SSPC July 04 Minutes by xiangpeng


									                  SSPC – Southern California Chapter

Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting held: Tuesday, July 13, 2004
                                            Red Robin, La Mirada, CA

In Attendance:

Jim Graham (Chair)                       Corrosion Control Products
Jim Bossardt (Vice-Chair)                Blast/Coat Systems
Pat Sweeney (Secretary)                  CSI Services, Inc.
Mike Yasukochi                           Sherwin-Williams
Jim Spaulding                            Annex Industrial Coatings
Chuck Benesch                            D'Angelo Industrial Coatings
Christi Jones (representing
      John Palo)                         KTA-Tator, Inc.
Bob Henderson                            Epmar Corp.
Tony Hobbs                               Tnemec Coatings

Next Meeting:       To be announced

Jim Graham, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 11:43 am. All members
introduced themselves to Ms. Christi Jones, representing John Palo of KTA-
Tator, Inc. Jim G. handed out copies of the meeting agenda to all members, and
the committee approved the minutes from the previous meeting in May. Four
items from the agenda were discussed. Each item follows:

Item 1 –April C1/C2 classes
Pat Sweeney discussed the results of the April classes in Anaheim. Overall, the
classes were a great success. The only items remaining for the class are the
final financial reconciliation and the development of a operating procedure for
future education committees. Regarding the financial results, Jim G. and Jay
Kranker now have custody of all information and property that was in the
possession of Art Pedroza. Jim G also received a payment for the classes from
SSPC. This payment was based on a calculation by SSPC of all students that
attended the class. One student (Chuck B.) had already paid the chapter
directly, and the two Techno Coatings students were chapter Comps. As a
result, the Chapter owes SSPC a refund for three students. It is anticipated that
the Chapter made a net profit of approximately $13,000. Jim G. and Pat would
meet up with Jay to develop the operating procedure before the next set of

Prepared by Pat Sweeney            Page 1 of 4                          July 13, 2004

 172afd12-9858-49c7-b9c3-08bf2b2de3ee.doc Southern Cal Chapter Steering Committee
Item 2 – Treasurer's Report and Art Pedroza
Effective last Wednesday Art Pedroza delivered his resignation to the committee.
The committee accepted his resignation today and acknowledged that he had
been a driving force in the Chapter’s recent activities. Art had told Jim G and
Jay Kranker that he has not yet completed the Treasurer's report. He stated that
he would complete and deliver it to Jay Kranker by the end of next week. Jay is
in possession of all other Chapter financial information. Jim S nominated Jay to
be the active Treasurer for the Chapter. Chuck B provided a second nomination,
which was unanimously accepted by the committee.

Item 3 – New Business
A)    As noted in Item 2, Art Pedroza has resigned as Treasurer. Jim G
      contacted the bank for the requirements to change over signatory right of
      our account(s). Currently Art and Phil Drooks are listed as the authorized
      account holders. We need a member designated as the new account
      manager/signatory. Jim S nominated Jay Kranker to be authorized
      member, Mike Y provided a second nomination, which was unanimously
      accepted by the committee. Jim G, Jim B, and Pat S will sign on as
      secondary signatories since they are the current chapter officers. Jay will
      have authorization to use the debit card, or a one signature check for an
      amount up to approximately $1,750.00. The card will only provide for
      debit activity. It will not allow for cash withdrawals. It is anticipated that the
      bank will have a set limit policy for this type of account. Any amounts
      above the set amount will require a second a signature from other
      designated officers. Jim G will make all of the final arrangements with the
      bank and Jay. Pat will take over the responsibility of preparing and
      delivering electronic flyer announcements. We also discussed the
      possibility of having Art maintain his skills with the Chapter as “Event
      Director” for perhaps some form of reimbursement. All agreed that we
      hope that Art would consider this opportunity. Jim G would discuss this
      with Art.

B)     The chapter needs a Education Chair. It was decided that Dr. Dick Drisko
       would be the best candidate. All members agreed that Dick would be
       supported by mostly delegated work. Dick would simply be the head
       person seeing that all chapter needs were being met. Jim G would
       discuss this exciting opportunity with Dick when he arrived back into town.
       The formation of an actual education committee was tabled.

