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HTML5 quick reference


The predecessor of the draft HTML5 called Web Applications 1.0. Proposed in 2004 by WHATWG, accepted in 2007 by W3C, and set up a new HTML working group. In the January 22, 2008, the first draft of a formal announcement is expected in September 2010 will be formally recommended to the public. WHATWG specification is that the ongoing work, still have many years of effort.

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									         HTML5 quick reference
 article       A block of content that might    keygen         Generates a public-private
               be syndicated.                                  key pair.

 aside         Content that is either related   mark           Emphasizes content.
               to the content surrounding it
               or the site as a whole.          menu           Creates a toolbar, context
                                                               menu, or list of commands.
 audio         Inserts an audio file.
                                                meter          Allows a user to select an
 canvas        An area for images and                          amount within a set range.
                                                nav            Indicates a document’s
 command       Defines a command that can                      primary navigation links.
               be reused as needed.
                                                optgroup       Groups items in a drop-down
 datagrid*     Displays information as a                       listbox.
               tree, list, or table.
                                                output         Displays the results of a
 datalist      Adds autocomplete options                       calculation.
               for a textbox.
                                                progress       Indicates when an event will
 details       Shows and hides content.                        be completed.

 dialog*       Indicates a quoted               ruby, rt, rp   Adds pronunciation
               conversation.                                   annotations to content.

 embed         Inserts an application or        section        A self-contained block of
               interactive content.                            content.

 eventsource   Specifies an external source     source         Specifies an alternate audio
               for a script or a web-based                     or video file.
                                                summary        Specifies the label for a
 figcaption    A caption for a figure.                         details element.

 figure        Content that is referenced       time           Specifies a date and time.
               from the main content but
               could be moved to the side       video          Inserts a video file.
               of the page.
                                                wbr            Indicates a line break
 footer        An author’s name, links to                      “opportunity”
               related documents, or a
               copyright statement.             * May be removed from HTML5.

 header        A document or section            See for more
               heading.                         information, or buy the book HTML5 to the
                                                Point for $17 at
 hgroup        Groups a heading with a
               subheading or tagline.

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