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					                 SSPC – Southern California Chapter

Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting held:      Wednesday, January 5, 2005
                                                 Elephant Bar, La Mirada, CA

In Attendance:

Jim Graham (Chair)                      Corrosion Control Products
Jim Bossardt (Vice-Chair)               Blast/Coat Systems
Pat Sweeney (Secretary)                 CSI Services, Inc.
Jay Kranker (Treasurer)                 Munters Moisture Control
Jim Spaulding                           E.A. Wilcox
Jon Palo (representing Jon Palo)        KTA-Tator, Inc.
Dick Drisko                             SSPC
Bob Henderson                           Epmar
Scott Hobbs                             Vass Industries

Next Meeting:       February - date and time to be announced

Jim Graham, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 11:35am. The November
meeting minutes have been changed to reflect the change of the C1/C2 class to
April 18-22. With that change, the minutes from November were accepted. Six
items were listed on the Agenda and discussed. Each item follows:

Item 1 – Finance Report
Jay Kranker noted that our current bank balance in our Wells Fargo account is
$21,721.13. We do not have any other accounts. Jay noted that he forwarded
all of the 2004 financial documents to Jon Palo for an audit. This year would be
audited after the audit of the books through 2003 was completed. We currently
have four paid sponsors for the 2005 calendar year: Munters Corp., Joe Colon
Sandblasting, Hippwrap, and CSI Services, Inc.

Item 2 – Financial Audit Report for Years Prior to 2004
Jon Palo and Jim Spaulding noted that they have decided to only audit the books
for the years 2002 and 2003. As of today, the audit is not yet complete. They
expect that one more half-day should accomplish this task and they can then
complete the audit on 2004 to bring the chapter current.

Item 3 – Investment of “Excess Funds”
Jim G noted that with the current balance in our account, we should invest some
of the funds in a CD. Jay noted that he investigated that Wells Fargo, our bank,
has a 9 month CD @ 2.3%. Any longer duration would tie up our money for not
that much more in return interest. It was also noted that the interest rates are
rising, so we should hold back o n any long term this deposits. Jim G made a

Prepared by Pat Sweeney            Page 1 of 2                     January 5, 2005

 89639cd4-59b0-499a-800c-105f61a881d0.docSouthern Cal Chapter Steering Committee
motion to deposit $10,000 into the 9 month CD. Jon Palo seconded the motion,
which was passed unanimously. Jay would take the action.

Item 4 – C1/C2 classes
As noted previously, the dates to the C1/C2 classes have been changed to April
18-22. Eric Anderson is the education chairman of the event. It is not clear what
he has accomplished. It is not believed that any education subcommittees have
been formed. Jim G sent an e-mail to everybody for comment on the draft
manual for managing the classes. He asked for a review from all and any
comments. Items that we need to address are the use of 3 instructors, not 2.
We should have the option of choosing our own instructors. Jim would write to
Jennifer Miller that we want Dr. Drisko, Sweeney, and Zarate. Jim reserved the
rooms at the Anaheim Holiday Inn – $65/night. We also need to decide how we
are going to obtain the curriculum (i.e., CD vs. shipment of manuals). The
Holiday Inn also will give us a room for any PCS exam time.

Item 4 – 2005 Schedule of Events
The National will be January 23 rd through 26th. So any local events around this
time would be difficult. The Committee developed the following list of activities
for the remainder of the year:

       March 8 - Waterjetting demo-tentatively NLB Signal Hill facility
       April – C1/C2 courses in Anaheim
       May – Heat Shrink Demonstration – Corrosion Control Products
       June – Open
       July – Dry Ice/CO2 blasting demonstration
       August – Open
       September – Concrete coating demonstration
       October – 2nd Annual Barbecue
       November – VOC meeting
       December – Holiday meeting

Item 5 – PACE Western Chapter
Pat noted that a booth has been set aside for the Western US Chapters of
SSPC. As it stands now, the NoCal and our chapter are the only ones placing
any energy into the booth. We donated $350 to the purchase of a blast pot to be
auctioned off for charity – the other half is from NoCal. Pat will develop flyers to
express the activities in the SoCal chapter including the upcoming C1/C2 and
PCS exam.       We will also have applications for sponsorship to include
Spaulding’s contact info, as well as a list of our sponsors. We also will have a
bowl for business cards to have a booth drawing for fully paid transferable tuition
to the Anaheim C1/C2 classes. We will also provide two $500 credits to the
SSPC bookstore to be given away for the “last day of exhibits” drawing.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:10pm

Prepared by Pat Sweeney               Page 2 of 2                         January 5, 2005

  89639cd4-59b0-499a-800c-105f61a881d0.docSouthern Cal Chapter Steering Committee

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