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					Horticultural Technician
         What is Apprenticeship?
         Landscape Horticulturist
   Hands-on training program
   Skills are learned in the workplace approx. 5400 hours
   Skills are learned in the classroom 2 -12 week classroom
    training sessions at a college of applied arts & technology
    or other approved training delivery agency
   Takes 2 – 5 years to complete
               The Legislation
Apprenticeship training & certification are currently
  governed by:
 Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act, R.S.O
 Apprenticeship and Certification Act, 1998

 Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship,
  (OCTA) 2009
 The OCTA will replace both the TQAA and the ACA
  by 2012
     Advantages to the Employer
   It produces skilled employees that keeps your
    business competitive and profitable
   Canadian Apprenticeship Forum says that
    employers receive an average benefit of $1.47
    for every $1 invested in apprenticeship training
   Produces confidant and knowledgeable new
   The apprentices that go into your work force
    have a high understanding of safety
                  The Process
1) Before Registering:

   Identify your apprentice
   Confirm your firm’s capacity to train
   Confirm the eligibility of the trainer and your
An Apprentice must :
 be 16 years of age

 complete an application form,

 submit Grade 12 (OSD) transcripts,

 be a resident of Ontario,

 and be employed in the horticultural sector.
        To Find an Apprentice
To find your apprentice:
 Humber College Pre-Apprenticeship class

 Talk to employees

 Consider Specialist High Skills Major Students in

      Landscape Horticulture ( SHSM)
 Consider OYAP high school students

 Advertise (newspaper, internet etc.)

 Use

 Use the matching database at
    Assessing your Training Capacity
   The training standard will help assess if you are
    ready for an apprentice

   At your request an Education Training Consultant
    ( ETC) will visit the workplace to help assess
    your training capacity

   Some industries require trainers and
    journeypersons to have a Certificate of
    Qualification to train apprentices
    Assessing your Training Capacity
   The trainer or journeypersons must be qualified:
   Trainers will have a Certification of Apprenticeship or a
    Certificate of Qualification, or alternate proof of
    competency ( Diploma, Certification, experience, Degree

   A Ministry ETC will visit to assess your trainers
    eligibility to train

   Your capacity will be assessed by looking at the ratio of
    trainers to Apprentices in the workplace
                   The Process
 Registering your Apprentice:
 Complete a pre-registration form and submit to get the
  process started or:
 Find the nearest office: call the Employment Ontario
 Toronto, 426-326-5656
 TTY: 1-866-533-6339 or 416-325-4084

 Schedule a meeting with an employment and training
  consultant from MTCU
 Complete a training agreement
 Understand the Financial incentives

 Send the apprentice to in school training
 Train your apprentice as outlined in the training standard
         Preparing for the Meeting
   Your apprentice must have the following before the day
    of the meeting:
             Academic standing proof
             SIN card
             ID with date of birth (drivers license, passport)
             $40 for registration fee

   You must obtain the following before the meeting;
           A list of apprentices and journeypersons
           currently employed by your company
                  The Meeting
 The ETC will provide the pertinent training standard
& the information that you and your apprentice need
 The apprentice will be told about his/her responsibilities
  and will pay a $40 registration fee
 Employer sponsor and Apprentice will sign the training
  agreement - get a copy (ask for one)
 Determine at the meeting when the apprentice will attend
  classroom training
 Pick a time that works best for all parties

 The Offer of Classroom Training is generated and sent to
  you and your apprentice
 Classroom Training Tuition: $600.00 per year

 The student confirms attendance directly with the training
  delivery agency right away – do not delay
         Monitoring the Training
   Employers ensure that the trainer is teaching the skills
    and signing off on what has been learned
   Employers notify the Ministry of any changes that will
    affect the apprentices training :
            Mailing address
            Legal name
   Remind student of responsibilities
   The student must notify the ministry if:
            Mailing address changes
            Is unable to complete the training
   Stay in touch with ministry staff
   Contact the Ministry for any questions or concerns
     On completion of Classroom
   He/she will receive a Certificate of

   Apprentice will continue to work towards
    completing the Training Standard document to
    become eligible to challenge the final exam:
    Certificate of Qualification Exam
                   The Process
Completion of Training:
 Confirm that the trainer & apprentice completed the
  signatures in the training standard once competency is
   Notify MTCU when the training is completed
   MTCU to verify completion of the classroom
   MTCU will schedule the apprentice for the
    certificate of qualification exam (C of Q)
   $100.00 exam fee
            Journeyperson Status
Achieved when:
 He/she has received a Certificate of Apprenticeship
  proving classroom training completed

   He/she has received a Certificate of Qualification or
    Apprenticeship proving that 70% passing grade was
    achieved on the 125 question exam

   Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Certificate received

   Journeyperson should apply for Certificate of Completion
              Financial Incentives
   The government pays portion of the training fee
   Student/Employer pays the remainder
   $2000 employer signing bonus/completion bonus for trades in
    high demand for skilled workers
   The Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit provides employers
    with a credit up to $10,000/ apprentice over a maximum of 4
   The Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit allows you to
    receive a maximum credit of up to $2000/ apprentice
   Employer Bonus upon Apprentice completion $1000.00
    Financial Help for Apprentices
   Several grants and loans available to apprentices.
   MTCU Apprenticeship Scholarship /L.O. Apprentice
   Landscape Ontario offers Apprenticeship scholarships
   These will aid you in becoming an apprentice
   More info re: financial help for apprentices
    - See pg. 10
For more information contact the Employment
  Ontario Hotline, for any questions about
  apprenticeship training or to find the nearest
  apprenticeship office.
  Toll free: 1-800-387-5656
   Toronto: 416-326-5656
       TTY: 1-866-533-6339
         Or: 416-325-4084
                     Contact L.O.
   To find more information go to the Landscape Ontario web
    site at:
   There you will find: information on the program and a pre-
    registration form for new apprentices to complete and send to
    the corresponding office as identified.
   Contact Sally Harvey: