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Free-Text Index
●   English Item Title     TI

●   Original Item Title    OT

●   Authors/Editors        AU

●   Abstract               AB

●   Descriptors            DU

●   Organism Descriptors   OG
●   Geographic Location    GL   CABI Indexing Fields

●   Identifiers            ID

●   Broader Terms          BT
Title Fields
● The title of the original article
● All records have an English title (TI)
● non-English articles may have an Original
    Language title (OT)
●   Word searchable
●   OT searches just the OT field
●   TI searches both TI and OT fields
●   Useful for reference searching
          TI weight loss
          TI (liver disease AND alcohol)
Authors and Editors
● Personal Authors (AU)
● Author variations included
● Editor’s names and variants in ED
● Editors names included in AU search
● Search as complete or partial names
     e.g.  AU smith, t. a. (with or without punctuation)
           AU smith
● Corporate Authors (CA)
● Word indexed
● Remember variations
    e.g.   CA World Health Organization
           CA WHO
Indexing Fields
● Organism Descriptors (OG)
● Geographic Location(GL)
● Descriptors (DU)
● Broader Terms (BT)
● Identifiers (ID)

  Note 1:   The OD, GL, ID and BT fields are Word Indexed
  Note 2:   The DU tag searches DU, OG, GL and BT (Not ID)
  Note 3:   The DU field is Phrase indexed – be careful
  Note 4:   Searching SU searches DU, GE, OD, ID and BT is Word
             indexed (RECOMMENDED for 95% of index searches)
DE, OD and GL
●   Controlled Terms from the CAB Thesaurus
●   Manually added by CABI Indexers
●   Added at the specific concept level
●   SU field tag searches all three at once, plus the BT and ID fields
          OD culicidae
          SU drug resistance
          DE vector control (NOTE: Phrase Indexed!)
          SU (malaria and children and south east asia)
Broad Terms
● Automatically added to records
● Only added for OG and GL terms
● All levels of Broader terms are added
● Use SU
        BT developing countries
        BT protozoa
        SU antibiotics (all CABI index fields)
● Non-Thesaurus Terms
● New concepts
● Potential future Thesaurus terms
● Also included in the SU search index
     ID anemia
     SU parasitic diseases
● Subject classification
● 23 broad subject areas
● Hierarchical structure
● Used as well as descriptors
● At least one per record
● Useful for searching broad concepts
● Codes and heading words are
VV000 Human Health and Hygiene (General) (Revised June 2002)
      [formerly Human Health and Hygiene (General)
VV050 Human Physiology and Biochemistry
VV055 Human Immunology and Allergology (New March 2000)
VV060 Human Reproduction and Development
VV065 Human Sexual and Reproductive Health (New March 2000)
VV080 Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine (New June 2002)
VV100 Human Nutrition (General)
VV110 Diet Studies
VV120 Physiology of Human Nutrition
VV130 Nutrition Related Disorders and Therapeutic Nutrition
VV140 Animal Models of Human Nutrition
VV200 Parasites, Vectors, Pathogens and Biogenic Diseases of Humans (Discontinued March 2000)
VV210 Prion, Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens of Humans (New March 2000)
VV220 Protozoan, Helminth and Arthropod Parasites of Humans (New March 2000)
VV230 Public Health Pests, Vectors and Intermediate Hosts (New March 2000)
VV300 Public Health and Nuisance Pests (Discontinued March 2000)
VV400 Animal Models of Human Diseases (New March 2000)
VV450 Animal and in-vitro Models for Pharmaceuticals (New March 2000)
VV500 Human Health and the Environment
VV550 Rural Health (New March 2000)
VV600 Non-communicable Human Diseases and Injuries
VV610 Human Injuries (Discontinued March 2000)
VV700 Human Treatment and Diagnosis (Non-drug) (Discontinued March 2000)
VV710 Non-drug Therapy and Prophylaxis of Humans (New March 2000)
VV720 Diagnosis of Human Disease (New March 2000)
VV730 Pharmacology (New March 2000)
VV800 Human Toxicology, Poisoning and Pharmacology (Discontinued March 2000)
VV810 Human Toxicology and Poisoning (New March 2000)
VV820 Toxinology (New March 2000)
VV900 Occupational Health and Safety

CC VV110 AND obesity

CC VV5* and SU africa

CC Occupational Health
The CAB Thesaurus
● CABI’s Controlled indexing vocabulary
● 95,000+ terms
● hierarchically structured
    ● Preferred Terms
    ● Broad Terms
    ● Narrow Terms
    ● Related Terms
    ● Use for Terms
● Integrated search tool
Institutional Address
  or “Author Affiliation
● Address of where the work was done

● Usually the address of the first author
● Given in full when available
● Remember variations and name changes

● Word searchable using AF
              AF Hungary
              AF (St Istvan or Szent Istvan)
Limit Fields
●   Full text
●   Publication Year (YR) - Year of publication of the
    original article
●   Publication Name (SO)
●   Author (AU)
●   Publication Type (PT) - Type of original publication,
    e.g. book, journal, etc.
●   Country of Publication (CY)
●   Language of text (LA) - Language of the original text.

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