Hemorrhoidal Banding

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Hemorrhoidal Banding
Hemorrhoid problems are very                How It Works             of pain and bleeding. Advanced                            have no post-procedure pain
common in men and women.        Using the CRH O’Regan System,        cases, where the diagnosis is                             compared to traditional banding.
About half of all people have   the physician places a small         both internal and external hem-                           The instruments are smaller,
noticeable hemorrhoids by the   rubber band around the tissue        orrhoids, may require additional                          affording greater comfort for
age of 50. Many people have     just above the internal hem-         therapy as rubber banding alone                           patients, and are easier and
occasional bleeding from        orrhoid, where there are few         may not be suitable. During the                           quicker to use for physicians.
hemorrhoids, but most often     pain-sensitive nerve endings, to     first 24 hours, some patients may                         Unlike other devices, they are
the bleeding is self-limited.   cut off blood supply. This causes    experience a feeling of fullness                          single use and 100% disposable.
                                the hemorrhoid to shrink and         or a dull ache in the rectum.                             This eliminates the risk of trans-
Hemorrhoidal banding is a       fall off, typically within several   This can typically be relieved                            ferring infectious diseases such
minimally invasive procedure    days or so. Unlike traditional       with an over-the-counter pain                             as HIV and hepatitis from patient
performed in our office in less banding techniques that use a        medication. A majority of                                 to patient due to inadequately
than five minutes and is the    metal-toothed clamp to grasp         patients treated with this method                         sterilized instrumentation.
recommended method to remove the tissue, we use a gentle
your patients’ hemorrhoids.     suction device, reducing the risk                                        Compare Treatments
                                                                                                            Avg.                       Avg. Time            Pain Meds
                                                                      Procedure                             Procedure Time             Off Work             Req’d Pre/Post
                                                                      CRH O’Regan System                    30 sec. – 1 min.           0-1 day              No
                                                                      Conventional                                                                          Often
                                                                                                            5-10 min.                  0-3 days
                                                                      Rubber Banding                                                                        Prescribed
                                                                      Infrared                                                                              Often
                                                                                                            30 sec. - 3 min.           0-1 day
                                                                      Coagulation (IRC)                                                                     Prescribed
                                                                      Stapled                               15-90 min.                 1-10 days            Yes
                                                                      Conventional                          45-90 min.                 10-14 days           Yes
                                                                     Adapted by Dayton Gastroenterology, Inc. from CRH O’Regan