael Brown, Westport
3rd: Alana Ruane & Ellen O’Hora, Ballina

U10 Boys Team Events
1st: John Brennan & Michael O’Malley. Ballina
2nd: Sean Joyce & Padraig Cummins Claremorris
3rd: Fabien Durcan & Alex Hastings Westport

U11 Girls Team Events
1st: Gemma Foody & Joanne Regan, Claremorris
2nd: Rebecca Harney & Caoimhe Ruane, Ballina
3rd: Saoirse Oilver & Nicole Spain, Swinford

U11 Boys Team Events
1st: James Jennings & Oisin Mullen Claremorris
2nd: Joshie Conway & John Keane, Westport
3rd: Joshua Stutt & Ben Donohue, Ballina

U12 Girls
1st: Alice Hynes Swinford
2nd: Grace McGuire Claremorris

U12 Boys
1st: Patrick Mills Ballina
2nd: Ben Walshe Westport
3rd: Conor Quinn Ballina

High Jump

U12 Boys
1st: Patrick Mills Ballina
1st: Ronan Commins Claremorris

U1 3 Boys
1st: Keith Harney Ballina
2nd: Shane Bracken Swinford
3rd: Jack Regan Ballina

U14 Boys
1st: Barry Duffy Claremorris
2nd: Daniel Hernon Claremorris

U15 Boys
1st: Joseph Conway Westport
2nd: Simon Gillespie Ballina

U16 Boys
1st: Kevin Hastings Westport
2nd: Ruairí Keating Westport
3rd: Eoin Duffy Claremorris
U13 Girls
1st: Sarah Lavelle Westport
2nd: Erin Boland Swinford

U14 Girls
1st: Sophie Letourmy Westport

U15 Girls
1st: Lauren Gillespie, Claremorris
2nd: Natasha Neville Ballina

U16 Girls
1st: Stephanie Hyland, Westport

U17 Girls
1st: Katie Hyland, Westport


U9 Girls
1st: Westport: Annie Noonan, Caoimhe Gannon, Brianna Bruton, Saoirse O’Brien, Sarah
2nd: Claremorris: Zoe Forde, Ciara McHugh Murphy, Laura Finnerty, Lorna Quirke
3rd: Mixed: Fionnula Collins Ballina, Michaela Hernon Claremorris, Joanne Loftus
Ballina, Sorcha Trainer, Claremorris

U9 Boys
1st: Claremorris: Adam Vahey, Cahill Judge, Stephen Gill, Matthew Vahey.
2nd: Westport ; Sean Costello, Ryan Askin, Adam Sheridan, Evan Moran, Jared
3rd: Claremorris: Darren Joyce, Evan Heraty, James Macken, Niall Burke.

U1 0 Girls
1st: Claremorris, Aoife Bermingham, Chloe Hain, Brianna Finnerty, Niamh Joyce.
2nd: Ballina (joint). Bridget Mills, Ellen O Hora, Alanagh Moran, Aoife Doherty
2nd: Westport (joint). Aisling Halpin Fahey, Meghan Nugent, Kate Moran, Rachel
Brown, Anna O’Riain
3rd: Swinford/Ballina. Aoife O’Neill, Grainne O’Neill, Niamh McCann, Hannah Quinn.

U 10 Boys
1st: Claremorris: Padraig Commins, Sean Joyce, Cahill Joyce, Adam Vahey.
2nd: Westport: Stephen Keating, David Moran, James McNamara, Fabien Durkan.
3rd: Ballina (joint). Peter Timlin, Michael O’Malley, John Brennan, Fionn Ruane.
3rd: Claremorris (joint). Stephen Gill, Matthew McCormack, Matthew Vahey, Sean
U11 Girls
1st: Claremorris A. Niamh Foody, Muirgheal Ottowell, Eimear Diskin, Joanne Regan
2nd: Claremorris B. Aoife Hernon, Jemma Foody, Orlaith Flanagan, Chloe Keynce.
3rd: Ballina: Rebecca Harney, Bridget Mills, Alannagh Ruane, Caoimhe Ruane,
Orlaith Collins

U11 Boys
1st: Ballina. Bradley Nealon, Eoin Hallinan, Matthew Aris, Liam McGarry & Ben
2nd: Claremorris: James Jennings, Dimitri Trench, Aaron Commins, Oisin Mullen.
3rd: Westport. Fiachra Byrne, Patrick Chambers, Aaron Doherty, Cian McAllister

U12 Girls
1st: Claremorris. Grace McGuire, Siobhan Lyons, Niamh Foody, Muirgheal Ottewell
2nd: Ballina. Emma Loftus, Rebecca Harney, Caoimhe Ruane, Bridget Mills

U12 Boys
1st: Claremorris. Simon Vahey, Ronan Commins, Finnian Brady, James Jennings.
2nd: Ballina. Patrick Mills, Conor Quinn, Eoin Hallinan, Bradley Nealon.
3rd: Westport, Ben Walsh, Declan Shanahan, Luke O’Riain, Alex O’Riain, Joe
Kavannagh Joyce

U13 Girls
1st Swinford. Aisling Forkan, Michaela Walsh, Anna Tierney, Orlaith Lynskey.
2nd Westport. Emily Costello, Sorcha McAllister, Sorcha Ludden, Dervala McNamara &
Aoife O’Brien.
3rd Claremorris: Aisling Joyce, Siobhan Lyons, Grace McGuire & Saoirse Brady

U13 Boys
1st: Claremorris: Conor Diskin, David Brown, Jamie Tierney, Simon Vahey
2nd: Ballina: Eric Connolly, Keith Harney, Jack Regan, Mark Brennan.

U14 Girls
1st: Swinford, Aoife Mulroy, Orla McCann, Michaela Walsh, Aisling Forkan

U1 4 Boys
1st: Claremorris: Niall Joyce, Barry Duffy, Daniel Hernon, James McCormack

U15 Girls:
1st    Claremorris. Emma Joyce, Lauren Gillespie, Connie Jennings, Laura Beston &
Helen Gilmore.

U16 Boys
1st: Westport, Rory Keating, Kevin Hastings, David Harper, Jason Gavin
2nd: Claremorris, Sean Gormley, Jack Vahey, Eoin Duffy, Jarlath Bell

UI7 Girls
1st: Swinford, Dara Sherry, Cliona Mulroy, Rosie Hynes, Aoife McCann.

The Connacht U9 – U12 championship takes place on 12th June and the U13 – U19 takes
place on 19th June in Dangan, Galway.

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