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					                      Final Four written by Eric, Dan and Noah
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This round brought to you by the letter “U”
All answers will begin with the letter U. ±10, no bounce backs

1) African country with capital at Kampala.
ANSWER: Uganda

2) The country that you are in right now.
ANSWER: United States of America

3) Hawaiian for “flea”, Tiny Tim was a noted player of this stringed instrument.
ANSWER: Ukulele (accept Uke)

4) American author of Rabbit Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest.
ANSWER: John Updike

5) Major public art gallery in Florence, home of Primavera, Birth of Venus and most of
the Medici art collection.
ANSWER: Uffizi Gallery (accept Galleria degli Uffizi)

6) Formerly called Urga, this city located on the Tuul River is the capital of Mongolia.
ANSWER: Ulan Bator (accept Ulaanbaatar)

7) Located in the forearm, this bone is the companion to the radius.

8) Former Soviet Socialist Republic whose capital is Kiev.
ANSWER: Ukraine

9) Religious movement that affirms the undivided unity of God and humanity of Jesus,
whose leaders have included John Biddle and Joseph Priestley.
ANSWER: Unitarianism (accept Unitarians)

10) Japanese for “floating world”, genre of paintings and wood block prints of the Edo
period depicting everyday life.
ANSWER: Ukiyo-e

Untimed Individual Round: 5 seconds per answer, +20, no penalties

Team 1

1. Give the name of the African-American slave who led an abortive uprising near
Richmond, Virginia in 1800.
ANSWER: Gabriel Prosser

2. His first novel, Where Angels Fear To Tread appeared in 1905. Name this author of A
Room with a View and Howard’s End.
ANSWER: Edward Morgan Forster

3. This is the stage in cell division before meiosis takes place.
ANSWER: Interphase

4. According to Greek legend, name the Argonaut who was distinguished for throwing
the javelin and for slaying the Caledonian Boar.
ANSWER: Meleager

5. The title character of this opera kills Baron Scarpia, the villainous chief of police, and
then commits suicide after she watches a firing squad execute Mario. Name this Puccini

6. Name world‟s highest waterfall that has more than one leap and is located in
ANSWER: Angel Falls

Team 2

1. Give the name and regnal number of the Byzantine Emperor who was known as the

2. Name the American writer best known for his autobiographical novels who wrote Look
Homeward Angel and You Can’t Go Home Again.
ANSWER: Thomas Wolfe (prompt on Wolfe do not accept “Tom Wolfe”)

3. This process involves the movement of chemical species under the influence of a
concentration difference. The species will move from the high concentration area to the
low concentration area.
ANSWER: Diffusion

4. Give the name of the Roman God of fire and metalworking. He was the counterpart of
the Greek Hephaestus.
ANSWER: Vulcan

5. Name the opera composed in 1786 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with libretto by
Lorenzo da Ponte, that is based on a comedy by Beaumarchais.
ANSWER: The Marriage of Figaro

6. Name the lake of south-central Russia that is over 636 km long, the largest freshwater
lake in Eurasia, and the world's deepest lake.
ANSWER: Lake Baikal
Category Round: Great Innovators
Given a year, location and an invention, name the inventor F. ±10, no bounce backs

1) 1701, Britain, the mechanical seed drill.
ANSWER: Jethro Tull

2) 1450, Germany, the printing press.
ANSWER: Johann Gutenberg

3) 1793, Mulberry Plantation, the cotton gin.
ANSWER: Eli Whitney

4) 1796, Britain, the smallpox vaccine.
ANSWER: Edward Jenner

5) 1764, Britain, the spinning jenny.
ANSWER: James Hargreaves

6) 1593, Italy, water thermometer.
ANSWER: Galileo Galilei (either name is acceptable)

7) 1769, Britain, the steam engine.
ANSWER: James Watt

8) 1714, Germany, the mercury thermometer.
ANSWER: Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

9) 1752, America, the lightning rod.
ANSWER: Benjamin Franklin

10) 1775, America, the submarine.
ANSWER: David Bushnell

Timed Individual Round: 90 seconds to answer up to 8 questions per team, 5
seconds to answer after each question. +20, no penalties, +25 for all 8 correct

Team 1

1. As punishment for his beguiling ways, Zeus condemned this man to forever roll a
boulder up a hill only to have it roll down again.
ANSWER: Sisyphus

2. This case upheld legislation proposed by the Grangers to regulate railroad and grain
elevator rates, declaring that the general welfare requires that business interests be reined
in by governmental authority.
ANSWER: Munn. V. Illinois

3. In the novel, infidelity is explored as the title character wishes to feel vibrant and
young again. His wife Zenobia is a hypochondriac and has led herself to believe that she
is going to die in this Edith Wharton work.
ANSWER: Ethan Frome

4. It is the term for any force that produces strain on a physical body. Its intensity is
expressed in units of force divided by units of area.
ANSWER: Stress

5. This House came to power with the election of Michael as ruler of Russia in 1613
following a period of chaos known as the “Time of Troubles.” It ended with the Russian
ANSWER: Romanovs

6. She was an influential documentary photographer best known for her Depression-era
work for the Farm Security Administration. Name the photographer whose best-known
work was entitled Migrant Mother.
ANSWER: Dorothea Lange

7. Name the term from physical geography for a plain without trees that is similar to a
prairie and most notably found in Russia.
ANSWER: Steppe

8. This band includes lead singer Todd Harrell, guitarist Matt Roberts, and vocalist-
drummer Brad Arnold. Its hits have included “Be Like That” and “Kryptonite.”
ANSWER: Three Doors Down

Team 2

1. As punishment for serving his son to the gods at a feast, this man was forever tortured
by having water around him and grapes above him but never being able to obtain either.
ANSWER: Tantalus

