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									                                                       As one of Europe’s leading providers of sourcing and procurement
                                                       technology, no-one has more experience than Wax Digital of
                                                       delivering on-demand purchasing solutions that seamlessly extend
                                                       the capabilities of incumbent ERP systems. Our web3 portfolio’s
                                                       combination of highly intuitive software, rapid implementation and
                                          cost-effective deployment make us the provider of choice for large organisations
                                          that want to address the needs of a sizeable user community and complex
                                          business processes.

                                          As a result, we work extensively with business partners in the shape of
                                          consultants, service organisations, BPO businesses and VARs who have great
                                          relationships with such organisations, but don't have the technology to address
                                          every opportunity.

                                          Partnering with Wax Digital means you can profit from those opportunities.

  Wax Digital                             Our consultative approach to solution delivery underpins our commitment to
                                          treating your clients with the same respect they have come to expect from you.
                                          We understand that we are the custodians of your customer relationship and we

      Partner                             do all that we can to ensure our partnership enhances the trust your customers
                                          have placed in you.

                                          Wax Digital Partners can be found around the world, and typically fall into one of
                                          three categories:

                                          Consulting Partners
                                          Consultancies large and small turn to Wax Digital to offer their clients a proven,
                                          cost-effective and rapidly-deployable means to enhance existing ERP systems,
We’ll make sure you                       introducing purchasing control and compliance across large user communities.

      can profit from                     Consultants who might previously have recommended SAP SRM or Oracle
                                          iProcure recognise that changing times and budgets call for solutions that can
                                          deliver rapid results and returns without huge implementation and licensing costs.
        our expertise                     Wax Digital web3 solutions deliver on every point, for some of the world’s leading

                                          Managed Sourcing Events
                                          Specialist procurement consultancies looking for a class-leading self-service
                                          sourcing platform also turn to Wax Digital to leverage our intuitive solution for
                                          delivering electronic tenders and auctions.

                                          Your sourcing expertise identifies the commodities, the suppliers, the terms and
                                          the structure of each event, ours provides a platform that offers a simple, robust
                                          and cost-effective solution on which to run your events.

                                          Referral Partners
                                          Simply introduce us to your customer and we will do the rest. Our highly
                                          experienced sales consultants will engage with your customer contacts, work with
                                          them to clearly understand the business and its needs and propose a solution to
                                          meet them.

                                          Wax Digital delivers a turnkey package of software and services, managing the
                                          process from project definition to delivery. A highly experienced sales and
                                          business analyst team manages the commercial negotiation process with your
                                          customer and our project experts ensure smooth and timely solution delivery.

                                          A dedicated Partner Manager will keep you informed at every stage of the
                                          process, as well as managing your contractual relationship with Wax Digital and
                                          ensuring agreed commission terms are met accurately and efficiently

                                          The result is a partnership that helps strengthen your customer relations and
                                          accelerate your profit potential.

                                          Services Partners
                                          Facilities management, project management and IT outsourcing organisations of
                                          all shapes and sizes work with Wax Digital to deliver market-leading
                                          eProcurement capabilities, whether for their own organisational needs, or for
                                          those of their clients.

                                          In addition, we can assist Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisations –
                                          especially those operating in finance and administration or associated
                                          procurement areas – in the delivery of added-value solutions to help automate
                                          part or all of a client’s procure-to-pay lifecycle.

                                          What Next?
                                          To find out more about becoming a Wax Digital Referral Partner please contact
  www.waxdigital.com +44(0)161 367 8375   us on +44 (0) 161 3678375 or email info@waxdigital.com.

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