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Deepwater, Diverless Pipeline Repair                      and removal of the section of the pipeline to be
For deepwater pipeline repairs, Oceaneering               replaced.
Pipeline Connection & Repair Systems Division
(PCRS) offers the Hydraulic Double Grip and               After metrology is performed, a prefabricated
Seal Connector (HDGSC). The hydraulic pipe end            horizontal jumper with a HDGSC on each end is
connector grew from the field proven technology of        lowered subsea and landed on the guide posts of
the Hydraulic Smart Flange (HSF) Connector and            the alignment base. The ROV uses a ROV panel
a mechanically set Smart Flange Plus Connector.           to hot stab and actuate the hydraulic cylinders that
The HDGSC consists primarily of two sets of               allow the connector to move axially and stab onto
HSF Connector’s internal components which are             the existing pipe end. The cylinders react against
designed in a mirror image configuration. The             the alignment panel on the jumper and stroke
connector is designed to provide a structural             fully until the half of the connector is stabbed
connection between the jumper pipe and an                 over the bare indexed pipe. In the event of any
existing pipeline subsea. When hydraulically              misalignment, the index frame can be manipulated
actuated, the HDGSC will structurally attach to           by a series of hydraulic jacks to align the subsea
and seal against both pipe ends. The connector is         pipe with a bore of the connector on the jumper.
capable of withstanding full pipeline axial, bending,     Once the connector is fully stabbed on the existing
and torsional loads while withstanding hydrostatic        pipe end subsea, an ROV will hot stab into the
end loads from the pipeline.                              ROV panel on the HDGSC to start setting the
In order to accomplish a deepwater pipeline repair,       sealing and gripping mechanisms on both pipe
utilization of a pipe lift frame is required. The         ends. Each connector employs two sets of setting
damaged pipeline is lifted above the seabed high          pistons. The hydraulic pressure applied behind the
enough to provide adequate room for an alignment          pistons forces the setting pistons to move axially in
base with dual alignment posts and an index frame         opposite directions to set the sealing and gripping
to be lowered under the lifted pipeline section           mechanisms on the pipe. The annulus pressure
for support. The pipeline gets clamped in the             test is performed after each set of packers is
index frame for full support and stabilization. The       set, before engaging the gripping mechanisms.
designated areas behind a damaged section get             Each end of the hydraulic end connector is set
all the coatings removed to bare pipe and checked         independently.
for roundness and straightness before the cutting

Oceaneering International, Inc. | Pipeline Connection & Repair Systems (PCRS) | 11911 FM 529 | Houston, TX 77041
      Phone: 713.329.4500 | Fax: 713.329.4965 | email: |                  02/11

Design Parameters:                                     Applicable Design Codes, Standards &
 • Nominal Pipe Size (NPS): any API                    Specifications (latest editions):
    Specification 5L pipe, wall thickness & grade       • OIE/PCRS Hydraulic Double Grip & Seal
 • Service: Standard (i.e. crude oil, natural gas,         Connector Drawings, Bill of Materials
    hydrocarbons, water or chemical injection,             (Controlled Copies) and Vendor Supplied
    etc.)                                                  Material Test Reports
 • Design Pressure Rating & Applicable                  • OIE ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance
    Dimensions: ASME, MSS or API                           – Quality Control Procedures & PCRS
 • Design Temperature Range: -20º F (-29º C) to            Operating Procedures
    100º F                                              • Oceaneering A07844B - Three Coat Paint
                                                           Diverless Connector for Subsea Equipment
                                                        • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code,
Material Specifications:                                   Section VIII, Division 1 and 2
Housing:             AISI 4140 Forging Q & T            • ASME B31.4, Pipeline Transportation
End Cap:             AISI 4140 Forging Q & T               Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other
Pistons:             AISI 4140 Forging Q & T               Liquids
Slips:               AISI 8630 Case Hardened            • API SPEC 5L, Specification for Line Pipe
Seals:               Viton-B, or customer               • API SPEC 6A, Specification for Wellhead and
                     specfied                              Christmas Tree Equipment
Studs & Nuts:        ASTM A193 Gr. B7 studs             • API SPEC 6H, Specification on End Closures,
                     and ASTM A194 Gr. 2H                  Connectors and Swivels
                     heavy hex nuts, all XYLAN          • API RP 1111, Design, Construction,
                     coated (i.e. PTFE, dark blue)         Operation, and Maintenance of Offshore
External Coating:    Carboline 890 Marine Epoxy            Hydrocarbon Pipelines
                     Paint System, Safety Yellow

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