2. Name the 1962 Supreme Court case in which the Court stuck down a Pennsylvania law
that required each school day to begin with readings from the Bible and to read aloud at
least ten verses a day.
ANSWER: Abington School District vs. Schempp

3. Name the Thomas Hardy work that centers around the characters Clym Yeobright and
Eustacia Vye and the love tangle they are involved in.
ANSWER: The Return of the Native

4. This term from physics can be thought of as a rotational force. It has the same
dimensions as work: force times distances. It also named a sub-par movie about
motorcycle racers.
ANSWER: Torque
5. The British Royal House got its name because its members were all descended from
John of Gaunt. Its symbol was a red rose and it was deposed by the Yorks.
ANSWER: Lancaster

6. She was a photographer for Fortune and Life Magazines and became the first Western
photographer allowed into the Soviet Union. Name this wife of Erskine Caldwell.
ANSWER: Margaret Bourke-White

7. Give the term for an open area of land, typically in South Africa or southern Africa that
is comparable to the Australian outback and is often used for agriculture or mining.
ANSWER: Veldt or Veld

8. Hailing from Los Angeles, this rock quintet the includes Alex Band on vocals, who
teamed up with Santana on “Why Don‟t You and I”, Aaron Kamin and Sean
Woolstenhulme on guitars, Billy Mohler on bass, and Nate Wood on drums. Their songs
include “Wherever You Will Go.”
ANSWER: The Calling

Grab Bag Round
± 20, no bounce backs

1. Examples of this kind of acid are Acetic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Nitric Acid.
What is this kind of acid, characterized by when a substance gives off only one Hydrogen
ANSWER: Monoprotic (do not accept “Strong” acid)

2. One of history‟s ironies is that this assassin stayed in the same place as the man he
assassinated only a short time before he killed him. Who was this man who stayed at the
Peterson House before his target was brought there after an incident at Ford‟s Theater
involving Abraham Lincoln?
ANSWER: John Wilkes Booth

3. “Y is for Young/ The Magnificent Cy/People Batted Against Him/But I Never Knew
Why” is just one of the many humorous poems composed by this poet, perhaps best
known for the quip, “Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker,” who remarked on the
amazing fertility of the “Turtle.”
ANSWER: Ogden Nash

4. This river‟s name is Algonquin for “muddy water.” It has two main branches, which
meet near Sunbury, Pennsylvania. What is this river, traveling through parts of New York
and Pennsylvania before emptying into the Chesapeake Bay?
ANSWER: Susquehanna River

5. Written by Stephen Sondheim, this musical features such songs as “Hello, Little Girl”
and “Giants in the Sky” and provides details about many familiar fairytale characters
such as Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella who all meet with some
tragedy due to a raging giantess.
ANSWER: Into the Woods
6. One of the most enduring Japanese texts, this work reflects court life in the Heian
period. In it, Kiritsubo dies, presumably from the pressure brought upon her by the
Emperor. What is this work about the child of the Emperor and Kiritsubo written by
Lady Murasaki Shikibu circa 1000CE?
ANSWER: The Tale of Genji

7) This German philosopher‟s major works include The Birth of Tragedy, The Antichrist,
and Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Who was this man, more famously known for a simple
phrase: “God is dead.”?
ANSWER: Frederick Nietzsche

8) Each of its 3 roots connected to a specific body of water. Ratatosk ran from top to
bottom and back, delivering insults between the Eagle at the top, and the dragon at the
bottom. What is this tree, the „world tree‟ of Norse mythology?
ANSWER: Yggdrasil (yig-draz-el, or something close, accept “world tree” before given)

9) “The clocks were striking thirteen” is an entry from Winston Smith‟s diary in this
novel. Smith lived in a world of constant surveillance, and many adjectives from the
book have come to use in language today. What is this George Orwell novel, the origins
of the term “Big Brother”?
ANSWER: 1984

10. On September 15, 1935, the group of people targeted by these were no longer
citizens of their country and became subjects of the state. These acts used by Hitler to
strip German Jews of their rights share their name with the city that later held numerous
trials of Nazi officers.
ANSWER: Nuremberg Race Laws

11. For 2004, this body had 538 members. Washington, D.C., which has no senators, still
contributes three members to this body, responsible for casting votes for the President and
Vice President of the U.S. that allows the offices to be taken without a majority of the
popular vote.
ANSWER: Electoral College

12. Parts of this musical work that begins with “O Fortuna” were used in “One Winged
Angel,” the song played during the final confrontation with Sephiroth in Final Fantasy
VII. Its name in Latin translates to „Songs of Buron.‟ What is this dramatic piece of
music composed by Carl Orff usually used during emotionally intense scenes?
ANSWER: Carmina Burana

13. Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island each have this many
electoral votes allotted to them. What is this number, the same number worn by Lou
Gehrig, six fewer than the number of electoral votes for Maryland and often associated
with squares?

14) Established between the rules of the Mongols and the Manchu, this dynasty ruled
China from 1368-1644. What is this dynasty that perfected the civil service system and
was noted for their artwork and pottery?
ANSWER: Ming dynasty

15) Fermions are the only particles that do not obey this principle. What is this principle,
that states that in an atom, electrons are distributed so that no two have the same quantum
numbers at the same time?
ANSWER: Pauli exclusion principle

16) Ask the star of this movie what three up and three down means, and he‟ll tell you “the
end of an inning.” Robin Williams earned a Best Actor nomination for this film about a
rebellious Air Force radio DJ in Saigon.
ANSWER: Good Morning, Vietnam

17) Carbonate, Chromate, Dichromate, Peroxide, Hydrogen Phosphate and Thiosulfate
are all anions. What is the charge of these anions, another example being Sulfate?
ANSWER: Minus 2 or 2 Minus

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