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Sports Club
Sponsor- Kerry Wargo
We will be starting a co-ed softball program here at High Road! This Spring 2010,
practices will begin sometime in March. We are looking for boys and girls to join and
you don't need experience! For more information, see Coach Wargo!

Art Therapy Group
Sponsor- Catherine Conley
A therapeutic group that allows students to use art as a creative means to explore and
express themselves. This group is for teenage girls who have an interest in art and
creative therapies. The group members have are continuing to work on their life maps,
an expression of who there are and where they have come from. They will be working on
several other projects, which will allow them to explore themselves and their
relationships. Meets for an hour every other week.

Movie Therapy Group
Sponsor- Catherine Conley
A therapeutic group that uses movies to help the students learn about their own identities
while also working on their social skills. The students watch movies with themes and/or
characters relevant to their lives, and are then able to answer target questions and discuss
their ability to relate to what they saw. Currently, the group has just finished watching
Antoine Fisher, and they will be discussing it during their next session. Meets for an hour
every other week.

Student Government Association
Sponsors- Olivia Wilkins, Michael Williams, Catherine Conley, Jennifer Haszto
The Student Government Association (SGA) is a group of student officers (President,
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) who have been elected by the student body. In it’s
second year at HRA, the SGA will be working on running an in-school recycling
program, a peer mentoring group, the official HRA Yearbook, and an official constitution
for the SGA. Students who are not officers have many opportunities to step up to
responsibility by heading committees, developing community service projects, and
making suggestions for a more exciting school environment.

Baby & H.S. Girls Group
Sponsors- Jasmine McWain, Marcia Hancock, Randi Harris, Tiffany Banks,
Tameka Smith, Ruth Foster
Activities during the month of August and September:
·           Meet and greet for both groups
·           Building Sisterhood and T-Shirt Making Project
  Upcoming Activities:

On Friday, October 9th, the H.S. Girls Group will be going on a trip to Upward
Enterprise (Adamstown, MD) in order to promote team building and leadership skills.
During the months of November and December, the H.S. Girls group and the Baby Girls
Group will be doing two community service projects at the Mission of Love Charity,
Capitol Heights, MD and Villa Rosa Nursing Home, Mitchellville, MD. Both
community service projects can help high school students earn community service hours!

Coping Skills Group
Sponsor- Jasmine McWain
This is a therapeutic group which teaches students skills to handle life stressors. It is also
an environment in which students are free to share personal experiences as well
as receive support and suggestions from peers. Meeting Frequency: every other Thursday
from 1:00-1:45pm

Poetry Club
Sponsors- Tahra Bonds, Modupeh Cleeve, Sheritia Queen, Jamaal Crowder
We are a club that aims to create an environment in which students are encouraged to
express themselves creatively through words or song. The moderators are here to
foster learning and build upon students' writing potential in an effort to have them find
their own "voice." Events: During the month of April, National Poetry Month, we plan
to have some invited poets come in and share the stage with our poetry club members and
have a Spoken Word Coffee House for the entire school. As well, we are planning on
having a regional Poetry Slam with the other High Road Schools as a part of the National
Poetry Month events. Details about these events will follow shortly.

Middle School Social Skills Group
Sponsor- Marcia Hancock
  The social skills group consist of the following:
·           Team Building
·           Effective Communication Skills
·           Conflict Resolution
·           Good Manners
·            Listening Skills/Techniques
·           Being Respectful
The group meets bi-weekly and the students do role-play exercises to help practice the
techniques they have learned during their session. The group also does interactive games
to help encourage team building.

Dance Club
Sponsors- Tony White, Tiffany Banks, Tameka Smith, Erica Harris, Nishka Byrd
High Road Academy is excited about introducing dance class as well as a dance club this
year for it's students. With over 20 students actively participating in either the classes or
the club, the program is off to a wonderful start. Advisors for the dance club include High
Road Academy's very talented teaching staff. The dance club as well as classes will
explore concepts of dance, dance terminology, the history of dance and dance as it relates
to other cultures. This will be aided in the attendance of workshops, guest dance teachers,
and field trips. The dance club members, in conjunction with other club members as well
as independently will participate in community service events, school and community
performances with the highlight being the annual regional Fine Arts Festival, and

Ready Readers
Sponsors- Deanna McLaurin, Daniel Frain
The purpose of Ready Readers book club is to help students foster a love of reading both
inside and outside the classroom. The club will read and discuss a novel as a group every
Friday through club time. The students will identify characters, genres, setting and Plot.
Oustide of club times, students will pick their own novels that they must both read and
log in their journals. Ready Readers will be taking two off-campus trips to The Spy
Museum in Washington D.C and The National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland.
We will be starting a Reading Buddies mentoring program as well as a host of other
community related activities.

College Tours for Seniors-
Oct 6: Prince George's Community College
Oct 15: Howard University
Oct 27: Bowie State University
Nov 4: Morgan State University

Senior Parent Night-
October 8, 2009 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.!!!!

Community Service Project: American Red Cross of Prince George's County is
sponsoring some of our Senior students for Service Learning hours beginning Oct. 8!!

Teaching Teams

Michael Johnson and Tameka Smith
Elementary School

Hejatu Bonds and Randi Harris
Elementary School

Tahra Bonds and Tony White
Middle School

Olivia Wilkins and Miles Waters
9th and 10th grade

Erica Harris and Sheritia Queen
9th and 10th grade
Tiffany Banks and Nishka Byrd
10th grade

Michael Williams and Jeffrey Johnson
10th grade

Modupeh Cleeve and Laurie Trotter
11th and 12th grade

Christopher Nwabineli and Ruth Foster
11th and 12th grade

LaToya Clemons and Jamaal Crowder
11th and 12th grade

Jennifer Haszto and Jason Canada
11th and 12th grade

Milo Moore
Behavior Specialist

Kerry Wargo and Toni Williams
Transition Coordinators

Sarah Kittrell
Office Assistant

Jennifer Joyce
Administrative Assistant

Annette Mercer
Educational Director

Corrine Anyanwu
Administrative Head

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