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itouch apps


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									Andrea Levesque                                    math continued…
Grade 3 Teacher-Maple Wood School                  Awesome Subtraction
alevesque@sau56.org                                iChoose (probability)
                                                   Flash to pass free (math flash cards)
                                                   Basic Math-more math facts
                                                   multiconvert (conversions for everything)
Helpful Websites for getting started:
                                                   Letstans (tangrams)
                                                   pearl diver
                                                   brain box
                                                   number line
                                                   SOCIAL STUDIES:
http://www.switcheasy.com/products/ThumbTac        World Fact book
ks/ThumbTacks.php       (a must have microphone)   US historical documents
                                                   USA Presidents
Andrea’s Collection of Awesome Apps                World Wiki
      Kid Tested and approved!                     Countries of the World Lite
                                                   World Countries
Healthy Habits-Kindergarten.com apps               SCIENCE:
Which go together? “                               Star Walk (astronomy)
What Rhymes?           “                           Google Earth
Which does not belong? “                           iSeismometer (geology)
Classics (classic books to really read)            NASA
Story B4 Bed                                       The Weather Channel
Shel Silverstein Animations                        Accuweather
iBooks                                             Molecules
Audiobooks                                         Planets
Miss Spell’s Class (spelling app)                  ART:
Blanks (vocabulary building)                       Doodlebuddy (can use between itouches)
Spel it rite (spelling)                            Whiteboard (interactive whiteboard)
TapWord (spelling)                                 Flipbook Lite (create books)
Hangman Classic Free                               Flickmation lite (animation)
iSign LITE (sign language)                         Touch Physics (modeled after crayon physics)
Free Word Warp (spelling)                          Doodle balance
Duck you undo! (Auto spelling corrector)           Dresseggy
Dictionary.com                                     Trace
Pocket phonics                                     Glow coloring
Word Search                                        Sketch Me
Scramble 2
Shake and Spell 3D                                 PUZZLES:
Hangman                                            Free Solitaire 3D
Word Book                                          Chess Free
                                                   Unblock me free
MATH:                                              Checkers
Brain Thaw Lite (factors and multiples)            Removem free
Elementary Math Free                               Flood it! 2
Math Drills Lite                                   Line Up
Awesome Addition                                   Labyrinth 3D
Math Fight                                         Jelly pop free
Tri Facts (Fact triangles)
Puzzles continued…                   Just for fun games continued…
Line up 2                            Like a horse
Collapse free                        Paper Pilot
Tiles puzzle                         iheartradio (radio stations from anywhere)
Pony puzzle                          ispreadsheet (just like Excel)
Collapse                             Recorder
Shanghai Lite                        Flashlight (turns your itouch into a flashlight-very helpful)
Glass tower 2                        Who wants to be a Millionaire LITE
Cube puzzle                          Paper Toss (mindless but addicting game)
Solitaire                            Idle Hands (typing program)
Iced in                              MiniPiano
Four in a row Free                   Bump (allows music and photos to be exchanged b/w touches)
Chain Link                           Groceries (grocery list app)
Brain Game 3                         Yoga stretch lite
Mahjong Free                         Google app
                                     WMUR.com (channel 9 news)
LOGIC/THINKING:                      Idiot Proof Lite
Brain Challenge Lite (IQ type app)   Waterslide
Matches                              iMario lite
Differences                          Yuck Mouth
Memory Block                         Pac Man
Idiot Proof lite                     Free 3D Rollercoaster Rush-NY
:shift:                              Talking Tom
JUST FOR FUN GAMES:                  ResponseWare
Waterslide                           Button Box
Bubble free (bubble wrap)            BeeHive Lite
Jungle crash                         Flick Fishing
Fall down
Glow hockey
Action potato
Red ball
Tic Tac Free
Bungee Free
Dots Free
Tap Defense
Sunday Lawn
Falling Sands Free
On This Day
Stick sports: Summer games
Glow Fall
Finger basketball
Catch the Egg
Action Bowling Free
Battery Master
My Lite
Spider Free
Creamy Ice
Helpful tips as you navigate your way around your iPod touch or iPad:

1.   The circle button at the bottom is what will get you out of an app if you are in one
     and are finished with it.

2.   If you press and hold on one of the apps, it will start to jiggle, you are able to
     move the apps and organize them the way you want.

3.   To stop the jiggling, press the circle button on the bottom of the itouch.

4.   To restrict certain apps, (great for when using with students), tap the settings
     app, tap general, tap restrictions, type in a passcode and mark it in a safe place.
     Once in, you will see on/off tabs for safari, you tube, itunes, installing apps, and
     location. You can also change the settings for in-app purchases, ratings for, music
     and podcasts, movies, tv shows, and apps.

5.   To add your email accounts to your itouch, tap on settings, (scroll down) tap on
     mail, contacts, calendars and you will see add account.

6.   Safari app is the portal to the internet. You can bookmarks sites by tapping the +
     sign and to retrieve sites, tap on the book outline. You can also have multiple
     pages open at the same time by tapping on the two squares (bottom right) and it
     will say new page or done. Tap the key of what you want to do.

7.   To take a screen shot, press and hold the home button (circle on the bottom) and
     the button on top of the itouch (used for shutting it down) at the same time. This
     will take a screen shot and save it to photos under saved photos.

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