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									                             GSC March 21st, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

GRISWOLD SOCCER CLUB                                                Members Present
                                                           ■  Tina Dillon (Pres)       Jeremy Bradley (1 st VP)
                                                      ■      Jo Ann Flynn (VP)      ■ Pat Peterson (Treasurer)
          P.O. BOX 183                               ■ Arlene Deroy (Registrar)    ■ Nick Tamburrino(Sctry)
                                                        Carl Reis (Schls/Fields)    ■ Lisa Viens (Sponsors)
      JEWETT CITY, CT 06351                                 Open (Fund Raiser)             Open (Concessions)
                                                        Mike Odgers (Website)       Mark Medzrchowski (Ref)
                                                          Brett Edmond(Safety)              Rey Santiago (U6)
                                                                     Open (U8)       ■ Greg Merchant (U10)
                                                        ■ Gary Roderick (U12)              Dave Gladue (U14)
                                                        Andrea Duthrie (Travel      Kirk Kramer (Travel Boys)
March 21st, 2007 Board Meeting                                            Girls)

Held at the Voluntown Town Hall                                                      Lee and James from MLS
                                                                                        Karen Beasley Visitor
                                                       ■       DENOTES PRESENT

Call to order:
By Tina Dillon 6:01pm

Approval February 21st 2007 Minutes
Motion made and approved to accept the minutes as written.

Presidents Report:
       District Meeting (Discussion regarding issuing a bond for each
         team to play for the season. The bond would be refundable.
         Some districts use different techniques)
       Website Calendar is Updated (Just a comment)

Treasurer’s Report:
    Reconciliation Reports (All documentation submitted, Motion made and
      approved to have the bank statements be mailed directly to the treasurer
      with a copy going to Tina. Motion made and approved to accept the
      treasurer reports as submitted. Jeremy presented the body with a letter
      from Wal-Mart offering a grant-funding opportunity. Pat will need to
      submit our 501-3c number to them to show the clubs non-profit status.)

Field Operations:
    Uniforms (Jo-Ann, Lee and James from MLS and showed the High Five
       uniforms, Jo has tried to work with Score but they are currently
       unresponsive. Jo previously met with MLS and selected the Storm &
       Starter uniforms for the board to review. A motion was made and
       approved to purchase the Storm uniforms with the upgraded socks.
       Aprox. Total cost $21.38/each)
    Inventory (Tina discussed that Voluntown has moved our equipment to
       the basement of the Town Hall and in the Spring a garage/shed will be
       built for us.)

Revolution Outing
   Proposed Flyer, Date and Ticket Price (The date for the Griswold
     Soccer Club “sponsored game will be 9/29. Tickets will be sold at

                              GSC March 21st, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

      $20/each ($19/ticket and $1 for the “tailgating party”). A flyer will be
      distributed with the spring newsletter and at the fall signups.)

Marketing Report
   Norwich Bulletin (Spring Development Information has been printed in
     the Bulletin for the past few weeks.)
   Metrocast Public Access (No Discussion)
   Griswold Recreation Committee (The committee is looking into the
     usage of the fees that are charged to the clubs utilizing the Griswold
     School Fields. The committee wants to ensure the funds are put back into
     maintaining and improving the fields. Discussion ensued regarding the
     Pachaug Nursery and the potential use of that property. Discussion
     ensued about donating “start up” costs to the Rec Committee considering
     the town is not currently funding this group.)
   Town of Griswold Yearly GSC Donation (A letter needs to be sent to the
     First Selectwoman of Griswold to request the $1000 donation)
   Bylaws (No Changes)

Registrar’s Report:
   Spring Development Program Update (Tina and Arlene report there are
      currently 87 players signed up)
   Assistance with in-person sign-ups (A fall sign up sheet was
      distributed. Each board member is required to participate in at least 1 two
      hour sign up session)

School Liaison’s Report:
   Yearly Schedule Approval by Griswold Schools (The dates are not yet
     all approved. The schools only approve dates on a quarterly basis)

Sponsor Coordinator’s Report:
   Update to date (5 Gold Sponsors. Lisa requested that the website be
     updated as she is still listed under Fundraising Coordinator. Lisa
     recommended that she will send a reminder letter to all sponsors in mid-
     April rather than May.)

Fundraiser Update:
   Dominos and Quiznos (Dominos check still needs to be picked up)
   MSL Sporting Essential Fundraiser: MLS also presented a fundraiser
     that includes the possibility of the club pre-purchasing some items. If this
     occurs Tina indicated wanting a weekly/monthly statement from MLS so
     we can keep track of the exchange program. Coach’s shirts will be
     purchased at Jo-Ann’s discretion through the Sporting Essentials
     Fundraising program.

Concession Report: (Need a coordinator. Karen Beasely will consider
accepting the position.)

Website Report: (Tina indicated that Matt Volce expressed interest in the
Website position. Jeremy reports that he has the capabilities of creating a new
                              GSC March 21st, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

website utilizing his Mac but you would need a Mac to maintain it. This will be
tabled until next month.)

Referee Report: (Mark saw the budget and reminded us that we based the
budget on an 8 week schedule not 10 and the allocation is too low. The referee
line item of the budget will be increased to correct this error.)

Division Reports:
    Coordinators reports
       U6: (No Report)
       U8: (Open Position)
       U10: (No Report)
       U12: (No Report)
       U14: (No Report)
       Travel:     U10 Girls
                   U10 Boys
                   U12 Girls
                   U12 Boys
                   U14 Boys and Girls                           (No Report)
       Travel (No Report)

Old Business:
    Chikumbuso Project (Jeremy is working with the Bulletin on this)
    High Volume Copier (Jo is currently investigating)
    Lap Top for Club (Tina will be sending a proposal to board members via
      email. She will propose 3 types of computers)

New Business:

Open Forum
   Karen Beasley and Gary Roderick request that we open the discussion
     regarding players being allowed to play in Travel and Rec simultaneously.
     Karen and Gary both felt that the last year U12 Rec playing U14 Rec was
     a very good experience for the players. Other benefits discussed were
     playing with friends. Negatives loosing children to other towns, loosing
     children in rec due to powerful children. Discussion ensued regarding
     benefits and negatives. Boy’s coordinators email read. Outstanding
     discussions. A motion was made and approved to table the remainder of
     this discussion and subsequent vote for the April meeting.
   MLS Residential Camp @ Ethel Walker flyers were distributed by James
     from MLS.
   Karen Beasley discussed the Providence College Residential Camp.
     Contact Karen for more information.
   Jeremy would like the club to look at more possibilities/programs for the
     children to play soccer (ex. Spring Development could be considered
     being a Spring Program.)

Next Board Meeting:

                             GSC March 21st, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

      April 11th 2007 6pm at the Voluntown Town Hall (rescheduled due to
       spring break)
      April 11th 2007 District Meeting


Respectfully Submitted by Nick Tamburrino (Secretary) with Jo Flynn assistance.


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