C)     Jim S discussed the need have to an annual plaque and award for
       selected chapter members acknowledging their volunteer work to make
       this fine Chapter a success. This “Outstanding Service Award” would be
       given at the end-of-the-year meeting. The steering committee would
       decide who would be each year’s recipient. Jim S made a motion to
       accept this procedure and to subsequently have Art Pedroza listed as the

Prepared by Pat Sweeney               Page 2 of 4                          July 13, 2004

 172afd12-9858-49c7-b9c3-08bf2b2de3ee.doc Southern Cal Chapter Steering Committee
      first recipient. Chuck provided a second nomination, which was
      unanimously accepted by the committee. Jim B would look into having a
      plaque engraved. All members then decided to have a cash check as part
      of the award. $150 to $300 was discussed as the amount to be decided in
      the future.

D)    The Chapter is in the process of moving forward in its development of the
      areas outside of the Southern CA area – specifically Southern Nevada
      and Arizona. The Chapter will be known as the Southwest Chapter
      effective January 1, 2005. Well before this date, Jim B would forward a
      copy of the notification/announcement letter that he believes was sent to
      SSPC last year.        This is a great opportunity to expand SSPC’s
      membership in these other areas. Jim G and Pat would then make an
      addendum to the Chapter by-laws and forward this information on to
      SSPC. The Chapter will then make the commitment to hold one meeting
      per year in NV or AZ. This will include table top, education, and general

E)    Bob noted that we should try and provide some of our meetings as riders
      to other organizations.      Jim G and Bob would focus on these
      opportunities, and the rest of the committee would keep this in mind with
      their other groups.

Item 4 – Future Meetings
A)    August 17th or 18th had been tentatively set for a concrete event. Dan
      Zarate was slated as the possible presenter. Jim noted that Dan has been
      busy as of late. Jim would contact him to find out his availability. We
      have next week’s plural component spray demonstration event and then
      the Friday, October 8th barbecue. Jim would find out what Dan’s schedule
      is and slate him for a meeting that is in the middle between the July and
      October events – hopefully in September.

B)    Bob and Chuck discussed next Tuesday’s plural component meeting.
      There will be room for 20-30 cars at Epmar’s facility. Pat noted that we
      have 11 RSVP’s, but that projections with this committee are that up to 25-
      30 attendees are possible. Bob would confirm an estimated head count
      with the caterer. The morning will be spent with 100% solids epoxy and
      the afternoon with polyurea.

C)    Jim S noted that he thinks that the El Dorado Park located at close to
      Spring Street and the 605 freeway would be excellent for the October
      Barbecue. There is an adjoining golf course, which sparked Bob’s
      interest. Jim said that there would be a $3 admission for attendees into
      the park, in addition to the fee to reserve the park. Softball, horseshoes,

Prepared by Pat Sweeney            Page 3 of 4                        July 13, 2004

 172afd12-9858-49c7-b9c3-08bf2b2de3ee.doc Southern Cal Chapter Steering Committee
      and a BBQ would be the flavor of the event that would be focused on
      thanking the membership for its support.

D)    The Committee will be presenting the new SSPC C-7 class this Saturday,
      November 20. The class will be held at Techno Coatings. It will involve a
      morning class lecture, afternoon practical training, and afternoon exam.
      Dr. Drisko will likely instruct. The cost to the chapter may be $250.00 per
      student, plus other costs. Jim G is in the process of getting a firm cost for
      the class from SSPC.

E)    Freezeblast, Oakview, CA, could present in the future as a back-up. They
      can provide a presentation at any time. The current schedule of future
      events is as follows:

      July 20th - Tuesday – Plural Component Spray Demonstration
      September – Dan Zarate – Concrete presentation
      October 8th - Friday, – Barbecue
      November 20 Saturday – C-7 Class
      January 23-26 National Las Vega$

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm

Prepared by Pat Sweeney            Page 4 of 4                         July 13, 2004

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